Shikoba Tamaya

An ancient, cursed man who's only goal is to hunt Lunarians

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a character in “Battlefields of Barrendor”, as played by Mottahko


Player: Mottahko
Roleplay: Battlefields of Barrendor
Mission: Quest for the Golden Sword of Tubalcain
Character: Shikoba Tamaya
Nickname: Shikoba
Kingdom: Tellusia (Large Earthly Planet)
Homeland: Barrendor (Island Continent)
Hometown: A Long forgotten place
Title: Sentinel of the Shadows
Friends: Tellusian Races
Enemies: Lunarian Hordes
Race: Enchanted Human
Class: Fighter with a Ranger tendencies
Age: Very Old
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 185 lbs
Gender: Male
Bloodtype: O-
Lineage: Tribal descent
Siblings: None
Offspring: Deceased
Status: Widowed
Familiar: None
Hair: Long straight Black, kept bound in the back
Face: Light scruff
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tanned
Costume: Dark gray cloak, over dark grey shirt and black pants with lighter grey designs stitched into all his clothes.
Armor: He wears a lacquered leather cheat piece, with bracers and leg guards.
Weapons: Double-Bladed Sword and Curved Single Blade sword. Several hunting knives, and a Compound Shortbow
Items: He carries a sack with food, whetstone, several poisons, length of rope and grey and black paints
Skills: ventriloquism, tracking, botany and herbalism, climbing, nature reading, complicated swordsmanship, archery, knife throwing, trapmaking,
Abilities: Can summon winds, tirelessness, slowed metabolism-doesn’t require food often, agelessness, unnatural silence, hypersensitive hearing-smell-eyesight-reflexes
Weaknesses: Human-Bright Lights-Loud Sounds

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