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Beauty Within Tragedy



Fate is the promise that life is not a random string of tragedy and comedy without meaning. Fate proclaims that our lives are in fact so meaningful, so necessary, that our stories are written by the gods and goddesses, by the heavens themselves. We may only glimpse our fate, hinted by the stars or the creases of our hands; but even this glimpse is evidence of our contract with the universe, that we are players in the great wheel of life and death and rebirth.
~Sy Montgomery, Spell of the Tiger

Life is an inconsistent roller coaster, this is something anyone can tell you. Teamed with Fate, Life makes living quite a task. There are few in the world who don't have to work for what they want. But everyone is struck by sorrow at some point in their life, some more than others. When it comes to these points in a person's life they usually turn to their friends and family for comfort and support. But sometimes there are things that a person just can't bring themselves to talk about it. They bottle it up inside and either move on or move back. But the fact of the matter is: Everything happens for a reason. There's always some end game. Thing is... Things don't always get better for people, whether they're a sinner or a saint. Because Life isn't fair. This group of adults know that better than many. For some, their lives are falling apart and it feels like there's nothing that they can do about it. Others feel that they're on top of the world while some are just content. But they've all got some skeletons in their closets that they don't want to let out. But we all know that when you combine groups and secrets... Well.

Those closets are about to get a good spring cleaning.

It's been ages since they've all seen each other and they're wondering what each other has been up to for the past decade or so. Some keep in contact while others have gone ghost. In an attempt to bring together their group and hopefully salvage her marriage, {Beyoncé} has arranged for a one month vacation for them all. Some of them took a little bit more bribing than the others but she managed to snag her old crew from the days of childhood innocence. They've all agreed to sail through the ocean and stay at fine resorts for one month to catch up. Some might have a few secrets to reveal right off the bat. Others are just... Ticking time bombs. But all of them will find some beauty within their tragedies.

| {Beyoncé Knowles} | 34 | r e s e r v e d |
She's been the town's "It Girl" since Kindergarten. She's got an outgoing personality but is known to have a problem with seeming to need to one up everyone. While she is definitely a braggart she does have her good qualities. But sometimes that's not enough. She married {Jensen} after he graduated high school. While they may seem to have the perfect marriage from the outside looking in, they are constantly fighting with one another. What he doesn't know is that she whored herself out to almost anyone and everyone to get through college for grades and money while she earned her Bachelors in Communications. He desperately wants a child but he doesn't know that her womb is destroyed from eleven abortions in four years, a few of them past the first trimester.

| {Jensen Ackles} | 28 | Open |
As it is in every southern town, he was the local talk of the town on a daily basis ever since he hit the field in high school. He played almost every sport and dominated everyone. He still has his trophies from his younger days. He played Semi-Pro for a few years after graduating before being picked up by the Baltimore Ravens as a Fullback. Married to the girl of his dreams at 22, he thought he had it all. More recently he's been wanting a child but his wife refuses and claims that it would ruin his career. So he took his last paycheck and quit. This prompted more arguments between them. He knows she's hiding something but he doesn't know what. He's threatened to contract a surrogate mother if she continues to refuse impregnation.

| {Julianne Moore} | 42 | Open |
She didn't grow up with the others. Instead, she met {David Garrett} whilst he was performing in New York City. She started out as his manager but quickly had the younger man in her bed. Before too long she had him put a ring on her finger. She doesn't actually care for him as much as she cares for the money and fame that he brings with him. While still managing his career, she proves herself as an alpha female by also putting on a great show of being an excellent housewife and mother as well. She's very much a socialite and enjoys basking in the attention given to her when constantly asked “How do you do it all?” More recently she's been having an affair with her sister-in-law just for the hell of it. She's not worried about {Lindsey} saying anything because she knows that {Lindsey} doesn't want to end up in that fight.

| {David Garrett} | 25 | Open |
Bright and inquisitive, this sensitive lad always wanted to live his life on a stage. And that's exactly where he ended up. After finishing high school he headed off into New York City where he began to busk before being picked up by a local band. When the band fell apart he became a solo act and started booking his own gigs. In time he was playing Madison Square Garden and he was on top of the world. That's where he met his wife. He loves her, but he's not in love with her. Anyone who really knows him knows that he hates disappointing people who count on him. Considering that his heart doesn't really belong to anyone else and he's got a child with {Julianne}, he's not leaving any time soon. He's got a good life that most people would kill for.

