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Talia Montgomery

What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger!

0 · 948 views · located in Upstate New York

a character in “Behind Closed Doors”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


Talia Montgomery
"I'm a nightmare dress like a daydream"

Secrets || Uptown Funk || Feel This Moment || Wildest Dreams

|| Name ||

Talia Blake Montgomery
"Yeah, that Montgomery"

|| Nickname ||

Tay, Blake, TeTe
"Just never Tata"

|| Age ||

"The age of innocence?"

|| Sexuality ||

"I like my men how i like my chocolate, in excessive quantities."
|| Love Interest ||

Mr. Walton

|| Secret ||

She is sleeping with Mr. Walton
"Not my fault his wife is a drunk and no fun."

|| Hex Code ||

"It;s pretty."

|| Face Claim ||

Amber Stevens West
"You better choose carefully."


|| Height + Weight ||
5'7" & 165lbs
"I pride myself on staying healthy."

|| Hair ||
Brown with soft carmel highlights.
"There is nothing wrong with looking nice."

|| Eyes ||
Bright amber
"No I don't wear contacts."

|| Tattoos/Piercings/Distinct Features ||
A tattoo of a dragon on her back for her grandmother that raised her. Reverse and inverse navel rings.
And a pair of rose earrings
"I love my body!"

|| Clothings ||
Anything that is comfy really!
"I like looking nice, but I wont sacrifice comfort for style."

|| Personality ||
Playful || A little nieve || Trusting || Hard working || Smart

She loves a good joke and can take other peoples sarcasm and throw it right back into their faces. She can't help but think everyone has good in them, she was raised by her grandma, and while that is no excuse it is a reason why she is always so trusting of others. She has never been handed anything in her life, she was taught early in life that if you want something you have to work for it and now she lives by that. She never lets the world get the best of her and always seems to have a smile on her face. She has always been smart, Talia loves making her grandmother proud of her and nothing makes her prouder then knowing that Talia is working her hardest and using her mind to get the things she wants and the things that make her happy.

|| Likes ||
βœ” Working out
βœ” Dogs
βœ” Making money
βœ” Staying up late
βœ” Going to concerts
βœ” Dancing
βœ” Getting free time
|| Dislikes ||
✘ Sweet things
✘ Children
✘ Being lied to
✘ Tax collectors
✘ Cats
✘ Stupid people
✘ When someone is fake

|| Family Members ||
Emily Montgomery || Female || 85 || Grandmother
Kayla Montgomery || Female || 56 || Mother
Christopher Montgomery || Male || 18 || Brother
"Family is everything."

|| Brief History ||
Growing up with her grandmother and her little brother was not always easy for Talia, a lot of the time she had to take on extra responsibilities to help her family get by.
When she was 13 her mother, who had been MIA for the past ten years, showed up out of the blue. She insisted that Talia spend time with her and after a few weeks Talia's grandmother finally said yes. Talia was really excited to spend time with her mother at first, then she quickly realized why her mom was really back, she needed money. It started out small, Talia would stand in the park asking for money to get candy, but after a few years Talia was to old for candy. Her mother started making her do other things. Again at first Talia was ok with it but quickly she saw how wrong it was and was able to get out and go back to living with her grandmother. She was able to finish high school and started college and got a job at a small coffee shop, that is where she met a man that changed her life. Mr. Walton made her feel like she had never felt before, Talia loved the attention, and the thrill of sneaking around.
"Life is one wild ride!"

"I wouldn't trade this for anything."

Behind Closed Doors

So begins...

