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Makito Kazekiri

"I know I didn't have the happiest of a past, but I still believe that someone out there is waiting for me."

0 · 1,264 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Be My Angel”, as played by chrian.



"If I can find a person whom I can truly be committed to with all of my heart, then I don't think I have any other regrets in my life."

Makito Kazekiri

Makito || Casually
Maki-chan || Affectionate


October 10th



Homoflexible || Makito is mainly attracted both affectionately and sexually towards people of the same gender as his, but sometimes attracted to members of the opposite sex. Not enough to be considered as bisexual though.

Human 3

Zaphkiel Tenshi


125 Ibs

โŠ|Hair Color|โŠ
Blondish Brown

โŠ|Eye Color|โŠ

โŠ|General Description|โŠ
Makito is a young boy in his late-teens. He is fairly tall and has a fair complexion. He has light brown, chin-length hair. One strand of hair hangs in the middle of his face, between his eyes. Makito has brown eyes. He's not very on the muscular side but he has a slender build. Though different from what he might not have seemed to be, Makito is actually quite athletics and flexible, too. He has pretty much quite some scars scattered throughout his body, though most of which are almost faded by now.

When at school, Makito wears his school's uniform, a dark blue, formal suit with golden buttons, a white shirt and a light green tie. His tie is tied loose, with the collar of his shirt opened slightly. At home, he often switches to his regular clothes, consisting of different sweaters and shirts. He also has a black stud piercing on his left ear.

But overall, Makito is what people would described as an 'adorable and cuddly' boy who can always win their hearts with his cuteness.


Helpful | Serious | Sensitive | Curious | Shy | Compassionate | Faithful
If there are two word that can be used to describe Makito as a whole then they would no doubt be 'helpful' and 'serious'. Well, it's true. He's the kind of person who's always willing to help others around him without even wanted to be repay by someway. Makito rarely ever get mad at someone and it is not often that he will say 'no' when people ask him to help them with what they needed and will try his best. This could only be heightened by the fact that Makito usually taking things on serious most of the time, never goofing around. Even if it just the smallest of problems. Thanks for these traits, he can often win the hearts of many people.

Makito proves himself to be a rather... sensitive boy. Despite his normal outlooks, he's actually quite emotional on the inside and can get all worked up just because of the smallest of things that didn't please him. Even when he doesn't ask people to repay him for what he's helped them, he will be so happy to the point of breaking into tears if he ever receives a pleasant surprise. Makito is quite a curious boy and there's a lot of things that he wanted to know. Though he is well-aware of the limits and never poke into others' private lives if they don't want to share about them. He enjoys sitting back and have a nice chat with his friends and find out more about the world around him. The first thing that he'd do if he's just met a new friend is that he will try to find out more about that person.

Despite being quite an approachable person, Makito is actually quite a shy boy himself. He likes to know more about the others, yet when someone wanted to know more about him, he won't share much with them unless they've earned his trust first. He can also get flustered quite easily if someone flirts or having some physical contacts with him. Though most people would describe him as 'cute' whenever he got flustered like that. Makito is compassionate with people and everything around him. He will never turn a blind eye on people who is in dire of helps and can still be forgiving even when they've turned their backs on him.

But perhaps, the most important thing that has made Makito become a special person in everyone's eyes, despite whatever he once has to endured in his past, is his faithfulness towards his loved ones, as it has been shown how committed he is towards his ex-lover, although they've now broke up with each other. He'll never betray or having affairs behind their backs. But still, although he's shown to be willing to let his lover go, he's still greatly hurt by the fact and will take a long time to get over him. Nonetheless, Makito still has high hope that his 'angel', someone who is truly meant for him, is out there somewhere.

  • Brushes his own hair || Makito tends to brush his hand into the locks of his hair quite often whenever he's having a conversation with someone.
  • Hide his face when flustered || He doesn't want people to comment on how red his face is so he often hide his face when he's embarrassed.
  • Rotates his pens || Another habit that he developed since he was younger to do when Makito isn't in the most cheerful of moods.
  • Reading || Makito enjoys reading and often stopped by the library at his school to grab some books about the subjects that he's interested in. He also has quite a collection of books in his shelf.
  • Watching the sunset || He sometimes sit down on a hilltop and watches as the sun sets into the horizon. It makes him feel at peace.
  • Wandering || He enjoys strolling on the streets at night where he can relax and feel the breezes against his hair.
  • Drawing || His paintings might not be the best, but yeah, he really take a liking to it. He usually draws the scenery that he deems the most captivating.
  • Sweets || Makito really has a sweet tooth. He usually stores some candies or lollipops in his pocket. Though his most favorite sweet is mochi.
  • Loving words || It might sound really cheesy, but hearing loving words from his loved ones always made him felt as if he'd flown to the nine clouds.
  • Manga || Makito holds a big love for manga and he stores many from under his bed. But he's not as obsessive as an otaku.
  • Musical instruments || He has quite a musical ear so he likes to study about different kinds of instruments. But since Makito plays piano well so he takes a lot of interests in them.
  • Being helpful || His motto is 'It never hurts to help people' so it's something in his nature.
  • Noises || It makes Makito hard to concentrate, but how can anyone, anyway?
  • Hot weather || He hates sweating and hot weather is the perfect opportunity to get sweaty so he prefers to sit under the AC on hot days.
  • Being rejected || It never fails him to have others' attention when needed so he don't like it when people rejected him on purpose.
  • Horror movies || He doesn't want to get nightmares anymore so no thanks, Makito is not going to ever watch them.
  • Eggs || Somehow Makito feels that it's really hard to swallow them.
  • Cooking || Makito really has a knack for it and everyone often praised him for his foods, too. He often makes bento boxes for himself and his ex-lover.
  • Singing || He has a nice voice and he often shows it whenever someone asks him to go karaoke.
  • Volleyball || He's joined his school's volleyball team ever since he enrolled high school and it's still a passion to him.
  • Piano || Makito can play it well and it helps him to relax after long days studying.
  • Mathematics || Equations, formulas, calculating, etc are definitely not his cup of tea. Math is also the subject he has the worst scores.
  • Scaredy || Being a sensitive boy, Makito scares of a lot of thing and he's not really happy of this fact.
  • Unable to swim || Except when he's taking a shower, he doesn't like immersing himself in water. So of course, it's easy to understand that he can't swim.
  • Too honest || Makito has never been able to lied to anyone without being so obvious about that fact that he's hiding something.

If asks, Makito will said that he doesn't really believe in what people would often called as 'past lives'. But if past lives really exist, then perhaps he might have had a better childhood during the life that he once had before being reincarnated as a normal human. Completely unaware of the fact that he once was an angel and the lover of one of the most powerful of angels in heaven, Makito was reborn into this world as the result between two people who acknowledged each other as 'one night stands'. He never really knows why his mother still decided to keep him even when she's found out that she's pregnant with a man who she just happened to come across with, but her decision to left Makito for his supposed father to take care of has made his childhood full of nothing but thrashing, tormenting and agony, not only physically, but also mentally.

Makito's father was the most horrible person one could have the displeasure to met. Because he has always been a spoiled brat during his youth, he's very cocky, crude, violent and a heavy drunkard. As Makito grew up, he couldn't remember how many times he was being slapped on his face just because "his Otou-san feel like it". Makito still remember clearly that he used to be thrashed on 3 times a day, or even more when his father was drunk. It may sound hard to believe, but he has to went through all of those things only when he was 8, the age that he was suppose to have a happy life that any other child would.

He couldn't remember how much has he cried and begged his father to stop hurting his own child, but only resulted in being tormented even more. He was being hit so much that what were left behind are the scars that are scattered throughout his body, though most of which are faded by now, are still a stark reminder of what he once has to gone through. Because all of that, he used to be a very reserved boy, scared to meet other people and often stay alone in a corner. Makito has to endured being abused by his father for years to come, yet he still praying towards a 'supreme Entity' from above, wishing that one day he will be able to escape from this hell. And, in the moments that he isn't expected the most, his desires had been accepted.

When Makito turns 12, one night, while he was being hit by his father like everyday, a woman then turned up and stopped him. She acknowledged herself as his mother and she wanted to earn her rights to raise Makito from then on. Of course, his father objected and they got into some arguments. But eventually, the next morning, Makito's case was brought to court. Because of his father constantly abusing him for so many years, with his neighbors as witnesses, his mother rightfully win the case and Makito moved out from his former house and come to live with his mother, where his life turned over a new leaf from then on.

His mother said that she was regretted of the decision to leave him behind and that he got nothing to fear for anymore. At first, Makito was still wary and rejected her. But his mother was kinder than anyone whom he's ever met so far and eventually, he opened himself more and growing up into the person he is today. Makito was happy that his life has come to another chapter and that his hellish childhood is now only behind his back. He never heard of his father ever again but he couldn't care less. He stays with his mother until the day he turned 16, when he moved to Tokyo to attended high school there. His independent life started from then on.

