Ran-siddha Gor

"We walk the fire and breathe. Even as the maw of death opens wide, we welcome its fearsome teeth with a smile- a greeting to an old friend."

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a character in “Below the Beneath”, as played by The Adversary



Name: Ran-siddha Gor
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6'2''
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Occupation: Soldier

Kindo- Újidan weapon-of-choice for career swordsmen, specifically the Hakota Janto class. The curved blade is long and heavy with a full tang, the hilt that ends in a tapered pommel is made of carved wood and cast iron bound in leather and cloth, forming a balanced and devastating cutting weapon with terrific reach. The weapon's operation hinges on the skillful employment of centrical force and momentum. Ran-siddha's is a family treasure named Tianaru. This blade's hilt is supposedly a complex puzzle mechanism containing a hidden mystery.

Daborroshu- Companion to the kindo, the daborroshu's purpose is to provide a smaller, lighter and ultimately more versatile blade capable of being swung more rapidly and in tight quarters or combat situations where speed is more appropriate than brute force. The daborroshu is worn above the kindo when carried by a Hakota Janto.

Hakota Janto Lamellar: “Hinote Sadoru”- The cuirass of the iconic armor of the Hakota Janto class is formed primarily of lacquered steel plates and leather laced together into rows, padded underneath with bear fur for added comfort and protection. A fauld of leather plates hangs from the front and back of the chest armor to protect the lower body and upper legs. The arms are shielded by armored glove-like sleeves extending to the shoulder, these sleeves are made from cloth covered with steel plates of various shapes and sizes connected by chain armor. The upper arms are bolstered defensively with the inclusion of spaulders. Tall fur boots wrapped in leather and steel plating protect the lower legs and feet. Clothes worn beneath the armor consist of a knee-length robe-like shirt of cloth, and simple fur pants. In Ran-siddha's case, he wears a large sedge hat that shields his eyes and most of his face rather than a helmet. This is a custom among he and his peers known as “kanurata” which translates to: “earned arrogance.”

Description: Ran-siddha's physical build is a mix between lithe and heavy. This balance is ascertained by all within the Hakota Janto (“Venerated Dancers”) and allows them to wield many manner of weapon and martial art, although absolute mastery is sought only for the kindo and daborroshu in arms, and the form of Niburu in hand-to-hand prowess. His hair is a rich auburn, tied back into a modest tail that hangs to just a little below the nape of his neck. His face is adorned by a thin, finely kept beard of the same hue. He bears the marks of battle: old scars that healed but did not fade, and his hands are rough and calloused from wear. Like a foreboding storm, his eyes are undecidedly cloudy grey or blue.

Personality: “I have built this will of steel; forged in fires of self-immolation and cooled with blood- mine and mine enemy's,” - from the passages of the Urakiba Sote (Life Laid Bare), the code of conduct adhered to by the Hakota Janto. Discipline: unerringly loyal, Ran-siddha follows orders given to the letter and strikes down those who dare break their oath of obedience to the Neyusho (“Masters/Graceful/Skilled”) and the way of the Urakiba Sote. Fiercely set in his path, he is a demon of the Újida in his adherence to his beliefs. Duty: as with all of the Hakota Janto, Ran-siddha has been taught that his purpose is only to defend his people at any cost- even rebellion if necessary- and that nothing should and will stand between him and the securement of this task. Honor: should he fail in his duty, it is his place to fall on his own sword in payment. When an opponent is defeated, they are to be given a quick death no matter their crimes. However, honor is a two-edged sword. Insult a Hakota Janto and you may very well find yourself with their blade in your belly or at your throat. Self-sacrifice: above all else, one of the Hakota must be willing to throw down their own life in the pursuit of the defense of others- no matter the pain involved.

History: Ran-siddha Gor was born into the Hakota Janto class. His father- Kainto-noshi Gor- was a highly praised member of the order. A devout soldier and stalwart believer in the ways laid down by the ancient Gedo Neyusho, Kainto-noshi did everything in his power to ensure his eldest son would continue the family's legacy. His life was decided for him, as it is for nearly all of the Hakota. He underwent the years of grueling training that absorbed every second of his life from childhood to mid-teens, followed by the rites of passage that made real his acceptance into the fold. Upon this graduation of sorts, Ran-siddha was presented with an heirloom: a treasured blade called "Tianaru". His father explained the story of the sword, that it had been crafted under direction of one of the Gedo Neyusho. Its hilt, he said, was a mystery: a complex mechanism with something secret hidden inside. Thoughout the years, none had ever been able to work it open. This was a curiosity that has mostly been pushed aside, given current events. Everything he was had been shaped by untold millennia of tradition.. and the effects of the Underking's ruinous powers upon Új Karakterek. The ruling Jedaisho crumbled under the weight of this terrible strength, and the Sinobaki (a class of nobles) were no force of solidarity. The greatest of them were tainted by the wretch's magics, forcing the Neyusho's hand. The military leaders of the Újida felled the sword upon the corrupted nobility, halving Új Karakterek between the Northwest and the Southeast and igniting a ferocious civil war that has persisted to this day. It is in this conflict that Ran-siddha has begun to rise through the ranks, earning the honorific “-siddha” (which translates: “Formidable”) and the honor of kanurata. Recently, the Sinobaki have launched an invasion into the bordering land of Manuk seeking to absorb their numbers and spread the Underking's filth. In response, the Neyoshu have deployed forces to help repel this assault. Ran-siddha is among those of the Hakota Janto that have been sent. He has no qualms with killing the servants of the nobles, as they are no longer truly Újida in his eye – ending their miserable existences is an act of mercy.

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