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Desmond Joseph Grey

"If I had a dollar for every time someone's thanked us in this job. I'd have zero dollars. You've got your issues and I have mine."

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a character in “Bellingstone, Pennsylvania”, as played by KumoriOokami


Desmond Joseph Grey

Des, Dessy (given, not accepted), Joe
He prefers to be called Grey by people he isn't familiar with and will usually introduce himself as this first.


Birth Date
September 29th

Desmond is French/Canadian, born in Canada but grew up in Michigan


Desmond is a 6'2'' and 160 pound young man with short dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Due to intense training and on the daily hunts; Desmond is muscular and coltishly built, meaning his lean muscles allow for quick movement without giving up too much strength in his actions. Most of his fighting techniques depend on a certain degree of agility, and nimbleness, so he mostly dresses for comfort rather than style, these clothes often include jeans, loose shirts, and plain boots. On most days he’ll often wear jeans and button-up shirts with long sleeves that vary in color but usually adhear to a certain range of dull earth tones and some cold colors,. He has glasses, but he never wears them if he has contacts in.

Cold – Resilient – Merciless – Decisive – Stubborn – Loyal

- His coldness often makes Desmond quite unsympathetic and quiet. He was told once when he was a child, that to show weakness to anyone, including your friends, but most importantly to your enemy, was to lose. What better way to protect yourself then, to become the most rational thinking, calculative, and emotionless warrior possible? Desmond truly believe this, and lives this way, believe everyone in the occupation should in order to survive. Conflicting emotions always arise when there is a grey area; it’s better simply to just trust his instinct, and read things on whether or not they are black and white. Any sign of doubt it’s just better to assume one of the other. He compartmentalized the risks, and takes the least compromising actions. He is a born hunter.
- Resilience is a factor of enduring. Enduring torture is not always physical, but it is also daily mental battle. The life of a hunter, to Desmond, is not supposed to be enjoyable. It is nothing other than resilience and loyalty that gives him his purpose. It is his bounce-back attitude that gets him out of bed after a bad run, and it is this mentality that serves to fuel his fiery hatred toward anything of the supernatural type.
- Taught to him at an overly young age while he and his father were hunting a particular coven of vampires, was that there can be no mercy for the wicked and truly evil. Despite any act of pleading, and no matter if it was woman or child, if their mouths were stained with blood, and they were guilty of murder they were to be put down. That’s what his father had told him, but Desmond, at 12 years old, hesitated while holding a knife high above the head of a young girl. She was younger than him, and looked like she could have gone to his school, if she hadn’t been a vampire. Frozen, because of hindering thoughts, the girl immediately took to instinctive action and lunged at him after seeing his weakness. He just barely got away that time, and he definitely learned from that mistake.
- Decision making it an important task in being a leader. Wishy-washy thinking tends to leave gaps in detail, which could prove detrimental to any task or given mission. Desmond gives clear and concise answers to those who he addresses and mostly expected that same courtesy returned to him from those he trusts. Blatant honesty is better than half-truths.

There is very little in which Desmond likes to do. Leisure times are few and far in between in a Hunter’s life. You could say that he rather enjoys hunting, however. It’s something he was raised doing. Saving people from the sinister and deprived monsters of the darkness is not really gratifying, but it beats living a mundane life. Desmond has never tried, nor would he ever succeed and living a normal, mundane, average Joe, life. It’s wired in his blood not to refuse such a thing.
Desmond enjoys driving. He has a motorbike stored away. Drove it for miles across the country during a rebellious act against his father. Now though, practicality wins, for the most part. He also drives a black Buick Verano, in an attempt to try and remain inconspicuous. And well, he likes that color on vehicles.

Aside from the obvious, supernatural, he also hates a wide surplus of other things. He hates traffic, whining, loaning his car, terrible books, museums, hospitals, the police or any form of ignorant law enforcement authority, People who are pompous, overly naïve, annoying, liars, salesmen of any kind, people trying to be funny, crying people, loud noises, and ghosts. (Because how do you cut or shoot at ghosts?)

