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Hielo Douglass

"I grow fruit...what else is there to say?"

1 · 428 views · located in Earth - 2200

a character in “Being Human”, as played by HitoriRaven


Hielo is 17 years old and about 6 feet tall. His thin and yet strong body really shows how often he does the heavy labor. He is also fairly tan from being out in the sun so much. Hielo's strange shade of red-hair color is the first thing people really notice, which is a trait that neither of his parents have. The next thing would be his brilliant lime-green eyes, which really contrast with his hair. Speaking of which, he has recently been too busy to cut it, which is why it is growing out.

Hielo has a scar from his left shoulder to his right side waist which he got when his father accidentally dropped a scythe when he was 10. Since then, he has had a fear of sharp objects, avoiding them unless necessary. His hands are covered in callouses and small cuts. He tends to wear simple clothing, with no brands, which is made by his sister. They actually look decent but no fashion lover would ever admit it


Hielo tends to wear a grin or smile on his face and rarely shows sadness, depression, or anger. However, just because he is smiling on the outside doesn't mean that he doesn't feel something else on the inside. His smiles are sincere most of the time, though. Hielo enjoys a good day of hard work and almost never slacks off - this is mostly because he does not want to burden his father and sister with the hard work. He is not very talkative because he works alone on his farm for the most part, and does not often give himself a break to go out to the city. Despite his rougher looks, Hielo is actually quite intelligent, and can be found reading whatever he can get his hands on if he is not working. He loves his family very much and would do anything to protect them. In the absence of people to talk to, Hielo also took to singing quietly to himself, making up small tunes as he worked.


Hielo uses general tools for farming, including scythes, hoes, watering cans and the like. His main "weapon" of choice, would have to be a .357 Magnum which his mother gave him for his 13th birthday, along with lessons on how to use it. He keeps it holstered in his tool belt, which holds a few others things, such as a knife(again, fear of sharp objects, so only when necessary) and a spade. Finally, his lucky charm is a bear's tooth that hangs from his neck - another gift from his sister.


Hielo was born to a strange couple - a Waterbug father and a Fidget mother. He ended up somewhere in the middle, not as serious and up-tight as the other Fidgets, but more hard-working than the other Waterbugs. He has one sister who is 3 years younger than him, and very frail, who stays inside the house for most of the time. Hielo is very protective of her, and in the end chose to stay on the farm so he could spare her the work. This burden was further increased when his father was injured in the same incident that gave Hielo his scar. He sees his mother every so often, but only on the rare holidays. Hielo has always wondered exactly what the other jobs do, but he is always working and never has much time to find out more about it.

So begins...

Hielo Douglass's Story


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Hielo brought the plow down into the dirt and pulled it back. He really wished that he had some horses, but those were reserved for Genies... As he wiped off some of his sweat with the back of his hand, he heard a voice yelling from the direction of the house. He turned to see his little sister Jen running towards him while still yelling, "Heeeeeeeeyyy! 'El!"

He dropped the plow and quickly ran out to meet her, but she tripped on a rock in her hurry. Hielo made it to her, and worriedly helped her up. "Are you okay? You know you're not allowed to run..."
She made a face at him, but became serious again. "I was looking for the rest of grandpa's old books. Have you seen them, 'El?"
He remembered those, the worn, but well-kept Dr. Seuss books. "The ones by Dr. Seuss?" he asked.
She nodded. "Yeah, I was reading one back in the house. Ya know, 'Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.'
Hielo thought a bit before replying, "I can't remember right now, but I'll help you look when I'm done, okay? I'm sure they're in the house somewhere."
She nodded again. "Okay...Hey 'El..Do you mind how I am?" He chuckled a bit and said, "Of course not, you're fine the way you are, Jen. Though I guess I wish you weren't so sick."
She stuck her tongue out at him and gave him a hug. He hugged her back, taking care not to hurt her, as another voice boomed from the house. "Jen! Come back inside! Hielo, it would be best if you finished that field before sunset!"
Hielo nodded to his father, who was standing at the door. He sent Jen back towards the house, and picked up his plow. "Alright, Dad, don't worry. I'm almost done anyway."

'Be who you are and say what you feel, huh? I remember that quote...huh.

