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Kael Skye

"Nothing lasts forever..."

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a character in “Before the Fall”, as played by legacy14



"I'm Alive" - Shinedown
First to Fall

❝A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.❞
-- William G.T. Shedd

Kael Reon Skye


Military 3DMG Specialist


At first glance, Kael is nothing more than a face in the crowd. Average build, slightly taller than usual, indistinct brown hair, light brown's always the eyes that people stop on, get drawn into, and wonder what more lies beneath those glassy spheres. Kael's determination shines through his sheen of earthly plainness and a fire that has long burnt away the complacency of his fellow human race. There is a reason to his existence in those eyes and it is by no means to end up as another cattle grazing behind the defense of a wall.

Every Fiber of Kael's physical appearance mirrors this trait. From the way he walks with purpose, stands up with his back straight and his chin held high, and the way he keeps himself and his uniform in top condition out of pride and duty. His body is lightly toned with ripcord muscle from military training and a lifestyle that is prepared for the unknown. Other than his uniform, his style is simple and indistinct as the rest of himself, consisting of a dark gray button down shirt, regular black pants, a black belt, and sturdy shoes.

Determined. As stated, his determination to be something more than just another antique race on the verge of extinction at the mercy of a predator is evident in his persona. Its more of a fire that has been quenched so hot, it can no longer be put out. This causes him to be a bit stubborn and headstrong more often than not, settling on a thought and being unable to abolish it. Whether he acts upon said thoughts is more a matter of restraint. Luckily enough, Kael has enough restraint to keep himself in check when necessary.

Pure. Though determined and headstrong, Kael is also kinder and more passionate than most. From his determination that life is precious and not something to be wasted in this mess they call a living, he has become overly caring to those close to him. When the cards are drawn, there is little he wouldn't do to protect and preserve the lives, reputations, and general well-being of those around him. Even becoming the target of whatever it is.


    Determination - Something that may seem a bit lackluster at first, determination and perseverance are key to anything humans do, and lacking the will necessary to force these two in the face of absolute fear and adversity are powerful ways to cripple someone. Kael can dig deeper than most, drawing on whatever he needs to in order to move, think, and most importantly, fight back.
    Aerial Specialist - All military members are required to learn and master the 3DMG as part of their training, but Kael has proved that this mastery is child's play compared to someone who is truly gifted. Advanced maneuvers when it comes to traversing the air are mindless toys in his arsenal and when he dons his gear, he redefines the meaning of mastery.
    Ingenuity - Kael is by no means brilliant, but he's no slouch when it comes to intelligence. He tends to think outside the box more often than not when set to a problem, even when extending to his combat. Extending from his movement, his combat style is based around speed rather than power, using intricate sweeps and targeted strikes rather than the mindless hacking and slashing the majority of the fighting force tends to use. Combined with his constantly racing mind, very unorthadox, yet surprising, techniques have been accomplished.
    Uplifting - Brazen and sometimes too forthright, Kael is no stranger to what his words and actions can do to others. Not to mention whatever else they may have going on. He tends to try filling the role as the beacon for others to rely on and confide in, using honesty and humor to alleviate any tension that may arise.

    ° Headstrong - The greatest strengths can also be chinks in armor and the same goes for Kael's determination. Though a logical thinker, logic can sometimes give way to emotion, especially when the emotion can easily overpower any thoughts traveling the electric highway of the brain. Couple this with being stubborn, and Kael can become the center of a very bad situation.
    ° Broadcast - Outspoken is a bit of an understatement. Not that everything that leaves his mouth is laced with opinionated crap, but when he feels the need to voice his thoughts, he will do so. Sometimes to the point of being honest to the point bordering harsh.
    ° Physical Inability - Simply put, Kael isn't built like a truck. Though his mind and speed can easily get him out of, or completely avoid in the first place, most dangers, a straight up test of strength is not exactly in his repertoire. When translated to combat, two to even three strikes may be required where one powerful slash should have prevailed.


Because of the war, humanity was faced with desperate times in which they would do everything and anything for their own survival. Everyone had been taught of the Titans, what little they could teach, but not all of them were truly able to understand the true danger, choosing to tell themselves the same lies: The wall would forever keep them safe. Kael believed the lies as well, why wouldn't he? As a young child, Kael grew up on the very outskirts of Shiganshina District, their small house one of the closest to the wall. His parents told him the stories of the titans and that the world was once a much different place, where humans flourished and Titans did not exist.