During high school, he met new friends, new people and new neighbors. It was hard at first, having to do everything by himself in a middle of a large city but he still managed to take care of himself, anyway. When Makito is in his second year, he met an upperclassman and the two of them dated for almost a year. It was one of the happiest moments in his life. Makito was faithful to him and loves him more than he ever did with anyone. They even slept with each other for a couple of times. But just as when Makito thought that he has found his 'angel', they broke up. Makito couldn't confide it with anyone and he couldn't do anything else rather than cried his heart out when he's alone.

Now, three months had passed since Makito's ex-lover broke up with him. He's stopped crying over it, but he just didn't want to move on just yet. While still acting normal during the last few months of his high school year, somewhere in his heart, Makito still wishes that the person who is truly meant for him will turn up. He's also taken up some part-time jobs now, which included working as a store clerk in a shop near his apartment.

But unbeknownst to him, Makito's life will begin anew as he will soon meet his long-lost beloved one from his past life...

โŠ|Face Claim|โŠ
Mochizou Ooji || Tamako Market

โŠ|Hex Codes|โŠ
Dialogue Color || #EE9572
Thought Color || #d08f89

So begins...

Makito Kazekiri's Story


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#, as written by chrian.


Everything was in a total chaos. Flames and ashes stained the air with a sickening smell. The corpses that came from both sides were countless. The sounds of blades and spears clashing against each other echoes in the air. The inferno of Hell and the absolute divinity of Heaven struggling against each other to decide who will earn the rights to take over control of the whole universe. It was hard to believe that such a great fight was never known to the beings who live peacefully beneath.

The war went on restlessly. Both sides had suffered immeasurable casualties. They were thought to be immortal. They were the most powerful of beings that had existed above all alongside with their supreme leader. Yet in the fight against their kin who has fallen from grace into the deepest depth of sins due to their prides, they still had to tried their best to prevail. For decades, or perhaps centuries, the angels, who weren't just going to sit back and waited until their enemies had conquered everything, had sacrificed and put their all into the fight with the demons.

And eventually, the everlasting war ended with the glorious victory belonged to the angels and God. And yet, the consequences were far worse than they could've ever imagined. The remaining demons and Lucifer had been banished for good, but they've destroyed almost half of Heaven. Many angels had died fighting for their ideals and protected what are meaningful for them.

One of them is a gentle and kind angel with a blondish-brown hair and brown eyes. Despite the fact that fighting went against his nature, he's fought vigilantly alongside his loved one - one of the most powerful of angels. He's hoped that both of them will make it through the war. But it seems that, fate didn't allow them to.

In the most unexpected of moments, the angel's loved one was surprisingly targeted by some of the higher demons. Without a second thought, the angel jumped right in front of his lover, defended him from the fatal strike. Within his last moments in his lover's arms, the angel could only confided everything that he has in mind with a smile, yet streams of tear kept pouring out of his eyes. But he didn't regret that he's given up his life to protect his loved one's. He told his lover to keep on follow what he deems righteous and whispered something into his ears before succumbed to his wounds and died...

"If we are truly linked by destiny... I will meet you again... in an afterlife..."

The dawn has approached fast and the first lights of the morning were peeking through the window of a medium-sized room. Outside, the birds were chirping and people had seemingly all risen up from their slumbers to begin their day. It was yet another peaceful day of life in Tokyo, where people are always so energetic, yet they can still find their own moments of tranquility in the smallest aspects of their lives.

The sun shines through the window and the almost transparent-looking curtains as its beams dancing around the whole room, lighting up the whole place. On the wall, you could find pictures of some male models, baseball players or anime's characters. There are also a tall and big bookcase with many books of many genres. On the drawer next to the bed, there was a picture inside a white frame of two young man, a boy with blondish-brown hair and a boy with black hair that covers his left eye holding each other and taking selfie next to the alarm clock. And, there are also many thing else that you could always find in a teenage boy's room. And on the bed in the corner laid a person who was sleeping innocently person who was considered as an 'angel' by many people, not just by his adorable look but also by his helpful personality.

The alarm clock then went off as loudly as it could when it ticked 6:00 AM, making Makito startled as he sat up on his bed, yet still all dizzy and sleepy with his hair all messy. He reached his hand to the drawer and turned off the alarm clock. Though the picture frame didn't fail the catch his sight. Makito smiled, yet somehow his heart throbbed and skipped a beat at the sight. He knows very well that he should have let it go.

Makito knows that he isn't someone who can easily get over the fact that he and his ex had gone through many things together. Those were the happiest moments of his life and for one second, he thought that he has given him everything, both his soul and body. However, they weren't walking on the same path anymore and they didn't manage to travel with each other toward the end of the road. But nonetheless, Makito's aware that he will have to find his true happiness sooner or later.

Just hope that my next boyfriend wouldn't mind the fact that I'm not a virgin anymore. He sheepishly thought for a second before getting off his bed and prepared to go to school. When he's finished getting dressed and doing some personal hygiene, Makito headed for his kitchen and made somethings for his breakfast. Done with the eating, Makito decided that he's a bit lazy to make a bento box today. He could always buy some yakisoba bread at the cafeteria in lunch time later.

Getting out of his house and locked the door, Makito made a quick glance at the door of the apartment next to his. If I remember correctly than Haki-ojiisan said that I'm going to have a new neighbor and he's going to move in tonight, I should pay him a visit and make some food as a housewarming gift. He thought for himself. It's always help to win the hearts of your neighbors, isn't it? And Makito is actually good at doing it too, though he never really admitted.

Making his way to his school, he went to his own drawer to change his shoes. "Ohayo, Makito-kun." A black-haired girl who was the girl who sat next to him in his class greeted him while smiling brightly.

"Ohayo, Chitose-san." Makito greeted her back with a smile while putting his shoes on.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Chitose asked.

"Hmm? I'm all ears." Makito replied as both of them made their ways to their class.

"Are you free this afternoon after school? I've asked some of the others but they've had other plans so..."

Makito thought for a second. He doesn't have to work part-time tonight. "Sure, I'm free. What's up?"

"Well, you see. There's a new dancing class just opened near Akihabara. I've made up my mind that I should learn how to dance before going to college. But it's kinda embarrassing to go all by myself so... can you go with me?" Chitose asked while acting as moe as she could.

Makito sighed and nodded, "Got it. You aren't a loli anymore so don't act like that. It's not like you're going to fall into the arms of a lolicon, are you?"

"So speak a gay-bishounen." Chitose pouted, "I heard that the teacher there was really cute. You might fell for him even before any of the girls did. It's been a while since you broke up with Mizaki-senpai already. You should just move on."

Makito stayed silent for a bit before sighing, "Look, I know that. It just I hadn't come across with anyone just yet. Besides, the entrance exams are drawing near and we should focus on them instead, don't you think?"

"Always so serious. But I like that trait of yours." Chitose giggled as they both entered their class and went to their seats. Makito gazed out of the window and waited until the lessons to begin. But then, he smiled lightly at the thought of tonight. I have a feeling that something memorable is going to happened tonight.


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Red. A rather detestable color, one that was never meant to blossom in the Heavens. Yet it was everywhere around him, the entire scenery was a crimson red that glowed softly against the pure white. Red, hot flames lapped the cool air as they blew gracefully in the wind. Burns and blood spotted the angel's skin, weary and tired from a grueling battle that had lasted for such a cruelly long time. Red devils whose skin shone a forbidden luster as their forms dances about a visage of a soiled white as they fell to their defeat.

It was supposed to be over, it was supposed a happy ending after decades of hardship. His hand was supposed to be holding the one of his loved one as they made their way back into their quiet retreat. They were to give each other soft smiles and relax after having fought for so long. Makito was supposed to smile.

Makito's hand pulled from his own as he cried out Kiel's name. Soft green eyes open in surprise as his vision shifted to his empty hand. A small form hugged his back, jerking in a rather sickening motion, a warm and wet sensation spilling over onto his back. He hesitantly turned his head, the image he saw next burning into his memory for the rest of his life.
He quickly turned to the other, disregarding where the attack had come from as others were nearby to take care of it. He sank to the floor with his beloved, holding him close.


Tears spilled over uncontrollably as he muttered the other's name. He didn't want to smile. The idea of smiling made his stomach and blood boil, a sickening tension in his throat protested.

He smiled.

He smiled as he watched the one person he cared for more than anything passed away in his arms. And then he cried. He has yet to ever stop.

"I am so sorry!!"

Kiel bowed deeply to a rather irritated man that stood before him. Due to not having paid attention to where he was going, a rather large box that he was holding blocking his view, he had ran into one of the customers. He had immediately placed the box down and profusely apologized to the young man he had bumped into. His earnest and sincere apology had earned him a rather polite acceptance of his apology. Kiel reported the incident to his manager Mr. Tanaka, profusely apologizing to him. Mr. Tanaka only shook his head, a soft smile on his face.

"Come now Tenshi, I understand. You can straighten up. Here, I'll help you carry it."

"No, that's alright! I'll take care of it and be more careful."

