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Marion McWard

I'm not getting any older but not any younger either, so can we get this over with already?

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a character in “Bellingstone, PA”, as played by Moonstruck




"But time is like the ocean, you can hold only a little in your hands."
~ Anonymous


Marion Eamon McWard

Younger folk call him Mr. McWard. People familiar with him call him Fish. Everyone else just better call him Marion and not Mary.

March 15, 1954


Sheriff and aspiring retiree





Marion is an astounding 6'4" and though he's no werewolf, he's got enough muscle to put up a good fight with one. When he's not in uniform he's usually in a knit sweater or cardigan, anything woolly and warm to protect against the elements.

Marion has just as many shits to give as he does competent cops on his force, which is to say he has none. Years of public service have left him bedraggled and with little patience for people's shenanigans. It also hasn't helped his disposition not being close to the ocean for so long.

His temper used to be soothed by his late wife Martha, but now that he's widowed he no longer sees the need to be sociable or even fake a polite smile. He has a dry sense of humor that makes it hard to tell if he is being serious or joking, and usually it's half of both.

He may not seem to care much about anything anymore, but at his core Marion is a fighter for good. And while he is not great at expressing kindness, that does not mean he is not a kind person deep down. Anybody who has known him for a long time knows that he's actually a big softy inside, but not to talk about it.

✔Being in control
✔Taking care of others
✔Music and singing
✔Sound of water, especially the ocean

✖Things not going his way
✖Small talk and gossip
✖Social events
✖Lazy or apathetic people

☠ Outliving everyone he knows
☠ Never being happy again
☠Dying away from the ocean


Marion is not originally from Bellingstone though he has lived here since the early 70s making him an established member of the community. But why would a sea dwelling creature willingly move himself to a landlocked state like Pennsylvania?

For love of course.

Before, he lived in a community along the coast of Maine with his father, an Irish fisherman who had a child with a siren (sirens never keep the male children, luckily this one gave Marion to his dad). Every summer a lovely girl from Bellingstone, who happened to be a witch, named Martha would show up with her family on vacation and the two would spend a month together. The rest of the year they would correspond by letter. Marion could never leave the sea where his powers are derived or else he would die, otherwise nothing would have kept them apart so many months out of the year.

When they were of age, she 17 and he 18, he proposed to Martha and asked her to move to the coast to be with him. But her coven wouldn't allow her to leave the safety of Bellingstone. Instead, the coven made Marion a charm, a magical Sapphire ring that would allow him to travel far from the ocean so he could live in Pennsylvania.

Willing to do anything to be with his darling Martha he accepted and moved to the small town surrounded by mountains and trees and nothing except a piddly creek. This also forced him into looking at other ways of making a living other than fishing and he ended up training to become a policeman. Nonetheless, all of the sacrifice was worth it. Marion and Martha had many happy years of marriage together and were endeared by the community, Marion becoming a sheriff and Martha a teacher at the local elementary school

To the sadness of many but especially Marion, Martha passed 6 years ago quite suddenly from a brain tumor found too late for modern medicine or magic to cure. This has left him with nothing tying him to the community except a few annoying in-laws and a frustratingly inconclusive case. On the brink of retirement, the mayor’s death is, as far as he's concerned, the only thing that stands in the way between him and sipping margaritas on a beach in Florida. As little as he might seem to care though, the sheriff is as stubborn as a bull dragging his force to the finish line of this investigation.

His supernatural abilities include immortality, breathing underwater, hypnosis (only if he sings a siren’s song), and turning into the swamp monster (aka his true form which is quite ghastly). He also has incredible strength beyond what a human is capable of.

However, because he is far from the ocean, if he takes off his ring with the charmed sapphire, he will become weak and die within hours if he's not immersed in water.

He is very musically inclined and can sing and play the guitar. He used to attend karaoke nights at the bar & grill with his fellow cops but hasn't done so in a while.

So begins...

