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Ky Narukami

Let me be your Hero.

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a character in “Beauty From Pain”, as played by Lorrim


Name: Ky Narukami

Age: 19

Height: 5’ 6”

Sexuality: Hetereosexual


His....”Flaw”: “Hero of Justice”...Will gladly put his life at risk to save everyone.

Personality: “Nice” is an understatement when describing Ky Narukami. He is not afraid of strangers. In fact, he will go out of his way to help a stranger, should they need it. He loves wordplay, so much so that it often puts him at the receiving end of laughter. Unfortunately, the kind of laughter Ky receives is one of pity and ridicule. However, Ky is fine with that. As long as the people around him are happy, even if it is at the cost of his own happiness, Ky is more than satisfied. After years of hiding his pain in such a way, Ky has developed a callous to the emotional abuse people have thrown at Ky, so he is very adept at hiding his true feelings, and developing a Persona that most satisfies the people he is with, even if it is not his True Self.

History: Ky’s childhood could be described in one word. Fake. On the exterior, he was a normal only child with normal parents that worked normal jobs in the morning and picked him up at the normal time at the normal school.

But the minute you cross the threshold of Ky’s home, everything was not normal. One would see a broken home. Clothes scattered everywhere. Broken plates and other kitchen things lay randomly about. Food left out in the open, untouched and rotting. Picture frames, mostly of Ky and his parents, broken and crooked. There was so much chaos and destruction everywhere that it made the kitchen table, impeccably clean and spotless, stand out.

On the table was a neat stack of completed paperwork with bold red letters neatly strewn across it saying ”DIVORCE”.

Everyday, when his Mom or Dad would pick up Ky from school, they would put of the biggest, nicest smile the world has ever seen. This smile would grow even bigger when they would talk to Ky’s teacher or friends. But, the minute the car door shut and they were on the road, this smile would disappear and be replaced but a frown. No words would be exchanged on the car ride home. The loving words between family members has long since been said.

This smile did make a return, if only for a brief second. It was when Ky would cross the threshold of their “family home” and his Mom or Dad would lay their eyes on the neat stack of paperwork on the kitchen table.
This routine of Ky’s life continued for most of his childhood, until one night in which a burglar broke into Ky’s house. He was woken up by the sound of a struggle between his Father and the burglar. Scared, Ky lept out of bed and quickly went to investigate. The sight before him was both happy and frightening to Ky.

On the floor was Ky’s mother, crying. Her right cheek had a large cut and was bleeding profusely. In front of her was Ky’s father, protecting his wife. He arms were locked in a wrestling match with the burglar. Between them was a large knife, with fresh blood on the blade. Ky smiled, confident that his father would overpower the burglar. He began to fantasize about what would happen afterwards. His mom would fall in Love with his dad again, after seeing his heroic and fearless feat of saving her from the burglar.

Ky’s fantasy was shattered the moment the burglar pushed Ky’s father down. The burglar quickly picked up the knife, and rushed towards Ky’s father. Ky’s mother screeched in fear. It wasn’t enough to deter the Burglar unfortunately. The knife’s target quickly gasped in pain, and laid still as a pool of blood began to form.

The screams of Ky’s mother seemed to go up an octave when some of the blood from her now deceased husband stained her clothes. This must have frightened the burglar, because he was ready to silence her with the very weapon that made her into a widow. At this point, Ky was ready to take action. He quickly rushed at the burglar, and tackled him into the kitchen table, breaking it. The neat stack of divorce papers flew up into the air, and scattered throughout the room. Most of the pages landed in the ever growing pool of blood.

The burglar was clearly disoriented from the sudden encounter with the table. Taking this brief moment of reprieve, Ky ran to his mother, and grabbed her hand, trying to drag her as far away as possible. Ky’s plan seemed to have worked, until he saw his mother’s eyes grow wide. Within the reflection of her eyes, Ky could see the burglar right behind him, knife in hand, ready to strike. Ky’s mother hugged tightly onto Ky, and then spun around, replacing the knife’s intended target.

Ky heard one last phrase escape his mother’s dying mouth before her grip on Ky loosened and he blacked out.

“You’re my Hero, Ky.”

So begins...

Ky Narukami's Story


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#, as written by Lorrim
Ky Narukami

Sweat was pouring down Ky Narukami’s face during his Chemistry lab.

“Remember! Hydrochloric acid is a very strong acid! Therefore, it will completely dissociate in water, meaning that it’s proton will fall off faster than your guy’s teenage love!”

The TA laughed at his own joke. No one else laughed. Either because it was an awful joke, or because the other students were too busy concentrating on their experiment. For Ky, it was the latter. Between titrating sodium hydroxide into his own hydrochloric acid and wiping the sweat from his brow, he didn’t pay attention to everything else.

Well, not everything...

Despite having his hands full, Ky did manage to catch a glimpse of one his peers attempting to carry a beaker full of concentrated hydrochloric acid back to her station. She was obviously struggling, because her eyes and focus were locked on the beaker.

I hope she doesn’t drop that beaker. If any of that hydrochloric acid gets on her skin, it will begin to corrode.

Ky’s brow furrowed as he started worrying about the girl. This caused more of his sweat to fall down, almost into his solution he was titrating.

“Careful, Ky! If you contaminate our solution, we’ll have to start over again!

“Ah! Sorry sorry!” Ky quickly apologized to his lab partner. As he tried to return his focus to his own experiment, the girl carrying the beaker was slowly making her way past Ky toward her lab bench. Ky immediately placed his chemicals on his own bench, and started sprinting to her side.

Since the girl was too focused on the beaker, she failed to see that there was a lab chair directly in her path. Unfortunately, Ky wasn’t fast enough to stop her. Her eyes grew as wide as frisbees when her feet encountered the lab chair. Luckily, the beaker she was carrying didn’t spill on her. In fact, she simply threw it into the air.

Unluckily, the beaker was on a crash course towards Ky’s lab partner.

Without hesitation, Ky changed his own course to intercept the beaker. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to catch it, so instead, he tackled his partner out of the way, and allowed the beaker to shatter on Ky’s back, allowing it to release all its contents all over his body.

The whole lab’s gaze was focused on Ky, standing there covered in hydrochloric acid. Their stares was started to burn more than the acid on his skin. The TA finally broke the silence.

“Ky! Take your clothes off now and get your ass to the infirmary!”

Ky ignored the TA.

“Hey...Sorry for tackling you there. Let me help you up” Ky bent over and offered his hand. His partner was still dumbstruck and simply ogled Ky’s hand. Puzzled as to why he wasn’t accepting the offer, Ky noticed that his hands were bleeding, with a few shards of glass embedded in his skin. Wincing, Ky retracted his hand.

“Did you hear me Ky! Strip down and get to infirmary!” The TA at this point didn’t wait for Ky to respond, and instead forcibly grabbed and dragged Ky away towards the infirmary.

Before Ky left the room with the TA, he looked at his lab partner, smiled, and said “Looks like you have to do the experiment alone.”