Every once in a while though, people have a revelation that sparks a turn of events for their life. Steering them away from the humble life they always knew. Kael's came when he was a few years older, aiding a friend in caring for his goats. While feeding them for the second time of the day, one of the goats pranced about and smacked into the tiny pen enclosing them, breaking a stud and running out. A simple and insignificant event, but something triggered in his mind at the sight. The goats had always been content in their pen, being unable to get out. But what if the pen broke? Kael's gaze wandered to the wall, expecting to see a titan casually knock it over. But nothing happened...

From that point on, Kael could hear the titans when he tried to sleep at night, swore he could feel them on the other side as he pressed his palm to the cold stone of the wall. The wall was his pen, and he knew it wouldn't hold forever. Nothing ever did. His parents laughed when he initially informed them he was enlisting in the military, but were the first smiling faces he saw when he finished top of his graduating class. The training had been long and rigorous, but rewarded him soon after with his first glimpse of the outside world. Standing atop the wall for the first time, Kael knew there was more to this life than being locked inside a prison of stone and mortar.


So begins...

Kael Skye's Story

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It all began one fateful night..few Garrison soldiers slummed around a local tavern as the Walls were quiet as ever. A surprised shout came from one of less intoxicated soldier as the keening noise of 3DMG steam being released broke the stillness of the once typical evening. Moments later a flock of hooded soldiers flew gracefully as possible. Graceful doesn't always mean silence it seemed as a stern voice snarled out orders as one hooded figure slammed harshly into a home.

"You idiot! Pay attention this is not a training session. Damnit Reigi why exactly did you get on your knees and beg for my humble self to let you on this mission!" The scolding figure had a feminine tone despite possibly breaking the peaceful dreams of citizens, who stuck out curious heads at the noise. Another blustered voice "Don't just stand there you drunks! After them, we were not given warning of training protocols tonight!" came after the female as the captain who was supposed to be on watch noisily spewed out his drink as the hooded figures climbed the Wall inch by inch.

Eventually the group reached the peak of the Wall, the vast outside world miles below and beyond them. "Ma'am. We may have warned a few Garrisons members. Please keep casualties to a minimum, and by that I mean none of coarse. I do not want to fill out paperwork if we get caught." The young adult remarked as he quickly picked up the pace, striving to evade any time-consuming misinterpretations. A huff of air came from the supposed leader as a calloused hand gripped the hood of the young speaker, icy blue eyes furious "Paperwork! Bloody paperwork is what you are worried about Reigi! Not our heads..if we...". The leader's furious rant was cut off at the screeching sound of metal leaving its casing as it seemed for once one of the squads in Garrison was doing their job that evening. WATCHING THE WALL! The air filled with scent of gunpowder as a bullet zipped passed the group, narrowly missing. A shaking youth who had fired the shot called out "Halt! Lower your hoods or we will be forced to shoot!"

Reigi clicked his tongue as he traced the path of the round, starting at the the barrel of the rifle, and finally ending embedded within cobblestone. "See? Per example, these guys will have to fill in paperwork pertaining to their damaging of the wall. Oh, look out!" He called out as he lurched back from another round, "They shoot, then they warn us?! Make sure we find some pupils who are at least two times as competent as these lackeys." The female let out a small laugh before lowering her hood slowly revealing a shock of blonde hair "Define competence Reigi..forgive a whore for being able to comprehend such a vast dialect". One of the blonde's fellows opened his mouth before retrieving a blow to face with a cane, blood dripping off the wood "Rhetorical question..Cadet Finn...Now if you kind boys would allow us to pass.".

The shaken youth merely shook his head with an affirmative no, as a strong hand clasped his shoulder as a mustachioed captain barked out "Squad Captain Denova, what in blazes are you doing! This is in direct violation of Section two.five...-" The boy quickly raised his hand, cutting the man off mid-sentence. The act itself failed to fit the theme, given the detrimental situation they were in, "Well, actually, it's also part of Verse Six of Section Seven, as well as Verse Three of Section Twelve... And a few others... I should stop talking, shouldn't I, Lilith?" The boy asked his commander innocently, uneasily rubbing the back of his neck. Lilith merely ran a tried hand through the younger's head, pulling on his hair slightly before deadpanning "Yes. Please save it that bullshit for the trial..and that paperwork you will be doing..".

