Whatever you want, Master!

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a character in “Battle of the Steel Angels”, as played by Ghost


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Uses many different weapons.
She loves scythes and also little robotic bunnies.
She can hold her own without weapons, as well.

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Physical description:
Hakai has long blue-grey hair. Her eyes are wide and bright, always looking about eagerly. They are usually a bright blue and purple mix. She loves wearing black and white clothes and adores striped patterns. She is almost always seen wearing headphones. Hakai has a slim and youthful appearance, just bursting with energy.

Hakai is a friendly person. She likes to play around and enjoy the life she has. Her default self is nice to everyone, but if her master dislikes someone, she will adapt to his opinions. She loves, loves her master and will do anything for him. She tries to help people and feel useful. She is an enthusiastic worker and a lively fighter. She does not care if she sheds blood for the sake of protecting someone, justice, or because her master tells her to...and if her master tells her to kill someone, they must be evil! Her master is amazing and can do no wrong in her eyes. Hakai is an honest person...though like her other traits, she can adapt to what her master needs. When things go wrong, she blames herself.

Hakai was created by Dr. Walski and Dr. Brandow.
She was given to her master and has followed him loyally, ever since.
She will do anything her master says and has done everything he has told her to do so far.

So begins...

Hakai's Story