Talia Montgomery's Story

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The Walton's
Mrs. Walton stood on the balcony thinking over the events of the night before, she had come home just as a certain someone was leaving. She honestly could not believe that she hadn't strangled the little twerp right there on the spot.
She took a sip of her screwdriver and looked down at the garden as her eldest twin daughter snuck into the house.
Sighing she quickly turned and went about getting dressed. She looked over at her husband asleep in their bed, he rolled over and started to sit up.
"Go back to bed dear, its only me."
She said rolling her eyes and slipping on one of her heels and turned to walk out of the room and down the hall. She went down a flight of stairs and the crossed a huge hallway. Quietly she opened a door and stepped into a bedroom and stood against the wall.
"I was wondering when you would get home."
She said crossing her arms and looking at her daughter.

Ariel Walton
"You didn't need to wait up for me, you know that!"
She looked back at her mother and shot her a sly half smile. She was obviously high and it obviously annoyed her mother to no end.
"So did you see her?"
Ariel asked sitting down on the side of her bed and yawning.
"Would you please leave?"
She asked waving her hand toward her mother and the door and after a moment she walked out and the door slammed behind her.
There was silence and then out of that silence came an angry blood curdling scream. Ariel didn't jump though, her mother was a very angry person. Ariel chuckled to herself and then pulled out her cell phone and opened her text messages, typed out a message and then sent it.
To: Lis!
Mommy dearest is awake, and not to please about my late return;)

She smiled hoping her and her friend could go to the beach later, she heard there was a party going on and Ariel was not going to miss it!

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Outfit ~ β™₯

After a short time of rest Lily sat up in her bed and stretched widely. She glanced over at her alarm clock and nodded, pleased. She hopped out of bed and made her way over to her luxurious walk-in closet. She walked along inside, brushing her hand over the never worn clothes. Lily had a "rich" habit of giving away clothes after one wear and yet her closet was always full.

Lily picked out her new outfit and swimwear. She collected a few necessities such as sunblock, towel and of course condoms and shoved them into her beach bag.

When she finished collecting her items she sent a text out to all her mates:

To: Dream Team (Alyssa, Riley, Ariel, Talia & Jack)
Hey peeps! Be at the beach in fifteen!

Lily jumped into her multi blue colored BMW convertible and zoomed off to the lovely location.

When she arrived, she could feel all eyes on her. She was always admired due to her beauty and reputation. She always complained about the attention but deep down she was narcissistic and absolutely loved it. She stripped down to her bathing suit and teased the audience with a hair toss as if pretending to enjoy the breeze, which there wasn't. She bent over gently and took out her towel and laid it in front of her, on top of the nice warm sand.

She laid down and admiring her surroundings. The beach was already getting rowdy, it was a beautiful day. Little clouds in the sky, it was hot and the water was a lovely blue. Lily sighed in relaxation.

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Ariel Walton
Mood~Party Ready || Song~Swimming Pools || Outfit~β™₯ || Makeup~:) || Mission~Get To The Party!

Ariel was about to pull out of the driveway but before she could Riley came out side. She drove around the driveway and pulled up in front of him, "Hop in!" She said with a cute smile on her face.
After a moment she looked at Lis and pretended to gag, "Amber Showed up after you left and decided that her and Rickey were still together. As if!" She looked at Riley to make sure he was ok then continued, "Well I told her to shove it, but the bitch just would not leave!" Ariel giggled a little, "Lets just say she is going to need some major plastic surgery to fix the nose I gave her." She drummed on the steering wheel softly to the music Lis put in and bobbed up and down a little in excitement.

Talia Montgomery
Mood~Happy To Be Out Of Work || Song~Swing Swing || Outfit~β™₯ || Makeup~:) || Mission~Have Fun!

Smiling Talia walked out of work and to her car, quickly changing punt of her work uniform to her favorite shorts and tank top, she was already wearing her swim suit under the uniform. She threw her hair up into a messy bun and then started the car and pulled out onto the main road. It was about a ten minute drive to get to the beach, Talia made it there in six.
She walked down the beach, awing and smiling at people that did the same to her. Some of the girls clung to the boyfriends out of fear that she would steal them away, unfortunately for those boys Talia was interested in more… Mature men.
She stopped next to a familiar looking beach bowl with a girl sun bathing on it. "Hey! Save some of those rays for the rest of us will ya!" She said in a tone of mock annoyance to Lilly.

