Carl Samson

A funny stoner, who's chill and just wants to enjoy life.

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a character in “Be Afraid”, as played by Chulance


NAME: Carl Samson
AGE: 22
WEIGHT: 160 lbs
LOOKS: Carl is your average looking individual. He's of a light skin tone, and his eyes are usually twitching or dilated often with a reddish hue to them.He has a long hair that is reminiscent to pictures of Jesus painted as a Caucasian. He has few physical deformities with not even a pimple being on his face, and has a beard growing. His body build is average, while no Muhammad Ali he is not flabby either. He maintains his figure due to the large amount cannabis he smokes, and is usually dressed in casual clothing.

PERSONALITY: Carl is a very laid back relaxed individual who is slow to anger, and believes in peace and love. He is often described as a hippie due to almost always being stoned, and very his near encyclopedia knowledge of marijuana and stoner music his preference being Wiz Khalifa. He is very passive when it comes to religious beliefs claiming Christianity and believing the most important aspect of the religion is to love everyone. Some consider him a hypocrite as he is active in his youth group, and enjoys hanging out with his peers, and considers himself somewhat of a ladies man. He does his best to support his family, and will go to the end of the world to help them and his friends. He is somewhat sarcastic at times but never to the point of offending people(intentionally), and is often cracking jokes even at inappropriate times. He is very paranoid when it comes to the Government having beliefs in things such as Illuminati and New World Order.

MAJOR FEARS: Betrayal, Family/Friend Deaths,

MINOR FEARS: Getting Arrested, Probation,

SKILLS/SPECIFIC SPECIALTY: Carl is a very good salesman, and is very good at persuading people to do or buy things from him.
-He is also near fluent in Spanish due to numerous dealings he's done with Mexican drug lords.
-He is a capable chef, and his godmother Judy has helped him learn how to cook a variety of dish most being southern meals or "soul food" such as fried chicken, collard greens, fried corn, sweet potatoes and more.
-He is a skilled rapper, able to develop songs with impressive word play and lyrical content, which is only enhanced when in his "Elevated" state.

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