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Rose Cole

"Traveler, I won't answer your questions."

0 · 706 views · located in New York City

a character in “Battling Genetics”, as played by Beffiye


Rose Cole


Nicknames: Rose
Age: 21
Gender: Female



Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brunette
Height: 5"6
Other features: Rose has faint scars across her arms, chest, stomach and legs from fighting.
Clothing: Rose is usually dressed all in black, in an outfit along the lines of skinny jeans, a tanktop, a leather jacket (optional) and military boots.
Equipment: A pistol and a knife are Rose's only weapons. She does not carry a wide variety of food with her, just basic things that she can scavenge.




Rose is quiet, and keeps herself to herself. She finds it easier to travel alone, although she has several acquaintances from different groups that can occasionally help her out should she ever need a hand. She is not a feminist, and is leading this life purely because she has no other choice. She doesn't like the way New York works anymore, but she plays hard by the rules in order to survive. This means that she can be harsh, shooting anyone who may be a potential threat on sight. Underneath it all, the old Rose lies in wait for the war to be over, the one who shows herself very rarely. This girl is hidden away deep in Rose's heart, and she is kind, compassionate, caring and a hopeless romantic. Only a special person will be able to find her.

Favorite Color: Red, the colour of blood. She has come to appreciate it.

+Romance novels, but she never gets to read them now.
+The power she has when she pulls the trigger of her gun.
+Finding friendly people among the chaos
+Tea, but she rarely gets any.
+Talking about the old times when life was better.

+Cold blooded murders
+The government
+The packs of men in the city that try to kill anyone who enters their territory (though she likes men as individuals.)
+Cigarettes or anything else that can be smoked.

+Talking or thinking about her deceased boyfriend. Enemies who have obtained this information (it is very difficult for anyone to find out) can use this to their advantage.
+Seeing injured, innocent people. She has to help them.
+Hot headed, picks fights with many people.

+Killing innocent people.
+New York being destroyed by the war.
+Falling in love again.
+Rats, she copes with this by shooting any that she sees.

History: When the war started, Rose and her boyfriend were at a loss. How could they travel together when the city was split into three groups that they could not belong in together? They tried to hide out, but upon finding this too difficult they agreed to enter the groups that they belonged in and secretly see each other. They often sneaked away from where their group was staying and would meet together at night, which was extremely risky. One night, they decided that they wanted to bring their groups together and form a new faction, then hopefully bring on a revolution that could equal peace. They were both younger and less experienced than they are/would have been now, and the plan was not well thought out. On the night that they tried to bring their groups together, all Hell broke loose and no one escaped unscathed. Rose's boyfriend was shot while they were trying to get away, and she held him in her arms as he took his last breaths. In blind panic and anger, Rose assassinated almost all of both groups that were alive and still fighting, then fled. This happened 2 years ago, and now she travels alone and shares her past with no one. She has survivors guilt and is plagued with nightmares every time her eyes close.


So begins...

Rose Cole's Story