The story of a lone Hunter

Desmond is the son of hunters. When he was just a child, no more than five years old, he was ripped away from his parents just after he witnessed a horrific attack. It was in the winter. The wind blew a harsh and unwelcoming gale from the northwest. The type of cold that blew stright through you, and froze your bones. The ice heedlessly stinging skin and causing sprays of pain here and there wherever skin wasn't covered. He watched helplessly as they were slaughtered by a creature. To him now, it does not matter what exectly killed them. They died right before his eyes. Eyes that were forever opened from that point on. It‘s a long story of how he came to be who he is now. The hunters who took him in, were also his rescuers, they lived in Minnesota at the time, a rag-tag sort of group that joined all for different reasons of their own. (Mostly rooted in revenge.) Every hunter involved with caring for the child, knew at the time, what sort of life they would be forcing upon this boy. The reward was living with peace of mind that this orphan would never live a blind life while there were still creatures lurking in the darkness. They reasoned that thanks to them, Desmond Grey would never walk the streets not knowing of the dangers that were really out there. He would know about the evils committed under wraps, and innocent blood that is spilt by murderers that are just simply too strong for any normal person to counter. As a child he was reminded; “It is a hunter’s duty to fight for those who are blind to the darkness, they protect innocent lives, and forfeit their own safety, because it is the burden which knowing brings.” That was what he was told, and what Desmond now believes to this day. Like some creed to keep a soldier in battle, it compels him to continue without complaint. The Hunter’s rules are his bible, and his loyalty lies only within the ranks of his own kind. Human kind.

By the time he was 7, he was shooting weapons and handling knives. On his birthday in the fall, he'd been present with his first hunter's blade. A slightly curved hunting dagger, imbued with a holy engraving was presented to him in a small, horribly wrapped box. He remembers that day well, because the hunter who gave it to him, a man who was both like his father and mentor, one November Dimitriev, told him this this particular blade had been passed down to him by his own father, and his father before him. That day, Desmond became a part of the family.

At 16, Desmond was still going to public school. Early in his life and education, he quickly realized that other children where not part of his world. The hunters, his family, told him to keep their lives a secret. So he did, being that he was loyal to them and their rules, and respected the authority their words carried. He knew too, that there was a greater benefit in keeping this all to himself. The only reason the world wasn't in complete chaos, was thanks to the ignorance of society. Despite there being a subtle awareness that vampires, werewolves and vast majority of other beings exist within the world, the majority of people only believe that there is myth and reality, and stories to be told around campfire. It was best kept a secret that it was indeed the ones who appeared crazy, were actually right in their beliefs. People are safer not knowing.

Bonds with other people are not easily made with Desmond. But when he was 21, he joined the guild and naturally as time passed, he allowed himself to be closer to the people he worked with from day to day. It was a great deal to his family that he was asked, and that he finally accepted it, given a month of thought. Skills of a hunter were known to be better utilized under the protection of the guild. Freelance hunting was not only dangerous, but there was no money involved and thus no stability in life, and the expenses that came with it. It wasn't like the general public paid them for their troubles, after all.
Joining the guild was huge milestone for Des. He had to talk with other people, and coordinate with different minds. This was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, with strangers. For, with the general public, he can easily put on a fake face and be whatever he wanted. With other guild members however, this wasn't so simple. There was no need for lying to them, but without his acting, Desmond suddenly felt bare and vulnerable. For once he had nothing to say to them, and it was all business and nothing more. For the longest time, Desmond avoided them all. It was all so difficult to get used to for someone so accustomed to working alone.

It was only when he joined the East branch that he finally opened up a little. It was unconscious, natural, and yet it still gives him the most unsettled feeling.

Despite everything he’s been through, the missions, losses, the frustration and the work at hand, Des is actually really a kind-hearted person. It might not show past his impatience, but when he considers someone a friend, it really shows. His trust in people is something that is held in high regard. He doesn't take this matter lightly, especially in this line of work.

13 years ago, he split apart from the group of hunters who raised him in place of his deceased parents and worked alone until he was 18.

At 18 he was recognized for his skill in hunting, but refused all recruiting to various organizations.
When he was 21 he officially joined a guild. He didn’t intend to, but in the end it’s helped him further his endeavors to wipe out the supernatural, and with that, he is content, even if he has to work with others now. He does well in teams, just as well, if not better than he does alone. He realizes that benefit of having someone trustworthy to watch his back.