Several clicks of muskets broke the moment as several Garrison soldiers surrounded the five man squad. Well four considering one was currently on the ground dazed from the blow.."This was an act of Freedom..not defiance. We do surrender and demand a trial to explain ourselves..Oh apologies to your squad". The captain merely twitched in anger at the sarcastic statement before snarling "Don't just stand there you idiots! Clasp these traitors in irons!". A few unlucky souls managed to get struck in the gut by a rouge cane all the while a distressed Reigi attempted to calm his irate Commander.

So these are the Wings of Freedom. Days passed after the infamous capture of the rouge squad, still rumors flew in barracks of those words and that attempt of so-called Freedom.

Court-martial..a word that can send even the bravest men shaking in their boots. Those effected by it are dead men walking when it comes to those who go AWOL especially with military property. Think of the chaos that would come about if criminals and scum got their hands on the 3DMG. All these were scalding arguments as the two leaders of the failed "Wings of Freedom" incident were prostrated before the court. A grizzly-looking judge' grey eyes raked over the duo before speaking "You! Squad Captain Lilith Denvova and Sergeant Reigi Taku are being charged with the crimes of unlawful operation of military gear, trespassing...".

His eyes connected with the blues of Lilith before drawling out the last word "Assault on a Cadet your hands Miss Denova." A shrill voice came from the crowded courtroom in the public section "Do not forget the disruption of the peace! One of those idiots broke one of my windows on my house! Don't you bigwigs teach your lackeys how to operate that flanged gear!". The slamming of a mallet halted the rant as the judge called for order. "Since this is a trial, I am required by the power invested in ask this. How do you plea?". There were a few swears of disgust at the facade of the trail..clearly the ringleaders were guilty. The silence was broken as a boisterous voice echoed from the stands "See here maggots! This is what happens when you break our laws! DO NOT BREAK THE LAWS OR I WILL..!". The voice belonged to one Drill Sergeant Wilson who had decided to take his graduating recruits on a 'Field Trip' of the joys of the military court.

Once again the grizzled judge called for order with a narrow glare at the..eager drill sergeant.."This trial will resume by this afternoon. You are dismissed...Take them away". A pair of bailiffs roughly escorted the duo away as the Drill Sergeant barked out "Now discuss the meanings on this trail as part of your assignment. Don't give me any lip of your 'graduation' I still own your worthless hides until this day is over!"

There were those within the pile of recruits that had heard of the rumors. The message that the doomed squad had attempted to start. Now if only something would change the clearly guilty verdict..a change in fate?

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Kael yawned as he ascended the wall in the early dawn light. Typically, this would be the greatest part of his day as he spanned the length of the wall to peer out into the world beyond their cage, gazing into the wonder of a world that used to be. He loved the freedom he felt atop the wall, not even the titans so far below could ruin that feeling. The only thing he loved in life more than that freedom was sleep. And the switch from night shift to the daytime shift had been less than kind to him. The fact that he was already running late, failed to enhance the situation any further.

Clearing the lip of the wall and planting his feet firmly atop it, Kael raised his arms high over his head in a much-needed stretch. Catching himself in the middle, he gazed around him at the bustle going on as one of the newer recruits ran up to him. "Sir! The Lieutenant says you're to report to the inner wall court as soon as possible!" "Hm?" The inquiry was involuntary, but his interest was piqued. Why the courtroom? he thought, the action evident on his face. "There was an incident with the night shift. You're to meet the Garrison Lieutenant and Cadet Finn at the courtroom as soon as you--"

He'd heard the youth the first time and raised his hand to cut him off to keep the unnecessary babbling to a minimum. The inner wall courtroom was quite a distance from where he was, but if he left immediately, he could make some pretty good time. Not that I really have a choice...

Soaring through the air using his 3DMG, Kael sped into view of the courthouse just as he was running low on gas, his feet clattering on the cobblestones just as his needle passed the red. There was no one around in the courtyard or moving around the steps toward the entrance, likely already underway inside the courtroom. Hurrying the rest of the way on foot, he was stopped before he reached the doors by a voice just to his side.

"Sir!" Turning to the young woman who had called out, he dropped his hands from the doors and strode over, the obvious question on his face. "Your gear," she indicated with a sweep of her hand, "You'll have to check it in here. It's not allowed past the courtroom doors."

"Oh, right." Removing his gear he left it with the woman before beginning back towards the door, when her voice stopped him again. "Use the side door," she winked, "you can slip in unnoticed around there." Following her pointing finger with his eyes, he found the door she had indicated and slipped in, the sound an impenetrable wall that his him like a brick. People were yelling and going insane as the judge stood up to leave the courtroom.

