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Battle of the Hosts

Battle of the Hosts


Two rival groups put their reputations on the line as they battle it out to find which Host Club is best. But a twist in their plans may cause them to win the game... or lose the fight. (2 SPACES LEFT!)

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Lotus High Academy is one of the finest schools in Tokyo. It is a school for the rich and for those bright enough to enter by scholarship. It is a school where young men attempt to make the lives of the young ladies bright; hence where the host clubs started. Two groups of friends have the same idea: start a Host Club to gain the hearts of the ladies. But when they are told that they cannot have two identical clubs, war breaks out. The Host clubs battle it out, hoping that they win before school starts back up and one group will reign victorious. But twists along the way may cause more troubles than needed and could make this war a battle that neither shall win.

idea based off of Ouran High School Host Club

Host Group One

The Romantic
He is the leader of the group with a big heart and a small brain. He falls head over heals very easily and often has his heart broken. Due to his looks, he is always getting girls and doesn't think that love has to do with anything more than looks. He and The Brains are very close childhood friends but don't socialize often. He doesn't know that The Natural is a girl and just believes that The Twins are being their normal "homo" selves. (3rd Year)

The Brains
Although he isn't the real leader, he is the one who runs the shots by gathering funds and coming up with ideas to defeat their rivals. He is very intelligent but is very perverted when it comes to the ladies. Even though he is childhood friends with The Romantic, he doesn't feel any emotions towards him other than a light respect. He is a little wary of The Twins and seems to know that there is something different about The Natural. (4th Year)

Taken - The Twins - Taken
Often devious and Cheshire-cat-like, the twins are the spirit of the group. They have a good sense of humor and often play pranks on The Romantic, as he is a little of a nut-job at times. Their way of captivating ladies is by pretending to be a couple, although in truth they are really close and are completely straight. They know that The Natural is a girl and like messing around with her to freak out The Romantic, but they might have developed feelings for her as well. They should be played by one person. (2nd Year)

Taken - The Natural - Taken
Since she is a girl, it isn't hard for her to catch the eyes of the ladies. She knows just what to say and enjoys making them happy. In truth, she is completely straight and has no intention of ever dating a girl. She was mistaken as a boy when she joined the Academy but didn't mind all that much as her short hair allows her to pull it off. She doesn't know that the twins know she's female, but seems extremely embarrassed by their harassment. (2nd Year)

Host Group Two

Taken - The Cool Type - Taken
He is the leader of the group, but doesn't seem to think that this means that he has to develop the group on his own. He tends to be very laid back and likes to include everyone in his group. He doesn't understand why the two groups are fighting but will do anything for his group to become the Host Club. He knows that The Sympathetic is a girl and has secret feelings for her, but their age different concerns him. (4th Year)

Taken - The Dark Character - Taken
Unlike most other members of the group, he is a rebel and doesn't enjoy when people mess with him. He gives people the cold shoulder, but is really a teddy bear at heart. He and The Loli are close friends while he loathes the Butler. Truthfully, he was dragged into the situation and doesn't really want to be there. He is actually gay and has feelings for The Loli. (2nd Year)

Taken - The Loli - Taken
A lot of people are fooled by the childish nature. He is actually very smart and has a dream to one day become a doctor. Appearing innocent, he is often pushed around by The Dark Character in an almost "homo" sort of way, but he denies any sexual feelings towards his friend. Secretly, though, he is bisexual and kind of likes being pushed around by his friend. (1rd Year)

Taken - The Butler - Taken
Being one of the two girls in the group, she is the one who nobody knows is a girl. Because her athletic build makes her appear a little more masculine than other girls, nobody is onto her. While she hates The Dark Character as well as The Cool Type, who she used to have feelings for, she has her eyes set on The Brains of the rival group. But she wants to keep under cover so she can get closer to him. (3nd Year)

Taken - The Sympathetic - Taken
As the second girl in the group, she is the gentle one who doesn't like conflict. She is a total klutz and seems to get into all sorts of trouble without trying; some have said she is unlucky. She is aware that only one person knows of her identity and she wants to keep it that way, but The Butler is making her wary. Something about him isn't right. (1st Year)

Roleplayers are encouraged to have a character on each side.