| {Lindsey Stirling} | 23 | Open |
The baby of the bunch growing up, she's always had big dreams. While everyone assumed that with her talent she'd end up alongside her brother on a stage, she's always wanted to be a self-employed business woman. In this, she got herself caught in a pyramid scheme. While she didn't go to jail, she did lose everything. She was forced to move in with her brother, meeting her sister-in-law for the second time. During this time she found herself falling in love with {Julianne} and eventually she couldn't stop herself from falling into bed. Realizing how much it would crush her brother to find out but unwilling to give up her beloved, she's content to simply be the mistress.

| {Bruno Mars} | 25 | r e s e r v e d |
He was the guy that every girl wanted to be friends with. Always fashion saavy and not afraid to go out for mani-pedis, he was the butt of every guy's joke. He personally didn't mind the accussations at first. But then he started realizing that they were right. He was gay. He wasn't exactly horrified with the news but he was horrified of what his bible thumping parents would do. So he faked it. After graduating from high school he went on a few missions in third world countries before being hooked up with his wife by his father. He got married and they now have a beautiful daughter. Unbeknownst to anyone else, he will often go out of town to purchase a night with some male hookers.

| {Leona Lewis} | 24 | r e s e r v e d |
The younger sister of {Beyoncé}, she's always been a big dreamer. Like her big sis, she floated through every social circle with ease and tended to make friends wherever she went. Life was perfect for her. Especially after she was accepted to Juilliard in New York City. Things were all well and good until she made it to her fourth and final year. Her sister confided in her that she was having marriage issues and she herself was having her own financial issues. The stress put on her by the Professors of the prestigious academy didn't help matters much. After having an anxiety attack and being admitted to the hospital for a few days, she simply left and headed to a new town where she didn't know anyone. She now works as a maid at a cheap motel that she also calls home.

| {Idris Elba} | 35 | Open |
Despite his lumbering size, he's always been a relatively gently and quiet person. Like his best friend {Jensen} he was a sports star. He was offered a football scholarship during his senior year and everyone said that he had high chances of playing for the NFL one day. That was his dream, to make his parents proud and be able to make money so they'd never have to worry about anything again. But just days before his senior graduation, his parents were caught in a horrible five car pileup that killed them and his little brother. He never did go to college, instead living in his parents' home and eventually working at {Michael's} shop.

| {Catherine Zeta-Jones} | 34 | Open |
There wasn't a girl in school who was as bad as she. She's been best friends with {Beyoncé} since the two were in diapers. She was the girl that nobody wanted to piss off because she seemed to know everything that you didn't want anyone to know. After her days of smoking in the girls' restrooms she attended college with her best friend. Unlike her friend, she didn't worry too much about paying her dues immediately. After graduating she found herself in huge debt with student loans. She is still trying to pay them off with money made from stripping, unable to get a job due to her previous arrest record for being busted with heroine. Her addiction is hindering her ability to pay her loans off in a timely manner as well.

| {Michael Fassbender} | 33 | Open |
He had it all after school. He went to UTI and was soon working for General Motors before opening his own mechanic shop in his hometown. He married a girl he knew from high school and had two children with her. They never wanted for anything and he was an exceptional husband and father, the best that anyone could ask for. That's why it blew his mind and tore him apart when he walked in on his wife and {Jared} in bed together. His wife was sleeping with the babysitter. He cut off ties with them both and won full custody of the children in court, kicking their mother out. He hasn't spoken to either of the two since the incident.

| {Anna Farris} | 25 | r e s e r v e d |
She was the girl that nobody ever expected to amount to much. Her mother worked at a gas station and their family just barely scraped by. Her clothes were hand-me-downs and they collected just about every form of welfare. But she was smart. She wasn't the smartest in her class but she did get a full ride scholarship to a decent university. She was 19 and still in college when she got pregnant. Her parents encouraged her to drop out and come home but she didn't. She's recently finished attaining her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and has kept her child.

| {Jared Padalecki} | 26 | Open |
The younger brother of {Jensen}, he didn't get as much recognition. He's not exactly just a geeky little brother; He's got some physical prowess just as much as his brother. But he chose the scholar's path in life long ago even if it meant he'd never get that spotlight his brother had. He completed law school relatively quickly but he's never done anything with his degree though he does well enough to get by comfortably. He's recently fallen into drinking and gambling after being caught sleeping with {Michael Fassbender's} wife, effectively becoming a tool that destroyed their marriage. After his brother left the NFL he stopped gambling and now just seems to cause trouble around town.

