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Sarin Uzumaki

First Uzumaki made with Kamui's System RISE

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a character in “Bellistrad's Public Works”, as played by Bellistrad


"Life is just the cycle of Karma slowed down for us to learn from it."
"You sure you want to see what's under the mask?"
"I have never bowed down to an Uchiha, let alone the likes of you!"
"Gimme that dumpling, dammit! I paid for it!"
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The Reaper Who Remained
[hr]Name: Sarin "Senju" Uzumaki
[hr]Summary: Once only a red haired Senju boy, now a wandering shinobi and the first of his new namesake.
Clan: Senju/Uzumaki
Age: 28 years old
Sex: Male
Race: Human Shinobi
Birth-date: March 21st
Blood-type: AB+
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lbs
Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Voice Actor(s): Suigetsu English (Grant George)
Theme: Edana Theme - Myst III (Sarin's Theme) Mercy in Darkness - TSFH (Reaper Theme)
Soiyo Senju (Father), Itana Senju (Mother), ?? (Grandmother), ?? (Grandfather)Image
[hr]Personality: Sarin is oftentimes a stubborn goofball of a character. He can be persistent when he wants to be but other times tries to joke around with those he talks to. He is oftentimes found daydreaming about something he will almost never speak of and even when asked about his past he only lightly mentions his ties to the Senju Clan if prompted, his jokester nature dropping into a more somber tone. He does not always speak but once the dam is broken he can flood a person with talk if he wants to.
Appearance: Messy red hair, pink eyes, pale skin, lean build, and ever-changing clothing styles as his travel wear gets worn or torn by battle or use.

Background: Sarin was born to the Senju Clan, as one might expect. His non-Senju mother came from a long line of temple priestesses who had beautiful red hair that drew in his father almost immediately. Their love child, Sarin, possessed an oddly dense chakra and high life force to him. However, his red hair was not popular among the other children and he was mocked for it from a young age. Because of his weak resolve to stand up for himself, his father kept him indoors when he was of age to begin training as a shinobi. He was given many books and first learned Fuinjutsu this way at the age of 4. Because of his seclusion, he spent much of his time learning the ways of seals and calligraphy, but his mother supplemented this with Wind Release drills in the outer courtyard where no one would see them. Soon enough though, the Uchiha spied upon the Senju compound and spotted the young Sarin with his unique chakra and planned a kidnapping. Sarin woke up to his parents fighting off the attackers and losing their lives in the process. As the Uchiha bore down on him, he released his fear and anxiety, and the Adamantine Chains sprouted from his body to impale the Uchiha who had come for him. The incident was looked over by the Senju Elder and he was given over to the care of the local Medical Specialists. He spent a whole three years looking after the wounded with his keepers and even learned he could heal others by letting them suck on his chakra. He tried to make up for his failure to aid his parents by helping those in need, going on missions with other Senju, and eventually even killing a young Uchiha on one of his missions. But the dead eyes of the one he killed stared back at him, and he soon decided to leave the Senju behind. He gave himself a new name of Uzumaki and traveled the world to find new ideas and teachers to learn from. Every scrap of Jutsu or technique he learned was meant to reach his new goal of resurrecting his lost parents or defending himself from those who attacked him. The warring states around him were but a backdrop to the story he wished to weave for himself, and eventually, he resorted to what some might call immoral experiments. The dead and dying were used as guinea pigs for his attempts to find true resurrection. Instead, he found something he never wished to see, the face of Death itself. Though a breakthrough, it was in the wrong direction. But this discovery changed his plans and would shape the ninja world for centuries to come. The Uchiha and those who sided with them started to be attacked by a masked shinobi in a dark armored cloak wielding deadly techniques and the face of a Reaper as a mask. Now called The Reaper Who Remains, this strange figure has started to spread rumors across the ninja world as of late slaughtering Uchiha and their allies. Some blame the Senju for using demonic rituals, while others call it a balance to the Sharingan, or retribution for the Uchiha's reckless use of it. No matter the truth, this figure stalks the world just as Sarin Uzumaki travels to find more knowledge and power. He eventually tired of revenge and set about making a clan of his own. He settled with several wives and children in the Land of Whirlpools and stayed with them for a few years to help set things in motion. Finally, when he felt ready, he sealed himself away to let time pass him by and his clan to grow. He would exit his self-isolation with only a year passing for him but many generations passing in the real world. He came back to find his clan stead annihilated and in ruins. A few survivors have found their way back to the island to start anew but they have been keeping themselves secret. Who knows what Sarin will do in the new day and age.
Reputation Status: [1] [2]
Flee on Sight (Reaper) - After nearly a decade of self-training and fighting various Uchiha out of self defense and revenge alike, the Uchiha Clan and many other lesser clans have learned of the masked alias known as the Reaper Who Remains.
Lesser Known - (Sarin) Sarin himself without the gravitas of the masked visage is still known as a traveling shinobi. Some Uchiha might know him as a Senju, but most would not.
Residence: Travelling, always.
Affiliation: Senju Clan (Sarin) N/A (Reaper)
Ninja Registration: (Personal ID number given to each shinobi. Optional.)
Ranks: N/A
Positions: N/A
Classifications: Fuinjutsu Specialist, Sensory Type
Team: N/A
Disciple(s): His Children
Sensei/Mentors: His Father, Medical Shinobi, some various travelers.
Economic Status: Unknown
Occupation: Traveler/Vagabond
Annual Salary: Approximately ¥10k - ¥100k Ryo a Year, give or take.
Net-worth: ¥300k ryō
[hr]Significant Locations: Senju Clan Compound (Obviously)
Eight by Eight Mask Sealing Dimension (Described in the Mask's description)
Land of Whirlpools (Where he made a small hideout to conduct experiments and later his clan.)
Education: Readin and Writing, Basic Arithmatic, Fuinjutsu Specialization, non-ninjutsu Medicine, Basic Survival Skills

