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Vanessa Andrews

The Crystal Maiden

0 · 172 views · located in Astro City

a character in “Behind the Mask”, as played by Teddybearhunter


Name/Alias: Vanessa Andrews/ Crystal Maiden
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Alignment: Mostly Neutral
Race: Witch


Description: Vanessa is five feet, six inches tall(5’9) and she weighs roughly one hundred and twenty ponds(130). Her hair is long, reaching down past the middle of her back. She has hazel colored eyes and fair skin. Vanessa can often be seen wearing makeup; she has an appearance that can be intimidating or off putting to most people. From looking at her one might think she is unapproachable.

Her usual clothing is basic tank tops, skirts, or jeans. Vanessa likes to wear clothing that is ripped or torn. She often tears the trim of her shirts and the knees of her jeans. Vanessa always wears her heart necklace around her neck.

Weapon(s): N/A

Skills: Vanessa is a skilled pianist; however she hates to admit it. Vanessa is tech savvy and can often fix whatever problem she might be having. She also has a brain full of random information that most of the time isn’t relevant, but can be interesting.

Abilities/ Powers: Vanessa has a decent understanding of the realm of magic. She has a lot of raw power, but doesn’t have the experience to achieve her full potential.

Elemental Manipulation (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning)- Vanessa is capable of manipulating the elements. She is able to make fireballs, shoot lightning bolts, and change water into ice. Her elemental manipulation is her most used offensive magic, but she lacks the complete control that a powerful mage or elemental metahuman would have.

Magic attacks- Vanessa is able to harness the raw energy of her magic and give it shape. She uses this offensively by creating bolts of energy that can be thrown at her enemies.

Force field Generation- Vanessa is capable of creating force fields that keep everything out and protect what is inside the force field. Her skill with force fields is average so her force fields cant absorb too much damage or else they shatter.

Animation/Reanimation- Vanessa is able to give life to inanimate objects. The larger the object the more energy it takes for Vanessa to give it life. Vanessa has only been able to use her reanimation spell once. She was able to bring back a dead bird, but hasn’t been able to reanimate anything since.

Teleportation- She is capable of teleporting short distances without much concentration, but to make long leaps Vanessa needs time to channel her magic. If she isn’t careful she could teleport herself into walls or other solid objects.

Healing Aura- She has a healing aura that helps her heal slightly faster than a normal human. The healing of the aura can be enhanced if she puts more of her focus on it. It would allow her to heal cuts and bruises in a few minutes. The aura can be placed onto others, but takes more focus and magic.

Personality: Vanessa has two different sides that she will show. If you are just meeting her on the street she seems cold and distant. To people she has no interest in being friends with she shows no kindness. Vanessa is very blunt and will say whatever is on her mind. If she finds you boring or dumb, you will know about it within a few minutes of speaking with her. Her second side is her fun loving and adventurous side. When she likes you she will smile often and laugh at the jokes you make. She is often jokingly flirty and will make innuendoes. She is sarcastic and will make fun of anyone who says something stupid.

Vanessa has a personality that not many people can stand. However, if you get past the preliminary stages of getting to know her Vanessa can be the most loyal and loving friend you will ever have. She never abandons a friend and will always be there for those who need her. The best way to describe Vanessa is like a treasure chest, you have to keep digging to find the good part.

History: Vanessa is a witch. Witches are humans, whose ancestors gave their souls to demons to receive control over the raw power that is magic. Vanessa was born a witch because her mother and father both have the lineage of witches. Her father, Cyrus, is a powerful witch and holds the title of Archmage. This title is one that only four other people in the world hold. Her mother, Alysia, is a white witch that means she focuses on the magical arts that heal and defend.

Growing up Vanessa didn’t know about her parents’ magic, they never showed her until she started showing signs of being a witch. At the age of thirteen Vanessa began training with her father. He showed her how to use magic to defend herself and ways to control the power. Vanessa wasn’t a natural when it came to utilizing magic. It was all hard on her, but after about a year she started to get the hang of it. She was nowhere near her father or mother’s level, but she was making progress. As the years crept on Vanessa grew in skill and her arsenal of spells grew as well. She eventually made a bond with her familiar, Archie, who has helped her become an even more powerful witch. Vanessa still hasn’t reached her full potential, but she is on her way to becoming a mage her parents can be proud of.

Ability Scores –
Strength: 3
Speed: 4
Intelligence: 6
Dexterity: 4
Endurance: 2
Wisdom: 5

So begins...

Vanessa Andrews's Story