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Private Archie surfleet

The day this war ends will be the day hell freezes over. In that case - never.

0 · 741 views · located in France

a character in “Battle of the Somme”, as played by tayah12



Archie stands at Five feet nine inches tall, he has a muscular build but can appear skinny due to the lack off food that he is given on the front line. He is a fairly decent looking fellow, with strong facial features isolated by a strong square jawline. He has a long dished nose and thin lips. His brown eyes are deep set and his dark brown hair is cut short. He carries himself with a confident disposition although however in times of despair he wants to cower away but forces himself to remain confident. His skin is usually a pale colour due to the lack of son he gets from living in Yorkshire however once the sun hits him he turns quite a golden colour.


The general attitude that Archie has towards life is a cheerful nature. He tries to keep a positive outlook on life but sometimes that is not possible for him. His sometimes over bearing outlook towards things can make him a very frantic person and a lot of the time (like his comrades) he is terrified of what fate might be waiting for him. He loves his family dearly and misses them of course and he remains true to his best friend Tommy, teaching him how to read and write so he can write letters home to his family. Archie doesn't generally tend to help strangers although the war has taught him to not be as selfish as he was before. At fist, Archie may not be liked by the people he meets because at times he can appear stuck up and self absorbed.

His views on the world before the war were happy, believing that he had a great life ahead of him. Now he is a soldier he is not so sure on that thought and can't understand the evils that can be committed in the world against each other.
Archie stands for Justice, and believes that the people who started the war will one day get what they deserve. He prays to God daily, asking for his safe return home to his family and also prays for his comrades who are also extremely important to him. He is driven by his love of his country like many of other soldiers fighting in the war.

He has had a fair interest in getting married to a lady but he has not yet met any one that he see's that would be fit or crazy enough to marry him. He doesn't have the ability to charm the pants off anyone as commonly thought by his friends and doesn't have the best luck with the women unlike his friend Tommy, who although isn't as handsome as Archie but has still managed to get engaged.


Archie grew up in a small town in Yorkshire, where he spent his childhood days running around playing games. He developed an interest in animals and used to volunteer at a farm on weekends where he'd tend to an old shire horse who used to plough the fields, and in return the farm owner used to let Archie take him out on rides down through the country lanes.

His father's pushy nature drove Archie onwards and he got into a Grammar school studying hard and once he left, he became a writer. His Father was also a writer and hoped the same future for his son.

At the age of 19 Archie enlisted in January 1916 with the 13th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment.

He has three brothers. One who has been lost to the war but the other too are too young to join the war; even though Archie has seen boys younger than his brothers join in the war. Joesph and Todd are both 15 years old.

**Based on the real life Soldier Private Archie Surfleet who wrote a diary on the battles in the Somme.**

So begins...

Private Archie surfleet's Story