Marion McWard's Story


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Bellingstone Creek

On the bridge over Bellingstone Creek Marion leaned over the stone railing nonchalantly watching red and yellow maple leaves be swept away downstream in the crystal clear water. The creek had expanded by a couple of feet already this Fall and by the end of winter its mass would scale the rocky tree-lined shore to tear out a few trees by its roots. It could almost be called a formidable force of nature, but it hardly made Marion shiver in comparison to the waves of the North Atlantic.

In fact it was tempting to dive into its cold mountain water and swim to whatever large body of water it took him to: one of the Great Lakes most likely. He was half tempted to toss the manila envelope he had in his hand down into the water too and let the crawdads have a go at the case he was working on. It was likely they'd make as much sense of the evidence as him at this point.

It was no secret he was ready to leave this place but the mayor's death was the one thing keeping the sheriff and water dwelling siren from retiring and calling it quits. Bellingstone had been his home for 36 years but what had made it home, his wife Martha, was gone. She had loved this place and he loved it only insofar as she did, and now that she was no longer here all of its appeal had been sucked out. All of the charmingly old buildings only stood as a reminder to him that she was gone. Everything in town was tainted by her memory, the places and even the people. There hadn't been one resident she didn't know and wasn't on a friendly basis with it seemed like, having taught generations of Bellingstone children, human and supernatural alike. They couldn't walk three feet down main street without her stopping to chat with someone. Now all the residents just looked on sadly as he passed them on the street.

But he couldn't leave goddamnit. Martha wouldn't have let him quit the case and she was still there as the little angel on his shoulder.

“Oh the poor Clarke children.” he could hear her say, ”I remember when they were just this big. They were so close to their father. You will solve the case won't you, Fish?”

Yes, dear. Of course…

The sound of a vehicle approaching pulled him out of his thoughts and he looked up to see a gray Prius parking at the end of the bridge. The short figure of Carwyn Pryderi climbed out of the vehicle and walked towards him, meeting him in the middle of the bridge. She did in many ways resemble his late police partner Conway Pryderi, from her pointed nose to her dark brown hair, even more so in the way her eyes seemed to read and analyze everything in her surroundings and then hide what she knew behind a placid expression. But he wasn't meeting her here to reminisce about the good ol’ days with her dad.

“Hi Mr.McWard.” she greeted chipperly.

Without any kind of preface or greeting in return he handed her the manila envelope.

“Take a look.”

Carrie opened the envelope and leafed through the papers and pictures inside. She carefully read each line with a finger to keep her place. After finishing, she flipped through the pages twice more as if she had missed something and checked to see that none of the pages were stuck together.

“This is the coroner's report? That's it?…” she looked up at him and he nodded.

“What do you make of it?” He asked. He already had his own theories but was interested in his new Private Investigator’s thoughts. He never thought in all his days he would have to use one, but he was at his wits end. And a Pryderi, psychic or not, might have had some kind of intuition he did not.

She sighed, puffing out her cheeks and letting the air out slowly.

“Well… blood on his collar and the lack of blood in the body could indicate a vampire attack.”

“No bite marks, but yes, it's a possibility.” He agreed, “There’s a chance it's just a coincidence too, the mayor may have had a medical condition that caused the anemia and the cut on his jaw has been chalked up to a shaving cut. But I’m not relying on the guesswork of humans… The only thing is: there’s only one vampire in town.”

She immediately knew who he was talking about.

“Ivan Moreau.” she said.

He almost heard a little pity in her voice.

Ivan or Van as he was more popularly known was the only consistent resident vampire of Bellingstone and the local library director. He was coincidentally one of the founders of the town too. Over time the population of vampires had dwindled. Those who moved in, quickly moved on, perhaps bored with the lack of nightlife or lack of food. (Humans may have been a pain in the ass to coexist with, but the supernatural here all agreed eating them was not a viable solution.) In any case, Van was the only vampire left and he, like all biters, seemed to be an arrogant prick in Marion's opinion but not a dangerous one. Not that he knew of anyways...

“Mmhmm, and what kind of motive would he have?” Marion asked.