Quickly making his way to the Lieutenant and Finn once he spotted the pair, Kael approached, still confused and on his guard. "Sir, what the hell is going on?"

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The cells of the courthouse was as damp and unwelcome as ever, although not vacant like normal. A man appeared to be attempting to catch some dreams before facing his own trail..or the hangman's noose. Regardless the noisy protest of the metal cells and muttered insults dripping from their jailer's mouth would make such an opportunity impossible. Lilith merely smirked as her eyes caught the emblem of the other captive's somewhat shabby attire, "Seems the higher ups are not shying away from herding back their sheep, don't you agree Reigi? I must admit, I haven't heard anything about new friend here. I wonder what his story is?". Her questions were answered by the loud clang of a baton on the cells as the gruff guard growled out "Keep your nose out of other people's business. 'Sides this pup here is a deserter apparently none too bright given his rambling about the Outside...".

The smirk on Lilith's face merely widened at the mention before directing her attention at shabby stranger "So my friend..were you perhaps one the shyer supporters of our little group?" . Gesturing to herself and a silent Reigi who knowing her young friend was prepping a mighty speech for his fight for freedom. Unfortunately, it seemed that the courts were against them and would hear their testimonies individually, politics and flowery prose was not Lilith's strong point. In fact her heart began to speed up slightly at the thought of having to fight figuratively for her life..for once not with physical action. Running a hand through her hair out of habit as the trio sat together in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. The sounds broke the silence of steps coming down to the cells as the head guard merely grunted in acknowledgment of the two newcomers. Spring chickens given the nervous, but curious expressions on the trainee's face as the guard rumbled out "Right you two brats just stand watch while I escort her Highness to the court..Don't you go making nice with this lot either. Worthless traitors the lot of them, if I had it my way I would string them up no questions asked".

The jingling of keys and the cold clamps of the shackles were placed on Lilith's hand as the woman's face betrayed no emotion. Her eyes widened with slight surprise as the appearance of the cadet's was interesting to say the least. A chuckle escaped her as green hair was the rarest sight in the city. Was it dyed or natural? All these questions occupied her mind until the loud and condemning doors of the courtroom broke the train of questions. Her judge was the same from the hearing, now if that was a positive or negative was in the dark. The courtroom was much less crowded now that the initial excitement had died down in the public at least until the verdict was read. Only a few officials stood by including a nervous-looking Finn, his Lieutenant and a complete stranger, clearly military by the looks of it. The banging of a gavel silenced the few bits of side-chatter as the bearded judge cleared his throat and read the charges.

"Squad Captain Lilith Denvova, this is your chance to defend yourself in the eyes of the jury. Are you prepared to answer any questions regarding this matter?". The blonde merely nodded a silent yes as the judge continued rambling "Then, please Miss Denvova by all means present your defense without the shackles if you please". The guard grumbled as the restraints came unlocked as the blonde cleared her throat "Your Honor, my acts of treason are being viewed as an arrogant and selfish act. However, my main purpose is pure and for the good of humanity. We as the protectors of the weak need to keep moving forward in hopes of changing this bleak present we find ourselves in. Humanity cannot cower in fear when there is a chance for progress!". The entire speech was boldly spoken, despite the faint tremor in Lilith's hands remained long after her words.

The judge's face remained passive, but jotted down a few notes on the paper before him before turning his attention to the nervous Finn and rumbled out "Cadet Finn. Your acts of treason are being reduced in exchange for your testimony. Will you please stand and give your statement and your involvement with the accused?" Cold blue eyes locked into the pale green ones of her former comrade in arms as the man stood "Miss Denvova, was the leader of the attempt and she..persuaded me...through means I care not to mention." A sharp intake of breath came from Lilith as her hands clenched before hissing out "If you are implying I seduced you to join my cause. Then state it bluntly you traitorous bastard!". The nervous man cringed and stepped a bit closer to his bodyguard before squeaking out "I just meant, her actions in the past have not always been in the best morals..given her history..". His words came out as the end as a yelp of pain as a fist collided with his face by a furious Lilith who was quickly restrained by the guard.