[hr]Completed Missions
D—Rank: 05 C—Rank: 04 B—Rank: 03 A—Rank: 01 S—Rank: 01
[hr]Accolades: A special blue crystal necklace giving to him before leaving the Senju Clan. A reminder of his past only recognizable by other Senju.
Textual Works: The Spiral of Eternity: A large scroll written by Sarin that contains all his past research and Fuinjutsu work to date. Only summonable by him and trapped to seal anyone away who opens it without his chakra signature.
Notable Conflicts: Battle of Bloody Soul: An Uchiha mission for the Fire Daimyo gone wrong when two squads of Uchiha sent to muscle a lesser village into submission were interrupted by The Reaper Who Remains and slaughtered. The Senju hired by the village's allies to intercept them found only blood and cloth remaining.
World Travels: Land of Fire, Land of Water, Land of Waves, Land of Whirlpools, Land of Lightning, Land of Rice Patties, Land of Hot Water, Land of Frost, Land of Grass, Land of Rain, and Land of Stone.
[hr]Ambitions: Create a Ressurection Jutsu, act out revenge on the Uchiha, Rebuild his Clan
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
[hr]Summary: - Even as the first of the Uzumaki Clan, Sarin has shown an extreme life force and chakra reserve. The notable red hair and fiery drive are ever-present, and his skill in Fuinjutsu is unmatched. He passed on these traits to his children and wives who were also trained Shinobi and left the clan to grow on its own. Over time the Uzumaki Clan came to contact the Senju once again and become cousin clans together allied. After the formation of Ninja Villages they settled down but remained with close ties to the Senju and the Hidden Leaf. Eventually war brought multiple villages and clans allied against them in a surprise attack leaving Uzushiogakure in ruins and the clan scattered. Recently some Uzumaki have come back to rebuild but have kept themselves as hidden as possible.

Status: Unknown
Clan Lord: N/A
Known Members: N/A
Affiliations: Senju Clan
[hr]Background: After being formed by Sarin many years ago the Clan grew into an entirely independent Hidden Village, something unheard of for a single clan at the time. Unfortunately, their alliance with the Senju and Konohagakure could not save them from destruction as their prowess with Fuinjutsu proved too big of a threat.
Weighted Nunchucku: Simple orange and black nunchaku used for extended melee use. The flat ends have a single-sealing kanji etched into them for simple seal placement when charged with chakra.

Uzumaki War Fan: Specially made to be flexible, lightweight, and resistant to slashing or piercing damage from blades. The fabric in the fan itself is lined with bamboo strands to give it extra strength and flexibility as well as blade, water, and fire resistance. The rim is reinforced steel layered in iron just like katana blades giving it the flex and power it needs to withstand the same. The entire fan is capable of being used as a chakra focus allowing chakra nature enhanced strikes for Sarin’s mud and wind. Fuinjutsu can easily flow from one side to the other, allowing him to place his hand on one side and cast his seals from the other. Seals imbedded into the fan include a Splitting Seal to cut off the fingers and hands of those who try to steal it, a Reverse Summoning seal to summon Sarin to and from it to other seals, a Summoning seal to summon the fan, a Tetragram Seal and Reverse Tetragram Seal for sealing away things in various scenarios, and Adamantin Chain seals to sprout the chakra chains from its surface.