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Songs: Love Myself Every Girl Boys Like You

Jack was brought back to reality when Riley said those words that every straight friend says 'You such a great friend/brother/co-worker' it was like getting friend-zoned by everyone he came in contact with. But, that wasn't ever going to stop him from trying. But, he knew it wasn't going to happen at this moment with Riley.

Bringing himself to focus he reminded himself "Okay, Jack we need to get ready again for the beach party and get in the car." Jack agreed with his inner self and ran to his room to grab his bag and throw off his red shirt and got a button up shirt with Hawaiian flowers on it. Then headed out to his car which was a Jeep Wrangler. He loved having no doors cause it was easier to get in and out of and the wind in his hair. Starting his car he turned on the radio and connecting his phone to it, selecting a playlist to listen on the way there. Then you zoomed of out of the driveway towards to beach. Not really paying any attention to the speed limit, because he knows a cop that is working today won't stop him. Soon after he saw Ariel's car and quickly passed them honking his horn.

He was about five minutes out from the beach and at the end of song two he remembered he needed to get some water for after the party. So he stopped out a local shop where one of the boys he was with for sometime worked. He walked in and saw Abraham, Jack waved at him, then picked up three bottles of water, a kit-kat bar and went to the counter. "How are you today, sir?" Abraham said smiling as if they just meet each other. Then pressing the employee discount button. "Is that all you need?" Jack replied "Hey good lookin', I think that will be all today sir" being flirtatious "You should come down to this pool party tonight, it's going to be awesome." Handing him the amount shown on the screen and taking his stuff. Smiling he left and could hear "I'll be there." before he was out the door and switching his butt back and forth as he walked to his car. Turning on anther song and heading the rest of the way to the beach.

His song turned off just as he pulled up to the beach. Turning off the car and grabbing his backpack and phone he walked to where the party was being held and quickly found Lilly and Talia. "What's up bitches?" smiling as he throw his bag to the right of Lilly.

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Outfit ~ β™₯

Lily rolled her eyes in annoyance and looked at Talia over her sunglasses "I'm sorry the sluts section is over that way" she said pointing to where the old folks stood. She chuckled and mumbled some harsh words under her breath before saying "Let's not kid ourselves hun we both know the sun likes me better anyways." Lily twirled her hair and looked straight ahead examining the water washing up along the shore.

The beach was probably her favorite place to be especially in the summer time. She loved the sun, boating and just living a lazy life of tanning and sex.

She glanced over at Talia and pondered who they were in each others lives. Her Talia were somewhat friends, more frienemies then anything else. They had a history of budding heads and trying to kill each other which was fine, but at the end of the day if someone else tried to make their lives hell they would team up and fuck up the individual who dared to do so. She was her least favorite and her absolute favorite person all in one. It was complicated.

Lily snapped back to the present when Jack arrived. She sat up on her elbows and gave him a warm smile "Hey handsome, what's new?"


Outfit ~ β™₯

Riley sat in the back of Lis' car and dozed off for a few minutes. He could hear their chatter but his mind was focused on the afternoons festivities, he didn't care much for gossip anyways. How Riley kept up with all the partying was a mystery and a half. He had no limits. He rarely slept, he was always out and about and socializing. He wouldn't change it for the world.

When Lis commented on his whereabouts Riley simply grinned and chuckled. He shook his head and took a deep sigh before saying "You know, you ladies should join me one day. I have no idea where I've been all night but I can tell you that I had a hell of a time. Also Ariel, Amber is a whore. A very hot whore whom I've had the pleasure. Seriously I don't know how Rickey was so oblivious, she's blown like every guy in town by being the first. But if you're that interested in Rickey I'm sure you can score him, I wouldn't fret." he gave a small wink and chuckled again before laying his head back and dozing off again.