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Victor Jameson

Sloth: Good things come, to those who wait.

0 · 354 views · located in Seaside, California

a character in “Beautiful Disasters”, as played by Magix


Victor Jameson





Year in College
Freshmen (Year 1)


Victor stands at an even six feet tall, and weighs roughly 170 lbs. He isn't the most built guy out there, but for someone who doesn't care enough to work out much of ever, he's got a good amount of muscle. He has blond hair that he always spikes up in the morning. However he has a strict rule on taking no longer then 5 minutes to do his hair. No matter what it looks like after that 5 minutes, is how it is for the day. His busy schedule of doing nothing important all day makes sure that he keeps to that rule. He usually dresses in darker clothing and almost always you'll see him in a leather jacket when outside of the house. Inside, well it's more of however he feels for the day. Although he has yet to have a day where he felt like wearing nothing, that is always a possibility.

The very definition of lazy and uncaring. Vic just doesn't care about much of anything. He doesn't care who hates him or who likes him. As long as there is someone around that he can tolerate at least, he's fine with it. He dislikes being alone all of the time, and would much prefer hanging out with someone 98% of the time. Weather that's hanging out with Gluttony getting stoned and wasted off their assess, or hanging out with Vanity for some more intimate moments, doesn't really matter, just as long as someone is there. He's pretty loyal to those “close" (and I use the term pretty loosely) to him, however there's almost no one close enough to him to inspire such loyalty. Guys hate him for how the girls always come to him, and the girls always come to him, weather he wants it or not.

Getting high, getting drunk, gambling, music, hanging out with friends, Partying

Authority, his parents people who want to reform him, almost everyone and everything that says the way he acts is a bad thing.

Habits & Hobbies
Although it may not seem it, Victor is actually quite good Blackjack. The constant being stoned or drunk would say otherwise, but Victor is actually quite intelligent and is fairly skilled at counting cards. However when not completely sober; which in a casino where the drinks are free, is a pretty tough thing to be for him; he often messes up and that forces him to go to his brother for even more money then usual. Of course when not in the casino's (which he rarely goes to anyway) he's usually drunk, stoned, partying, or a mix of the three. There are times that he's completely lucid, however unless he's with Vanity at that time (and even some of those times he’s plastered), that's usually not the case.

He knows that his girlfriend is sleeping around with someone else but as long as she's there for him, he doesn't really care all that much. If he knew it was his brother that was betraying him, perhaps that would flip a switch that may actually make him care about something for once, but that would take digging around and time Victor just wouldn't want to put into it. He could be developing feeling for Gluttony as well, but if so he either denies them or they aren’t even realized by himself yet.

Romantic Interests
He's dating Vanity, however Gluttony is his best friend really. Although, he probably would care more about Gluttony then Vanity, he still is loyal to Vanity.

Wrath (kind of), Gluttony and Vanity


Victor always grew up in his brother’s Shadow. He was always told how he should be more like his brother, but in the end even if he was, he would just be a sad imitation. It was horrible growing up always compared to someone who people loved and thought was near perfection. Eventually when that happens, you just stop caring. Choosing to save his own personality, in exchange for attention, Victor became very laid back and lazy. To many, it was like he wasn't even there. He found a life of not caring about much of anyone or anything suited him quite well. He glided through high school, although if he tried he could have been a straight A student. They bought his way into school with his mediocre grade not being high enough on their own. It was amazing what ass loads of money could do, however after that, his parents decided to completely cut him off. They had been lowering how much they would give him and how often for years, in which he discovered other ways to make money. Ones that just so happened to coincide with one of his favorite hobbies.

After leaving home and going to college he had amassed quite a bank account. He would always put the money he earned away and lived off what he could get off of his family. When he was cut off by his parents, something he figured was inevitable anyway, he started to rely more on his brother. It wasn’t as if his brother needed all of his money anyway, so why not share the wealth. Of course Vic sees that as one day ending as well, so he continues to put the money he makes from selling pot away as a safety net for when that time comes.

Photograph of your room

So begins...

Victor Jameson's Story