Nature Poison: A special and forbidden poison developed by Sarin that has an extremely complicated recipe. Using the essence of the famous tree whose bark reacts to chakra natures, this poison is powerful in its unique adaptation. When injected into a shinobi it reacts to their primary chakra nature. Fire affinity shinobi will get a burning sensation around their body and if they use a Fire Style Jutsu they will internally combust over time. Water affinity feel bloated and when using a Water Style Jutsu will flood their organs and veins with water, crushing the brain against the skull for lethal hemorrhaging. Earth affinities will feel heavier and slowly turn to stone if they use too much Earth Elemental Jutsu. Lightning affinities will feel sharp pains across their extremities and even have a heart attack or aneurysm if they use a Lighting Style Jutu that is strong enough. Wind affinities will feel short of breath and if a Wind Style Jutsu is used they may start bleeding both internally and externally from many cuts around the body. Yin affinities may experience dizziness and nausea, but using any Yin-based Jutsu can result in hallucinations and even self genjutsu. Yang affinities will feel no change at first but if they use any Yang-based Jutsu their body will begin to expand in random blotches and spots on their body making it extremely difficult to move.

Eight by Eight Mask: Specially designed with his greatest skill, Sarin crafted the white Sealing Mask with a double layered 8 Trigram Seal in mind. Repeatable and efficient, the mask can be used to seal things using the strength of the Uzumaki Sealing Style for small things, the Tetragram Seal for jutsu, or the Eight Trigram Sealing Style for people all the way up to even a Biju if need be. The chakra drain changes according to the requirements of what he is sealing, but the mask as a catalyst makes it easier to perform as he does not need hand signs to activate it for simple things. The internal sealing dimension contains 64 individual sealing rooms in a dimension similar to the Nine Tails sealing dimension with its barred rooms, dank hallways, and labyrinthine pipe work. The rooms come in many different sizes, but most have enough room to contain large animals or many racks of equipment. Some are jail cells meant to contain opponents, while a few are large enough to house even a Biju or large monstrosity inside. The weapons, items, and other materials kept inside his sealing rooms can even be ejected out to use for attacks and such. All the walls are made of metallic sheets and bricks overlaying concrete walls several feet thick and chakra resistant. The metallic layers only ground to the same room with the exception of rooms with pipes, which are insulted against electricity. Unless stated otherwise, each room is pitch black with no lighting. When sealing away jutsu, he can either send them to one of his rooms or seal them into the mask itself as not to interfere with the rooms he already has. Following are the sealing rooms within Sarin’s sealing dimension.

Sealing Rooms: (1) Largest sealing room used for large monsters lit with low candle lighting. There is no door, but a short hallway leading towards the large barred gate that holds the monster within. (2) Second largest also for monsters and lit with low candle lighting. (3) Arsenal room which can eject any number of weapons and equipment. (4) Scroll room containing all the hidden research Sarin has done and his sealing tag reserve. Dimly lit with ever burning candles, a bed for him to sleep in, and an alcove of his personal belongings. A guest room sits off to the side and acts as the sealing entrance. (5) Bell room for containing many of the bells used in his Bell Method techniques. The room is sound proof as the bells are hung and constantly ringing. Anyone sealed into this room will be surrounded by sound-based mental disruption which cannot be released, as it isn’t chakra-based nor genjutsu. (6) A watertight room filled with liquid pressurized mud used for Earth Style Jutsu and surprises. (7) A watertight room filled with freshwater, pressurized for high-speed ejection at pressures enough to cut through metal. He can choose to release it slowly to negate the speed. (8) Airtight room filled with poison gases and neurotoxin collected from multiple sources to be released at short ranges. (9) An airtight room filled with thick black smoke of volcanic ash and charcoal soot pressurized for quick release. (10) Airtight room filled with thick white smoke from wood-burning pressurized for quick release. (11) Airtight room pressurized with superhot steam fed from the pipe network for scalding release onto opponents. (12) An airtight room filled with explosive gas-pressurized for quick release. (13) Room filled with piano wire and pulleys to entrap, ensnare and possibly sever limbs from targets that are sealed within, falling from the ceiling down into the tangle of the pitch black room. (14) A simple room with a barred cage as the sealing entrance point with an inch of water on the ground. It is dimly lit with amber candlelight. (15) A large and wide room brightly lit with mirrored candlelight sealed to forever burn; Filled with plants and greenery, the odd bird species here and there, and a small water fall fueled by the pipe network. (16) A simple small room with every surface covered in paper bombs layered upon each other a few inches thick. The walls are extra reinforced to take the explosions once someone is sealed inside. There is no door. (17-64) Empty rooms of various sizes and shapes whose only use is to contain weapons, Jutsu, and prisoners he seals away during battle.

Reaper Sealing Mask: Designed to possess the wearer with the spirit of the Grim Reaper, this mask is used in the Reaper Death Seal Release. Sarin’s personal mask is black instead of white and has a slightly different shape to more modern masks.