Kiel hasn't been working in Mr. Tanaka's store for very long, but he was well liked by the staff and a refreshing sight to the costumers. Apparently this store was highly praised by it's costumer service, all the staff being fairly friendly. Though he's been there only a day, many costumers constantly returned throughout the day because they had 'forgotten' to purchase something while there. Kiel's naturally considerate behavior was rather refreshing compare to the modern day young man most of his costumers knew. He noticed what was happening, but saw no harm as long as he made sure to state his limitations. It was a tiring but fun filled day at work and Kiel had greatly enjoyed his first human experience. Most of his nerves had subsided through the majority of the day. He bid his boss farewell, leaving his workplace with a small bag over his shoulder.

He walked down to a small studio that was nearby his apartment complex. He had gotten it for a rather cheep price, though hasn't paid on it yet. His first paycheck and possibly the small class tonight was more than likely to be enough to make his first payment. He wasn't all that worried about it though, not yet completely understanding the way finances work. As he walked in, he flipped on the light, leaving the front door unlocked. Removing his tie and work shirt, he opened up his pack, pulling out a more comfortable shirt to wear and put it on. He set his pack off into a corner of the room and turning on the small radio there, stepping into the middle in full view of the numerous mirrors.

"One, two, three..."


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The day had to have been the most awful day of her life. Hopper was never one to ever back down from an argument. She was always such a stubborn person and didn't like to constantly follow all the rules she was given. But that day wad different than any other one se ever had. The argument was one that would haunt her everyday of her life...One she would never be able to forget no matter how hard she tried to forget about it, it would never work.
When the thought of war first arose the two of them didn't talk about it much. They simply had focused on each other not minding what was happening at that moment. They enjoyed the moments they spent together tot the max and she loved every second of it. But why hadn't the conversation ever come up at a earlier time. Hopper was too intoxicated with the boy to even think about fighting at that time, little didn't she ever know that a war would tear the both of them away from each other.
Hopper was always the type of person that loved to fight and combat. She was trained to and it had become one of her secret likings over the years. Its where she was able to release her pint up anger about everything. to let it all out without being in trouble for it. She was very experienced in had to hand combat the most. It was her specialty, mainly because she wasn't ever good with using bigger than the palms of her hands. It only seemed to slow her down in the long run.
The day before the was set into place was the day the argument had taken place. The two of them had never butted heads so much at that time. Hopper was a natural fighter and with Kushiel telling her to stay and not fight it caused major issues for the both of them. He wanted her to stay safe and not fight. She was such an idiot when it came down to it. They had argued their heads off screaming and yelling about the whole thing. Hopper didn't want to be sheltered in any type of way even though he wanted her to be. Both of them didn't ever have time to express their feelings about the situation at hand. They just argued and it escalated, quickly more than everything. It all ended with Hopper leaving him. "I never want to see you again!"
Hopper yelled at him right before she left. Those words where the same ones she would regret the moment she said them.
The next day rolled around she was at the front lines ready to fight. She was a nervous wreck at first, but when the fighting started she got all her confidence back an it came easy to her. It was demon after demons he killed as if she was made to simply kill. But the ore demons she took on, the more they would come after her at a time. Eventually it had gotten to the point where she could barely hold herself up without having a demon come at her and hurting herself. Right when she thought it was all over for her, just like in the movies Kushiel protected her. When she finally was able to pick herself back up to her feet they fought along side each other. Neither of them spoke to each other, though they guarded each others lives.
But of course, Hopper messed up once again. She turned the other way only to witness another angel dying mere feet away from hr. It took her attention way from what was happening right then. When she turned around the demon was coming at he t a speed she wouldn't have been able to match. She was in a position to be able to move so she would be seriously injured, but it wouldn't kill her. But right before that was able to happen Kushiel took the hit. She couldn't remember more of a heartbreaking moment at all. Her sisters death was never anywhere near the heartbreak she felt.
From that point on she fought harder than she ever had, protecting him from any other blow. By the end of it all Kushiel was being carried on Hopper's back. She was weak and could barely hold herself up at the end of it all. But she made it back, only having to witness her loved one die in her very own arms. His body disappearing right at her fingers,

I won't give up on us...

Hopper woke up with the sound of her dog barking. She groaned and rolled around on the bed. She buried her face into the pillows. But it wasn't long before the covers were pulled from over her. She heard her dog growling softly before jumping on the bed and beginning to lick on her face. Hopper couldn't help but to let out a small giggle and rolled over so that her back was against the bed instead of her stomach. Biscuit continued to lick at her covering back of her face and neck in dog slobber. She wrinkled her nose at him finally giving up and sitting up. "Fine, I'm up! I'm up!" She said huffing and getting out of the bed. Her blonde hair fell down all he way to the middle of her back in loose natural waves. She walked into the dining area of the hotel pulling out the dog food. She poured a few cups of the dog food into Biscuit bowl before putting it back up.
She went through the cereal settle on frosted flakes. She poured some into her bowl and cut up some of the fresh strawberries before she poured the milk inside. She went and sat at the table setting her bowl down and beginning to much on the cereal. Every once in a while her eyes would drift over to her small pink phone to see if it had any notifications of any sort. But as usual she had none at all. When she would think about it, she would laugh to herself. Hopper could count the number of friends she had on her hand. She had about 2-3 she would consider to be her friends. No one could really put up with her, not that she would show that she cared anyway. When she looked at the time her eyes went wide. Biscuit laid on the couch letting out a yawn. "You bug! Why didn't you say anything!' Hopper huffed out at her dog before tossing him his bone and walking out to get dressed for the day.
She quickly hopped into the shower and began to ready for school. It wasn't unusual for her to be late at all. It happened quite often when people had though about it. But once again her thoughts began to swirl into her head and then she shook her head as the warm water poured onto her skin cleaning her whole body. She made sure to clean herself up ell and got out and slipped into her uniform. She wore the usual whit dress shirt, with a pink bow going around the collar of her shirt. The skirt rest right in the middle of her thighs and she slipped on her white knee socks. She tied her hair up into two ponytails, but since she was running later than usual she left them in their natural state and they fell down her shoulders and down to her back in a wavy mess.
Once she was finished she headed off to school. She raced down the stairs tying to make it. She even forgot to lock the door behind herself, buts he didn't really have much of an issue since her dog was a rather aggressive one. Either way they wouldn't find much of anything at her home. Se barely kept anything they're besides clothes and food. Making her way down to the streets she began to run. Most people could only see her hair as she pass them by. A few of the older adults had waved to her knowing what the usual was. She swung by the cafรฉ the owner of the place handing her a donut as she passed by. she simply gave a smile before heading over to one of her favorite children home. The little girls name was Sophia, and she was one of the regulars at the daycare she worked at after school.
Hopper was close to Sophia and her mom and as of recently Sophia's mom had gotten injured. So since then Hopper had been running back and forth picking up and dropping Sophia off at home. Just as usual Sophia was sitting outside of her house waiting on Hopper before she would drop her off at school. "Hop on!' Hopper told the girl kneeling down and waiting for her to get on. Sophia had and the two of the were off. already. Hopper ran all the way to Sophia's grade school dropping her off in her classroom.
Hopper still had the donut in her hand and took a bite of it before she began to run again. Her school was about an hour of a walk away from Sophia's school and there was no way she would make it on time if she didn't run the whole time. These were the days she was glad she was a runner. It didn't have a whole bunch out of her when it came down to running. In about twenty minutes later she arrived at school with 25 minutes to spare her. She let out a sigh of relief and walked into he schools entrance. she made sure to retie her hair bows before walking to the classroom. Just as usual she walked in. No one looked at her, nor did se even look back at them She strutted into the classroom her nose held high as usual not letting her seem to be needing anyone to talk to her. That's how she carried herself at school everyday. She had the donut in her hand and finished it off as she waited for everyone else to fill up the classroom.


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"A new day bringing a new life. Let's see what happens"

Another day in Munich, and Rein'la was actually alone in this case, on the way to her school, bag over her shoulder and her typical jacket on with a white blouse underneath tucked into a dark skirt with knee high socks and her shorts on under said skirt. Strangely enough, Rein'la had no shoes on, she just decided to walk without them this day, despite how chilly the weather was. It was mid-September, and often mornings were rather cold with the afternoon became more mild in comparison. Though none the less, Rein'la had no shoes, and oddly didn't feel cold. Moving on she had noticed how empty the streets were, which at the time it was, usually there were plenty of students on their own way to school, but there was nothing, not even the usual cat whom would walk with her, just still silence and isolation. It bugged her to no end, though she was offset by her usual classmates and the various other traffic that was from class starting soon. Though there was no explanation, the silence was broken by some buzzing noise, which came in with a crashing wave of sound, Rein'la knew the sound, the one-of-a-kind sound that was her alarm clock, though in this realm she had no way to stop it, though it did stop abruptly...

