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Fendinn the Unsatiable is the last of the living Arcane Dragons and the leading Sovereign of the Lunarian Hordes

0 · 562 views · located in Tellusia

a character in “Battlefields of Barrendor”, as played by Obake



Fendinn is a Non-Playable Character (NPC) controlled by the Game Master (Obake)

Player: Obake
Roleplay: Battlefields of Barrendor
Character: Fendinn ("Devil")
Homeland: Lunaria (Subterranean Netherworld inside Tellusia)
Title: Sovereign of the Lunarian Hordes
Race: Arcane Dragon
Class: N/A (NPC played by the GM)
Age: 600-Years-Old (Equivalant to 30 in Dragon Years)
Height: 100-feet-tall (Average)
Length: 180-feet-long
Wingspan: 200-feet-long
Weight: N/A (Unscaleable by many Tons)
Gender: Male
Lineage: N/A (Born from an Egg with no Parentage)
Siblings: N/A (The very last living Dragon)
Offspring: N/A (Extinct)
Familiar: N/A (Does not have a Familiar)
Eyes: Pure White (Glow bright Red when Angry)
Skin: Pitch Black (Scaley)
Tongue: Pitch Black (Snake-like or Forked)
Horns: Metallic Silver
Fangs: Metallic Silver
Claws: Metallic Silver
Talons: Metallic Silver
Weapons: Horns, Fangs, Claws, Talons, Tail, Wings
Items: N/A (Does not need Items)
Skills: N/A (Has not learned any new Skills)
Abilities: Fire-breath, Speech, Flying, Climbing, Digging, Cammoflage
Miscellaneous: Immune to Enchantments, Spells and Non-Magical Weapons
Spoiler: show
Fendinn can only be Harmed by One very specific Magical Sword (N/A)


So begins...

Fendinn's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Alaric Walcott Character Portrait: Fendinn Character Portrait: Sasha McLoughton Character Portrait: Silvya
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#, as written by Obake
Alaric Walcott, better known by his colleagues as Sir Alaric the Hunter, was in Oaknut Forest not too far from his native Greenleaf Village when suddenly he heard a cry for help echoing throughout the woods. It was a human female, a voice he recognized from his native hometown. As he dashed through the trees, he came to a large rock in the forest where a young woman lay injured. It was Elaina, a farmer's daughter who had gone venturing into the woods to forage berries for her next meal. The basket was laying on the ground next to her, with the berries scattered about all over the area as if she had been ravaged by wild animals. Elaina was nestled against the rock, her simple white dress covered in her own blood which seemed to be spilled about, but there was no sign of her attackers.

Alaric ran over to the fair-skinned, red-haired maiden and knelt beside her. "Woman, who did this to you? Speak to me!" Alaric demanded, as he brushed Elaina's long wavey hair from her eyes. Her hair was a mess and there was blood running down the side of her face. "It was the Orknir," she said faintly, "They have returned." Elaina would say no more. She coughed on her own blood and Alaric watched helplessly as she gave her last breath. Not every story has a happy ending, or a happy beginning. Alaric placed his hand on Elaina's forehead and closed her eyes with his fingertips, allowing her to be in peace. As he stood up and looked around the forest, he thought he could hear footsteps creeping up through the bushes in front of him. Almost instinctively, Alaric pulled out his bow and drew an arrow from his quiver, aiming it into the treeline. "Who goes there?" He said, as he prepared to take a shot at whatever lunged forth at him.