Jake Green

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Jake Green


Sexual Orientation:

Home Town:
Carmichael, California

Blair Redford


+Cold weather

-Large crowds of people
-Materialistic people
-Stuck up people
-Judgemental people

Water Polo

Dying alone
Failing others
The future

Jake has a big heart but is shy at times. He loves going to parties and drinking because it gets him out of his comfort zone and hes me likely to approach someone. He loves his family and friends but is always afraid of the future. He is loyal to close friends and always tries to be honest. He is creative and loves to play the guitar and sing. He rarely approaches strangers but loves making new friends. He decided to change for the better and now he just lets life happen and has become more care free.

Jake grew up always feeling like he never fit in. His sophomore year of highschool he started playing water polo and got in great shape. He met some friends in a chat room his freshman year who he could honestly say are some of his closest friends. He was never good with girls as he came off as awkward. He had friends that were girls but those that he started to develop feelings for he would end up making it awkward and always worrying about it and he would always be afraid to commit. He decided his junior year that enough was enough. He decided he wasnt going to worry about it and would just let love happen. Jake recieved a guitar for his 12th birthday and you rarely see him without it. He treasures it as one of his favoirte hobbies.

FC: Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez

So begins...

Jake Green's Story


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Freya was so excited to go on this trip with her friends she had met a couple years back. Not only would she be able to meet them in person for the first time, but they would be going on a road trip. They all seemed to agree that they would meet at an airport in North Carolina and finish traveling to Miami Beach by car. As she climbed off the plane she took a seat in the middle of the airport, beginning to wait for the others to show up.

The female pulled out her phone and texted everyone, to let her know that she had already arrived and let them know where she was so they could find her.


Adrian climbed out of his vehicle as he got a text from Freya. He smiled as he began making his way into the building, looking around for where Freya was sitting. He spotted her and a huge smile spread across his face. He made his way over to her and sat down in the chair beside her. "Hey Freya," he stated to her as he glanced to her, seeing her in person for the first time.


Michael sighed as he hopped onto the plane from Nebraska to Charlotte, North Carolina. All he could seem to do was look out the window with his music playing in his ears as he legs bounced up and down. The male couldn't calm himself down. He was so excited to meet everyone, to experience what they were like in the real world and not behind a computer screen. Though he was completely nervous about meeting Freya and Violet. He'd have to really calm himself down before going through with that.