Rein'la had sat up as the blasted buzzer still blasting in her room over the gentle music she had most often played, it helped keep the isolated silence away from her, though soon the music could be heard again, as the buzzing stopped. One press of the Snooze button had stopped it immediately. Of course, still a bit groggy from her sleep, Rein'la had slowly walked to where she had her alarm, which was a fair ways away, for, it was unbelievably loud to be next to, and often hurt the ears to be near. Brushing that aside, Rein'la had already found her way to where she gets ready, and after about ten minutes, Rein'la was off getting dressed into her new school uniform, beginning a new life for her, in a new city, and even new country, with a different culture, language, and school system, though one thing had become different that killed Rein'la, it was the different Tome Zone. Being from Germany, she had lost seven hours on the flight to Tokyo, and that wasn't to mention the few weeks she had to learn and adapt to Japan, needless to say, the change was beating Rein'la, though she was slowly adapting.

Slowly enough, Rein'la had gotten dressed in the new uniform she was to wear, of course, it had a couple of alterations. The biggest one was the jacket, which was her normal light green jacket, with her six buttons arranged in the usual manner on her left shoulder and underneath, on her school shirt, there were three buttons on her right, which were from her friends whom gave them to her as parting gifts, yet soon she was off to her first day of classes in Japan, hoping that the day wouldn't end like a train wreck.

After about thirty minutes of walking, Rein'la made it to the gates of her new school. And of course, she was run into by another classmate, named Haru, whom had helped Rein'la during the move in perfecting Japanese, which of course, Rein'la still wasn't the best in Japanese, but she could at least communicate enough to be able to hold a good conversation, though soon there were words exchanged,

"Oh, Ariita-kun, how are you?" Haru said, his voice sounding low and smooth as usual, mixed with his face and figure, it was rather fitting with him, though Rein'la had replied without a second thought, almost as if she expected to run into Haru,

"I'm doing alright, Haru-san. Though I still am not used to the time zone..." replied Rein'la, whom was rather shaky in her delivery of the response, it was easy to tell she still didn't have Japanese nailed just yet, though had enough experience to speak fluently and understand it with ease. Yet deep down all she was doing was translating it to German and giving a response using said translation, though often the honourifics often were what got her all mixed up, yet Haru had smiled, she was improving,

"Well, that's what happens when you move half a world away, but you're getting better"

"True as that may be, I still am having problems with the blasted Honourifics" Rein'la said as she walked to the building, "I'm sorry, but I was planning on exploring the building before class, I'd hate to get lost in this place, I'll see you later." and with a wave goodbye, Rein'la walked into the entrance, and after finding her locker, which had her name butchered on the label, she began to explore the campus, or at least the inner building for the time being, hoping just to run into an interesting conversation.


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#, as written by chrian.


The morning lessons went on peacefully, as nothing much has happened. Except for the fact that he never did enjoy them though. Too boring. He knows only a couple of months later and he'll be taking the entrance exam, he's also turned in the university choices application that his Sensei gave him, but he wasn't sure that college's life might be really suitable for him, or not.

After all, some of his former Senpais said that they regretted their decisions to enroll some sort of college, as knowledge that they taught isn't very useful when having to find jobs here and there. Well, it's not like that he ever got bad grades or anything, but he isn't very specifically good at somethings. He once even thought of enrolling the university that Mizaki is in now, but how could he ever move on if his mind still thinking of the person who is no longer belonged to him, right?

As the bell rang, signified the end of the morning lessons and the arrival of the lunch break, much to Makito's relief. The teacher gathered his stuffs and put it into his backpack before remarking to the whole class. "Please finish the homework from page 110 to page 115. We'll stop here today." Then, everyone stood up to pay respect to the teacher before he left the class.

Flopping down of his chair, Makito sighed in relief. "And here I thought the lesson's going on forever. Can't wait until graduation day so that I can get outta here. The nightmares of high school are finally going to end soon, right?" He said as he turned to Chitose as she nodded to him agreeingly, "Wanna go and get something in the cafeteria? I was a bit too lazy to make myself a bento box today."

Chitose shrugged, "Sure, why not? My mom wasn't at home today so I didn't get to have a bento box either. Shall we going before your favorite yakisoba got sold out?"

With that being said, the two of them made their ways out of their class as they started to walk towards the direction of the cafeteria. On their ways, they kept chatting with each other to keep things going between them. Though they also have to pay attention as not to bump into anyone while they were still talking. It never a problems to strike up a conversation between Chitose and Makito as they've been friends with each other ever since they were in junior high so basically, they have tons of thing to talk about everything.

"So, you're confident that you can learn how to dance in just a couple of months, huh? Don't go complaining to me if your feet are getting all bruises up." Makito said.

"Well, I have no worries." Chitose grinned, "I know you're going to patch me up should anything happen to my legs, right?"

"What am I, your personal servant?" Makito knocked his best friend on her head, "Besides, you know that those guys at the Instruments Club made me take a dancing class on my first year already, right? I quit, but I think I grab hold of it already. So it's boring having to learn everything from scratch again."

"At least you're going to have a chance to watch the handsome tutor, right? If you're lucky, perhaps he's going to ask you out."

"So is the whole purpose of you taking part in that class is just to meet this so-called handsome and hulky tutor?"

"Well, partly. Don't you telling me that you're not interested in any other hot gals even after you've broken up with Mizaki-senpai. I know that you're keeping a lot of that stuff under your bed, you know." Chitose teased.

"I'm a gay-bishie like you always talk of, am I?" Makito sighed as they both came across with a whole bunch of girls were crowding in front of another classroom while looking as if they're crazing for their idols from afar, "Hey, what's up over there?"

"That's Class 2-B, right? Hotaka Amai, also known as the famous model Dai, was in that class. He's a sophomore but girls sure are head over heels for him, huh?" Chitose commented, but both of them just passed by the crowd.

"Well, I understand why they felt that way. He's a hot gal after all." Makito chuckled.

When the two of them have reached the cafeteria, Makito couldn't feel more relieved that he's managed to grab the last yakisoba bread. Chitose also got herself a bowl of mapo tofu. They both went to sat at a table and enjoying their lunches while going on having small chats with each other until they've finished and made their ways back to their classroom before the bell rings again, indicates that the afternoon lessons have begun.

And then, the afternoon lessons also went on uneventfully. Before Makito even know it, the sun is already setting, covering the whole horizon with the mesmerizing orange color. After the last bell rang, Makito gathered his stuffs and made his way back to his shoes locker with Chitose. They both parted way after arranging to meet up with each other in Akihabara at 6:30 PM. When Makito is back at his complex, he came across with his landlord, Hakio.

"Hey there, Maki-kun. Just got back from school, huh?" The middle-aged man greeted.

"Oh, konichiwa, Haki-ojisan." He said with a light bow, "How was your day?"

Hakio grinned as he replied, "Well, a bit tiring with all the porters job but it's never been too hard, isn't it? Sanae and Kanae are making some miso soup today. Feel free to drop by if you want to have some."

"Thanks, but I'm having a date with my friend already." Makito smiled, "So, has the new resident in the apartment next to mine moved in?"

"His stuffs had been moved in already and the paperwork is also done so he's officially a tenant in our complex now. I think he's been going out for work now. You can greet him later when he's return or tomorrow. Still providing foods for the new tenants, eh? You didn't have to, ya know."

"It's the right thing to do, after all." Makito giggled, "Well, I'll see you sometimes, Haki-ojisan."

"Nice evening, Maki-kun."

Makito then made his way into his apartment. After he's taken a shower and got changed into another suitable clothes. He put some stuffs into his backpack and carrying it with him. When things are done, he got on a bus and rode to Akihabara. At the station where he got off, Chitose was waiting for him. She was wearing a green dress.

"Well, you really take your time."

"I've never late before, haven't I? Besides, don't you think that wearing a dress to a dancing class is a little strange?"

"What could goes wrong, anyway? Let's go then." Chitose grinned as they both walked on the roadside for a while until they've reached the building where the dancing class was held.

When they're in, they were a bit surprised to see that the class was more crowded than they thought. More than half of them were girls, but the boys seemed to be interested in this too.

"Wow, I didn't realize there was this much. Learning how to dance is a trend nowadays, huh?" Chitose commented.

"Perhaps they just want to see this handsome teacher." Makito said before he went and hang his backpack on the hook. And just as he went back to Chitose and waited until the tutor arrive. A few moments later, the other door was opened as someone was about to step in.

Little did Makito know that this meeting will change his life forever...


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The studio was packed as he stepped back inside from the back down. He had stepped out for some fresh air and had heard a cat out in the alley. He had crouched beside and played with the cute thing, quickly realizing noise was coming from inside the studio. Standing at the door, his mouth was held slightly ajar. He had never seen so many humans at once in such a small space. His emerald eyes scanned over the crowd, there was absolutely no way he was gonna be able to remember even half of their names.

He picked up his jaw, a sheepish smile crossed his face as he closed the door behind him. Almost everyone's gaze had turned to him and he was somewhat at a lost for words. He walked up to the main floor, none of his nerves showing on his calm visage. He felt a tingling in his chest, but felt that it had nothing to do with the crowd. It was a persistent and almost nagging feeling that he could not shake off.

