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Battle School - Ender's Game

Battle School - Ender's Game


The year is 2097, eighty-four years after the first bugger invasion. You must pass a series of tests before being admitted to battle school, & those are before your sixth birthday. Earth is no longer safe.

1,197 readers have visited Battle School - Ender's Game since merthur created it.


Credit to Orson Scott Card for writing Ender's Game

      The year is 2097, eighty-four years after the first bugger attack. Earth now knows that they are not alone, Humans are not the only advanced, living species. The buggers destroyed us in the first war. Once we killed their queen though, they retreated. If such had never happened, the Human population would probably already be endangered. America has issued a population control law, a married couple may only have two children. Sometimes, when the genes are excellent, they are permitted to have a Third. These kids though, the Thirds, aren't considered to be as good as the other kids. In other words, they are societies outcasts.

      Children are tested thoroughly, given a monitor as soon as they are born so that the government can keep check on them. If they're removed, you haven't made it. If they aren't, you'll end up at Battle School. These are the kids that have made it, and now they're leaving their family with nothing of their own, heading off to a place they do not know. The journey takes a few weeks, but soon they're up in space and heading towards the Battle School. It's odd for the children, the floors slant upwards, you share a room with your teammates. You don't talk about your past or your family because once you're here, you can't leave, can't talk with them.

      Your desk is your lifeline here, it's a portable, touchscreen laptop-like device where you can send and receive messages, either from students or teachers. This is where you take tests, or study. There are games, all educational, of course. There is the Battle Room, a zero-gravity area, where the objective is to either eliminate all of the opposing team's members by freezing them with a pistol or by getting more than a certain amount of group members to the opposing team's Gate. There is the Game Room, where students may compete against one another or practice by themselves, playing the computer. There are sixteen different Battle Rooms, which are often used for training, no two teams may use the same one at a time.

      Rooms are usually organized the way your army leader wants it to be, as is customary the older members are in the front and the younger are in the back. The commander gets his own quarters which will be close by, but far enough away to have his or her own space. Oh, yes, very few girls actually get into Battle School. Most of it's students are male.

Fire Army

Leader - Taken by merthur
Second in Command - Reserved by xfaithyx123
Male - Open
Male - Open
Male - Open
Male - Open

Water Army

Leader - Reserved by Ever
Second in Command - Open
Ren Akihiro - Epicnukeguy
Male - Reserved by suigenic
Female - Open
Male - Open

Earth Army

Leader - Open
Second in Command - Open
Female - Open
Male - Open
Male - Open
Male - Open

Air Army

Leader - Reserved by A Castle
Second in Command - Reserved by Lolkatlove
Male - Open
Male - Open
Male - Open
Male - Taken by merthur

Code: Select all

[size=75][b]name ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]age ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]gender ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]army ;;[/b][/size]

[size=75][b]weight ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]height ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]hair & eyes ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]skin tone ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]modifications ;;[/b][/size]

[size=75][b]personality ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]likes ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]dislikes ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]best at ;;[/b] [stealth? precision? shooting? strategy?][/size]
[size=75][b]worst at ;;[/b][/size]

[size=75][b]sexuality ;;[/b][/size]
[size=75][b]crush ;;[/b][/size]

Toggle Rules

        ➣ Leaders and Seconds may be female or male, but keep in mind that male leaders are more common and more likely to be respected.

        ➣ Romance is tolerated, just not publicly in the school, even though this is a almost fully male role play. Homosexuality it a main theme, do not join if you are uncomfortable with this.

        ➣ Not everyone can be a hero, god-modding and power-playing is not permitted.

        ➣ These children are exceptional, but they can not smack anyone down like the hand of god. They are intelligent, or most are, and strong. They would not be here if they were not. This means maturity, most of the time.

        ➣ Battles will be random and results will be rolled in a public chat space, witnesses will be present to see results.

        ➣ If you've read the rules, tell me your favorite color.

        ➣ Characters are between thirteen and eighteen.

        ➣ Try to stay within two hundred to five hundred words per post. If you write more or less I will not punish you, I only just ask that you try so we can keep a open atmosphere for any level writer.

        ➣ Make as many characters as you can keep up with. You may play either a leader or a second, not both. You may play as many team members as you want though.