But he quickly dismissed his thoughts, started humming a little tune, and got back to work. The sun was close to the edge of the horizon, after all.


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In her bullet train speed moving mind process, she disregarded anything around her that would be deemed insignificant to acknowledge - voices or questions or staring. But Sunnie felt her body being pushed back - as if she ran into some solid brick wall - , and she fell ungracefully on the floor. It was an easy feat, seeing as how small and little she was, she looked like as if she could snap in two if you were to hold onto her arm the wrong way. She let out a small grunt of having such an unexpected impact. Several passerby people stopped momentarily to stare before continuing on. "Sorry!" Wha -

She looked up, staring at what was she could only assume was a Waterbug - due to what her sensitivity picked up as a fruity smell, and based off of the choice of clothing that the much taller than her, larger male wore, she finalized her conclusion. She didn't say anything, maintaining silence, and got up, continuing to stare with that blank face of hers, eyes darting about the male as if she was analyzing him like some surgery patient. He had a brilliant shade of red hair, with a pair of bright green eyes. Odd combination. She thought to herself, and then remembering what she was supposed to be doing, she turned her staring away that had lasted for about several seconds, taking a few steps back, bowing quickly as if in apology, and then ran around him - taking no heed to what he would say as she rudely - hey, at least she made a polite gesture of apology, it was enough! - ran off.

The small, petite girl kept running, having a long trail of curse words stuck in a line of rage, blotting up any mature or seriousness in reverie nature, eyes darting around like crazy as she disappeared into the crowds again, her shorter height made the taller ones block her form, as she twisted and turned and pushed back this time, to get to what she fuzzily recalled as a cafe in the email she had received from that informant that she desperately needed to find. When she finally did make it there though, she stared at the watch on her thin wrist, and then cursed venomously under her breath. She was late by 10 - 20 - 30(!) minutes. There was no friggin' way that the informant would stay for long - he had such a busy schedule - and she had missed it! She looked around quickly, her lungs needed air but she kept her turning around. There were a large amount of people wearing what she thought to be the dress code to recognize each other, but she knew that it was futile to try to ask some random stranger if they were supposed to be the one that she was to meet. It was ridiculous.

She took a sigh, quietly regaining her breath.

Sunnie resisted the urge to kick over some trashcan in fury, but to outsiders, she was merely standing there, shoulders slightly dejected, staring uselessly at a table. She turned around, and then dodged about the crowd again, barely moving her lips - cursing at her luck of forgetting to wake up early for such an important thing - as she had with quick gait through the crowds, deciding to instead look around to find new supplies. She'd probably need the time to cool down a bit. She and her uncle will meet up later. She'll have to have to go and wait til another opening in the informant's schedule is open again. For now, she'll just.. attempt to calm down.

The girl walked around aimlessly, taking her time as she observed people, and then merely stared at a Sector stand of books, making her way over. Their research material was becoming low in supply. Perhaps she should comb through to see if there's any that she hasn't read yet? Sunnie walked on over, picked up some book in interest, eyes darting across pages as she rapidly looked through them all while she remained silent, ignoring the staring of the seller or of the other interested consumers beside her while she traced through her memory to see if she and her uncle already had this book or the other.

Oh. Dr. Suess. She spotted a pile of the colorful books separate from the growing pile she was making of various, complicated subjects. She kept an eye on them, tempted to take a peek, but her hands were stuck on the history book that seemed to have information about what the Earth used to be like before North was established and the trade started. It was thick, around 5 inches at least, with an old spine, and she kept thinking of whether or not this was in the inventory they have, but the colorful titles of Suess were distracting, and she didn't know if she had any money. Her left hand began rummaging through her bag while the other was still holding the book, her reading slowing down as she felt around the bag for any spare change she may have left in there.

The male seller of the Sector's stand seemed to have gave out a sigh of relief as Sunnie slowed her reading, because the pile was beginning to get too tall and her rapid pace of looking through books was beginning to mess up the organization as he began to quietly put them place back in their original positions. When he asked her if she was going to buy the book, she merely darkly glared at him for breaking her concentration, and with that fierce look that the seller knew was not worth rising an argument about, he then decided to allow the girl to be left alone as she looked through his merchandise, and attended to the other costumers beside her. Sunnie kept combing through the long chapters.