At 25, he completely recognizes that he currently now plays an important role as the leader of the Eastern branch of hunters. The guild wants him to cover the Northeast eventually, and it’s a big spot to fill. If he succeeds in Pennsylvania, they have promised to enable him to target a large coven next that might be connected to the murder of his family, the hunters who raised him. Two years ago, they were all felled in a raid to their home base. November disappeared, but Desmond doesn't expect to ever see him again.

Des has never been in a relationship that’s lasted more than a few months. He doesn’t have a sexual preference, and shuns the idea of hunters ever having families. He simply does not think it is possible to be a hunter and live a normal life.

So begins...

Desmond Joseph Grey's Story


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Location; Downtown Bellingstone.
Time; 7:00 P.M.



The night air was cool and crisp as ever within the downtown area. It was a day of festivities all over the downtown area of Bellingstone and it was quite the spectacle every year. Today was the day that everyone within the town of Bellingstone, Pennsylvania have been waiting for. Founder's Day - A day of celebration and the day that the town was founded by the finding fathers. People have lined up to watch the parade, which was long as always and now people were within the town center, awaiting for their mayor to take the stage and give his normal speech about this fabulous day and now night.

Hidden within the crowd, dressed in a black leather jacket, pants and white t-shirt, stood the alpha of the Wolff pack - Nicholas. He had his arms folded over his muscular chest, blending in with the normal townsfolk. His eyes gazed around as he kept a close eye on his pack, making sure every single one of them behaved. Nicholas turned his head back towards the stage as Samantha was up there now, standing behind the podium and waited until the crowd hushed before speaking. "Welcome, people of Bellingstone to the Annual Founder's Day ceremony." A few people applauded as she waved her hand towards the mayor. "And allow me to introduce the mayor, Mr. Maxwell Carter."

The crowd roared as Samantha stepped aside and Maxwell stood up and took to the podium now, waving with a smile. Nicholas didn't bother applauding but he stood there motionless even. "I thank everyone that participated in today's events and organized everything. Obviously, it wasn't me because things would've been all over the place." There was scattered laughter along with his own as he continued speaking. "I stand proud before you today because of this magnificent display that brings a community together." Maxwell waved his hand towards something that was covered up, a statue more than likely.

"And now, my surprise." Once the sheet was ripped off to reveal the status, a body was also there hanging lifelessly with multiple bite marks and even a few scratches. People gasped, screamed and a few collapsed onto the ground while Nicholas stared at the body, noticing that the body wasn't the attack of a werewolf. The mayor walked closer to the display and broke down. "This is my nephew! Who did this?!" The mayor was in a furious rage and demanded answers as the authorities were starting to arriving. Most seemed like it was implemented by someone else. Nicholas' mind automatically went to one word - Vampire. Those vile and disgusting creatures of nature, well then again, so are werewolves but they do not require human blood to live.

Nicholas couldn't bare witness of this sight anymore as he stepped away, authorities all around investigating especially Angie and Christopher. Nicholas waltzed into one of the nearby restaurants and sat down at an outside table, pulling out his cell phone and sending out a massive text to his pack members.

To: The Wolff Pack
Meet me at Gino's Pizza now. Last one here buys dinner.

Nicholas sent the message while a waitress came up to him and asked what we wanted to eat. He licked his lips while staring at her up and down then shook his head while ordering two meat lovers pizzas. The waitress nodded her head and walked back inside. Nicholas even ordered everyone cups of water to go with their pizza. Nicholas sat there, pondering whether or not the vampires might've done this or not. If it was a war they want, a war they were surely going to get but how can two clans of supernatural being war with hunters also lurking in the mist. His eyes caught sight of the mayor on the phone. Nicholas used his enhanced hearing to listen in. "Desmond. It's time."