“Maybe the mayor didn't pay the late fees on his overdue library books?” She snorted but he appeared completely unamused so she moved on quickly. “I’ll look into him… I need to renew my library card anyways. Maybe we should check into the covens too? Human blood is powerful for ritual purposes isn’t it?”

He almost smiled, almost. It was refreshing to be working with someone who understood the supernatural and wasn't a complete dunce.

“You're right, kid. I'll take a look. Martha was friendly with the Blake coven, I shouldn't have a problem talking to them. And our other mayoral candidate Oscar Stein is a warlock too… I'll have to pay him a visit.”

Carrie quirked a smile. There was just something about the way he said “kid” in his slight Irish lilt that could make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside (or terrified depending on his tone).

The two seemed off to a good start and pleased with their direction, for as many directions they were being pulled in.

“Great. I'm heading over to the diner now to investigate the Wolffs.” Carrie told him, sticking the copy of the coroner's report in her bag.

Marion pushed off the railing and placed a hand on her shoulder, making her look at him.

“Careful with them. Werewolves for all their posturing are the most touchy creatures. If they sniff out you're investigating them they might not talk to you at all. And that's if they're feeling kind.”

“Yeah, I know…” actually she couldn't imagine any of her former classmates wolfing out on her. Then again, she had never been at the center of any ire from a werewolf. “They’re going to figure out eventually though you know.”

He took his hand off her shoulder. “Most definitely, this is Bellingstone, you can't take a piss without someone knowing about it. But we have to keep your involvement in the case on the down low as long as possible. It's the only advantage we have at this point.”

His eyebrows furrowed above his clear blue eyes as he looked down at her, expressing concern and stricture.

“So, be careful.” he reiterated. “And don't tell anyone about what I just showed you. This report hasn't been released yet.”

She gave him a confident nod,“I know what I'm doing. Secrets are my business. I'll be careful.”


She turned towards the water, taking a rock and folded piece of paper from her satchel and began to wind the two together with a piece of twine from her pocket.

“What's that?” he arched a brow at her.

“Just a note.”

“You’re throwing it into the creek?”

“No, to the water faeries, of course.”

“There aren't any water faeries here in--” he noticed the subtle smirk on her face as she continued to wind the twine around and he stopped himself, “whatever… just make it quick and get to work, Pryderi.”

He headed back to his sheriff's car parked on the opposite side of the bridge. He hadn't said those words in a while, but he remembered saying them a thousand times before, ‘get to work, Pryderi', making him smile a little to himself.

“Will do, Mr. McWard.” he heard her say behind him.

He got into his vehicle and watched as Carrie threw the note into the creek and then walk back to her car as well. He hoped he wouldn't regret taking her onto the case. She was bright but he felt like he was literally feeding her to the wolves. He turned on his engine and spun around back towards town, shoving such thoughts to the back of his mind.

But this was still Bellingstone, he told himself.

What’s the worst that could happen?


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Bellingstone Creek

Marion pulled up to the Escape Bar and Grill and sat in his car for a moment gathering his bearings. He wasn't very fond of this place, it attracted too many biters and as much as Andre and Oscar tried to keep it low-key, there were of course the occasional brawls outside that the police were called to break up. It was only late morning and already the place was packed. That was probably the real reason why he disliked it most, was all the people, too many for his liking. It was Saturday so undoubtedly it would be like this all day, there would be no quieter time to come back.

The grizzled old Irishman groaned as he opened his door and shifted out of his vehicle. He mosied on into the bar, having to stop just inside so his eyes could adjust to the darkness. As they did, he surveyed the crowd. Two biters sat in the corner, taking refuge from the daylight outside. Somehow he seemed to recognize supernatural creatures whenever he saw them. Many years of civil service had taught him to be observant, and he had come to learn over the years the indicators for many different species. The biters, besides their vaguely morose presence, also tended to not blink a whole lot and look slightly waxen.