"Hello everyone! I'm Zaphkiel, it's a great pleasure to see so many take interest in my rinky dink class. Ah ha ha...! Well, I'll put on some music and feel free to dance as you like. With so many people, I'll just walk around and talk to you all one at a time about what you're interested in learning and what I can offer."

He gave a light hearted laugh, rubbing the back of his neck as he pressed 'play' on the stereo in the front of the room. He found himself grateful for the amazing air conditioning the building had. The song was a bit on the slow side, just for a more casual atmosphere for those who weren't comfortable dancing in conditions like these and just wanted to chat. He gave a generally polite greeting to those whom took a moment to talk to him. Seeing some people dance, he came to realize that a great deal of them had simply Youtubed some choreography the night before to try and impress, their moves unprecise and sloppy. He didn't seem to mind, more focused on watching their various abilities.

"Ah...! I'm sorry."

He had bumped into a teenage girl with long black hair. He apologized in earnest, bowing to the young woman. A young boy was standing behind her, though his eyes were on the woman.

His chest felt tight, a rather confused look crossing his face. He could almost feel the tears starting to well.

The young man poked his head around the woman in some way, and that was it. Kiel's tears streamed down his face, his mouth slightly open. He hadn't realized he was crying at first, staring at the face he hadn't seen in years. It had been so long.... So, so, long....

He blinked, wiping the tears from his face with the back of his hand as he canted his head to the side a bit.

"Ah, s-sorry... Ah ha ha.... I feel realy bad for bumping into you..."


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#, as written by
Can this please NOT die???


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#, as written by chrian.


As the door opened, everyone in the room turned their attentions to it. A young, tall, olive-haired man walked in. He stared off at everyone in awe a bit, probably was surprised on how packed the class seemed to be. He seems to be a bit clumsy though. When Makito first caught sight of the tutor, his feelings were just like when he met some other nice-looking guy. Wow, so he really is cute. He sheepishly thought. Makito knows that he's never met him before, but for some reasons that he couldn't explain himself, he somehow felt... peaceful at the sight of the man. And before he even know it, he's already been attracted to him, to the point that he couldn't even take his eyes off him...

"...Maki-chan? Maki-chan? Hey, where have you drifted to? Are you still there?" Chitose called as she waved in front of Makito's eyes.

Hearing his best friend calling has finally pulled him back into reality. The realization that he's been staring at the "handsome tutor" ever since he walked into the room suddenly hit him as he blushes like crazy. "I... I'm fine. What he's been saying?" He said as he covered his face with his hand. Oh my god that was embarrassing, I hope that nobody would notice that... He knows he usually was like that with the other nice-looking guys to, but with this man, something was... different. And he couldn't explain anything about it.

"Ooh, I told you so, didn't I?" Chitose poked Makito teasingly, "Now who's the guy that is heads over heels, huh?"

"S-Shut up!" Makito snapped, though he's still blushing, "Okay, I know that I have a weak spot for handsome guys a little. But nothing more than that. I just have something in my mind that I was busying thinking of."

"Well, I'm your best girl after all, am I not?" Chitose chuckled, "It's alright. You can try to flirt with him after today's lesson is over. Looks like it's not so bad coming here after all, huh?"

"Whatever." Makito pouted as he turned his head away. The tutor has turned on the music as everyone in the room started to dance. "It's started already. Anyway, what was his name again?"

"Zaphkiel, if I hadn't misheard. Now, would I had the honor of asking you to be my dance partner?" Chitose turned to Makito and do the curtsy pose.

"Don't get into it too much, you're not a little kid, you know." Makito chuckled, "Oh well, just copying me. The senpais at the club made me dance this song all the time so I got the basics already."

And then, both of them 'danced' with each other. Though Makito didn't say it, he must admitted that this was quite fun, actually. Though still focusing onto Chitose, he couldn't help but think about the tutor. What truly were the feelings earlier? It was quite not the same when he was hanging out with Mizaki, or any other guys. It wasn't a bad feelings a bad, however.

Suddenly, when Chitose was still focused in her dance, Zaphkiel bumped into her as they turned to look at each other. The man apologized to her in a sincere manner. In which she just shook her head and smiled brightly, "No, no. It's fine. I'm okay. Nice to meet you, I'm Chitose Kirishima and this is-"

Before she could finished introducing, Zaphkiel suddenly burst into tears as he saw Makito. "Hey, um. Are you okay?" Makito said as he walked to the man. He then pulled out his handkerchief from his pocket and helped the taller man to wipe his face. It's nothing strange, really. His helpful side always popping up in moments like this. "Oh, I'm Makito Kazekiri. I'm a friend of this girl here, it's my pleasure to join your dancing class. I hope to learn a lot from you, Zaphkiel-san." He said with a serene smile.


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The day seemed to be like any other day at school, boring. Nothing every happened for her and she didn't expect anything to happen over the period of time. Throughout the first half of class she simply had her notebook open drawing little doodles around the place. It was the typical thing she did during the day, especially when she wasn't learning anything new. As a small child she always remembered sitting in the heavens reading any of the new and old books. She was always interested in that type thing, although it did seem irrelevant for her in every possible way it could be. But now she was slightly more grateful that she did that, since school became a lot easier for her. Even o she was still the slight bookaholic she was as she was when she was a small child.
Just thinking about how she was when she had first came to school was a or embarrassment for herself. It really a mess to begin with. Hopper wasn't used to any of the places and she made a fool of herself during the first day. She was doing fine for most of the day till they had gone to Physical Education. The first mistake happened to be classic going into the wrong locker room. It really was a md experience for her and she didn't realize it till she was changing herself. It was an experience she will never forget in her whole life and she wanted to cry her eyes out at that moment But with her being herself she continued to change not caring for that moment. She hoped none of the guys looked at her when she was changing, but with boys being boys she had known that it would be highly unlikely that all of them had the decency not to look at her. Once she walked out had to have been the best part of it all, along with the fact that no one really mentioned it afterwards sparring her from the infinite amount of embarrassment and shame would have felt if it was to be brought up.
Hopper really hadn't been thinking much at all although she was making facial expressions as she had been thinking. But then in mere moments one sound echoed throughout the whole classroom. "SLAM!" The teacher slammed the book onto the desk startling Hopper. The female jumped in her own seat gulping quietly to herself. Her eyes flickered up at the woman and she as her attention was grabbed in one of the more so rude ways in her opinion. She raised an eyebrow biting down on her lip hard biting back a comment that wouldn't be needed. "What is the answer to question number three?" Ms.Hark asked. Hopper sighed softly to herself pulling her math book out from her bad. She looked at it for a moment before opening the book, her fingers gently grazed through the pages till it was the correct page. Taking out her pencil she scribbled down the equation beginning to work on it. After a long pause of silence, the only thing she could hear was her pecil scraping against her paper until finally she had sat up straight once again. Giving a small smile before she answered the question. "27." She replied to the question.
After that simple statement she didn't say anything afterwards at all. The rest of the school day zoomed by quickly, she spend majority just doodling once again. Once the had unge was the last to leave the classroom. Hopper held her chin in her had quietly watching as everyone packed up their things and left the school. After majority of the school she went to her locker slipping on her shoes. She stuffed the ones she used for the school day back into her locker watching out carrying her bag and with her. Afterwards she walked to the elementary school as she usually did. The walk was quite boring and she slipped both of her earbuds in her ear. Her face has a neutral expression and her blonde ponytails followed behind her as she walked. The nearly touched he waist and she groaned feeling it tickle her skin. Normally she curled iso tat this didn't happen, but being majorly late didn't allow her to actually do that this morning.
When she arrived to the elementary school the first thing that she saw was Sophia sitting on the ground. The blonde smiled softly and crouched down to look at her. "Hey Share Bear." She said softly with small smile. She reached forward tucking a strand of Sophia's hair behind her ear. The small girl looked up, wiping her tears away from her face. "You're back!" She smiled at Hopper, this little girl seemed to always bring a smile to Hopper's face. Hopper took her earbuds out stuffing her phone into her bag for the time being. When she had seen the tears well the girls eyes she looked down at her holding hand out. "Lets go for some milkshakes?" Hopper asked the girl and Sophia nodded eagerly in response to it. Sophia sat up and Hopper twirled the girl around her in a circle. "Come on, your favorite is cookie dough right?" She asked looking down at Sophia. "Nooo! Its the kind share with you!" Sophia giggled and Hopper had shaken her head at her.
The both them spent their time walking the ice cream parlor. Sophia ted aimlessly causing Hopper to laugh and smile in response The best part of her day had to be when she as spending time with children. Although she was childish as it was, but the only time she felt relaxed was when she was with the girl. Both of them walked into the parlor taking a seat by the window. Sophia eagerly pulling Hopper along to their seats. Both of them were laughing and she took a seat right by the window. Both of them ordered the same exact shake, an oreo milkshake. Sophia drank her milkshake quietly and colored her drawing for school. Hopper looked out into the window. "I wonder..." She whispered as she walked the people passing and going. But after a few minutes she looked back at Sophia seeing the girl so focused on the drawing. "Your favorite lor is pink isn't it?" Hopper asked with a smile. Sophia laughed ad nodded drinking her milkshake. "Mhm! Mommy likes it tooo" Sophia smiled continuing to color.
Hopper had begun thinking about her day at school. When something came to mind she pulled out her phone about to text one of her classmates, Amai. "Alice...Have you seen her." She sent to him setting her phone back down. The girl could have worn she had seen her and it brought up so many thoughts that filled up her mind. But once again she under her eyes drifting back to the window...In hopes of finding something, anything,


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He grin a rather wide grin as the other had wiped his tears away as if it was nothing. Most would be embarrassed by the presence of a crying young man, though of course Makito of all people would act so smoothly.

