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Be a Hero

Be a Hero


Ulyse the god of light used to be a forgiving god but he being corrupt. This corruption spread across the land. But now it is time for a band of unknown heroes to restore order.

987 readers have visited Be a Hero since Aniihya created it.


The land of Arivea was told to be created by the god Ulyse and the goddess Fanrea. They were a balance as Ulyse was the god of light and life and Fanrea the goddess of death and darkness. However both were viewed as good deities. But recently the god of light has become corrupted which has influenced the lands significantly and burdened the goddess of death. The paladins have started to become malevolent and the clergies of Fanrea have become fairly busy as their job is to police the paladins and bring an end to those who have left the path of justice. Due to the massive peril and suffering in the lands, it is up to a band of new heroes to restore order in the lands. It will be a difficult time from now on, but at least the heroes have each other.

Arivea: A vast continent governed by many kings and councils, spanning from the void lands in the south to the tropical forests of the north. Many mountain ranges divide the continent. Settlements are found anywhere. The continent is more populous in the center and the east while the void lands barely have settlements. Many peoples and cultures are found in the lands. The basic beliefs of the people are similar. However while most believe in Ulyse and Fanrea, a number of cultures worship other deities alongside the primary two.


Marksman: A marksman uses ranged weapons such as bows, javelins and crossbows. Due to their focus on ranged combat. They only show some skill with daggers and shortswords and commonly only wear ordinary clothes or light armor.

Rogue: A rogue uses stealth as his main weapon. They are lightfooted and generally wear light armor. Their choice of weapons are daggers, throwing knives and their bare hands. Jobs associated with this class are thief and assassin.

Knight: Knights are usually heavily armored and wield either a two hander or a broadsword with a shield.

Berserker: Berserkers put less emphasis on armor and more emphasis on dealing damage. Main choice of weaponry is either an axe or a claymore.

Paladin: Paladins are similar to knights however they can dispel blood magic and general necromancy such as curses. They also possess skill in healing magic.

Mage: The mage is a general wielder of magic. Compared to wizards, mages possess a vague knowledge of all magicks while not necessarily showing a specialized proficiency in any kind of magic.

Wizard/Sorceress: Wizards compared to mages are strongly proficient in particular kinds of magicks. While possessing little to no knowledge of wielding magicks outside of their area of proficiency.

Necromancer: Necromancers are magic users that deal with forbidden arts such as blood magic. While lesser forms are tolerated, necromancers are generally close to stepping over a boundary that would render them criminal. That is why only few lawful necromancers exist who primarily use summoning magic.

Healers/Clergy of Light: Healers mostly only possess proficiency with healing magic. For security reasons they know how to use smaller weapons. The difference between Healers and Clergy of Light is that healers are unaffiliated.

Death clergy: Even though the name seems a bit malevolent, the death clergy is mostly benevolent. In Arivea, they conduct funerals and relieve those dying of suffering and pain while clergy of light take care of births and baptism. The death clergy police the paladins and destroy corrupt paladins. The death priests and priestesses are allowed to use death magic if it is for a just cause while primarily using weaponry of black steel. Commonly they are seen usings greatswords and other large weaponry. The paladins however fear them for their strength and the fact that death clergy can be limitlessly cruel when dealing with corrupt paladins which makes some of their actions questionable. Death clergy are policed by their own comrades and await worse than what paladins await when they leave a path of justice.

Starting point:

Our heroes awake in a small village in a large cavern in the middle of the void lands. The heroes are unexperienced and young. The villagers help them get back to health and some former legends of warriors live in the village and can give advice and training. Currently the warriors do not possess armor and only have basic weapons and spells (such as a longsword in need of sharpening or a rusty axe).


Here quests are given in order for a storyline to progress. There will be a number of arcs during the story. There will be two kinds of quests: Storyline quests (involving mainly fighting and serious objectives) and side quests (less fighting and more labor). While side quests may seem pointless from time to time, they can be very rewarding.

Character sheet:

Name (I recommend using a fantasy name generator. Vague English names are not allowed, so no John Smith or Elisabeth Thompson for example.)
Age (as described, you are a young and inexperienced fighter so an age range of 18 to 30 is adequate. You can only be older if your character had a non-combat job and reconsidered his or her choice of profession)
Origin (you may invent a kingdom or territory name since no particular nation names are available yet. However you must describe the origin (nation, town, family status etc.)
Appearance (no celebrity face claims)
Clothing (the setting is heavy medieval fantasy so please no things like sunglasses or babydoll tops. I recommend to be creative about it.)
Likes/Dislikes (only optional)
Weapon: (be realistic about the among of weapons a person can carry. If you have a greatsword then naturally you can only otherwise carry a knife.)
Spells (magic types and spells. Please only list your starting spells. Overpowered spells are reasons for me to ask you to review your character sheet.)
Alignment: (Good-evil spectrum, however chaotic evil is excluded for heroes)
Personality (Explain your characters personality in at least three good sentences)
Background (Explain your characters background in at least five good sentences)

Toggle Rules

No godmoding
I recommend to write good posts that are rich in content. Usually I recommend 100 words at least in length. Time is not an issue. Rather put time and effort into something than do horrible work.
Please have good spelling and punctuation. Lack of it can be a reason not to be accepted.
Please put some effort into your character sheet. Extremely short character sheets will be outright rejected. If you get rejected, you may start over and maybe if you actually put some effort in it, you will be accepted.

