Teague Nikita

"Dear Lord, please give me the serenity to be patient and the fortitude not to faint."

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a character in “Beauties and the Beasts: A Whole New Tale”, as played by Kveria


Teague Aeris Nikita

Age: 18

Role: Beauty 1

Appearance: Teague is a small girl, short and slender. She has dark auburn hair and soft brown eyes. Her features are delicate and classically beautiful, large eyes small mouth, and though she's not a stand out in a crowd, when she wears makeup, she looks like a doll. Teague is not very muscular, and though she doesn't have much damage on her hands and arms, her knees are scarred from too many falls as a little girl. The clothing Teague wears is often matching, and generally in plainer, softened colors.

Which Beast are you paired up with or would like to be paired up with: Eldest Son

Personality: Teague is a quiet, gentle girl. She would rather talk than fight, and prefers to spend her time with a select few people than in a large crowd. Teague is the kind of girl who doesn't like to be in a crowd, because she finds them imposing and scary. She's very self-conscious, and wants to do things right. Teague is also pretty religious, and when things go wrong, she asks God for guidance, but that's all she expects. She doesn't particularly want God to answer, just to know that God's there. Teague believes that all people can be saved, and that no one is ever truly irredeemable. But that doesn't mean she wants to save them.

The kind of girl who goes with the flow, Teague would rather do what people say than do things that will upset them. She's a peace keeper and tries very hard to overcome her own challenges so she can be the best possible. Teague is not a perfectionist, but she likes things to be well organized. She has no trouble owning her mistakes, and will occasionally even own someone else's mistakes because she feels as though it's the right thing to do.

History: Teague has always been a common girl. A Gwaolithian girl, Teague's father was a shepherd and her brother a stablehand. Her mother sewed, and though she tried to teach her daughter, Teague just ended up getting tiny pinpricks of blood over everything she tried to sew. But it took many years for her to try doing something else. Teague had a happy childhood, no matter how poor her family was. Sometimes, they lived hand-to-mouth and nothing more, but they were all very loving. Her father worked a lot, but Teague's mother was always home and always there for her children. Her brother cared for her deeply, and protected Teague from the world. Every time she came home crying, there would be someone there to clean out the scrapes in her knee and to kiss her forehead.

Around eight, Teague first saw her father slaughtering a lamb, and from there was staunchly vegetarian. No matter how she was lectured and told that she needed to eat meat, her parents eventually gave in, because although she would obey, it was miserable to have dinner with a little girl who sobbed over every bite. Especially a little girl who had always been small and delicate for her age. She also discovered, around that age, that she was never going to be good at traditional sewing or embroidering, though she took over cooking for her mother and began growing flowers to sell at market. Teague discovered that she had something of a green thumb, and from there spent a lot of her time outside gardening on her knees.

When Teague was sixteen, her parents were evicted from their home, because they couldn't pay their rent. The whole family moved to Craulith, where, because of the turmoil the country was in, rent was less. They were disturbingly close to the Castle, though, in a nearby small village not more than a day's ride away. Though the entire family had to work more and get by on less, which was hard on all of them - Teague's mother's face grew more haggard, the circles under her father's eyes deeper, and her brother barely seemed to come home, there was one benefit. Teague found that the roses she grew in Craulith were simply spectacular. Large budded and beautiful, she could get a much better price for them than she was ever able to any of her other flowers. Because of their family's state of poverty and her brother's protectiveness, Teague has never had a relationship, or even noticed the few young men who have seen her and been attracted to the quiet sweetness in her face. But even at eighteen, she never really felt like pursuing romance, too concerned about her family and making sure they were okay.

Theme Song: What's Another Day - Maria Mena

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