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Aiden Catcher

Would you like one of my cakes? *huge cute smile*

0 · 304 views · located in Lotus High Academy

a character in “Battle of the Hosts”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Aiden Catcher

Age: 15

Role: The Loli - Group 2

Gender: Male

Orientation: Secretly Bisexual - (he is slightly embarrased about liking guys and afraid of being made fun or of being rejected)

Appearence: -- Basic features in Images below --
He likes to wear cat ears for cosplay and fashions many different outfits ranging from high knee tank boots with cute shorts and tank tops to frilly one pieces in slinky flats. However his most common outfit type to be found in is shiny parade shoes, skinny black jeans with afew tears in them, and a white shirt underneath a black tail coat(think of ones pianoists wear) sported with a black top hat and white gloves.
He also always wears black eyeliner
(idea for outfit, no anime though sorry!) ... o1_400.jpg




  • Fencing,
  • Running extremely fast,
  • Intelligence,
  • Baking

  • Clay moulding – not very good at it
  • Cooking
  • Reading medical books alone in his room.

  • Creative things
  • Cake
  • Animals
  • Strawberries
  • Giving people things
  • Making others happy
  • Being childish
  • Dressing in Lolita
  • Learning about medicince
  • Offering Advice (even though it may be wrong)
  • Cosplay!

  • Arguing
  • Violence
  • Being lonely
  • Bad mouthing others
  • Cabbage
  • Being shouted at
  • Selfish acts
  • Spiders
  • The colour opague

  • Thunderstorms - shakes and has to cover his ears.

Aiden can always be found smiling and skipping down a hallway in a cheeful tone, when he bakes he always offers the product out to people even complete strangers, however only if he is satisfied with it. Aiden loves having fun and it is difficult too believe he takes things seriously with his mischief child like attitude, yet when he is upset he often pouts faking it to try and get his way which normally ends up working since he has killer puppy dog eyes, this means he is not used to being told what to do.
However when he is really upset Aiden tends to become quiet, refusing to face the situation boldly as he meekly nods not a fan of confrontation or feeling sad.

On the otherhand, despite his childish acts of fun Aiden is rather intelligent, he could answer any question given to him on science. He also sercretly observes the people around him learning what he can from them, even listening in on conversations as most people dont seem to deem him a threat with his childish personality appearence.

Aiden never says anything about what he hears but does sometimes make people end up bumping into each other if he knows they want to see them whether they think they do or not. On the other hand, if he hears someone bad mouthing a friend his anger gets the better of him causing him to say an impulse of words which usually end up getting him into trouble, whenever he finishes his speech he blushes and becomes nervous realising that he may then get shouted at himself. However depending on how strong the cause Aiden would find the courage to stick up for his friends.

Aiden's giving side in his childish front is also a representative of his kind nature, he hates seeing others upset or hurt and wishes to do all he can to cheer them up, this is why he wants to become a doctor. He wants to be able to heal peoples pain too the best of his ability making them smile with his childish actions.

The fact that Aiden usually gets his own way through his cute appearence means when he is pushed around he finds it envigorating as he is not treated like everyone else around him treats him.
However being shouted at is rare and he isn't sure how he could cope with that, especially as it means he must have made a person upset, despite this being pushed into doing something makes him more eager to achieve his best for praise.


Growing up Aiden was the youngest child of three brothers, his parents were rich buisness tycoons flying all over europe investing in their work never having much time for the boys. However as the elder brother were ten years older than Aiden and they often played with him when their parents left but soon they had to join their parents as they learnt how to take over the company, but only the oldest was to inherit. Aiden therefore was often left home alone with only the maids for comfort, they taught him his studies from high class tutors training his intelligent mind. Missing his mother though he would go to her room and try on her clothes slowly developing his Loli image.

When Aiden was 12 his parents died in a plane crash.

Devasted at their deaths his eldest brother, Luca, Took over the company, slowly investments diminished from the previous strength but his brother kept their rich livelyhood strong. Aidens middle brother of the three, Mikhail, however grew jealous that Luca had become heir to the buisness and decided to abandon the family.

This left Aiden more destrought that he was loosing his family since he had lost Mikhail and Luca was always too busy for him. Ever since then growing up to the young man he is now he has learned independency and never wants anyone to expierence the pain he felt so chose to become a doctor with his kindess.

However, he still desires attention he lacked in childhood so developed his childish personality in order to grab that.

So begins...

Aiden Catcher's Story