Genjutsu Sealing Tags: Placed upon the body, this tag seals away the next genjutsu the wearer is hit by, sealing away the invasive chakra or changes and pulses the wearer’s chakra system to dispel the effects. Once used, the tag is useless and shrivels up to fall off the person’s skin or burns away depending on the maker.

Genjutsu/Sound Wave Earrings: A pair of twin black fang earrings designed by Sarin himself. Used to protect him from the detrimental effects of his own bells and other sound-based jutsu or genjutsu. They pulse chakra into the ear canal constantly rearranging the sounds taken in by them to keep them safe. \

Reverse Summon Tags: One-time use paper tags that allow Sarin to reverse summon himself to them with only a hand seal.

General Sealing Tags: Almost any seal Sarin can use, he can put into tag form and already has a large stock of them on hand.

Wind/Sound Amplifier: Over his right forearm or summoned into battle is a layered ceramic and carbon steel sound amplifier similar to the one shown in the chunnin exams. It does not target sound but can amplify the noise sent through it if charged with chakra and can enhance wind style jutsu blown across the holes in its surface. It can also be used as armor to block blows and weapons, though may harm his forearm with enough force. His right arm has become slightly stronger as a result of lifting its moderate weight.

Sealing Senbon: Alongside normal senbon, Sarin carries wooden senbon with very small sealing script carved in spirals along the length of the needle. When the needles impact something the seals can be imparted onto the surface. If the needles puncture deep into something that has an interior, like the other side of a wall or the inside of someone’s body, the seals can be imparted inside or on the other side of that target.

Sarin's Scroll/The Spiral of Eternity Scroll: A giant scroll about two feet thick and five feet tall made of thick water and fireproof parchment infused with chakra. It is grey and black in design with the inner color being more standard off-white tan in color. The inner rod of wood makes up about a foot of the thickness of the scroll and has sliding draws at either end that are locked with sealing kanji in the Uzumaki style. These drawers contain smaller scrolls, inks, and calligraphy brushes of varying sizes and brush styles. The drawer lids only make up half of the end of the central rod, the other half containing hidden senbon shooters that can be activated with chakra alone. Printed on the first section of roll-out paper is the advanced pre-printed seal for the Eight Trigrams sealing technique, allowing him to use the technique with no prior setup or chakra expense. While using a podium or alter for the Jutsu is standard, this premade sealing formula replaces that entirely and a Master of Fuinjutsu can use the formula to reverse engineer the sealing Jutsu and lock with enough time and research. Using this same formula Sarin can reverse it with hand signs to create the Reverse Eight Trigram. The second section of the scroll has the formula for a Reaper Barrier Seal, and even further down are his notes and research on all his various techniques.

Kunai, Shurikan, Demon Wind Shurikan, Giant Shurikan, Giant Kunai, Katana, Spare War Fans, Senbon

Animal Companion: N/A
Summoning(s): Tahao the Giant Hawk: A simple giant hawk similar to Sasuke's. Also sealed away to negate aging.
Gredai the Great Worm: A gigantic 60ft long worm capable of burrowing through the ground and spraying rock dissolving acid out of its maw, which is filled with teeth.
The Baku:

Tailed Beast: N/A
Other: The Grim Reaper
Give a description of any section classified as Experienced, Considerable or above.
Chakra: Uzumaki Chakra: - Dense, Energetic, warm, and full of Life. Uzumaki chakra is one of the most unique human chakra types.

Chakra Reserves:
Immense Lvl 4 (1+1+1+1=4)

Chakra Control:
Remarkable Lvl 4 (1+1+1+2=5)

Life Force:
Muscular Lvl 5 (Uzumaki Special- 1+1+1+1+3= 7)
(To get a better understanding of life force and its purpose click here.)

Steadfast Lvl 3 (1+1+1=3)

Steadfast Lvl 3 (1+1+1=3)

Luck: Faint Lvl 1 (1=1)
(Important: This section is meant to go along with the ninjutsu percentage level shown in the Jutsu and Skill Data tab below.)[hr]Use this section to list the Nature Transformations your character can use. Keep in mind that dependent upon your personal ninjutsu mastery percentage level, your character can have access to only a certain number of elements. Take into consideration your rank. This can be changed by the use of kekkei genkai or experience gained in role-play.

The higher your mastery, the more you are expected to describe your character's use of each element they possess.

