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Beacon City

Beacon City


Four major criminal groups have risen to power. These Factions rule without question, buying off local law enforcement and keeping a low profile as to not attract federal attention. (Free form, Sandbox, RP)

387 readers have visited Beacon City since Architect created it.

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Beacon City

Year is 20XX
Six months have past since the conclusion of WWIII. The life on Earth is plunged into a chaotic situation spiraling out of control. While countries and nations work desperately to return to a controlled state, organized crime rates rise exponetially. For now society is kept civil by large criminal factions. Beacon City is no different. While the economy has stabalized some what, Four major criminal groups have risen to power. These Factions rule without question, buying off local law enforcement and keeping a low profile as to not attract federal attention. The Factions have all carved a nice niche for themselves in Beacon City. Each one watching it's territory closely.

Red dot: Hope Point
White Dot: Major Hospital
Blue Dot: Police Headquarters
Green Spot: Large Park
Brown Dot: Beacon City Docks
Bright purple dot: Beacon International Airport
Dark purple dot: North slums
Grey Dot: Lucky strike casino

Major Criminal Factions:

Major Criminal Factions:

Patriots- Specialize in dealing Weapons and explosives. Based near the Beacon City Docks.

The Dragoons- A chinesee Drug Syndicated centered around Beacon International Airport

BlackJacks- Beacon City's "Mob", extorts and blackmails for buisness. Based around the "Lucky Strike" Casino

Larcenist- A Large Group of youths that make a buisness of Car theft. Territory surrounds the North Slums.

Tech Level: Modern.

Current Plot Event:
Word has gotten out of large cargo freighter carrying a very desirable shipment. Drugs, Counterfeit Cash, Weapons, and some high end cars. The Ship's captain has sent a message to the heads of all four of Beacon city's factions: No buisness deals, the first to show up with 2.5 Million in small bills gets the cargo. The ship will anchor off Hope point in one week.

This is the biggest deal of the decade, everyone wants to be the one to close it. And all of the Families are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they walk away with the merchandise.

Characters can create their own plot. For example while one character chooses to assist his/her faction with the main plot, others can choose to pursue more personal goals and create a story for themselves.


All races are welcome, Humans, Nekos, Vampires, werewolves, zombies, whatever, As long as you follow one stipulation: human like limitation.
All characters can be harmed in a relatively similar way and share common vulnerabilities. A bullet to the head will kill everyone for example.
This is to avoid power playing and having one race better then the others.

If you want a magic user try and keep it to basic Magic like Manipulation of elements or the like.

Run supernatural abilities by me .

Character Types: Examples of skill sets for potential characters

(*Note That Characters are not restricted to the examples specified)

Driver- Specializes in getting from one place to another as fast as possible. Can steal cars quickly and easily out manuver anyone chasing them.

Soldier- Skilled with Firearms and explosives. Works well in a gunfight.

Thief- Can pick locks. Good at sneaking around. Nimble and agile. Physically weak.

Arson- Fire, fire, fire. Can build bombs. Can escape burning buildings easily. Can destroy buisnesses.

Muscle- Physically at the top. Can lift heavy objects with ease. Brutally efficent at hand to hand and melee combat. Good for Extortion that requires intimidation.

Gambler- Lucky. Can talk his way out of trouble. Can use Bribe. Skilled with one handed weapons.

Lawyer- Charismatic. Immune to police. Can prevent allies from being arrested. Physically Weak. avoid combat.

Officer- Can request reinforcements. Can use Bribe. Increases fighting ability of nearby allies.

Head- Leader. Can order reinforcements. Controls a faction. Immune to Police. Can use Bribe. Physically Weak.

Character Sheet:
(All other information is optional, however encouraged)

Toggle Rules

  • Respect for your fellow Roleplayers is a must
  • No God modding or meta gaming of any sort
  • All characters are to be run by me for a go or no go
  • Every IC action will result in IC Reaction
  • Romance is allowed but keep in mind Roleplaygateway's Romance policy
  • No power playing Please
  • All are welcome
  • Rules subject to change

Taking place in...

Beacon City our primary setting

Welcome To Beacon City, enjoy your stay.

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Beacon City

Beacon City by Architect

Welcome To Beacon City, enjoy your stay.

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Character Portrait: Rick Tenelli
0 sightings Rick Tenelli played by Architect
"The Family took me in, the Family saved my life. I'll give that life for the Family."

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Beacon City

Beacon City by Architect

Welcome To Beacon City, enjoy your stay.

Beacon City

Welcome To Beacon City, enjoy your stay.

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Re: [OOC] Beacon City

We could start and then let more characters in as they like. Besides, there's one character in each gang. Excitement, action, Romeo and Juliet situations, the whole shebang!

Re: [OOC] Beacon City

I would start but I feel this thing would just die in a week without more characters

Re: [OOC] Beacon City

so he acts insane around people? sure by all means.

Re: [OOC] Beacon City

Hi! Me again! I was wondering, since I sort of made Zeke totally nuts, if I could sort of add that when he loses it, he sort of goes totally batshit near anything with a pulse. And does it well.

Re: [OOC] Beacon City

Aixulram, I've approved your character,looks good, just if you could elaborate on "wolf Instincts" it would be golden ^^

Re: [OOC] Beacon City

As long as you don't go over board, I'm a bit sketchy on the regeneration, but if you can provide a good back story and as long as it's fairly slow, I'll allow it

Re: [OOC] Beacon City

Hello! For some reason I can't seem to reply to your PM, so I'll just post it here. My char is sort jacked up in the sense he is stronger, faster, and quite smarter than most. He also has mild regenerative abilities.

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