Eloise Dragon

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Name: Eloise Pandora Dragon
Nickname: L
Role:Female Six
Age: 18

Image Likes:
  1. Being outside
  2. Classic Novels.
  3. DC Comic books
  4. Music
  5. Red Pandas.
  6. School.
  7. Old book stores.
  8. Small cafes
  9. Feeling sexy
  1. Her looks.
  2. Being Patronized.
  3. Sushi
  4. Becoming angry.
  5. Being rejected
  6. Failing
  7. Turtles
  8. Girly Magazines
  9. Feminist.
  10. People who refuse to learn.

  1. Dying.
  2. Sudden Loud Noises
  3. People pitying her.
  1. Living a full life.
  2. Finish College
  3. Become a librarian

Secrets: Having to deal with Melanoma was hard on Eloise, and she did not cope very well. She has very loud out burst, which include her screaming, crying, and breaking things. But Eloise tries to hide her emotional break downs and suicidal thoughts to herself not wanting anyone to see her as weak or pitiful.

ImagePersonality: Eloise wants to think of herself as logical, but most often is ruled by emotions. Her actions are almost always based on whatever she can do. But though the idea of death scares her, she wont allow anyone understanding and often tries to prove herself strong with snide comments, and a superiority complex.

With the idea of death creeping up on her she has wild out burst to have sexual themes and extreme actions making her logical life style to seem a farce. So with the sickness growing Eloise appears to be younger than she is, making her very small. Because of this people often underestimate her, thinking of her as a child and treating her as one.

She is sweet, caring, and very passionate about things she enjoys such as books and music. Though she sees herself as logical does not mean she is cold or distance, she is out-going and smiles often.

Eloise loves to have sex, well she thinks she does. Truth is she never has been able to full-fill this idea. It is hard to find someone who wants to sleep with a cancer patient and even harder to feel up to the challenge of having sex. Though she does not constantly think or obsessive over sex, she is eighteen and does have hormones leading to her wanting to satisfy her urges with random out burst of being horny.


ImageHistory: Joanna an old French maiden fell in love with an older Canadian fellow named Mark. They both were born into the world with only money they made, with faith holding onto them. They married within a year of meeting, and moving to France in the country side where no one could intrude. Neither of these two people had ever loved, or made love, knowing the rules of the bible and following them to a T, so when they met both being older than standard having children was hard.
After countless prays, miscarriages, still births, and thousands of dollars, a child was born, a baby girl, named Eloise. She was the prize and joy of the simple-minded folk. Raising the blessing was no challenge at all, Joanna and Mark where truly loving, supportive, and warm parents. Both were protective but gave their child some freedoms. It was truly a happy fairy tale, until their happiness was tainted when Eloise turned seventeen.
Seven months after being seventeen cancer cells were spotted.
Joanna have already untreated PTSD threw all the years of losing children, it was just too much to bare and fell ill, which led to her untimely death, of 58.
Mark not wanting Eloise to become weak with depression moved them to America hoping it would better help with the cancer, being the simple minded person he was.
Eloise began to read, and fall into escapism to cope with the loss of her mother and the realization of death.

Image Image
Place of Origin: Alsace, France.

So begins...

Eloise Dragon's Story

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Time: 8:32 am
Date: Friday, August 23rd, 2013 – Summer
Location: Manhattan, New York
Time Left: 09 months, 4 days, and 28 minutes until the curse becomes permanent.


Katrina let out a small groan as she felt the pounding in her head. A constant banging in her mind as if she had bang her head against a wall. Her insomnia was never this awful. It was always just a constant tick, tick, ticking and as much as it drove the twenty seven year old Cuban insane it was never this painful. She put her hand through her long and messy chocolate locks that were scattered all over her pillow before opening her eyes to see that she wasn't even in her room, but some how she was in her living room. Even though she knew that she had been in her bed. But, then she started remembering what had happened earlier that morning;

5:21 a.m

She was walking around her wing, trying to tire herself out before feeling a sharp pain from her back and when she turned around she realized just what was causing that pain that felt like a stab to her back. Esmeralda King, the witch that had done this to not just her but the other people who shared the large house with her. "Hey, doll. How have the three years been treating ya?"
The witch asked her, not even letting her respond before speaking again with her slight Australian accent. "Ya, know Kitty Kat, I would have expected you of all the people in this house to have broken the curse by now. With how lovey dovey you and that little cutie of yours were. I'm a bit shocked." Esmeralda said with a sly smirk on her face as she walked around the Cuban's bedroom with her black stilettos hitting the wooden floor as she walked over a small picture frame and laying the frame down to where the picture wasn't showing. Kat tried not to show any emtion as the girl messed with the photo of her and Morgan when they were stationed in Paris for a small amount of time.Katrina cleared her throat before speaking, her voice heavy with her accent like it always was in the morning especially early in the morning. "Look, what the hell do you want?" Esmeralda had a mockingly expression of fake shock on her pale and narrow face before rolling her eyes. "Can I not come and visit my dearest friends?"

"No, honestly. Why are you here? You haven't come and bothered us for months and why this early in the morning?" Kat asked her, her anger and irritation going up by the second. "I just wanted to leave you guys this little note from me and my dearest sister." The raven haired girl said as she set a folded red piece of paper on Katrina's vanity before walking out onto her balcony, winking, and disappearing. The Cuban, being as curious as she is read the letter that only had not even a paragraph on it. Tick tock, time's ticking.

Kat groaned before putting the note back on her vanity before rubbing her her eyes and laying down on the black sofa in her living room. She laid her head on her couch before closing her eyes, ignoring the ticking in her head in order to try and sleep as long as she can.

Back in the present, Kate tried to process her thoughts and rethink about what had happen last night, she looked up at the lights above her as if she was trying to count how many times they seemed to sparkle. “God, I hate that bitch.” She said to herself before sighing and sitting up. After a moment, she decided that she could at least do something today other than lay in bed and feel sorry about herself. She walked over to her nightstand still seeing the picture turned downward. The first thing she did was stand the photo back up, facing towards her bed as she smiled at the smiles the couple had on their faces and the blush that was on her cheeks. She pushed herself out of the plush bed and slipped her feet out of the covers, letting the cool air brush they in an instance. When picked herself up, she felt a sting of pain in her back remembering to newly healing scar she had gotten only hours before. She pushed the pain away and looked around the room. When she looked at the vanity there was the note. She cursed under her breath before shaking her head and walking into her closet to pick out her outfit for the day. She slipped her sweats and tank top off before slipping on her plaid shirt and blue jeans.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, thanking God that all her scars went to her back, stomach, and thighs. If they were on her arms that would be a lot of a more difficult to hide from people. She grabbed the note and slid it her back pocket, shoes in hand and she walked out of her wing of the large house and into the large kitchen the 'beasts' had to share seeing that they were being forced to live together until one of two things happened, either they broke their curse or until the time was up and the curse was final. She put on a pot of coffee before putting that little red note on the island for the others to see. As the coffee began brewing, Kat walked over to the window facing towards the backyard where there was a walkway to where the others were staying. Not that she ever really walked down to walkway, she couldn't risk seeing Morgan and she also couldn't risk his younger sister, Michaline seeing them even near each other. So, she did the one thing she knew how to do when it came to Morgan and that was to avoid him in the hope that he would just move on.