Basic (0% to 20%—1 element), Experienced (20% to 40%—2 elements), Advanced (40% to 60%—3 elements)
Proficient (60% to 80%—4 elements), Mastered (80% to 100%—5+ elements)
Mastered Lvl 5 (1+1+1+1+1=5)

Genius Lvl 4 (1+1+1+1=4)

Hand Seal Knowledge:
Expert Lvl 4 (1+1+1+1=4)

Speed Level:
Advanced Lvl 3 (1+1+1=3)

Physical Strength:
Advanced Lvl 2 (1+1=2)

Immense Lvl 4 (1+1+1+1=4)

Stamina Level:
Dominant Lvl 5 (1+1+1+1+1=5)

Recovery Rate:
Rapid Lvl 5 (1+1+1+1+1=5)
Take note of your character's age and rank when deciding upon percentages—the lower your rank and age, the lower your percentage of mastery should be. Anything above 50% mastery requires an explanation below to explain why you possess it.

Use the data below as a rule of thumb:

Taijutsu: 04/10
Ninjutsu: 06/10
Genjutsu: 03/10
Fūinjutsu: 15/10
Medical Techniques: 02/10
Space-Time Techniques: 05/100

[center]Hiden Jutsu:

The Reaper Death Seal, Uzumaki Sealing Method, Adamantine Chains, Heal Bite, Eight Trigrams Seal, Tetragram Seal, Reverse Tetragram

Canon Jutsu:

Ninja Arts
Dancing Leaf Shadow, Genjutsu Release, Chakra Sensing

Raging Lion’s Mane: By sending chakra into one’s head and hair, the caster can grow their hair to extraordinary lengths and harden it with chakra flowing through it. This can become thin strands of wildly whipping hair for various purposes or a clumped mass of hair for thick solid defenses or hardened assaults.

Spirit Transformation Jutsu: Allows for astral projection and low level communication.

Four Crimson Ray Formation: A master level barrier only performed by four kage level shinobi. Can change its shape with input from the casters. Biju level barrier.

ImageWind ReleaseImage

{D Rank}
Wind Style Gale Fan: Shoots a fan shaped jet of air out of the mouth. Strong enough to send the target onto their back several feet away or dispel shadow clones. Likely able to move the user around mid air. Moderate range.
{C Rank}
Tornado Drop: Using a rotating gust of wind to encircle a target from a fan or mouth, the wind cage lifts them up high and over the user’s head then slams them back down in a similar manner to many taijutsu pile drivers. Medium Range.
{B Rank}
Vacuum Sword: By swinging a weapon, a blade of wind is sent in the strike’s direction and arc. It is powerful enough to stop projectiles and likely cut deep gashes. Moderate Range.
{A Rank}
Blade of Wind: Creates invisible sharp blades of wind at the fingertips. Can be any shape and even thrown long distances. Sharp enough to cut through the body and strong enough to launch a man high into the air. Long Range.

Wind Style, Devastation: Though simple, this Jutsu collects condensed wind chakra in the stomach and when released out the mouth ejects an extremely strong gust of wind that expands like a cone shape for long distances, able to uproot trees and boulders with ease sending them hundreds of meters away and easily launching people along with them in an explosive display of force.

ImageEarth ReleaseImage

{E Rank}
Earth Style Bottomless Swamp: The user turns the ground into thick mud sinking the targets up to their neck. It dries quickly making movement and escape even more difficult. Short to Medium range.

Earth Style Drone: Allows the user to levitate surrounding rocks and control them in the air. Long Range.

Earth Style Mud Clone: A dense clone made of mud that can trap targets who strike or are stuck by it. Can also explode and use low level earth style jutsu, as well as take several hits before being dispelled. Any Range.
{D Rank}
Earth Style Bedrock Coffin: Allows the user some control over slabs of rock in the environment and raises multiple sections to surround the target, either trapping them or crushing them when they slam together. Medium Range.

Earth Style Mud Wave: Similar to the Great Mud River, this jutsu lets the user travel around on a flowing wave of mud that can solidify to leave solid rock behind as it flows over the terrain, and even split apart to attack separately. It can stack upon itself to create tall spires of rock for evasion or lift. Medium to Long range.
{C Rank}
Earth Style Antlion Jutsu: Collapses the ground and sucks it as well as anything above it down towards the center point of the collapse. More and more debris piles over the victims suffocating and crushing them. More chakra can enhance the radius. Medium to Long Range.

Earth Style Great Mud River: Turns the ground under the target's feet or target location into mud and shifts it into fast motion, sweeping them off their feet or making a torrent of flowing mud to slick or move things, even as a defense against water style. Short to Medium Range.

Earth Style Mobile Core: The user sends a section of the earth straight up or straight down, creating pillars or pits of stone respectively. Any Range.
{B Rank}
Earth Style Mud Dragon Bomb: Creates a dragon head from nearby mud that fires multiple mud projectiles at high speed and frequency. Can be combined with fire style for more effect. Medium to Long Range.

