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Captain Hook ; Killian Jones

"Aye, hoist the sails!"

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a character in “Bedtime Stories”, as played by SaxyLady15





Emotional themes
[url=URL][color=color here]Mark Isham || The Queen's Curse[/color][/url]
[url=URL][color=color here]Mark Isham || Unhappy Endings[/color][/url]
[url=URL][color=color here]Mark Isham || To Neverland![/color][/url]


A man unwilling to fight for want he wants, deserves what he gets. ~Killian Jones


Captain Hook

Killian Jones is his real name, Captain Hook serves as a nice cover.

Looks about 25, but, honestly, is centuries old.



Captain Hook, Captain of a Ship

Colin O'Donoghue

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hair color
Dark, Dark Brown

Eye color
Crystal Blue



Physical Description
His dark, dark brown hair, and crystal blue eyes are quite cunning, especially for a pirate. His body is a toned 140, and he stands 5'10. Hook wishes he'd grow just one more inch, so he can be an even 6'0. He also has a small excuse of a "beard", but thankfully, no matching sideburns. Captain Hook, or Killian Jones, has no birthmarks, but plenty of scars and a tattoo. His tattoo is on his wrist. It's a heart, with a sword jabbed through the middle of it. The heart has spikes around the top, and vines on the sword. A scroll is across the middle of the heart, reading "Hook". Basically, he got a tattoo of his own nickname. (Pretty self-centered, in my opinion...) If he had a special lass, I'm sure he'd get her name over it.

[font=timesnewroman][color=color here]
Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start to get positive results. ~Willie Nelson


[color=color here]Skills[/color]
    ☣ Sailing || "Shouldn't a Captain be good at his job?"
    He's got a point there. Hook's been sailing as long as he can remember.
    ☣ Swordfighting || "Aye, that's what pirates are known for."
    What pirate doesn't pick up a sword and know how to use it?
    ☣ Navigation || "Who needs maps, mate?"
    Pirates, especially Hook, can usually know where they are just by the wind.

[color=color here]Talent[/color]
    ☒ Acquiring Fairy Dust || "So, you want to fly, do ya?"
    Hook seems to always know where the Fairy godmother. Whether it's from stalking, or just having known her from Neverland for so long, no one really knows.
    ☒ Navigation || "Best in the Seven Seas."
    He is, I promise.
    ☒ Flirting || "It's the Pirate part of me. The ladies love it."
    Hook can't seem to keep the ladies off of him. Don't count on him to make a quick "run-in" anywhere.

[color=insert color here]
If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts. ~Albert Einstein

[color=color here]Likes[/color]
    ❀ His Ship || She's a fine lass, the Jolly Roger..
    ❀ Pan's Son|| He's a fine lad, pretty powerful too.
    ❀ To Protect || If I don't protect you, then who's going to protect me?

[color=color here]Dislikes[/color]
    ✘ Rudeness || I know your father taught you better than that, boy!
    ✘ Not wearing black || Oy, it trims me figure.
    ✘ Un-Cleanliness || Aye! You blubbering baboons! Make yourself useful and clean up this lass!

[color=color here]Strengths[/color]
    βœ” Hook || "My hook is quite useful... especially to the ladies."
    Hook takes pride in his hook. It has multiple uses, good and bad. Can be used as a weapon, or annoy him to death by getting stuck on everything.
    βœ” Strength || "Somebody's gotta hoist the sails.."
    The crew should be, but... they're drunk half the time.
    βœ” The Jolly Roger || She's mine..
    Hook's most prized possession is her. It's like he's a part of her, he can't go anywhere or do anything without her.

[color=color here]Flaws[/color]
    ☠ Hook || "It's better than nothing.."
    Captain's famous hook, can get in the way, but hey, better than a nub.
    ☠ Drinking || "Just an old habit of mine.."
    He's stayed alive for centuries somehow..
    ☠ Anger || "What did you just say?"
    Hook seems to get aggravated easily... Just don't mention his habits, and you should be alright.

[color=color here]Habits[/color]
    ❖ Drinking || "It may not be well for me to do, but... it soothes my soul."
    Drinking helps Hook calm down, as well as "think" at times.
    ❖ Cursing || "Aye, I'm a Captain of a bloody hell ship, mate."
    He's right. What Captain doesn't curse?
    ❖ Catching Hook on things || "Aye, I'm still not used to the old thing.."
    Hook still isn't quite used to the hook, so, as he walks, his hook will catch on numerous things. One time, it got caught on the sail, and the sailors hoisted him up with it.

[font=timesnewroman][color=insert color here]
I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... and try to find somebody whose life gave them vodka, and throw a party. ~Ron White

[color=color here]Personality[/color]
Captain Hook is a pretty decent fellow. He's got the good looks, witty charm, and most of all, his hook, which he takes great pride in. Hook has a reasonable sense of humor, when he isn't drunk, or trying to pick on Pan and Pan's son. He's a rather jolly fellow most of the time. He gets aggravated easily if you pick on him about his numerous habits, so don't test him. One of his skills is swordfighting...

[color=color here]
Don't life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive. ~Elbert Hubbard


Image[color=color here]History[/color]
Killian began, and found his love for the sea when he started out as a sailor for the King. He was eventually promoted to Captain, and they sailed out the new lands, in search of new treasures for the King. During an Exploration one day, a crocodile came out of the river they were exploring. It chased the men away, but had clamped it's jaw around Killian's hand. The crew finally got the croc off their captain, it surrendering to the river, as they rushed him to the medic. Sadly, it was too bad to save, so the Doctor just amputated it. Alas, Killian replaced his nub with a hook, allowing him to navigate easier. After years of this, Killian became antsy and wanted to explore. He wanted to go across the Seven Seas, and find the Bermuda Triangle, and such. With his whole crew right behind him, they set off, and found many things. They grew rich, and went to all the pubs, getting ladies left and right. Until one day, they had gotten a huge treasure, and were out celebrating. They all got so drunk, the next morning, Killian was surprised to find everyone on board. They set sail. When they reached what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, a giant hole appeared in the ocean, sucking down the Jolly Roger and her crew. The crew came to Neverland, surprised and astonished at what had just happened before their eyes. Peter Pan came down from the safety of his jungle, and greeted them. Killian first.

"Captain, I presume?" Pan stood on the sail, looking down at Hook. Hook's crew was below deck.
"Aye, mate. Who are you?" Killian scratched his head with his hook.
"Pan, Peter Pan." Pan jumped down, landing in front of Killian, and shook his hook.
"Jones. Killian Jones." Hook shook his hand.
Pan shook his head, and scratched his chin, as if thinking. "That doesn't suit you at all. " He thought a moment. "Hook? How about Captain Hook?"
Killian shrugged, and nodded. "Alright, mate. Call me what you wish."

That began the lifetime friendship of Killian and Pan. Pan would look out for Killian, as Killian did Pan. When Pan had a son with Tiger Lily, it was a joyous occasion. Everyone, even Hook and his crew came and celebrated. Then, it happened. Pan and Lily were killed, and Killian grabbed the boy, and put him on his ship as they sailed off to the castle of Snow White. Killian warned Snow, who already knew, and agreed that they needed to protect Pan's boy, as well as her own.

So begins...

Captain Hook ; Killian Jones's Story