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Millie Laurence

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, It might have been.

0 · 416 views · located in East Shore HIgh School

a character in “Be the Brave”, as played by RPGLoVeR213


Millicent Andrea Laurence

Nickname: Millie is her main nickname, hating her first name with a deep passion. Her brother, another dancer on the squad and only sibling, uses her nickname from the squad, Rocket. Like her brother, the ballerinas on the squad call her Rocket. Sometimes they'll call her Tulip for her love of the flower. On shows, she is "The Red Dutchess". The leader of the dance troupe, also a legal guardian to all of the teenage dancers, has also many "nicknames" for her, including all of the dancers. These words should not be repeated to the teenagers of such grace and appearance.

Age: 15

Gender: Pretty sure she's female.

Sexual Orientation: Definitely straight.

Appearance: Millie is a long-haired blonde, which during rehearsals is tucked in a sloppy bun. She has misty grey eyes, usually pointed down at her feet before a hand propells her chin up to receive a slap to the cheek. She has high cheekbones, usually red from slaps. She has a regular sized nose, sometimes covered in foundation from a healing bruise. Her lips are plump and are always covered in cherry red lip stain. Her ears are of normal size, accented by cute earrings at school and black diamond studs at rehearsals or shows. Her style is floral and boho, opting for off-shoulder shirts and frilly blouses instead of t-shirts or hoodies. She sometimes wear dresses to school, but usually opts for skirts or light-wash skinny jeans. She loves to wear flip-flops, but mostly wears uggs or flats, maybe even gladiator sandals or heels. At rehearsal, she often wears tank tops or loose off-shoulders with sweats or sophies. And her trusty black toe shoes. For the show, she wears her "The Red Countess" costume, and does her dark lyrical dance. She almost always dances to Secret by The Pierces, unless a change in the dance show is made and she dance to another dark song.

Hobbies: Most of her time is spent dancing at rehearsals, so she doesn't have many other hobbies other than dancing. She'll often spend hours perfecting a routine or trying to make herself more flexible or trying to trim her body fat. She does occasionally hike in the mountians nearby the cities they live in for about a year or so, and has been certified as an offical mountian guide. She loves the outdoors, and sometimes bicycles if she can steal one from a nearby school. She partakes in gymnastics with the other girls on her team, but is mostly a lyrical dancer. She will occasionally do jazz or even hip-hop at a club. One of the girls taught her to pole-dance and another to lap dance, she's actually pretty good. She has recently started to box with one of the adult dancers.

Family: Millie's mother died by childbirth complications, leaving her alone with her older brother and father. Her father was a kind, concerned father worried about his daughter's dream. What would happen if she did follow her dreams? He died in a drunk driving accident when she was thirteen, and the leader took custody of her. The leader, her Uncle Ronnie, wants her to be the best dancer and expects often too much from her, leading him to slap her when she's ready to give in. He'll often yell at her about her weight, her appearance, anything that isn't right in his eyes. Her older brother Sasha is a wild child, unlike her light-hearted soul. He is her protector of sorts and also her best friend. The girls on the dance squad are like sisters to her, the older ones that love to style your hair and clothes but party all the time. Some of them come from prostitution background.


Pets: The have a team pet, a tan and black pug puppy named Churro for Uncle Ronnie's love of Churros and Mexican food. He often spends the night on Millie's bed. She also has a hidden cat named Tubby, always hidden in the folds of her only sweatshirt.

  • Dancing
  • Performing
  • Hiking
  • Gymnastics
  • Living With Her Fellow Ballerinas
  • Good Grades
  • Perfect Routines
  • Tubby
  • More Dancing
  • Perfect Views From Hotels

  • Bad Dancing
  • Bad Preformance
  • Broken Bones
  • Inflexibility
  • Living With Her Uncle
  • Bad Grades
  • Bad Routines
  • Tubby or Churro Getting Sick
  • More Bad Dancing
  • Dumpy Hotels


History: Millie was born Millicent Andrea Laurence to Victoria Elizabeth and Andrew David Laurence on August 16th, 1995 in the big ol' city of New York. She never knew her mother Victoria, but was told constantly ho much she looked like her mother and how great she was. Her brother knew her for three years, and Millie wished she at least had three years with her mother instead of none. Her brother was the older brother he was supposed to be, and their father got a job at the diner nearby as a cook. He worked when they were at school, and was at home to cook them breakfast and dinner. Elementary School, excluding fifth grade, were the best years of her life. She grew up with many friends, being the light-hearted kid of the group. In fourth grade, she found out her father had been living with Werner's Syndrome since he was a teen, and was only expected to live one more year. Sure enough, expectations became fact and Millie's father passed away peacefully in his sleep. She never cried harder than she did that day, yelling and screaming at him to wake up and stay with her before the doctors pulled her away. Once Millie got to middle school, her strong passion for dance came in a miracle when her Uncle offered her a position on his dance team. Millie got to travel around the world, doing the thing she loves more than anything else in the world.

Then her self-esteem started to lower as her perfection level started to highten as her uncle started to verbally abuse her dancing, her weight, and anything he didn't approve of. She would spend any time she could spare trying to perfect anything he yelled at her about, but it was never enough. When she tried to give in, he would slap her and yell at her to keep going. This happened in whatever he coached her in. With gymnastics, weightlifting, excerise, food schedule, anything he could yell out and embarass her about. Sometimes he would isolate her in a room large enough to dance, locking the door until she drops in exhaustion. Her brother isn't as yelled at, but all the dancers were yelled and slapped. They went around the world, dealing with emotional abuse while trying to keep a pretty face on to try to do a perfect show. For two years, Millie and the gang travelled to many countries and cities, dancing for anyone and hoping to get enough cash to eat. Once they put a permanent base in Los Angeles, they would often go there on break. It as where she learned to hip-hop dance and pole dance from one of the dancers. Then Uncle Ronnie dropped the bomb: they were going to stay in LA, doing shows in California and Vegas, and the school-aged people would be going to school. Most were college age, so they went for dancing-related degrees. And Millie went to East Shore High School.

She wasn't used to the high-school atmosphere, and trying to get a feel of her new school by watching some high school movies. She focused on the background things going on mostly, seeing what would happen. What would really happen at her new school would suprise even herself.

Relationship?: She sacrifices relationships for her love of dance. Her brother often jokes that dance is the only love of Millie's life. But many of the dancers have gotten a boyfriend.

Other: She is a very determined and mature young woman when it comes to rehearsal, a light-hearted soul around her fellow dancers, and a shy new kid at school who focuses on academics and getting her homework done before rehearsal immediately once she gets home.

So begins...

Millie Laurence's Story