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Satogi Orokawru

Bleach Rpc

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a character in “Bellistrad's Public Works”, as played by Bellistrad



“"I have seen hell and back..."”
“"What is wrong with a little fear now and then?" ”
“"Are you going to finish that?"”
“"Holy Shikai..."”

Theme Music

Storm Center: Bleach -
The Wild Card -
Varien: Gunmetal Black -



Character Name: Satogi Orokawru (First, Last)
Alias(es): Rockstar
Name Meaning: None
Age: 28 (@ Death Age) 50 (@ Present Age)
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Spirit
Birthday: Dec 24th
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Blood Type: A+
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 150lbs
Notable Features: Amber colored hair.
Personality: Despite a kind and upbeat exterior, there is a veiled depression behind the facade. Whenever questions of his past come up he avoids them and just talks about his living career of a guitarist instead. Most people who remember their mortal lives know him from those accolades.


Fame Level: Spoken Of, for his life as a guitarist in the World of the Living.

Affiliations: Academy
Classification: Soul Student
Economic Status: Lower Class

Lower Class: These are the common people of Soul Society and of the Gotei 13, bearing no nobility or royal birthright they come from the Rukongai Districts to seek their glory, they bear the chance to become nobility through dedication and skill.

Modern Class: Those who come from Lower Classes Noble Families known as "Savants" which means those who serve Royalty, these are the souls that are born into servitude towards one of the Higher Class Families, they can become head of their own Noble Family through patience and dedication.

Higher Class: Brought into or Born by Faith, these are the Ultimate Nobility Families, few and rare they exist as the prestige members of the Soul Society and the Gotei 13, they are expected to serve with admirable skill and god like devotion.

Occupation: Musician
Registration ID: Given in Order by Officer Do Not Edit
Team(s): None
Former Team(s): None
Student(s): None
Former Student(s): None
Sensei or Mentor(s): To be Determined.
Former Sensei or Mentor(s): None
Personal Goal: To find his sister in the Seireitei, and to find out who... brought him back.


Division Information: None
Division Rank: None
Division Duty: None


Student Academy Enrollment Age: 50
No Details yet.

Unseated Promotion Age: None
Details Here

Lower Seated Promotion Age: None
Details Here

Middle Seated Advancement Age: None
Details Here

Upper Seated Advancement Age: None
Details Here

Vice-Captain Advancement Age: None
Details Here

Captain Advancement Age:
Details Here


Reiatsu Level: Ripple

Reiatsu Control: Low

Reiatsu Type: Vibrating Reiatsu

Reiatsu Appearance: None

Reiatsu Effect(s): When fully trained, the vibrating oscillations of this Reiatsu can alter the properties of the users body to incredible speeds and mobility. The healing factor of Reiatsu under this effect can be altered to increase or decrease its potential, and can even repair damage to non organics given enough time and focus. (Note: Satogi has never even noticed this ability as of yet, let alone trained with it. It would take a higher level shinigami to point it out to him in the first place.)

Speed Level: Low

Offense: 5/100-Willpower 1/10
Defense: 0/100-Dexterity: 1/10
Mobility: 15/100-Charisma: 1/10
Kido/Reiatsu: 10/100-Strength: 0/10
Stamina: 15/100-Speed: 1/10
Intelligence: 15/100-Evasion: 1/10
Total 60/600-Total 5/60

Special Attributes: Vibrating Reiatsu (as explained above) When Satogi was cast into Hell itself and somehow lifted from his sins by a strange being, he returned to the Seireitei. This transition altered the makeup of his Reiatsu, changing how his soul interacted with it entirely. He is not yet aware of the difference, and many are not either.


Special Battle Modes: None


Zanjutsu: 0% Mastery

Zanjutsu Techniques

None so far.


Kido Arts: 0% Mastery

Capture Spells

None so far.

Destruction Spells

None so far.

Barrier Spells

None so far.


Hakuda Arts: 0% Mastery

Hakuda Techniques

None so far.


Hoho Arts: 0% Mastery

Hoho Techniques

None so far.


Bloodline Limit: None

Bloodline Limit Abilities: None


D – Rank: 00
C – Rank: 00
B – Rank: 00
A – Rank: 00
S – Rank: 00


Character Birth: 2020 (Rebirth)
Character Victories: 0
Character Defeats: 0

Rival(s): 0
Defeated List: None

Battles/Wars: 0
Medals: None


Picture Goes Here (WIP)
Name: Merodī (Melody)
Release: None
Stage: Sealed
Range: Close
Type: SingleSword
Information: A short and simple square edged katana in a roughly patched black sheath, with a square hilt and three medalion symols on the wrapping. Even to those with extremely high reiatsu, the blade seems to tremble or vibrate in ones grip. Only Satogi doesn't notice the shaking.