"As I'm sure you heard earlier, I'm Zaphkiel Tenshi. It's my utmost pleasure to see the two of you dancing so enthusiastically."

All signs off his slight emotional outbreak was completely erased as a dopey smile was plastered onto his face. Yes, it hurt that this young man before him had no idea who he was. Kiel was tearing apart on the inside. He is alive, though. Makito was just like he had always been. His descent, his sacrifice, was not in vain. That sole idea kept the angel together, kept the cheer he held in his heart.


He placed a hand to his chin, looking down at the pair before him. It had seemed to him that the pair were very good friends, so he gave a rather bright smile to the girl. He was overjoyed that the shy boy could make adorable friends.

"You two are really quite adorable. Ms. Kirishima and Mr. Kazekiri, right? I look forward to working with you! Though, if it's alright... The next song is a rather simple waltz."

He held out his hand to the pair, trying not to make it too obvious that he'd prefer to dance with the male. Much to his relief, the cute miss more so than not kind of pushed the boy into his hand. Makito looked back at the girl in protest, soon covering his face as the girl made a smoochy face. Kiel couldn't help but chuckle a little, which made Makito attempt to pull his hand away, though Kiel kept a light grip on it, not letting go.

"It's okay to be a little shy, but being that shy is way too cute. I don't bite, so I promise you'll be okay. Alright?"

Kiel's head bobbed to the side a bit, a gentle smile directed at the younger male. His hands were so warm, though he grew a bit nervous if his own felt gross and sweaty.

As if on cue, the next song played. A more serious and focused look crossed the angel's face as he took stance. He began to lead Makito through the waltz.

(Sorry if I controlled your characters too much, I can change it if need be.)



Shiel's confident stride had a slight limp to it, red stains on his pant leg. Meal ticket two had found about casual sex number three and the pair, a large man on the college wrestling team and a girl in the high school gymnastics, had ganged up on him right after his final lesson. He had gotten away with little more than a skinned knee and a bruised collar bone. Luckily he didn't need to go to the hospital for a second time this month.

His hair and clothes were a crumpled mess as he had only just managed to escape the pair. This fact irritated him, but he could hardly look his best with a red pant le.....Wait, yes he could. He stopped in front of a store window, looking himself over. Yes, perfect! He fiddle with his hair a bit and rolled up the sleeves of his white button up, loosening his tie. The red on his leg could be passed off as paint, thanks to the kind of fabric it was.

He pulled out his phone, dialing meal ticket number one. Sadly, that's exactly what the contact said with a little portion for the person's nickname so he wouldn't forget. He glanced up at the building, dialing the girl.

"Hello Kitty!~ I'm at this milkshake place and was wondering if you wanted to come over for a date? ....No? Oh, right! Your rehearsal was today, so I see... Next time then!"

He snapped his phone closed with a sigh, walking into the store regardless. Looks like he was treating himself, though it's not like he was poor or anything. He walked up to the counter, faking his limp completely off, making it seem like he was totally fine. Some eyes were drawn to his pant leg but he quickly shrugged them off.

"One Jumbo Peanut Butter Truffle milkshake, pretty please.~"

He gave the woman at the counter a wink, effectively making her blush like a mad woman.

"Mommy likes it tooo."

The high pitched sound of a child drew his attention for a moment, causing him to glance over his shoulder. A sudden clatter resounded after a moment.

Shiel had been startled what he saw, having jumped back a bit and bumping into a waitress. His clothes were soaked in a variety of milkshakes. He stared at his own clothes, his heart pounding madly in his chest. The table right by him held Hopper and Sophia. His heart felt tight, but he had no idea why.

"I-I'm so sorry...!"

The waitress spoke to him, trying to clean his shirt. He was an utter mess now.

An. Utter.


"Oh, come on....!"


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#, as written by chrian.


Makito was rather taken aback a little upon seeing Zaphkiel's smile. It was really... bright like sunshine. He blushes again while turning his head away and hid it with his hand. It's been a while since he was this worked up seeing another man smiling after breaking up with Mizaki. Though he was too embarrassed to admit, it was truly a pleasant feeling. While it is his nature to like handsome guys and he stores quite a collection of men magazines and yaoi mangas under his bed, Makito is not the easy type who'll just get away with anyone he came across. Which is why, he couldn't help but feel rather... odd that this time all the feelings he thought that he once had lost now had seemingly resurfaced with a person whom he'd never expected of. But, not that he was complaining though.

Makito scratches his face a bit as he replied the tutor, he was feeling pretty much like a young teenage girl right now. "Y-Yeah, I'm glad that you're also doing fine yourself. I hope we can learn a lot from you from now on." He said while smiling in a rather... unconvincing fashion. But what else can he said right now?

As Zaphkiel put his hand onto his chin and observed the two, Makito blinked. He whispered with Chitose, "Hey, he's not thinking that we're a pair, isn't he?"

"Who knows? You got to admit that we made quite a moe couple in our school, aren't we?" Chitose whispered back with a chuckle, "If you don't want him to misunderstood, then why don't you go ahead and tell him that you are gay, huh?"

"As if, I'm not that open, you know. Other than you, not many others even know that I read yaoi manga, have you forgotten already?" Makito sighed.

Zaphkiel then spoke up again with yet another bright and whole-hearted smile, which made Makito's heart goes "ba-dump" again. He then handed out his hand and ask for one of them to be his dance partner when the song changed into a waltz. Looking around the class, the others have also already set into motion with the song as they danced with each other. The feeling was pretty much like a ball, in Makito's opinion. What Makito didn't realize is that Zaphkiel was actually asking for him, so he kinda thought that Chitose was going to accept the offer while he can find another partner. It's nice to make a change after all.

Chitose couldn't help but giggled as she suddenly pushed Makito into Zaphkiel's arms, which of course, startled him to no end. As he fell into the taller man's arms, Makito's face is probably as red as a tomato right now. But, for a few moments, Makito couldn't deny how pleasant and warm it is as he felt himself leaned against that muscly body. W-Why my heart is beating so fast? Makito then turned his head at his best friend and snapped, "W-What the hell are you doing?!" In return, Chitose just didn't say anything, she looked at him with a smoochy expression then smiled to him with a wink.

Makito couldn't help but hiding his face again, unaware of the fact that he was nudging his face even deeper into the man's chest. "Ooh, how truly romantic it is. Am I seeing a scene in a soap opera?" Chitose commented with a grin, "Well, have fun, you two. I'll find another company to keep me going until the end of the lesson." With that said, she turned her back and walked away. And she soon found herself another male partner, not very surprising.

Then, the sudden realization that he was digging his face into the man's chest hit him like a truck. Flustering like crazy as he was, soon enough, his nose picked up a nice, musky scent from the man. His mind is screaming for him to get away as soon as possible, but another part of him didn't want to and just want to get on with what will come next. In the end, he tried to move away from Zaphkiel, but the man has kept him in a light grip, seemingly doesn't wanted to let him go.

The tutor then continued to comment that it is okay for Makito to be shy, but the shy him right now was cute and that he got nothing to worry about. "P-Please don't call me 'cute' in a situation like this. A-And you can just call me Makito, you don't have to call me by my last name or add Mr. or anything like that when addressing me. I didn't really stress formality..."

Looking at the man bright smile again, Makito thought that his heart could have jumped out of his chest for beating way too fast. As they held hand, Zaphkiel offered to lead him to the next dance, in which Makito just nodded slightly. When the next song was played, the olive-haired man took the lead and taught Makito the moves in waltz. Although he did know a little bit about waltzes, he told himself to be careful not to step on Zaphkiel's foot.

It all just happened like a dream.

Makito couldn't describe how beautiful and graceful the man was as he led him on every of his steps. He's danced with Mizaki a couple of times before and the feeling was happened to be the same. Right now, he couldn't figure out exactly what his current feelings are. But, Makito absolutely can't deny that, he was happy. He really was. For just moments, he's totally forgotten about the world around him, just focusing on what he is experiencing right then, with a blushing face. Am I living in a shounen-ai manga? He asked himself, but he couldn't even answer that obvious question.

