Amethystine Cloud

I was told to be strong

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a character in “Beautiful Stones,”, as played by TheLastHunter


Month: February
Power: She can talk to animals and tame them easily to help her. She can also manifest animals of nowhere. These manifestations are more than illusions because they hurt and get hurt just like a normal animal. She loves "summoning", as she calls it, dragon-like creatures and big cats.
Age: 16
History: Born into the circus life, she had spent her life home-schooled. She was taught to never show her true feelings for people will take advantage of her. Her mother died when she was only 7, on her birthday. She's never celebrated her birthday after that day and feels it hurt fault.
Personality: A bit of a trickster, somewhat shy, a bit withdrawn, optimistic, methodical, fun-loving
Favorites: She loves eating cake and drinking milk. She loves the book Animal Farm and the movie Phantom of the Opera.
Other: She wears a bloodstone bell earring in her left ear. She has a pet liger (half lion, half tiger) named Storm. She wears cat ears and a tail for fun.

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