ImageFire ReleaseImage

{E Rank}
Fireball Jutsu


{E Rank}
Enclosing Jutsu: Basic sealing jutsu for scrolls and other things. Can be used almost anywhere.
{D Rank}
Finger Carving Seal: Burns a mark from the fingertip of the user into any surface.
{C Rank}
Eight Trigram Grid Palm: A grid spreads out from the caster and causes intense pain in all those caught within it.
{B Rank}
Cloth Binding Jutsu: Using a large cloth scroll, the caster wraps up their target to seal them away.

Uzumaki Style Seal: A seal mark in the shape of the Uzumaki Crest. Can be used as the basis for any fuinjutsu to make it more stable, or as a more powerful Enclosing jutsu.
{A Rank}
Contract Seal: Unsummons anything summoned by the victim of this seal, or breaks control.

Evil Sealing Method: Places a seal around a curse mark to control its power. Only as strong as the host’s willpower on stronger curses.

Evil Releasing Method: Removes a curse marks chakra from its host at the risk of dangerous enemies being released.

Fire Sealing Method: And advanced sealing method using a prepared scroll to seal away fire jutsu, even Amaterasu.

Five Prong Seal/Release: A five point sealing method usable for many scenarios.

Tetragram Seal (Four Symbols Seal): Half of the sealing method used on Naruto. A powerful Uzumaki sealing method that can be used for sealing away nearly anything short of a biju sized threat.

Reverse Tetragram Seal: The inverse version of the seal above. Causes an external radius to become enveloped in a black seal formula that cuts matter and energy off at the edges before sealing all within the radius away for eternity.

Memory Erasing Seal: Simply seals away memories to erase them from a target's mind.
{S Rank}
Eight Trigrams Seal: The sealing method used on Naruto. Requires a pedestal of ritual for new users of the technique, skilled users need only a blood drop. Eight point seal containing two Four Symbols Seals. Can be cracked when placed to allow chakra flow.

Four Corner Summoning Seal/Release: Creates a central point that stays locked with a perimeter. When the perimeter is tripped, multiple summoning seals go off and summon defenders around the center point. The Release is the key to unsummon the defenders.

Four Crimson Ray Formation: A master level barrier only performed by four kage level shinobi. Can change its shape with input from the casters. Biju level barrier.

Soul Detachment Seal: Steals a person’s soul and attaches it to a seal. When the seal is touched the soul can come out and talk, but can only escape when the seal is broken.

Forbidden Jutsu; Reaper Death Seal: One of, if not the most advanced sealing method in history. Summons the Grim Reaper itself to remove a target(s) soul and seal it away forever. Upon summoning the Reaper, the caster's soul is forfeit. Must be physically strong enough to pull out the target soul. Target is paralyzed for the most part once their soul is grabbed. Parts of the soul can be sealed instead if need be. Those without emotion or mental control (like suppressed Edo Tensei) are unable to fight against the sealing. The only ones able to see the Reaper is the caster and those in contact with its hand.

Forbidden Jutsu; Reaper Death Seal Release: Using the Uzumaki Reaper Mask, the reaper possesses the wearer who has full control over the reaper. The reaper can cut open his stomach, wounding the caster but releasing the selected souls from its belly. As the caster has full control over the reaper, it is unknown what other ways the mask can be used.

Custom Jutsu

ImageWind ReleaseImage

{E Rank}
Vacuum Senbon(Custom): Using spinning air generated in the mouth, the user spits senbon shaped needles of drilling wind with a vacuum in the core. They can punch through most armor given enough senbon stacked over the same point and can even have normal senbon hidden within the vacuum to add damage or puncturing power. The sheer amount of senbon can increase with skill and chakra. Long Range.
{B Rank}
Wind Style Gale Glider(Custom): Using the wind currents and an invisible cushion of wind under the user or their fan, the user can hover in the air or propel themselves through it. Using a fan allows faster and more accurate flight. Skilled users need not use any hand signs. Any Range.


{E Rank}
Script Seal (Custom): Adds words to a surface through touch. Can create up to a page before burning begins on the palm and hand.

False Cord Seal (Custom): Creates a cord or rope of kanji letters that can be used just like a normal cord, and can stick one end to a surface or object. Each seal point can be placed at different times. The cord can be adjusted in length at will.
{D Rank}
Foot Tangle Seal (Custom): A two point seal that sticks anything to it that touches the line between the two points. Can only be placed across surfaces. Activates upon contact. Each side of the seal can be placed at different times.

Wind Tunnel Seal (Custom): A placed mark that forces air in front of it to travel at high speeds away from or towards the seal. Multiple seals can create a tunnel of air.

Eternal Fog Seal (Custom): Until removed or out of chakra, the seal or tag creates a fog similar to the Hidden Mist Jutsu in the surrounding area.
{C Rank}
Weighted Seal (Custom): A fuinjutsu version of the Weighted Boulder jutsu. Makes things heavier or lighter.