Picture Goes Here (WIP) (Note: The Shikai is locked at this time.)
Name: Merodikkudezaia (Melodic Desire)
Release: "Echo"
Stage: Shikai (First Release)
Range: Medium
Type: After vibrating in Satogi's hand to the point of leaving ghost images around it, the blade vanishes into nothing. It retains its size and shape but leaves a buzz in the air as it constantly teleports around the region until needed and moves so fast it leaves those same ghost images from its vibration through the air, almost looking like multiple overlapping copies of itself when seen. The sword can both teleport and enhance its speed with its frequency. Its teleport range is only limited to places Satogi knows of. Satogi can hold onto the blade to teleport along with it, but only to the outer range which he can sense reiatsu. Each teleport takes at minimum a half second when first unlocked, a tenth of a second when bankai is first learned, and a hundreth of a second when fully trained.
Information: The high energy output of this sword's vibrations make it almost unweildable and unholdable by anyone but Satogi who shares an energy vibration with it, and can match its frequency. Whoever tries to grab or hold onto the sword will have their frequency of reiatsu altered and can get their energy sapped just from trying to contain it.

Shikai Techniques

Name: Chōwa (Harmony)
Occupation: First Shikai Technique
Range: Earshot
Type: Sonic/Energy Frequency
Information: Vibrating on a dangerous frequency, the blade can dull the senses of anyone that can hear it or is within its range of influence from the surrounding spiritual energy. Those afflicted can have their mental frequency altered disrupting concentration, reaction time, hearing, and even vision. Long term exposure can even disrupt the signals sent from the brain causing organ failure or loss of motor function. Physical contact with the blade against a target makes this ability even more lethal, and can allow it to shatter glass or fragile materials with its frequency. - It takes one post to begin, one post to take effect in disturbing their senses, and a third to start damaging them. Depending on how resiliant they are the difference in Satogi's strength to theirs, it may take anywhere from four to ten total posts in order to kill them.
Downfall: Collateral Damage. Satogi cannot control who or what gets affected by this ability.

Name: Burēkupointo (Break Point)
Occupation: Second Shikai Technique
Range: Touch of the Sword
Type: Sonic/Energy Frequency
Information: By hitting the exact point of a target object or person, the blade can change frequency to immediately disintigrate, break apart, or shatter the object. Satogi must first find the frequency of the target by sensing its Reiatsu first to find the Breaking Point, then accurately striking it with the blade tip in order to take effect. - The more resiliant a target is the less of their form will be affected. The immediate point of contact will likely disintigrate, then outwards from there it will lessen into fragmentation and then finally simple cracks or cuts. Organic material with enough water content (like a human body) will more than likely liquify instead of disintigrating, shred instead of fragment, and split into cut ribbons instead of crack.
Downfall: Accuracy and time. Satogi must find the frequency and breaking point of the target first, and then be accurate with his strike with no interruptions.

Name: Arashi no uta (Storm Song)
Occupation: Third Shikai Technique
Range: Any
Type: Sonic/Energy Frequency
Information: The blade teleports and moves extremely fast in a sphere around the target, making it look like a heat miasma around them. The target begins to hear music from the playing of a strings cords from any string instrument they are familiar with. The blade slashes itself from one side of the sphere to the other, teleports to another point in the sphere, then repeats. The number of slashes is only limited by the stamina of Satogi controlling them. The wound left behind by a hit will resemble a cut from razor wire or piano wire at high speeds, sometimes even dismembering targets if they are weak enough or sustained enough damage. Leaving the sphere is no garuntee of escape as the sword teleports to them each time. - The more tired Satogi is, the slower the physical movement of the blade during its slash. This makes longer drawn out battles turn in his opponants favor
Downfall: Physical movement. The attacks move fast because of the swords vibrations, but still must move through physical space, allowing them to be dodged and even predicted.


Picture Goes Here (WIP) (Note: The Bankai is locked at this time.)
Name: Merodikkuheru (Melodic Hell)
Release: "Echo"
Stage: Bankai (Final Release)
Range: Short to Long
Type: While a pink and black electric guitar is manifested as part of this Bankai, that is not the Zanpakuto itself. The actual Bankai is the vibrating and energetic guitar pick held in Satogi's fingers. It is sparking with pink energy and constantly humming even whilst playing a tune on the guitar. Without the guitar Satogi can still use it to play a tune on the air itself, holding his other hand in form with whatever instrument he wants to simulate, as long as said instrument has strings. The guitar pick can change shape according to what instrument he wants to play, or by his own will, even into a sword again of bristling pink energy.
Information: This bankai is extremely dangerous to use in group combat or around non combatants. Its erratic nature gives an undertone to its musical guile. Though it can be used to simply play music, its power can be widely destructive. Though it shares the teleportation of its Shikai, it uses it in a much different manner.

Bankai Techniques

Name: Ōdio Shihai (Audio Dominance)
Occupation: First Bankai Technique
Range: Medium/Long
Type: Energy Frequency
Information: Pink rays of energy shoot from the instrument or air around Satogi and travel at high speed to a target. The rays can bend with a change of the musical notes Satogi plays, and seem to hone in on targets to blast them with frequencies of Reiatsu. The frequencies are tuned to the specific target, allowing them to puncture through their unique defensive abilities easier than a normal blast would, but are still affected equally by Barrier techniques and the like. The blasts can drill into targets with pure force or harmonize with them and break apart their reitsu, disintigrating them. - The rays can only move as fast as Satogi's max normal speed using his vibrating reiatsu, and if Satogi decides to teleport the rays are cut off and continue in whatever direction they were last moving in.
Downfall: Bright and flashy. This move is not subtle in the least and is easy to see coming. It is especially easy to see in the dark. It also requires Satogi to play notes on an instrument, be it his guitar or an assumed imaginary instrument aka an "Air guitar'.

