She is very caring

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a character in “Beautiful Creatures Hidden”, as played by Princess Elizabeth


Physical Description: She is a blonde hair blue eye girl, She is only 5'4 and she is very slim
Personality: She is very caring and loving even thou she's a vampire.. She is very bubbly and happy all the time
Abilities: Hasn't discovered them yet
Historical Background: Her mom died when a human stabbed her, Her dad is dying slowly of an illness she watched her 6 year old sister (human) drown and couldn't save her..She wasn't always a vampire neither was her family one evening they decided to go on a midnight walk so as they were walking all of a sudden cold air rushed through and it was quickly gone like light and that's when around 2 guys popped out and got my parents and I but not my sister then we woke up just fine in our house as if it was all just a nightmare but it wasn't..They started craving for blood but that's a different story but finally they turned good but when the humans found out and killed my mom now we are on the run. My life hasn't been easy but I always remain to smile :D

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