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Character Portrait: Ilana Mazywyn Character Portrait: Jacob Albrecht
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#, as written by Aniihya
A warm breeze blew through the cavern. It was a nice sensation on Ilana's skin. She began to wake up. She woke up to a woman looking at her. Ilana was in a cozy bedroll only wearing her dress. Her collar was unbuttoned and her coat was hanging up on a coat stand. Ilana got up and buttoned her collar all the way up. "She has awoken, my chief." The woman said. Ilana wondered where she was at and remembered that she had fallen asleep in a cavern. Looking around, she noticed that this was a village in that very same cavern. "What is this place?" she pondered. "This is our home, the Isimanda caverns." The woman replied.

An old man stepped in. "It is just like the prophesy predicted. Wanderers coming to this cavern on this very day. They will become the heroes that ban the corruption from these lands." "Prophesy? Heroes? No I am but a simply death priestess who had been exhausted after a battle with a corrupted paladin. My bad should contain his head and that of two others." Ilana replied. The old man began to look through Ilana's bag. "So it is true that the clergy of Fanrea use the bones of the corrupted as utensils." He said.

"Personally, I don't like it. I mean I have to make bowls from skulls." Ilana replied. The old man then went over to her and said: "Take pride in your work. You cleanse the bones of the corrupted by putting your soft lips onto the rim of those bowls." "But my sect requires things like cannabalism and such unspeakable rules." Ilana objected. The old man then replied again: "In the void lands, what would you do when you cannot hunt? Some things are necessary for survival. By the way, you should check on the other one. A death priestess could maybe even help a soul."

After Ilana grabbed her coat, the old man led her to another person who had been found. Ilana held her hands over him and his aura seemed to be fine. "Don't have fear. He's fine. Maybe still a bit exhausted but it doesn't seem like he was hit by anything bad." She said. The old man bowed to her.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ilana Mazywyn Character Portrait: Jacob Albrecht
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#, as written by RJApple
Jacob had no clue where he was. The sky was purple, the ground covered in charcoal gray rocks. Great spires of the same charcoal gray stone rose high into the sky, disappearing into the blue clouds. "Where in the names of the gods am I?" he thought. Not knowing what else to do, he began walking. Well, that is to say, he tried to. Jacob felt like he was walking in water; his limbs were difficult to move, and when they did, it was a slow, lethargic movement, much like when one is in a dream. In an instant, there materialized before him a strange creature, one he had never seen before and could scarce describe. It uttered a single command, "Wake up!"

With a start, Jacob awoke. As consciousness filled his mind once more, he rose slightly and opened his eyes. Standing over him he perceived a young lady there. This confused him almost as much as the dream. Neither man, woman, nor child had he seen in the long days spent traveling through the Void Lands; the last thing he expected was to see a young maiden. More questions flooded his mind, regarding his location, why he was there, the state of his equipment, and all manner of other things. Yet, he still managed to utter a greeting, "Hello?" Granted, it was delivered in the tone one employs when being accosted by some poor sot who believes to have met you a number of years, months, or days ago, however, it was a greeting, still.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ilana Mazywyn Character Portrait: Jacob Albrecht
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#, as written by Aniihya
"Hello?" The young man said as he woke up. "Hello." Ilana answered. "I just recently woke up here too. Obviously there is a village in these caverns. They call the caverns the Isimanda caverns. We seem to still be in the void lands though. My name is Ilana Mazywyn. I am a death priestess by profession." "Yes we found you two not far from here. You seem to be the heroes from the prophesy that tells us to two lost heroes coming to these caverns and becoming legends who defeat the corruption in the world." The village elder said.

"Where is my sword? I need to head out." Ilana said. Then the village elder said: "It is in repair. There was a big crack in it. If you like our smith can make you a better sword of black steel and we can supply you with equipment like armor." Ilana sat down and said: "Oh boy. I was expecting to be back to the temple within a week but it might take longer. I guess I will have to make an excuse to my superiors. Fine. Go ahead and make me a sword, however I will have to perform a ritual on it once it is done."

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Arivea by Aniihya


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Character Portrait: Jacob Albrecht
Character Portrait: Ilana Mazywyn


Character Portrait: Ilana Mazywyn
Ilana Mazywyn

"Don't judge me. I only destroy the corrupt."

Character Portrait: Jacob Albrecht
Jacob Albrecht

An adventurous young man, with an eye for detail and a passion for travel.


Character Portrait: Jacob Albrecht
Jacob Albrecht

An adventurous young man, with an eye for detail and a passion for travel.

Character Portrait: Ilana Mazywyn
Ilana Mazywyn

"Don't judge me. I only destroy the corrupt."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Ilana Mazywyn
Ilana Mazywyn

"Don't judge me. I only destroy the corrupt."

Character Portrait: Jacob Albrecht
Jacob Albrecht

An adventurous young man, with an eye for detail and a passion for travel.

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