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Aalina English

"You will tell me the truth or I will bash your head into this wall."

0 · 276 views · located in New York

a character in “Beauty From Pain”, as played by Mindfang


Name : Aalina English
Age & Gender : Seventeen - Female
Nicknames : A.A. - Lina -

Height and Weight: 5'7'' (170 cm) | 114 Pounds (51 KG)

Hair and Eye Colour: Blonde | Grey Eyes
Make-up And Hair: Usually wears Red or Black Lipstick, if she's wearing make-up. Eye-liner on the water-line, and silver eyeshadow, a plain style, but she likes it simple. Her hair is hardly ever tied up, especially when going outside. Occasionally wears a black headband.

Piercings & Tattoos: None.


Orientation: Questioning

'Problems, Disorders': She's a pyromaniac, LOVES lighting things on fire, has a collection of lighters, and will take any chance to burn something when she can. She is also a person with a blunt attitude, which is a slight cause of her sociophobia. She also results being a narcissist and an alchoholic.

Personality and History:

Aalina is a fighter more than a lover, she is blunt, never afraid to speak her mind or let out her opinion on things, she's also a good liar, and with that, a great secret-keeper. She is straight-forward, will get what she wants and when she wants it, especially if it's information. She's been hired several times by some petty town people to spy on their 'teenage kids', and whatnot, but she mainly does it for the money.
A huge passion of hers is adventure and horror, she loves a good thrill. If someone asked her to go on an adventure, wandering around the 'obscure' parts of town, she will not reject. Perhaps that is a good way to get to know her better. She also adores watching horror movies, even though she gets scared, she says she loves the adrenaline. She also loves Zombie movies, commedy or horror, she is always up for a Zombie Movie Marathon!
She is a Sociophobe, afraid to communicate with people on a... 'Social' line. She can threaten or make petty puns, but when it comes to actually becoming friends with that person, she will hesitate. Her parents called her a 'Freak' over it once, she keeps that in mind like a huge scar. Ever since, it seemed to her like she was dissapointing people, when she would get third place, people would ask why she didn't get first. When she would get 'good' grades, they would ask why she didn't get 'Exceed Expectations'. Always antagonising her every move. Causing so her Sociophobia, but also developing a narcissistic trait, seeing as she believes that no one will ever love her the way she wants them to, she will do so herself.
Even though recently her and her mother have been getting along better, they still have fights whenever Mrs. English get's drunk, and they often resort to violence. Several bruises can be noticed on Aalina's back, but she tries her best not to show them. Even though they always make up after it, Aalina can see that her mother is desperate for a better life, something she clung to when Aalina was little, and something she lost when she finally gave up on her husband because of his failures. However, forcing herself to become a buisness-woman to support the family of two, Aalina remains in the dark of her mother's 'buisness affairs'.

So begins...

Aalina English's Story