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Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask


This roleplay is about looking at Heroes and Villains. Does power corrupt or will people do the right thing when lives are on the line?

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Chapter 1

It all started when the fire nation attacked! Oh wait wrong story; well let me tell you the real story.

Mood Music:Centuries

Everything started in the year 2013 on the strange planet of earth. Metahumans, individuals with gifts that were considered to be impossible started appearing. The appearance of metahumans changed life on earth completely. There were metahumans who used their gifts for good and to help better mankind. They became heroes to the people like the guys in the comic books. However, there were also metahumans that used their gifts for personal gain. With the heroes also came the villains. There were brawls in the streets and many humans and metahumans lost their lives because of it.

Governments around the world were alarmed at the presence of metahumans. They were unsure how to deal with all the mayhem their kind caused. A plan was put into motion, metahumans were urged to turn themselves in and become a part of government funded programs to help control their gifts. This sparked outrage in metahumans across the world, but some agreed with the idea. This idea started a civil war among metahumans; it was no longer just the heroes vs the villains. After the war a large portion of the metahumans that considered themselves heroes were wiped out. Government agencies studied the bodies of the living and deceased metahumans, they wanted to find answers about how to fight back against metahumans. They found their answer in programs to create super soldiers. These men and women were capable of feats that at times seemed beyond human. They were able to fight against metahumans and the main force that sent them into hiding.

For over a year there were almost no sightings of metahumans. It was an extraterrestrial invasion by a group of being known as Thanions that brought the metahumans out of hiding. This was the first time to their knowledge that human had been visited by aliens. With the skills of the government’s super soldiers and the metahumans working together they were able to defend the earth and drive the Thanions out. After the invasion the world leaders shut down the super soldier program. They allowed metahumans to act freely according to the laws of the land. However, they did some reserves of super soldiers in case some metahumans got out of control.

Chapter 2

So, now that the backstory is done how about I tell you what is going on today? It has been a little over since the Thanions invaded earth and they show no signs of coming back. However, other beings have come to earth and they have shown that there is life out in the deep darkness of space. Metahumans are normal and new ones are discovering their gifts each day. There are still metahumans who use their powers for evil, but there are those who will be there to stop them.

Our story begins in Astro City. It is a wonderful place to live the downtown area is always lively and has something for everyone. The suburban areas around the city are a wonderful place to raise a family. The inner city has some nice housing, but like every city there is crime. However, let’s not talk about that, we should focus on good things. Astro city has everything an individual would need to be successful and happy. Astro City has one of the most prestigious in the country, Astro Academy. Teens from around the country and even around the world come to Astro Academy to get the best education. Astro city is also home to the world famous Astro lab which is currently involved in some new cutting edge technology. If you are looking for a new area to call home look no further than Astro city.

Chapter 3

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So was that believable? You think Astro City is the happiest place on earth? Well I can tell you it’s not. The city is run by mob bosses and crime families. If only three people were robbed or murdered it’s considered a good day. The north and west part of the city belongs to Vittore Russo, he is an aging old man who started a dynasty. He has his hand in everything and can pay off whoever he wants. If there are any illegal deals going on in the city you can bet Russo’s crime family has something to do with it. The south and east part of the inner city belongs to Diana Adams AKA Poison. Poison is a metahuman with control over a variety of poisons and toxins. She gained power after killing the last boss before her. She is new to the job which means she has something to prove. Poison’s gangs of flunkies are always looking to start fights to prove their bosses strength. Vittore Russo and Poison are only the two most well-known crime bosses in the city. There are countless other wannabes, this city is full of criminals and needs to be cleaned up or else it will crumble.

Chapter 4

Mood Music: Warriors

Well that’s everything you need to know for now. The fate of Astro City is up to you, help clean up the streets or help turn it into a criminal’s paradise. How you choose to help or hurt is up to you, if you want to be a metahuman, human, super soldier, Alien, or other its completely up to you. Chapter 4 is the story that you write. It will be fun to see who you choose to be behind the mask.

Character Sheet-




Alignment: (Good, Evil, Neutral, not sure, etc. When you pick your alignment don’t think you are stuck with it. People can always change depending on the situation.)



Description: (If you use an image, add the extra details that the image doesn't show like height,weight, etc.)



Abilities/ Powers:



Ability Scores – All abilities are on a 1-7 scale. This is just to see where your character is on all these abilities. I just want to make sure there will be no characters that have no flaws.
1= Terrible, 4= Average, 7 = Exceptional/ beyond human
Endurance: (This is how durable your character is a character with a 1 might barely be able to take a punch. While a 7 could take a rocket and keep walking like nothing happened.)
Wisdom: (Wisdom shows how much common sense a character, how well they perceive things and shows their intuition/ gut feelings. Wisdom isn’t about how smart you are its about how much you know about the world you live it and how often you make wise decisions.)

(This is a copy and paste version of the CS)
Abilities/ Powers:
Ability Scores –

Roles/Character list


1. Have fun, this is all supposed to be about enjoying yourself and having a good time
2. Please no gmoding, you might have fun doing it but you ruin the fun for everyone else.
3.Try to make your characters fun and interesting. You might want to base your character off of a comic book character but dont make them exactly like that character. Add flavor to the character concept.
4.Characters can die, you should go into this knowing that it is possible for your character to get dead
5.If you want to make up your own stories and side action i'm perfectly fine with just let me know so that i'm prepared.
6. Romance is a thing, you can have all the romance you can handle just be wise about how you utilize the element of romance.
7. If you understand all of these rules or just want to talk leave a message in the ooc.

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Bumping the thread. :D I hope this doesn't get lost in the sea of other roleplays. If anyone has some advice on what might make the rp more appealing please let me know. This is my first rp on the site so i'm not sure what caters to the majority on this site.

Behind the Mask

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