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Livy Pierce

"I'm wild and crazy and I'm never going to change who I am."

0 · 448 views · located in Manhattan, NY

a character in “Beautiful and Dirty Rich”, as played by Blood&Tea


“I'm not totally useless,
I can be used as a bad example. ”

God is a DJ||P!nk
“I may be a rich bitch,
but I’m not fake one.”

“I've been the girl- middle finger in the air
Unaffected by rumors, the truth: I don't care
So open your mouth and stick out your tongue
You might as well let go, you can't take back
what you've done”
“Love is not supposed to be serious,
it's supposed to be beautiful and carefree.”

“Matchsticks and poison
That's what I add to the fire
My dear, I'm frozen
Turned from a saint to a liar
It's only love, give it away”




Full Name
Olivia Marley Pierce

Olivia is convinced that her name sounds like and old ladies name so she prefers to Livy or liv. She also gets bitch and crazy quite often.


February 14th


The It Girl


Relationship Status



✯Playing Guitar
✯Her Hair
✯Dying her Hair
✯Anything Bright Pink
✯Anything Neon Green
✯Her little brother Logan
✯Laying Under the Stars
✯Bad Boys
✯Light Nights
✯Bon Fires

✗Fake People
✗Her Stupid Parents
✗Feeling Threatened
✗Goody Goody People
✗Being told what to do
✗The Police
✗Judgmental People
✗Crying in front of people
✗Grape soda
✗Brown & Yellow M&Ms

-She has several scars, most of them are faded and aren't very noticeable. None of them are particularly notable, most she got, getting into fights.

-She has a few piercings, which her parents don't approve of. She has her tongue, the right side of her nose, her belly button, and standard ear lobes pierced.

She has six tattoos which her parents keep telling her to get removed even offering to pay for it but she refuses.
A safety pin behind her ear. Two stars on her left hip. Fuck You on the inside of her middle finger. Fuck on the side of her ribs. The words“Life in Pink / Living in the moment.” in French on her right forearm. Last but not least, a black star on her left wrist.

Olivia is quite beautiful it is sometimes over looked, because people focus more on her sailors mouth and her bad attitude then her looks. Livy had breath taking bright blue eyes, that you notice almost instantly. She’s got very fair skin, that’s as smooth as porcelain. She’s got long blond hair that is usually pin straight, touching just shy of the small of her back. She's always putting pink and green in her hair. She’s quite small standing at only five foot one inches and weighing in at one hundred and three pounds, but don’t let her tiny frame fool you, because she could defiantly kick some ass. She’s extremely fit due to the fact that she jogs almost every morning.

Livy is definitely a free spirit with her own rocker grudge style that her parents just can’t stand. She can often be found in tight black leather skinny jeans and a crop top Guns and Roses t-shirt. She defiantly dresses way more reveling then a girl of her social standings should, but she doesn’t really care. Her make-up is often bold black eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara.



She absolutely loves skateboarding.

She can sing, she’s got one hell of a voice on her. She often sings at local clubs, but she doesn’t want to make money, she really just to tell her story through her lyrics and touch lives, no money needed for that.

She writes her own songs, but doesn’t normally let anyone read her lyrics because there super personal.

OH! And she taught herself to play the guitar.

Livy is a brilliantly beautiful individual. She’s a completely free spirit and does her own thing, despite her parents’ consent scolding and the shit talkers. She’s doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her and as far as she’s concerned they can talk all they want, but she’s going to keep living. She sees life different than most people and while her family is wealthy, she doesn’t care about money and even if her family was dirt poor, she’d still be as optimistic and carefree as she is now.

Olivia is the type of girl that everyone knows, the girl that all the guys want to be with and all the girl love to hate. She is most definitely the IT girl. Most people tend to love her, because she’s always trying to make you smile and she’d all about living in the moment. She always wearing a smile even if her world was falling apart around her, she’d be smiling and no one would ever know. Everyone tends to gravitate to her at parties, because she knows how to have a good time, that much is obvious.

Livy is the very definition of a bad girl and her parents can’t stand it. She’s been arrested a total of seven times. She’s crashed three of her parents Mercedes, shopped lifted from several stores, got caught having sex in her parents’ bedroom and the dressing rooms in the mall, not to mention a long list of other things that she’s done. But, Olivia is convinced that you only have one life and your only young once, so you should make the best of it. She’s always saying “If living my life to the fullest and making some damn good memories makes me bad, then I’m the worst of the worst.”

She’s a fighter and she’s got a nasty temper when you piss her off. She doesn’t care what people think about her, but the second you say something about someone she cares about, she’s going to make you wish you never said it. She’s super protective, maybe even a little to protective at times.

Despite her bad girl attitude, Livy is actually quite the sweetheart when she wants to be and there is a lot the people don’t know about her. Livy is incredibly talented when it comes to singing. When she’s not out partying or at home watching movies with her brother, she goes down to the Children’s hospital and sings for them and visits them. She’s honestly got the biggest heart, only she only lets the people who truly matter to her, see who she really is.


Family Tree
Robert Pierce||Father||Alive //\\Lily Pierce||Mother||Alive//\\Logan Pierce||Brother||Alive

Known Language
English, French, and Spanish

Olivia never hurt for anything in her life. The first born of the prominent Pierce family. Growing up was simple. She got what she wanted when she wanted. Her parents were never around much and she found herself giving every nanny her parents hired a hard time. She was always the problem child. Never minding and always into trouble. She found a friend in her little brother though and they seemed to immediately cling to each other. They might as well have been born twins.

Livy had built up a lot of resentment for her parents, because they were hardly ever there for her and Logan. She was always standing up for her younger brother, beating up kids who said something about him then getting in trouble for it but she couldn’t care, he was her baby brother. It was around age ten when Livy learned that she had a passion for singing, though she never wanted to be famous.

Olivia always hated the idea of fame and money, namely because she’d grown up around it and she’d seen what it did to people, made them cold, greedy, and bitter. When Livy turned fifteen was when she really became hell on wheels for her parents, constantly being brought home by the police in the early morning hours. Always out partying, her parents couldn’t control her and she wasn’t going to let them.

Now that Livy is old enough, she’d looking to get her own place, so she can get away from her parents, then again life at home isn’t so bad considering her parents aren’t around much anyways. Maybe she’ll stay a while long, plus Logan’s there and she’d feel bad leaving him with their parents.

So begins...

Livy Pierce's Story