Triple Trigger Seal (Custom): A seal that has three trigger effects within it. Can be used to activate chain reactions.

Time-Release Seal(Custom): A seal that slows down time within the sealing dimension. Usually used for sealing living things.

Limb Lock Seal (Custom): When placed onto an object or person, the seal suspends itself at a certain height in the air and keeps it there.

Splitting Seal (Custom): Uses chakra as an incredibly thin blade and cuts through whatever it is attached to, either immediately or on command. Varies in cutting strength. Can cut items, jutsu or flesh.

Pit Fall Seal (Custom): Literally digs out a pit once activated. Can be used to trap enemies by surprise or dig holes through earth-style jutsu.

Falling Star Seal (Custom): Marked targets are constantly assailed by objects falling down on them from a repeated summoning jutsu. Objects are usually extremely bright to confuse targets.

Reverse Enclosing Jutsu(Custom): A jutsu used for sealing the caster into objects.

(Sarin’s Bell Method) Uzumaki Bell Method: First Note, Second Note and Third Note (Custom): An advanced summoning jutsu used by Sarin only. Summons a bell per each level of the jutsu or Note as they are known. First bell is large enough to hold a person and has seals within to summon or conjoin with the Adamatine Chains. Its ringing sound disrupts chakra systems within the body without using chakra to do so, and is purely based on sound. Second Bell is as large as a whole room, 20 ft diameter and 30ft tall. Has no sound effects besides ringing. Third Bell is 30 ft in diameter and 40 ft tall. Has been covered in barrier jutsu seals within and without to seal itself to the ground and seal away larger creatures into a resonating dimension of sound. Each bell weighs exponentially more and more tones to make lifting one by hand nearly impossible unless altered by Weighted Boulder jutsu.
{B Rank}
Tongue Breaker Curse Seal (Custom): A two stage curse seal placed upon the throat or tongue. It activates when the victim speaks a forbidden word, first twisting and strangling the tongue. The second stage is if the person continues to struggle against it, which the seal then severs the tongue entirely from the throat and expels it out the mouth.

Reverse Wind Tunnel Seal (Custom): Similar to the Wind Tunnel Seal, but it creates a vacuum of air instead. Useful for cutting off air supply. Limited range.

Reverse Summon Seal (Custom): A seal that activates a reverse summoning. Usually used to summon the caster.

(Sarin’s Bell Chorus) Uzumaki Bell Chorus: First, Second and Third Chorus (Custom): An advanced summoning/sealing technique that summons dozens of bells in quick succession to be used as projectiles and sealing surfaces. Each of the First Chorus bells are fist to body sized and have summoning seals on their tops which can summon Adamantine Chains for Sarin to control, and have enclosing seals within them to summon/seal away ninja tools for extra projectiles. Second Chorus goes up in size, from head sized bells to boulders. They include increasingly debilitating sound waves like the First Note bell from earlier that disrupt the chakra of anyone within earshot. The Third Chorus summons room and building sized bells in quick succession to stack upon one another, covered in barrier jutsu and Adamantine Chain seals to stick them to each other and the ground or larger targets.

Reverse Bell Chorus: First, Second and Third Chorus(Custom): By summoning the bells into the ground and launching them upwards through it, the Bell Chorus can be reversed into an intense ground attack. Angling the bell’s exit trajectory can lead to extraordinary results.

Black Influence Curse Seal (Custom): Once marked by this seal/curse mark, the person loses control of the limb in question. If placed on their head, they lose total control. Only lasts a short time as it consumes a high amount of chakra from the tag or seal itself.
{A Rank}
Spiral Sealing Barrier (Custom): A circular Uzumaki sealing symbol placed as a larger static shape either on a surface or in the air, acting as a barrier of variable size to seal away anything that comes in contact with it.

Uzumaki Style Release (Custom): Cutting into a seal using another, this spiral method is stronger than the usual Release method for most seals. The spiral shape burrows into the target seal in an ever-turning clockwork to break it from the sheer tension and tearing the seal apart from the inside out.

Spiraling Illusion Seal (Custom): By creating a spiral of chakra to catch a genjutsu’s influence in this paper tag-based seal method, the tag counters and traps an incoming genjutsu; especially Uchiha genjutsu. Does not work on Kotoamatsukami or Tsukyomi.

Forbidden Jutsu: Reverse Falling Star Seal (Custom): Once marked by a seal with their own blood, a target can be reverse summoned into the sky. The reverse summoning can be repeated but drains a large amount of chakra each use.
{S Rank}
Forbidden Jutsu: Melting Thorn Barrier (Custom): A dangerous seal that melts and rips off the skin or clothing of anyone who touches the person using it (The clothing of the person who cast it is immune do to chakra signature). Also dissolves foreign seals off the skin. Used to discourage or protect against taijutsu users and other seal artists. Can also rip apart clothing and soft fabrics, gouge light marks into wood or paint, and generally destroy organic material depending on the density.