        ➣ Violence is also a large part in this role play, and you should be able to handle such. The school does not tolerate outright murder, but black eyes and broken limbs aren't going to be punished.

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Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

My computer glitched out and posted a character named cAR. I'm so mad at this piece of crap right now im sorry can you delete that

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

Love Ender's game! Definitely will join! :D Please reserve a male for the Water Army for me, citrus brother!

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

      So many people, yay! I wasn't expecting it since the little conversation up there, xD.

      @A Castle, You can certainly play the Air Army Leader, C: I didn't plan on having so many females, but you could make it a female if you wanted(though I see you said male, just wanted you to have the option (: ). I don't have my own character completed yet, so I don't have an example. Though on the Information page there should be a character sheet if you want to use that, it includes everything I *want* to see when you submit your character. But feel free to elaborate and all.

      @suigenic, I'll reserve you a spot, cx The books were amazing, and honestly I can't wait to see the movie too. (okay, it might partially be because Asa Butterfield is playing Ender.)

      @xfaithyx123, Yes you may, (:

      @Lolkatlove, I'll reserve the spot for you, (: And what I said to A Castle is the same here, if you want to make a female and so does Castle, it's alright.

      @Everyone, Just like Castle said, you can read up on the series on Sparknotes! It's a really interesting book, definitely worth reading about. <3

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

Spoiler Alert:

^ Those are the complete Spark Notes for the book if you're interested (:
It really is a fantastic book, and worth the read!

Lolkat, I took a glance at your previous characters and it looks like you like to play mostly female characters. I was planning on playing a male anyways, so it works out great!

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

Hello, i'm not familiar with enders game, but this does sound really interesting >:) If possible, could I reserve Air second commander?

I would choose to make my character female but if A Castle is going to make a female I shall make a male.

SO, A Castle what you making ?

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

Hi, I'm faithy and my favorite colour is lime green!

May I reserve the second in command in the fire army!?

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

May I reserve a male in the Water army?
MY favorite color's red.
I'm new at roleplaying but I really enjoyed the books!

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game


I'm brand new to this type of RP, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Ender's Game series and would like to participate. I write in my spare time and I have an active imagination, so I think I would be a good asset to Battle School.

I'm interested in the position for Air Army Leader.

Is there a filled-out, sample character sheet you could send me for this? (To give me a basic idea of what you expect)
I guess I can start by creating a character sheet then, and take it from there.

Lastly, I might be able to pull one of my friends in to help fill up slots.

Oh, and my favourite colour is charcoal.
Thanks in advance!

A. Castle

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

Noxize wrote:Ah, crappy fan-fic Rp. Lemmie guess, saw a trailer for the movie and made this? I am guessing this will be like all those Hunger Games and Hobbit Rps we had popping up like weeds when those movies hit the screens.

Have fun! =D


Maybe when someone is asking a question about your role play try not shoving them off right away? I was interested until you 'politely' showed me the door. Good luck with this.

    I love how you automatically assume it's one of those "crappy fan-fic rp"s. I didn't even know they were making a movie until a little bit ago, I just finished reading the book. Never had a Hunger Games or Hobbit role play, actually hate them, XD.


    Maybe when you're asking someone a question you shouldn't assume and should try being less rude. (: Thank you!

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

Ah, crappy fan-fic Rp. Lemmie guess, saw a trailer for the movie and made this? I am guessing this will be like all those Hunger Games and Hobbit Rps we had popping up like weeds when those movies hit the screens.

Have fun! =D


Maybe when someone is asking a question about your role play try not shoving them off right away? I was interested until you 'politely' showed me the door. Good luck with this.

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

Noxize wrote:Yeeeeah...

I read all of the Ender books, and I don't remember any homosexuality....

Is this some alternate reality thing?

      So have I, and you're right, there was nothing about homosexuality. This is my version, it's loosely based off of the books, the idea of them. ^.^ Thanks for dropping by, if you aren't interested in the role play, please leave it be.

      @Ever, my show color is purple! cx Sure, I'll reserve her for you.

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game


I read all of the Ender books, and I don't remember any homosexuality....

Is this some alternate reality thing?

Re: Battle School - Ender's Game

May I reserve the Water Army's Leader as a female please?

And my favorite color would purple >w<

Battle School - Ender's Game

      Welcome to Battle School. Ask your questions and make your reservations here.