Sydney Nickols

Gluttony: The way to a good time

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a character in “Beautiful Disasters”, as played by xoxMissClairexox




- Name: Sydney Nickols
- Nickname: Syd
- Role: Gluttony
- Gender: Female
- Age: 18
- Year in College: First year
- Major: Music
- Appearance: Standing at 5'6 and weighing 120 lbs, Sydney has long dirty blonde hair which has a gentle wave to it. Underneath all the smeared make-up and dark eyes, Sydney has a very pretty pale face, one which lights up as she smiles. Her eyes are a deep blue and often give away her emotions much more than any other part of her.
Normally Sydney will be wearing a mix match of clothes. She doesn't spend a lot of time on what she is wearing or with fashion because most of the time she is too drunk to care. As a result she just throws anything on, which is mostly whatever is lying next to the bed she fell asleep in the night before.

- Persona: Sydney is almost always drunk or high, which covers up her real personalities. She can be quite giggly and has the attitude that she will try at least anything once. She can be quite the flirt and when intoxicated she will flirt with literally everyone and it doesn’t matter to her who she ends up cuddled up with. Sydney loves to party and is up for a good time, no matter the cost. Underneath though she does have feelings and although she covers it well, what people say about her does matter. However no one ever see’s this side of her, well maybe Sloth does. As soon as those feelings come along Sydney is quick to cover them with the nearest available substance.

- Likes: Music drugs and alcohol. She is a typical rocker girl who would have made the perfect groupie had it not been for her perfect life of living off her parents and feelings towards Sloth keeping her where she was.
- Dislikes: People who don’t know how to have a good time.
- Habits & Hobbies: When she isn't getting high or drunk, Sydney loves to do anything which involves music. She listens to it, plays the guitar, and writes her own songs. Sydney is mostly into alternative music, anything from metal, punk and indie.
Sydney also has the bad habit of biting her nails or her lower lips when she is nervous or anxious.
- Secrets: She has a major crush on Sloth. There is something about his laid back personality which draws her in and demands her attention. One could also say that her nasty habit of drugs and alcohol were a secret, yet Sydney makes no effort to hide these.

- Romantic Interests: As mentioned above, she has an interest in Sloth both because of his personality and the fact that he was connected to a lot of the dealers, often dealing himself.
- Friends: Sloth is her closest friends and Sydney spends most of her time with him, the two of them mostly high or highly intoxicated. Sydney is also friends with Envy and Patience. However she also has a friendship with Vanity. This friendship has become strained as the more feeling’s Sydney gets for Sloth, the more she pulls away from Vanity.
- Enemies: Anyone who tries to tell her off for her indulgences. Sydney doesn’t like being told enough is enough.

- History: Sydney grew up in a small suburban town. She wasn’t well off, yet she didn’t go without. Her parents were the image of a perfect couple and in a sense, they provided a perfect home. Yet there were rivalries amongst the family. Sydney has an older brother, a brother who was perfect. At a young age her parents were always telling her how she needed to be more like him and he set high standards for her to follow. He was a straight A student and as hard as Sydney tried, she could only get B’s.
When she turned 14, Sydney decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. She wasn’t going to try and live up to her brother or parent’s expectations. Sydney was going to create her own future, one which was the complete opposite. In a matter of weeks she had fallen in with the wrong crowd, her squeaky clean appearance disappeared to one that made people raise eyebrows. She began drinking and skipping school and this habit continued on for the next few years.
Her parents were literally tearing their hair out as to what to do with her and in the end they decided not to fight it. They didn’t want to lose her altogether so they let her do pretty much what she wanted. Sydney only just made it into college because of her audition. They had loved her music and as a result she had got in despite her academic scores lacking. Without much begging, her parents had agreed to give her an allowance while away at college, as long as she was studying. To them, as long as she was in school then that was all that mattered.

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