And soon, the song was over. Unbeknownst to both of them, they were the center of attention during their dance. All the eyes in the room are looking at them. Some of the girls are even squeaking on how beautiful a match they were. Even Chitose was grinning mischievously at them. Makito was confused as how everyone just gave them a loud applause as soon as they finished, but he hasn't stopped flustering just yet.

The class then continued for a couple of hours later. While Makito has to tried his best to keep himself conscious, he secretly told himself that it didn't waste coming to the class after all. He hasn't had this much fun after his first love shattered into dust. But one thing for sure is that he couldn't keep his eyes off Zaphkiel at all. However, whether if his feelings were just admiration, or something more than that, Makito is yet to figure out. It's hard believe that a man whom he's just barely met for a couple of hours can brought back the warm and the happiness Makito has lost and longed for.

When the class is finished, Makito and Chitose went back to the bus station together. The black-haired girl stretched her arms and said in satisfaction with a grin, "Ah, I had so much fun today, it was worth coming to this class after all." Then, she turned to her best friend, "And I believe a certain someone is also feeling the same, eh? You totally stole the show back then, you know?"

Makito blushed again and turned his face away while pouted, "What were you thinking, pushing me into his arms like that... Were you trying to kill me with embarrassment?"

"Come on, admit it. Don't you dare telling me that you didn't enjoy that." Chitose teased, "I'm your best girl after all, so I did notice things, didn't I? You haven't been like that ever since you broke up. Why not trying to make your move now, huh?"

Makito sighed, "Please. Tenshi-san is cute, but I'm not that easy-going, am I?" However, a smile then proceeded to appear on his face, "But... yeah, I hope to see him again soon."

Chitose grinned at her best friend's statement. They continued to walk with each other until they parted ways at the bus station. It was already quite late, so Makito decided to stop by a convenient store and bought a packed sushi box which would be his dinner. Making his way back home, Makito kept thinking nothing but what has happened in the dancing class. Zaphkiel's warm and scent are still lingering on him.

"If this really is a dream, then I don't think I want to wake up..."

Entering the complex, Makito made his way towards his room. He still has some unfinished homework that needed to be handed in tomorrow if he doesn't want to be nagged at so he better do them within tonight. As he was about to put his door key into a lock, someone else was walking towards him and stopped at the apartment next to his. Realizing that it was his new neighbor, Makito quickly turned and gave them a bow, "You must be the new tenant at this complex. I'm Makito Kazekiri, your next-door neighbor from now on. I hope you're going to have a nice time staying here and if there's anything I can help in the future, please feel free to ask."

However, the moment when Makito straightened himself up, he was surprised to no end. He couldn't even believe his eyes when seeing the person standing in front of him right now...


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People were filing out of the studio one by one, the time was fairly late by the time the angel had closed the door behind the last guest. His hands remained on the door, emerald eyes locked onto them. A storm was welling within him, mixed feelings and thoughts bounced around his mind.

One part of him was absolutely overjoyed, ecstatic one could even say. He wanted to jump around and dance and scream his lungs out. He felt like he was going mad crazy as he recalled each little detail. He felt a light and inspiring tune in his heart, like he was flying through the sky. The smooth feeling of Makito's skin. His soft, light blondish brown hair brushing against his neck or chin. The smell of sweets that wafted about him. He placed a hand over his chest, clutching at his shirt about where his heart was, feeling it pound against his knuckles.

The other part wasn't so pleasant. It was a solemn melody, like the slow and resting part of a dance. It was obvious that Makito did not remember their rhythm, as he was trying hard not to step on Kiel's feet. He did not look at him in remembrance, which was normal since they've technically never met before, it wasn't even all that long ago since Kiel had even come to this world.

The hand that was gripping the doorknob so tightly finally loosened it's grip as Kiel looked around the studio. The image of their dance flash before his eyes. A crowd of people huddled in darkness, the light shining on a pair of men. The dance as graceful as angels dancing to the soft tune of the Heavens. Closing his eyes, as if burning the new memory into his mind, he turned away and opened the door.

He locked the studio behind him, slinging his back comfortably over his shoulder. He made his way out to the sidewalk, walking towards the station and took the last train back. Sitting next to him was a very familiar person, covered in what seemed to be drying milkshakes.

"So, you've had a pretty bad day I'm guessing?"

Whoops, he spoke to the man almost too casually, quietly thankful that what he said could be said by anyone else. Sharp brown eyes narrowed at him like daggers. Kiel held his hands up in a jokingly defensive manner, offering a rather goofy grin in apology. The man he was talking to was the ex-angel Kushiel. He used to call hi Ciel, though he guess that'd be rather inappropriate. He was on a first name basis with him, Kushiel having visited the store he worked at during his lunch break. However, Kiel knew full well that Kushiel now did not like him very much. However, he was under the belief that it was due to him being a little to comfortable around the raven haired male. After all, in Kiel's eyes they've known each other for a long time.

"I'm fine! Honestly, bad things happen to all the really good looking people."

Ah, typical Cie- Er, Kushiel.

He got off the train a stop before the other, offering a good bye but only got a scolding look in return. He walked down the road until something caught his attention. A kitten with fur as pure white as fresh snow, sitting all alone and looking oh so very sad. Kiel's eyes grew wet at the sight, his lip puckering as he approached the poor thing. It didn't take long before he was happily strolling along with the kitten perched on his head.

At the mouth of the apartment complex he now lived in, a person came up to greet him. He was quite tall and muscular, having brown hair and yellow eyes and dressed in quite fashionable clothes. A dud cigarette was hanging from his lips. A little girl was at his side.

"Ah, you're back pretty late Tenshi.

Kiel bowed slightly to the man, the little girl's eyes lighting up at the sight of the kitten. Much to Kiel's surprise, the child snatched up the kitten and eagerly thanked him.

"Little Shiro there had been missing since morning, my daughter wanted me to go look for him, but it seems you found him just fine."

Much to the landlord's surprise, Kiel looked absolutely fascinated. He knelt down to the girl's height, earning a moment of her attention from positively smothering the kitten.

"So his name is Shiro? Would it be alright if I came to play with him once in a while?"

The girl hid behind her father's leg, giving a shy nod. This made Kiel smile brightly, Hakio looking at the two with a bemused smirk.

"Your neighbor just got back a few moments ago, maybe you can catch him and greet him."

Kiel gave a nod, running up the stairs. This wasn't too difficult as he was pretty fit and he didn't live all that high up. Though at the end of it he was positively breathless. The running hadn't gotten to him, more like his thundering heart. Facing the door before him with a grocery bag in tow was Makito. He was slack jawed for a moment, snapping out of it when the other spoke.

"You must be the new tenant at this complex. I'm Makito Kazekiri, your next-door neighbor from now on. I hope you're going to have a nice time staying here and if there's anything I can help in the future, please feel free to ask."

"Nice too meet you once more."

Kiel bowed deeply, speaking with the utmost heart wrenching sincerity. He was so, so glad.




So completely, totally, tragically imperfect. The flashing of the camera before him didn't help. The girl with the serene golden hair now thought he was nothing but a joke to mock. Something to show her friends and snicker behind his back. And what a crappy angle she took it from! Who on earth would take a picture from straight ahead with out even the slightest angle to it? The lighting was going to make him look even worse and even add a couple of unwanted pounds.

The child spoke in an honest manner, causing the beautiful woman to sneer at him. He could feel his blood boil, but he was too good to fall to his anger, right? He looked her in the eyes, and for a moment she did the same. Although to him, it was an idea rather than the deep connection it should have been.

He was going to make this woman his, though her purpose was uncertain. She was just a high schooler, so bedding her was out of the question. She didn't seem to be all that rich, so a meal ticket was also out. In the end, he decided to just toy with her. Humiliate her as she did him. He gave her a shy, goofy kind of grin as she turned to leave, his plan in motion.

As the woman walked out, he glared down at the woman still flustering about him.

"Enough already, it's not going to come out. Stop touching me or I'll sue this place for sexual assault."

The woman instantly backed off, her doe eyes wide in fear at the sudden change from the man who had been flirting with her a moment ago. Stuffing his his hands into his somewhat dry pockets, he walked out of the restaurant, his head held up with his nose in the air.

He was eventually on the train back to his area, his wounded leg somewhat propped up in the seat beside him. He leaned back on the arm rest, his held tilted as far back as he could hold it comfortably. He found himself day dreaming about a girl with golden hair, the one he saw in his dreams occasionally. She was playing a beautiful tune on a piano. Her smile was so gentle, her voice like that of an angel. He felt his heart ache and thud at the thoughts of the being whom existed in his dreams. Those dreams never ended well. Her beautiful, soft face would twist to one of hate, screaming words he could no longer hear. He would then fall. He'd fall from what seemed like miles from the sky, his hand outstretched to the clouds...

"So, you've had a pretty bad day I'm guessing?"

Startled, he jerked in his seat and quickly looked around. Sitting before him was a tall and slender man with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. He recognized him, having met the man earlier. A frown creased the sides of his lips as he sat up, folding his arms. He didn't like this man, the look on his face just oozed mockery. He was looked at with such pity that is made his skin crawl.

