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Ben-to: Battle of the Young Wolves

Ben-to: Battle of the Young Wolves


In this world there are dogs and there are wolves. Only Wolves eat well while Dogs settle for cup ramen. Do you have what it takes to be a Wolf and taste the victory of half priced boxed banquets or wallow in the bitter defeat of reconstituted noodles.

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Karasuda highschool is just like any other private high school. You live on campus, in dorm rooms. Attend classes regularly. However, the school only provides breakfast to the students. This means they must fend for themselves for lunch and dinner(the shcool wants to teach it's students to be reasonable). There are local super markets where the students buy food every day at the same time the store owners come out and lower the prices on there unsold Bento's(lunchbox). Unfortunantly there arent very many of them so the students have worked out a way to deal with this problem, and its called bento brawling. Its sort of like a competition where only the strong get bento and the weak are left with cup ramen. Bento brawlers are split up into two ranks. Dogs(mostly new comers or weak bento brawlers) and wolves(strong bento brawlers who have who have the strength, confidence, and overall potential to win). Most dogs and some wolves have formed teams to help to increase there chances of collecting these precious bento boxes. While others are independent, and rely on their own skill and power to conquer everyone else. Most dogs and some wolves have formed teams to help to increase there chances of collecting these precious bento boxes. While others are independent, and rely on their own skill and power to conquer everyone else. Almost every wolf has a "Nom de Guerre" or a special nickname that they go by towards other brawlers. However, unless a dog proves himself to be on the same level as a wolf, he will never reseive a Nom de Guerre. Truthfully the Nom de Guerre's are halfassed. They are ussually given to brawlers after a certain event is taken notice by someone who already has one. These other brawlers spread the name to everyone else, and then your basically stuck with it. So don't be surprised if you get stuck with "The Freak" as your nom de Guerre. Wolves are all around, watching your every move. There is one seal out of all, that the God of Discounts places on the boxes. The honor seal. This seal marks the Discount God's favorite, or most reccomended bento of the day. Anyone who can obtain this is considered strong, even a wolf perhaps. One last thing you should know are the official rules:

#1-Peace in front of the God of Discounts(You are not allowed to fight when the God of Discounts is present. The brawl will start when he is out of sight).
#2-Once someone has gotten their food, you are not allowed to fight them any further.
#3-Fight for the food. Not for the thrill of fighting itself.


The Half Price Food Lovers Club - The members in this group don't help each other out when the brawl begins. They only promise not to go after each other's "prey". This group can have and even variety of both wolves or dogs in it .

The Hounds - This group helps make sure every teamember is able to get a bento. However they use unfair means and tactics in order to get them. One example would be making a passage by using some members to push people out of the way, while others walk through. This group has very few wolves if any in it.

The Boars - These are people who have no disregard for the rules of the bento brawls. They don't even wait for the God of Discounts to put the discount stickers on the bento's. They instead grab the bento's early and make the God of Discounts put the stickers on afterwards. These are usually incredibly strong or well-built people, who it would take several normal people to overcome. This group is disliked by the others and therefor most dont consider them wolves or dogs.

The Storm - This is a group that utilizes their great numbers to take down loners and smaller groups, while each of them has an equal chance of getting a bento. This group only has dogs in it.

The Loners - Most of which are the strongest of wolves, who do not depend on anyone else's strength. They are completely confident on their own ability, and make even the mighest of wolves seem like trash.

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[center][size=100]Grade[/size]: (all Characters must be go to karasuda highschool)[/center]


[center][size=100]Sexual Orientation[/size]:[/center]


[center][size=100]Rank[/size]: (dog or wolf)[/center]

[center][size=100]Nom de Guerre[/size]: (nickname and only wolfs have these. There must be a reason or story behind why this is your Nom de Guerre)[/size][/center]


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[center][size=100]Bento brawl team[/size]:[/center]

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Toggle Rules

1. If your going to be gone for more then a week, then I need to be notified. If I'm not reachable then pm Gintoki Sakata.
2. No ones character will be related to the canon characters.
3. Anyone who starts out as a wolf will need to show me their best detailed "fighting" post before I make my decision to accept it. If I'm not satisfied, then you will have to start out as a dog(We're looking for someone who can do at least a 5-line paragraph, 5 lines in the rp space. Only human abilities).
4. Limited perverted antics. Keep it Pg-13. No direct romance, it will occur "slowely" as the RP goes on.
5. If you do not post within a week and me or Gintoki are not notified, then you will recieve a PM. If there is no responce within the following week, then we will look for a replacement for your part. If we find a replacement and you come back, then we will ask the replacement if they would like to hand the part back over. If they do not, then you will have to switch your character for another role, or make a new 1.

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Character Portrait: Kei Yamada
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Character Portrait: Ryuumi Ichijo
Ryuumi Ichijo

"Hmph. I ussually don't team up with men. But I will make an exception this once."

Character Portrait: Kei Yamada
Kei Yamada

My stomach's howl is stronger then yours


Character Portrait: Kei Yamada
Kei Yamada

My stomach's howl is stronger then yours

Character Portrait: Ryuumi Ichijo
Ryuumi Ichijo

"Hmph. I ussually don't team up with men. But I will make an exception this once."

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Character Portrait: Ryuumi Ichijo
Ryuumi Ichijo

"Hmph. I ussually don't team up with men. But I will make an exception this once."

Character Portrait: Kei Yamada
Kei Yamada

My stomach's howl is stronger then yours

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well need leaders for each team so if you want to be one just tell me before hand so i can hold it for you and we will be starting in about a week if we have enough people that is

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