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#, as written by WilPen



The night was crisp and it seemed like for once everything would go well. Rowan had been following a boy that was thought to have ties to a supernatural group. So far he had just been hitting on girls and getting shot down. A lot. It seemed like a waste of time, but it was her job to give every lead her full attention. Otherwise, Rowan would have been home. Sure, carnivals were fun, but the large crowds made it hard to keep an eye out for danger. Though, they also made it harder t be noticed when you are following someone. Either way, Rowan was sure this particular young man wouldn't notice a marching band following him. That said, she was also enjoying a game of Sudoku.

Well, had been enjoying a particularly difficult game of Sudoku. When all hell broke loose, she'd been sitting at a table off to the side of the crowd. After the screams began, she sprung into action. She waded through the terrified crowd and climbed on the stage. "Anything I can do to help Sheriff?"She called over the loud noise of the citizens. She sent a brief text to Desmond:

To: Desmond
Where are you? There's been an attack at the festival.

She took the opportunity to inspect the body. While she wouldn't rule anything out before an autopsy, the bite patterns suggested a vampire attack. As if guided by fate, her narrow eyes found Pfeiffer Griffin and her group of ruffians. She wasn't sure yet which of them were supernatural and which were just a cover. Either way, she was sure Griffin had something to do with this whole situation.


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Desmond J. Grey

Desmond was around during the ceremony. He did not particularly find interest in listening to the flowery speeches and the presentations. The hum of activity was jarring, and the lights too colorful and distracting, but worst of all was the sea of people. Events like these were just more reasons for large crowds of people to collect into one area. Every hunter knew that just because an area was concentrated, didn’t make it any less dangerous for the public. For hunters the fear was walking among so many people, and not knowing who was human or not.
He had a small flip phone in his pocket which buzzed and lit up when he received the call. Leaning on the rails of a vestibule to one of the outcropping decks facing the festival, Desmond pulled out his phone and accepted the call. He didn’t speak. Whoever had his number called because they already knew who would answer.
The mayor, accompanied by screaming in the background, and Desmond immediately tensed at the sounds of panic. Immediately he knew it was serious. The mayor need not say any more. Desmond was already moving in response to the attack.
Desmond received a text as he made his way to the crime scene. It was a short distance away luckily, because there was no driving near since the roads were blocked off, and the crowd was still in the streets, and only moved more quickly out of the way as sirens filled the air, flashing red and blue. An ambulance followed, honking its horns so loudly that Desmond could feel his ears ringing.
He glanced down at his phone just as he was reaching the unveiling of the statue, the police were coming in, and the EMTs were taking the body down and putting him carefully in a body bag. It was Rowan, good, she must have already been here, and perhaps she was close by.

To: Rowan
Near the statue. We need to figure out a plan. Let’s meet at the WB

Westfall Bar was close by. Quiet, out of the way, but near their location, conveniently enough. The owner harbored his own paranoia of the supernatural, with wards of his own throughout the bar, silver, blessed objects, a weapon loaded with various anti supernatural ammunition, and nearly a whole arsenal designed to fight against the inhuman. Coming here, Desmond worked a deal with him to use one of his rooms upstairs as a base of operations, after seeing his proven defenses against werewolves and vampires. The keeper said he’d been suspicious about the town for a long time, and with good reason too. He allowed Desmond to rest the upper floor and use it to help clean this city of the impure.
The bar was sandwiched between two buildings on the street. It was two stories, and built with an old-time feel. The inside mirrored this theme with a classic English design.
Upstairs was the room the hunters borrowed it was a simple open space with only one window that was heavily barred, with a large table and a map. They didn’t keep their plans out in the open to unwelcome eyes and crafty beings trying to get in on their movements, but there were photos of various suspects posted on a board. This place had just been established here as their main meeting area, and so far it has proven to be the safest for the newly arrived hunters.
Desmond climbed the steps after greeting the bar keep and being let in past the front counter. He moved upstairs and walked down the hall and unlocked the heavy door. Home sweet home, one might say. He sighed and pulled out his phone, clicked around a bit through his messages and snapped it back shut before he raked his fingers through his hair. He could help but feel subdued excitement in his blood. Every sense as a hunter was thrilled that a crime happened so quickly- that the suspicions that brought them here were right. Bellingstone was now on the Hunter’s radar. The supernatural was indeed here… And they were nasty creatures.