| {Kaley Cuoco} | 24 | NPC |
This born again Christian was set up on a blind date with {Bruno Mars} and it was love at first sight. She did question some of his feminine habits but once he put a ring on that finger she knew for sure that the Lord sent him to her with a bow on top. She's got no idea that while he absolutely adores her as a friend, even though she can be a bit annoying, he has no romantic or sexual attraction to her.

| {Tom Hardy} | 26 | Open |
The older brother of {Anna Farris}, he's always been in trouble with the law. When hanging out with the other guys in town he was always the first one to volunteer for some stupid, crazy, dangerous stunt. When his family fell on hard times and his sister was gone to college, he figured that he had to make money somehow. This landed him in prison on one count of manslaughter, one count of attempted murder, and one count of armed robbery. He got out early for good behavior with {Jared's} help and now he's just trying to find a job to make ends meet.

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Toggle Rules

1. Reservations are to be made in the OOC. State which character you want, their dialogue color, and your favorite sad song. Reservations will last 4 days. It is not first come first serve; If someone offers a better character sheet, they will be accepted. May the odds be ever in your favor.

2. I worked quite hard on coming up with the stories for each of these characters. Small paragraphs, I know, but I put thought into them. No – You cannot change their story. Work with what you've got or don't go for it at all. Face Claims are non-negotiable unless you can give me a reason other than “I don't like that person” or “They're too photogenic”.

3. Please use proper grammar and spelling. I understand that we all suffer at the hands of the Type Faerie. But at least try to read over your posts and look for any mistakes before posting. I don't want to spend most of my time deciphering your words. And also, I expect at least 300 words minimum for each post. Even if it's just dialogue, flesh out the post. Include thoughts, actions, feelings, surroundings. Breathe life into your words and paint us a pretty picture.

4. These characters are troubled in some way, shape, or form. They've had it rough. Some still have it rough. They've got secrets. I don't want to see any Pinkie Pies around here. Don't be afraid to get gloomy. This is the one roleplay where your characters are expected to have quite a bit of pent of angst.

5. Drama In Character is fine. It's more than fine – It's expected. But I expect everyone to act like civilized adults on the Out of Character forum. Just because your characters don't get along doesn't mean that you don't have to. I don't want any fighting, spamming, flaming, or trolling.

6. Let me know if you're having some issues or prior plans behind the screen. If you end up inactive for seven days and you haven't let me know why, you will be removed and the character becomes an NPC.

7. These characters are adults. Some of them are even whores. There will be adult situations and quite a lot of swearing, drinking, smoking, and drugs. If you can't handle that, then you needn't apply here. But, there will be no cybering. Anything that goes beyond kissing needs to be completed in one post and there needs to be five posts between the sexy post and the next sexy post, as per RPG rules.

8. Godmodding, bunnying, and metagaming are strictly prohibited. Godmodding is defined as cheating the system so your character is virtually invincible. This is similar to the term "mary-sue" or "gary-sue" in a way. Godmodding usually involves a character leaving a battle unscathed. This also includes unapproved hits and/or kills. Bunnying is the use of another character, who is neither your own nor an NPC, without the permission of the character's owner. When your character is attacking, assume each hit misses. When your character is defending, make sure to allow a believable amount of punches/kicks/etc. to hit your character. The term metagaming refers to accidentally or purposely using outside knowledge that affects the roleplay. For example, if your character knows of a sneak-attack, yet wasn't present at the discussion of it, then it is improbable and considered metagaming.

9. Have fun!

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Hey, so my character will speak in #58FA82.
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Even though my character is already reserved, I'm still following the rules. I will probably have the sheet up by tomorrow at the latest. I'm getting it approved before I submit.

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Hey, Secute!

Thankssomuch! And yes, you may reserve!

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Good job putting all of the characters together! Let's see, I love a good tragedy story. So may I reserve Beyonce pretty please? Here is my color as you know #FF0080 and my favorite sad song? Well right now I would have to say it's Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Song always brings me to tears haha!

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May I reserve {Bruno Mars}~?
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