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Shinseichi Eri

"You won't want to see me out of control."

0 · 556 views · located in Shibuya | Pandora

a character in “Beauty and Hell”, as played by TnevdaNai




...I still know how to talk you know...

A Tale of Outer Suburbia (Unchained)| Hands Like Houses

It’s alright, I’m not going to hurt you.

♗ || Name || ♗
Shinseichi Eri

♗ || Nickname(s) || ♗*
(None At The Moment)

♗ || Race || ♗
½ Human, ½ Spirit

♗ || Age || ♗

♗ || Gender || ♗

♗ || Sexuality || ♗*

♗ || Nationality || ♗ *

♗ || Romantic Interest || ♗*
To be Added

♗ || Face Claim || ♗
Original Artworks|Aoshiki
Hatsune Miku|Vocaloid
Fem!Kuroko|Kuroko no Basuke

I can’t remember anything... please, don’t ask.

♗ || Height || ♗*
5’ 3”

♗ || Weight || ♗*

♗ || Hair Color || ♗ *
Turquoise, obtains red highlights when she becomes agitated.

♗ || Eye Color || ♗*
Blue, turns golden when she becomes agitated.

♗ || Skin Tone || ♗*
Extremely fair, gains a painful-looking purple-red hue the more she uses her ability.

♗ || Build/Appearance/Preferred Clothing || ♗*
Eri is rather well-built and lean, despite her lifestyle. Living in the wilderness of Pandora, she has made do with tattered clothes that she can find. She will generally be found dirty, covered in muck, unless she was nearby a water source for the past few hours or so.

It hurts... it burns!

♗ || Personality || ♗
Before her amnesia, Eri was a bright and cheerful child. Friendly, bubbly and could easily make friends with everyone else. When the cataclysm began, the lost of her parents, Pandora and her excruciatingly painful abilities dragged her into a dark pit of no return.
After her amnesia, Eri retains most of her optimism and is able to see the brighter things in life despite the mess she’s in. While not necessarily keeping her old personality as a child, she retains a majority of them and somehow managed to obtain a chivalrous attitude despite the state of the world and no proper guidance. Eri no longer makes friends as quick as she did before, but she has come to learn how to treasure close friends and would do anything to protect them from harm.
Eri has her secrets, fears and her amnesia only adds more stress onto the poor girl. Her strong, optimistic outer shell belies a weaker girl who is still a child at heart and seeks to find comfort from others. However, she is unwilling to share her fears with others and will generally snap when questioned about it. She has zero tolerance for despicable acts and challenges the offender.
Occasionally, Eri may fly into a sudden rage.

♗ || Abilities/Weapons || ♗
Sacred Blood
Eri’s ability is a unique and powerful... yet it is also the most painful form of torture for the poor girl.
Her very own blood is fire. It is a flame that can never be put out by any means until it dies out on its own. Wounds inflicted become Eri’s most powerful weapon and her assailants will face a blazing adversary.
Sacred, the fire doesn’t leave burn marks, but causes a body-wrecking pain upon contact. While the sacred blood is usually harmless to Eri just like normal blood is, the term ‘heated blood’ and ‘blood-curdling’ are given new meaning to Eri when the blood is pent-up inside her causing her immense pain that cannot be described or compared to anything else in the world.
To this end, Eri has to periodically allow her blood to spill. While this may sound gruesome, it isn’t. Wounds on the owner of the sacred blood will recover easily, even those internally. However, it cannot restore a missing organ. With that said, a smooth, gentle cut will heal quickly, while a sudden, violent slash will take a certain amount of time before it recovers.
So beware, the moment she slits herself, expect to see fires ablaze from her wound.

Ruby Sacrificial Dagger
A curved dagger fashioned almost similar a fish hook with a ruby embedded at the heel of the handle. Ancient looking, it still retains its sharpness and it seems to be Eri’s favoured weapon in combat.
The curved blade can make trapping weapons, diverting blows or even to hook onto something, making it a very versatile weapon to be used. It is also lengthy, flat and wide, unlike usual short, thin daggers, making it a weapon able to hold its own against a sword.
The most crucial thing would be the dagger’s curved edge allows it to cut through objects in a ragged and brutal fashion, similar to dragging a fish hook through a fish’s body.

♗ || Likes || ♗
-Nature; forests and bodies of water
-Cutting herself
-The colour blue

♗ || Dislikes || ♗
-Her amnesia
-Her ability
-The city
-Seeing death
-Poisonous animals and insects

♗ || Talents || ♗
-Amazing pain tolerance level compared to other people
-Aptitude for utilizing her dagger to its utmost usefulness
-Instinct that can guide her despite her amnesia and also acts as her reasoning

♗ || Flaws || ♗
-Amnesia, has memory lapses frequently, tad difficult for her to remember names
-Ability is a double-edged sword that can not only harm her, but others around her
-Once agitated, Eri goes into her so called ‘Spirit mode’, becoming just as aggressive as any aggressive type Spirit and going into a rampage

♗ || Fears || ♗
-Hurting others with her powers
-One day losing herself to her amnesia... completely.

I remember now... Eri. My name is Eri.

♗ || Family || ♗*
Eri’s family were lost in the cataclysm.

♗ || Bio || ♗
Unbeknownst to the current Eri...
Ten years ago, the cataclysm struck. Continents rose, collided together, forming what they call Pandora now. Back then, Eri was just a child, not more than the age of seven. That day changed her life forever. She lost not just a father, not just a mother, not just her family, not just her friends... she had lost everyone around her. It felt like she was surrounded by a sea of graves, the death was rich in the air, tainting her nose with its cruel fragrance and clutching her heart with its icy vice-like grip, enjoying the tears spilling from her wide, shocked eyes.
Not several months after that, she began to develop her Spirit. She began to notice subtle changes to herself. Her eyes would flicker between her blue and a eerie golden, her skin pigment would darken to a purple-red colour. She also began to have the pains. Like fire was running under her skin. It was only when she hurt herself that she discovered her blood was fire and her wounds would heal quickly. This ability of hers had claimed several more lives, those of animals and of other humans who were finding ways to survive.
That one day... a small crater was found around her sleeping form.
Eri awoke to find herself face to face with a floating blue sphere, a peaceful Animal-Spirit, a Wisp.

"Who am I?”

She had lost her memories and followed the guidance of the Wisp, following it everywhere. It had become her lifeline, and she survived multiple times because of it. The amnesia frightened her, but her companion kept her safe, made her feel she wasn’t alone. Years followed this way and Eri slowly began to regain her memories...
An older Eri woke up in the middle of a crater, staring at a blue orb once more.

“Who am I?”

And the whole cycle repeated itself again.
And again.
And again...

♗ || Other || ♗*
-She has an Animal-Spirit type companion with her, a Wisp. While able to take on many forms, the Wisp’s favoured form is that of a simple small ball the size of a heart and sometimes a dog. The Wisp has no given name and by nature doesn’t make sounds, communicating by changing its forms in hopes that the person will understand it. Wisp doesn’t require feeding.

So begins...

Shinseichi Eri's Story