The Roleplay will take place during the last weeks of their vacation before school starts. The Groups are staying at the Academy, which is temporarily abandoned, and are battling it out by using (usually) non-violent tactics. Other than these details, rolepalyers are encouraged to built on the plot to make it more interesting. The West half of the school belongs to Group 1, the East half to Group 2. As of this point, they are all wearing their uniforms with their jackets. Neckties are different colors for each grade: 1st Year (red), 2nd Year (green), 3rd Year (blue), 4th Year (black).

I don't really want to go in depth with these.
Any roleplayer who joins this should be experienced.
No Reserving. I'll pick who fits the roles best.
THE NATURAL is taken by me. Because of limited computer use I can't put up a character now.
If you've read these rules, put your favorite food in the history box of your character.
I'm not putting up a character skeleton. This way I can see what you think is important.
Romance is good. I want it. But don't blind us. Feel free to take it to PM.
No really intense violence. These are high schoolers, not killers.
Have fun!
If you have any questions, please contact me via PM.
Anime pictures only.

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Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

have you tried pming people to see what they are doing about this?

I would like to get it going XD

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

I think the cool guy is me :P I'll have him up tonight. I can't wait. I think I might just be able to pull it off :P

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

Okey dokey. ^^ I'll see what I can do. *thumbs up*

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

@SolrSurfr3: Preferably boys, but if you reaaaaally want to, I guess a girl and a boy would be fine. They'd still have to be the "brother-sister love" of the group, though.

@Fullmetal: Mmmmk(:

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

i'd like to take the cool type

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

Sweet!! Do they both have to be the same gender, or can I make them fraternal boy-girl twins?

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

YES :D Go ahead, they're all yours

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

Are the twins still available? I've got some good characters for the role. :)

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

Alrighty(: It's all good.

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts


I sincerely apologize, I am on an archeology dig at University of Wisconsins La Crosse. I assumed I would have internet but only current students have internet. I have but 30 seconds or so right now to write this. I apologize for dropping off the world lol

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

Still looking for roles! Please join!

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

If anyone would like another character, feel free to grab one! If you aren't sure if you'd do good with the archetypes, feel free to spiffy up the character to something that you're more comfortable with. I'm flexible(:

@HiddenNymph: Done(: I was gonna do that anyways

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

:P Im sure Aiden will love it secretly

oh and estrelos, update the description a little to put the RP on front page to attract more people, just edit the "4 spaces left!" to something with no difference like "4 spaces left!!"

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

He might suggest a thing or two. xD

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

@Noxize: Well they don't have to be just pranks. I can see things like water-gun fights, "kidnapping" members of the other group, comical stuff. It wouldn't be anything violent; eh, I could see The Dark Character being a little violent, though lols

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

I suck at all of those archetypes :(

I could play the brains if no one else takes him.... I can't play cool people, I just can't XD. Plus, I would rather not have to play the person that is supposed to be in love with mine. I could, but I would develop romance too quickly. Past experience lol

and noxie, it would be pranks and such. No real violence.

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

heheh Aidens cute charm is already within power!!!!!! XD

I would play the twins but then I would have three characters :/ too many for me and not sure if I can pull of the brains. As for the cool type I'd rather be character in the other group so I have one in each GAhhh Im full of conradictions!!!!!

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

What kinda battle? Guns n'stuff or like...pranks? It's not that I was looking for something specific here...just trying to understand stuff.

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

@estrelas: Thx :D and yeah she knows kaori is a girl. Also, i'll try to submit a character for the romantic :D

omg aiden's sooooooo cute :D

Re: [OOC] Battle of the Hosts

@AnimeGirl: NO I LIKE IT(: I'm glad someone thought to do something different. Just one more thing: Your character knows that Kaori is a girl, correct?

@Noxize: It's a battle between the host clubs. I wanted to do a twist on the normal Host Club story. I'm sorry if that isn't what you wanted in this roleplay.

We still need The Cool Type, The Romantic, The Brains, and The Twins! Feel free to grab another character, those of you who've already submitted one!