Name: Mukuiru (Recompense)
Occupation: Second Bankai Technique
Range: Sensory Range
Type: Energy Frequency
Information: By attuning his own frequency to that of his opponant, Satogi can cause harm to them equal to the harm he himself takes. Any change to his physical state, be it poison or damage or otherwise, is copied onto his target and vice versa. With Satogi's reiatsu having higher healing qualities than most he can likely survive what they could not, but instant kill moves would still kill both of them. - The ability only lasts while the target remains in sensory range, as Satogi must keep their frequencies in tune. To attune their frequencies Satogi must concentrate on aligning his reiatsu to his opponants frequency. Even if they figure out what he is doing and start changing it, he can alter his own to match theirs again and follow their changes in lockstep once aligned in the first place, if he is able to concentrate.
Downfall: Reciprical damage. His opponant could easily use the damage against him, forcing him to end the technique. Or they could move out of range and break it that way.

Name: Jigoku no Owari (End of Hell)
Occupation: Third Bankai Technique
Range: Touch
Type: Energy Frequency
Information: Satogi can take his guitar pick and stab it into an opponant, using it like a tuning fork to completely change their reiatsu frequency. He can force them to undergo the transition into reincarnation, sending their soul back into the mortal plane to live again. If they are a hollow, he can do the same but send them straight to the Soul Society instead without the need to purify them manually. Essentially he can shift them one phase forward in the Cycle of Reincarnation. Doing so will shut down his Bankai immediately and lock his Bankai for a full month. He can only use this ability once every 25 years. He must have stronger reiatsu than his target or they might reject it.
Downfall: Long recharge, and threat of failing on stronger opponants.


Picture(s) Can Go Here(WIP)
Name: Mūn'ekō (Moon Echo)
Release: Calmly raising the sword blade to his ear, Satogi lets the humming calm him into a state of meditation, until he arrives at his sword's spirit world.
Stage: Fully Grown
Location: Mūnsutēji (Moon Stage)
Information: A mile wide and perfectly round plateau of white marble and snow stretches out, the night sky a dark and vibrant blue with subtle clouds and the brightly shining moon showing its phase according to the emotions Satogi is feeling. Flying through the skies of this world is the giant snow owl with piercing cyan eyes that glow in the night and reflect back to Satogi the lessons he is yet to learn. Mūn'ekō speaks with a calm and soothing female tone when she councils Satogi about what is to come next in his training with her.

No Human Spirit.



"Satogi's mortal band he played with was called 'The Grinning Moons'."

"His sister was not as well known as he was, but Satogi would often have her on stage as a helping hand and some of his fans thought of her as the band's mascot."

"Satogi had a short alcohol addiction which led to violent outbursts and even fighting in the Dublin bars, leading him to sin."

"His guitar he played in life came back to represent his Bankai, named 'Pink Pete and a Pint'."


Favorite Foods: Pork Slices over Brown Rice and Soy Sauce.
Favorite Colors: Pink
Dream Opponents: The stranger that helped him.
Hobbies: Playing any string instrument he can get his hands on, whether he knows how to play them or not.
Likes: Crowds, Children, Music
Dislikes: Authority, Picky people, Sweets
Beliefs, Religions, Philosophies: "Freedom is the only way."
Inventions: None
Special Locations: The top of the Soul Society. He just likes to sit up there.
Literary Works: None



Born in Dublin Ireland to Japanese immigrants, Satogi was raised in a family of four. His sister was only three years younger but even so he often took to taking care of her. Even when he moved out on his own his sister tagged along shortly after as his career as a guitarist took off. His strong soul and passion at the strings earned him a haughty reputation, but the money turned to alcohol addition for a solid year and his life spiralled into voilent fights and bowering money from unsavory sources. Still, his bright and shining sister kept his spirits up and in the business of playing music. She often came on stage with her bubbly attitude and bright pink clothes after a song to pump up the crowd or bring them water, and the crowds loved seeing her there. His violent past caught up to him one night when he came home to find his house aflame and collapsing, and his sister no where to be seen. He rushed inside to try and get her out but couldnt bare the sight of her crushed body charring at the edges in her room, and the obvious ropes holding her to the bed. He knew those he owed money to had made an example of her, and he stared there in dispair as the house burned down around him. Dying in that fire, his soul shortly went to hell for his sins and he lingered there for who knows how long. He did not even consider himself existing when a strange figure whispered to him, telling him that he will get a chance to change. That it would cost a price. He didnt understand what was happening but he shortly found himself in the Seireitei, a purified soul free from his sins. He asked those around him where he was and realized that he might find his sister here. He searched for years but never found her, so changed his path towards becoming a Soul Reaper. He would have time to find her, and the person who sent him here.


(WIP Picture)

So begins...

Satogi Orokawru's Story