Blood flowed freely from Finn's nose even onto his bodyguard before howling out "You crazy bitch! You deserve whatever happens to you, goddamn whore." There was brief struggle as Lilith thrashed in an effort to be released from her guard's hold "This is why I hate spineless cowards like you. The second things aren't bloody sunshine and rainbows..eunuchs like this moron bleat for mercy. What exactly will happen if Titans ever do break through the Walls! We need a plan to keep progressing as a society. I speak only for the good of Humanity, and my temper is a flaw I must bare with on my own. But please believe me, I did form the Wings of Freedom with just that in mind. To be free from the fear of Titans." A bitter smile appeared on her face "Even when I first emerged from the Underground and saw the wide open sky for the first time..I knew I had to be there to protect it. Either as a whore or a solider, I hold onto that promise..". Her head bowed in exhaustion as her emotions flowed freely as her fate was pondered over by the judge. After a minute words came from the elder "Thank you for your defense Miss Denvova. As for your current actions against Cadet Finn, they shall be stricken from the record due to the irrelevant attack on your character...".

As quickly as it occurred, the hearing had ended with a single dismissive wave from the judge. The cold damp greeted her body like a lover would sinking through her clothes as the pair descended back into the cells. An unusually quiet Lilith merely sat on her cot and leaned against the wall with tightly shut eyes. Would these cells halt her wish for freedom?

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Since the moment they had taken their positions again in the courtroom, Kael had been steadily dozing off. Indoors was no place for him, put him atop the wall over civil service any day. Add the procedure and drawn-out staleness of a legal proceeding to the matter...

A sharp pinch on his shoulder brought his senses flaring back to him, accompanied by the icy glare of his lieutenant. Resuming his count of the ceiling tiles as the old men bickered and berated the woman on trial for who knew what. Soon enough, Finn stood as he was addressed and Kael watched curiously, still unknowing of why exactly Finn was here in the first place. Finn was dumb, that Kael knew from firsthand experience, but a traitor seemed a little extreme. Leaning over to his lieutenant briefly, he whispered to the man, "I didn't know being stupid was a traitorous offense..."

As much as the lieutenant tried to keep his features untouched by the comment, Kael could see the slight curl of his lips as the man tried to force his smile back down. "Go back to sleep..." the man countered. With that, Kael could only shrug, only moments before Finn went flying back, caught quickly by Kael as Finn turned and splattered blood on his uniform. Guards were on the woman instantly, pulling her away while Finn shouted back from the comfort of his position now behind Kael.

"This is why I hate spineless cowards like you. The second things aren't bloody sunshine and rainbows..eunuchs like this moron bleat for mercy. What exactly will happen if Titans ever do break through the Walls! We need a plan to keep progressing as a society. I speak only for the good of Humanity, and my temper is a flaw I must bare with on my own. But please believe me, I did form the Wings of Freedom with just that in mind. To be free from the fear of Titans."

The words made Kael stop his attempt at helping Finn retain his bearings as blood still freely flowed from his nose, instead, releasing the man completely to watch him crumble to the floor. The woman was right. Her credibility may have been tarnished at the branding of a traitor, but the logic and reason in her words--as well as the useless nonsense against her from Finn--couldn't be ignored.

The cell door clanged shut as the guard locked it and walked away, leaving Kael alone in front of Finn, iron bars separating the two. "Go ahead and laugh at me like everyone else..." Finn said quietly, sounding defeated inside his tiny cage. "All I ever wanted was t--"

"I really don't care." Kael interrupted him, his words cold. "I'm just here to make sure you got to your cell without interruption. Not to listen to your confessions. I'll get one of the priests if that's what you want." Kael pushed himself off the wall where he had been leaning and took a step back to the entrance before pausing to look at Finn over his shoulder. The man was defeated and broken, there was nothing left to be said. Kael sighed. "You may not like it, but she was right. A little more spirited, but all the same. If you believed in her just say it and take your punishment as it comes. There aren't enough humans left to drag each other down in an attempt to climb over them."

Without waiting for an answer, Kael made for the exit. He was instructed to put Finn down another branch of cells, away from the woman specifically. As he neared the exit, he found himself staring into the bleak hallway leading to the woman's cell, and then walking toward the corridor without any thought. As he neared the corner leading to the final row of cell blocks, he paused as voices echoed off the stone walls.

"....did you really mean what you said to the judge? Is it even possible to survive outside the walls? Why did you go go rouge? what where you trying to accomplish? What happens...if you are executed for your actions, who will fight for your views then?"

Kael froze at the corner, realizing it was those same questions he had meant to pose to the woman. Curiosity got the better of him and he decided he wanted to hear the answer to the question without the ability to think or evade it based on his appearance. Leaning against the wall once more, he waited.