"I'm fine! Honestly, bad things happen to all the really good looking people."

The man known as 'Kiel' only gave a rather rude smirk, making him glare for a moment before turning his head to the side. Unfortunately, they had the same stop. Kiel hopped off the train first, clearly in the best mood of his life. Shiel stepped out shortly after, obviously suffering on of the worst days ever. He began to limp his way home, tired, icky, hurt, and in good need of a shower.


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ImageThe moment she looked into the eyes was the moment her heart shattered into a million pieces all over again. Her heart beat was faster than any other time and she bit down on the inside of her cheek. But none of it made her happy in the slightest bit. That moment was the one that would drive someone bananas, but there was no hope for her to begin with. The look in his eyes were far from loving and gave a look of something she might find bad in any case. Once the gave her than smile she frowned looking down. But still enough she made her way to the park with Sophia. Nothing much was really said in the end of it all and she just sat there thinking everything over. Out of all the things he showed no sign of liking her and she couldn't stand it.
A few minutes after she sent a text to Amai, he sent one back to her. She read it and stuffed her phone away and into her pocket, it wasn't what she wanted to read. Out of all things she just wasn't to be comforted at the end of it all. But she had no one to give her that comfort. Hopper was alone and by herself as usual, no one cared for her much and she just realized that. The love her had once before would never be the same and she ruined her only chance at love.
"Why wouldn't I just listen to him to begin with? Why wouldn't he listen to me? Why did I have to fight, why?" Her thoughts nearly screamed in her head and she could barely take any of it. She was suffering already and just wanted to be alone again, back in the heavens when no one reached out to her. But soon enough she was interrupted by Sophia coming back up to her. The small girls face was covered in sand and she looked up at Hopper with a small frown. "Mommy said people only cry when they are said... Why are you sad?" Sophia asked softly. The girl could be such a heartthrob and it would be one of the most adorable moments she could ever ask for. Hopper hadn't even realized she had been crying and she wiped away the tears that had fallen. Her eyes were a bit puffy and her face still felt wet but she brushed that aside and looked at Sophia with a small smile. "I'm fine, sometimes I just think of really sad thoughts and it makes me cry without even realizing it." She smiled softly and Sophia wrapped her arms around Hopper. "I don't like when you cry, I like when you smile." Sophia said honestly causing Hopper to laugh a small bit and shake her head. "I assure you sweetie that I'm a-okay!" The female said and stood up dusting off get ruffled pink skirt. "Lets get you home." She said taking Sophia's hands and beginning to walk. The small girl nodded and followed along. Her backpack jingled with all the little trinkets attached to it causing Hopper to laugh a small bit.
It hadn't taken too long for them to reach Sophia's house at all. Hopper waved her and her mom off before heading to the train station to go to her hotel room. She didn't know why she didn't just have a normal apartment like everyone else and sighed knowing she would need to get one soon enough. She took a seat on the train and put her headphones over her eats to block out any unnecessary things she would hear. Her expression was one most people would not approach since she seemed to look at everyone as if she was better than them all. Her eyes didn't reflect much emotions at all and she a smirk played on her lips when she saw people glance at her, it was rather amusing in her own case so she didn't mind it ask all. It didn't last all that long since she her stop came and she got off exiting the train station. She checked her phone remembering that she needed to get a few things from the store and she walked there looking up at the sky quietly. She walked inside getting a small bag of dog food before throwing a few candy bars in and headed to the cashier. But the makeup caught her attention and she slowly made her way over to it. She looked in the mirror seeing how horrid her face was. Her eyes looked puffy and tired, her cheeks were blotchy and made her face look a bit bigger. Hopper stared at her face seeing the wavy ponytails and simple pink lips. She picked up a glitter looking lip gloss and put some on her lips. She looked in the mirror again and gave herself a small smile before letting it drop. She walked to the cashier and paid for everything exiting the store.
Hopper walked down the street holding her bag in her hands looking down. The day was worse than she ever imagined and she couldn't do a thing to change it. She sat there with an emotionless expression on her face and bit down on her lip trying to hold back the tears. She looked around the streets rarely had anyone going down them and she slid down the wall. Her bag dropped to the side of her and she buried her face into her knees as she cried once again today. When someone approached her she snapped at then telling them to go away. She didn't want anyone to see her like thing and kept herself balled up. Her blonde ponytails were all anyone could see of her and she kept it that way. "I wish I never lost him...."


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#, as written by chrian.


Makito didn't really know how to react at that moment. He could only stared in awe at the man who was bowing to him right now. Suddenly his face was red again as he tried to avert his face away, avoiding to face the man. He started to wonder how things could be so miraculously coincidental like this. If Zaphkiel was going to be his next-door neighbor from then on, doesn't that mean they will get to see each other almost everyday? Makito knows that it was weird to think that way since they just get to met each other for not very long, they don't even know a whole lot about each other just yet. But somewhere in his heart, he did feel happy that he was able to meet this man again so soon.

"Y-Yeah." Makito scratches his face while replying to the taller man, still blushing like crazy, "It's nice to know that we're going to be next-door neighbors from now on, Tenshi-san. I hope we can get along." He said while putting his key into the door knob and unlocked the door.

"It's quite late now. Good night, Tenshi-san. I-I hope to see you again tomorrow." Makito said with another bow before heading inside his apartment and closed then locked the door right behind his back. His face is still reddened and his heart is still pounding like crazy. Leaning against the door, Makito calmed himself as he took a deep breath and exhaled it. Covering his face with his hand, Makito couldn't really figure out why he acted all flustered like that upon seeing Zaphkiel. He suddenly thought about when they've just met hours ago at the class, how the man asked him for a dance and the fact that they became the center of attention. And it could only make his feelings become more of a mess.

Why am I acting like a teenage girl all of a sudden whenever I see him? He asks himself. Makito usually retains a certain amount of calmness even when he's around a handsome guy or anyone who caught his eyes, but Zaphkiel was different. Shaking the thoughts off his mind, Makito turned on the light and went to change into his casual clothes. After having his dinner, he started to work on whatever homework that was left for him to do. But, it was hard for him to concentrate with his feelings still waving like that so it was taking longer than he thought.

When he's finished everything, it's already passed 10:30 PM. Stretching his arms tiredly, he leaned against his chair while staring at the ceiling for some moments, before sighing and gathered the stuffs he need for tomorrow into his backpack. Flopped himself down onto his bed in the corner, Makito tried to put himself to sleep. But, how could he possibly when there are still things in his mind?

For some reasons, whenever Zaphkiel's sight was caught, Makito couldn't help but feeling somewhat... nostalgic, which was weird because they've never even met before, as if they really did have some sorts of connection with each other. It was warm and comfortable, pretty much like when he's around Mizaki back then. He still hasn't sure that he had gotten over his first love yet even though three months had passed since then, and there are still things that he had to worried about currently. Zaphkiel's face soon clouded his mind before he even know it.

He's... really a weird guy, isn't he? I wonder... if he's also thinking about me right now? Makito sheepishly thought as he gazed the wall that separated their apartments. But then he quickly shook his head while digging his face into his pillow, telling himself that he mustn't be swayed so easily like that. "I have to get up early tomorrow." He said to himself before slowly fell into a deep slumber. This is the first night that he was able to sleep so soundly without being plagued by thinking about Mizaki.

The night went on peacefully as dawn once again approaches. It was about 6:00 AM right now and Makito has already risen from his bed as the first light of morning began to shine. He's had a quick breakfast and now he's focusing on making two medium-sized bento boxes. He cooked some rice, rolled some salmon sushi rolls, making sweet eggs, some cucumber salads, frying some vegetable tempura and peeling some sausages into shape of an octopus. Sharing the foods into both boxes equally, he covered them with their covers before wrapping the boxes in a specific cloth.

When Makito is finished, he put a bento box into his backpack, which will be his lunch today. He then made his way out of his apartment while making some short steps and stood right in front of Zaphkiel's apartment door. Blushing again, Makito was reluctant for a few moment, before taking a deep breath, gathering his courage and pressed the doorbell.

Standing still in front of the door, Makito waited until Zaphkiel stepped down. He kept his gaze down at his feet, trying not to act overly flustered like yesterday again. It wasn't really pleasant, really. As helpful as he is, he was still a shy boy to begin with so it'll be embarrassing to no end if people have the wrong impressions about him.

The apartment's door then suddenly creaked opened, which startled Makito. He still hung his head down, without looking at the one in front of him. "Umm... I hope that I didn't interrupt you so early in the morning like this... but..." He stuttered shyly before stretching his arms and handed out the bento box that he has made, "Whenever there's a new tenant at this complex, I usually made some foods as a housewarming gift so... I hope you can accept it. Please take care of me from now on and I will also be gladly to help you should you have any... problems, too."

Whenever he got a new neighbor, it is true that he'd often give them some foods that he made himself as a welcoming gift, he didn't really feel awkward. But this time, it was different. Though of course, Makito couldn't make out the reasons why.


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