Reverse Eight Trigram Seal(Custom): Similar to the Reverse Tetragram Seal, this is two of those stacked upon one another. The resulting black expanding void is double the size and can suck in a dangerously large area into it, forever sealing the affected area into a void.

Forbidden Jutsu; Reaper Grim Illusion(Custom): A specialized Genjutsu/Fuinjutsu hybrid that targets the chakra system and heart of a victim. Activated by thickening the aura of chakra around the caster and allowing the target to sense the user’s chakra or invading the chakra system of another, anyone within sensory/genjutsu range of the user is hit by it. The victim begins to see the Grim Reaper appear behind the caster as if they had cast the Reaper Death Seal, the caster turning grim and dark as the victim is pumped with fear and paralysis from the idea of their soul being consumed on the spot. The illusionary Reaper can detach from the caster or follow them around in combat and act independently, seeming more solid than the normal reaper would. It chases them around with its knife and tries to steal their soul or cause major bodily harm. The caster can choose to keep them paralyzed or let them dodge and duck to enhance the fear factor. If they are caught, they do become paralyzed and they imagine their soul being shredded by the blade and leaking out of the wounds, or just being ripped out entirely. Their heart will have a high chance of palpitating and causing actual harm to their cardiovascular system and has been known to cause real heart attacks in its victims. Even if someone releases themselves from the genjutsu this only frees them from the paralysis and forced fear, the Reaper still being visible as it is an extension of the caster’s chakra aura. Uzumaki are the only ones capable of using this genjutsu as their chakra aura is extra dense and thick. Real natural fear is not dispelled with a genjutsu release, but it can no longer cause heart problems after release. If the victim does not die, they can still have their mind sealed away into a waiting vessel like a jar that Sarin might carry. The soul cannot be removed like with the real Reaper Death Seal but the mental state of the person is sealed away leaving them comatose until something can bring them back to their senses like a close friend or familiar experience such as sound, smell, etc.

Forbidden Jutsu; Grim Illusion Barrier(Custom): Sarin can only perform this jutsu using his largest scroll to function as the catalyst and only if he remains still standing on the scroll's formula. This casts a hybrid Genjutsu, Sealing Jutsu, and Barrier Jutsu that acts similarly to the Reaper Grim Illusion. It creates a spherical barrier that can phase through the ground as well creating a complete sphere of influence. The barrier has two distinct layers to its construction. The first inner layer is an expandable spherical barrier that keeps physical attacks and people from passing through it. The barrier is purely chakra based and can be absorbed to some extent but can be repaired with additional chakra from the caster. The physical barrier itself can also absorb chakra from those who touch it to repair itself, making any ninjutsu based attacks against it useless as they only empower the barrier even more. = The second layer of the barrier is an expandable bubble of dense chakra that echoes out from the physical barrier that triggers the Reaper Grim Illusion jutsu within that aura of influence. Because of the dense amount of chakra required to form a semi physical reaper for all to see who are inflicted by the genjutsu portion of the jutsu, only one illusionary Reaper can be summoned at a time. Using this method allows Sarin to seal away even more minds than the normal Reaper Grim Illusion would allow but with the restriction that he cannot move from the scroll creating the barrier. He can however drop the barrier and widen radius of the jutsu to become a normal Reaper Grim Illusion instead to gain his mobility.

[hr]Signature Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal

[hr]Body Modifications: Fingerprint Seal(Custom): Using the same formula as the Uzumaki Sealing Style, these micro seals are permanently tattooed into Sarin’s fingerprints with ink that vanishes unless being used. They are not as powerful as using his full palm and hand, but can come in handy when sealing away small objects or jutsu.
Unique Traits: Fast healing factor, Unique Chakra, Long Lifespan
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Notable Weaknesses: Cute girls, Promises of Knowledge, Revenge
[hr]Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Salted Fish
Favorite Phrase: "Oh really?"
Favorite Word: Fuck
[hr]Would Like to Fight: Uchiha
Hobbies: Calligraphy
Likes: Nature and fresh air.
Dislikes: Unfair accusations, bullying.
Cultural Influences: Uchiha are bad, enough said.
What sort of trivia information might other people find interesting?
⦿ Sarin once met a monk that offered to teach him Senjutsu. He tried but found it difficult due to his unresolved emotions and quit after a week.
⦿ Sarin once had a pet squirrel that he had to release back into the wild due to an intense battle going on.
⦿ Sarin loves salty food but hates bland food such as mushrooms or plain rice.
⦿ His first time traveling on his own ended poorly at a hot spring... enough said.

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