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Dastex Bishop

Often attractive; sometimes the direct opposite.

0 · 337 views · located in The Castle

a character in “Beauty and the Beast”, as played by zen_ink


Name: Dastex Bishop
Age: 21
Race: Zombie; he spontaneously changes forms, so he can never predict when he is going to go all zombie. He hates when he turns zombie, and often might run and hide for the duration. He especially hates to let beauty see him like that, because he believes he looks entirely ugly.
Abbilities/Powers: For whatever reason, Dastex tends to be highly electromagnetically charged, and this charge increases significantly when he enters zombie form. In human form, he can't really expect to touch anyone without shocking them, or getting shocked. He also has to avoid metal at all costs because he will get severely electrocuted. It's also best that he stay away from any sources of electricity or lights in the mansion, as they tend to malfunction if he gets too close. In zombie form, this is magnified; if he walks into a room, usually all the lights and appliances go haywire or just completely break. It's not something he's proud of. In addition, if he touches plants or flowers while in zombie form, they just rot. This disappoints Dastex, as he often loves to get a good whiff of flower bouquets.
Personality: Dastex is a bright, charming, happy, outgoing guy who is incredibly romantic and loves nothing more than to see other people succeed. He tends to be very selfless, and wants desperately Beauty and the Beast to fall in love. He speaks often with beauty, acting as a sort of mentor or "therapist" to her. All in all he is a very good friend. He sometimes tries to persuade the beast into being more romantic and charming, in attempts to help him win over the heart of the girl. Dastex's delicate and diplomatic ways often serve him well in getting on the beast's good side. His cheery personality is sometimes just a facade to hide his inner anguish of his "other form" and the entire situation of the curse over the castle. Dastex has a natural distaste for anything ugly or disharmonious, so the whole situation tends to just throw him off balance. He hates to let others see him like this, so instead he just tries to run from the feelings, or if he has to vent, he does it only to people he trusts very closely.
History: Before turning into a hideous zombie, Dastex was the castle's Head Activities Coordinator, often being in charge of Zane's schedule and all the diplomatic activities he had to tend to. In addition, he was also considered the diplomat, picking up with diplomatic duties wherever Zane left off. If foreign policy was to be discussed diplomat-to-diplomat, Dastex was typically in charge of that.
Likes: romance, romantic movies, fantasies of love and beauty, attractive things, the smell of fresh flowers, peace, harmony, seeing Zane happy, making friends
Dislikes: being disliked, his zombie form, the curse, unattractive things, the electrical malfunctioning thing, being embarrassed, people picking up on his feelings of inadequacy and disappointment

So begins...

Dastex Bishop's Story