He gave the two vampires a knowing and suspicious look, and they returned his look with a smirk, raising their glasses to him. Pretentious arseholes. It was maybe a little hypocritical and unfair of him to be so suspicious of their kind. His species after all also had a bad reputation for not being the most friendly creatures either. Seducing humans and dragging them to the bottom of the ocean was not much better than draining them of all their blood. Yet there was a real disconnect between Marion and his kind, since he really hadn't spent much time with them and had led a very different life from any that he knew.

Marion dodged people and scooted between chairs until he got to the bar where Junsoo Moon was tending to customers. The meek Beta of Bellingstone shuffled back and forth behind the counter, swiftly taking orders and expertly serving them. Marion sat down on one of the stools. Already he was feeling drained from all the crowd around him and he hadn't even gotten to the person he was here to talk to.

He fiddled with the sapphire ring on his wedding finger, turning it and turning it, until Junsoo Moon finally got to him.

"Just a shot of scotch for me." he told Jun. He wouldn't normally drink, especially not on the job, but he was feeling more tense than usual.

"Say kid, is your boss in? Mr. Stein?" he asked him.


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_____ T H EXH E I R____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: Escape Bar & Grill
Dialogue Color ✦ #E5ABC3
Thought Color ✧ #d984a7

To: June♡
MSG:Is that a flirtation I see ;), anyway almost there boi.

The male would text quickly, at a red light, then proceed to the bar. His dark blue eyes would stare blankly ahead, as he smiled slightly. Pulling into the small parking lot, he would step out of his car with a spring in his step. Walking to the door of the bar, he would adjust his beanie. Opening the door he would speak out. "I'm home!" the male spoke, with a grin. Looking directly at Junsoo, his face would turn red.

He silently stood there, walking towards the male, he would feel his magic popping inside him. Something that happened often during Roman's interactions with Junsoo. He normally was the only one who could feel it. He would smile even more as he sat down at one of the stools.

He noticed a man sitting near him, wearing an enchanted ring. It was a signature of one of the more well-known magical families. His mother told him about them bringing some sort of water-related supernatural entity to Bellingstone. His face seemed confused, but he shrugged. He rarely left his home, unless he came to the bar or Junsoo's dance classes. So it was more often he didn't know the person, aside from the enchanted item.


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location: Escape Bar & Grill
outfit: X
dialogue: #32127A

Junsoo's attention was divided between the customers at the bar and the shady blood-suckers in the corner of the establishment. He tried his best to keep his eyes on the man across from him, politely answering his flirty remarks with a soft smile and a nod. It was unusually easy to dodge all invitations made, not that Junsoo was complaining. As soon as the man left, drink in hand, a very familiar face came into view. Jun's eyes rounded for a second before giving his usual cheerful smile and asking the man what he would be having to drink.

"Just a shot of scotch for me." Jun's lips softly pressed into a half smile as he pulled out the bottle of scotch, filling the small glass cup and sliding it over the counter. "On the house." he remarked. Not something he was accustomed to doing on his own. Usually Andre or Oscar decided who to hand out free drinks to, but Junsoo guessed neither of them would particularly mind his decision to give the town's Sheriff a freebie. The next question cause the young wolf to stop in his tracks, his eyes momentarily shifting to Roman as he made his entrance, before switching back to Mr. McWard.

"No sir, not at the moment." he answered almost carefully, calculating every word. As far as Junsoo knew, he wasn't guilty of any crimes, but something about the Sheriff being present made him rethink every life decision he had ever made, just to be on the safe side. Call it wolf's intuition, or whatever you may, but there was a heavy cloud of stress hovering over the older man's head. Of course, with everything that had gone down in the past few weeks, it was to be expected. Still, for someone as bright as Junsoo, it was almost suffocating. "I don't think he's coming in today." he added while his hands worked to prepare Roman his favorite drink. There was no need to ask him considering he almost always had the same thing. He placed the custom made cocktail in front of the boy, coupled with a smile and a swift wink for fun's sake, before turning his attention back to Marion once again. "Would you like to leave him a message?"