Conner Gudallie

Ice cold stare, the tempertaure drops. "Leave. Me. Alone. Unless you want to be a popscicle."

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a character in “Beneath Our Feet”, as played by yogitheambrangyl


Conner Gudallie

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Connor has a medium build for a guy, if he were on the outside. Normally you would be able to tell that he was strong, even though his muscles weren't prominent and no one saw him working out at all. Now that he has been in Area 0, he has gotten alot smaller. He, like most of the others, has become almost just skin and bones. But this is also because he will at times refuse to eat. It's his own way of trying to get back at the people keeping him here. But in the end his hunger gets the better of him and he will eat just enough to keep himself alive.
Naturally, because of his abilities with ice, he has pale skin, from being inside Area 0, it is even more noticable. His skin is close to pale white as a person can get, and at times when he has used his powers exccesivley, his skin will get a slight shade of blue.
His hair is pure white and had gotten that way slowly over time. He keeps it about shoulder length and usually will let it hang down in his face when he is bored, mad, or thinking hard about something.
All the white is great in contrast to his piercing blue eyes. They are pure blue and when he stares through his white hair, he will make even the least fearfull man shiver. His eyes will grow slightly paler, almost white, while he uses his abilities, his stare becoming ice cold.
He keeps his wordrobe simple. He wears plain loose white T-shirts and baggy black jeans.


Connor has almost two sides of himself. On the outside he very cold-hearted and tends to stay away from people. Most who see him will continue walking, and avoid making eye contact with him. This is understandable since most who do end up aproaching him sort of wish they hadn't. He doesn't like talking with people and he will some times try and purposefully use his words to get them to go away. This generally works considering the area around him will continue to drop in temperature untill they go away. But at the same time, he will taunt and tease those much larger than him. He finds it funny that he angers the guards around him and likes seeing them get frustrated with him. This is where he likes ot show off what he can do and will start to slowly freeze the person if they try to attack him.
Contrary to this, on the inside of the ice shell he has created around himself. He is actually a caring person when he wants to be. Those who have been lucky enough to get to know the real him will have seen that does value people and will protect those he deems worthy of his protection. It is very hard to get said protection. It takes alot to get him to trust anyone and even then he will never completly trust another person completly. The slightest wrong doing and he will not hesitate to make you an enemy. Those enemies that he has made, know to stay away from him.
There has only been one person he feels he can truely trust. The girl he met while he was imprisoned, here, in Area 0. He doesn't know how but she quickly got through his ice sheilding and he trusted her more than he had another person in a long time.

Powers: He has control over any type of ice and basically the cold itself. He can do simple things to dropping the temperature around him; to the complex like creating ice out of what looks like thin air. He actually just freezes the water in the air, making it into any shape that he wants. He is known partially for his escape attempts, he would freeze the lock on his cell and the blood of the guards around him. They would colapse, looking literaly like frozen statues and he would make a break for it. Unfortunately he was always stoped by some form of fire or intense heat which caused him to colapse instead. He is most powerful when he is in an angered frenzy.

Weaknesses/Vices: He has a slight temper problem. He is easily angered or annoyed. He can go into a fit of rage and everything he is near will start to freeze. He gets covered in a layer of ice and his stare will chill anything he sets his gaze on. This is when he is least in control of his ability. He is also very weak against fire. Thoguh he can keep it at bay from keeping himself cold, he would burn more easily than anyone else. He also burns in the sun easily, which is why he was naturally pale when he came to Area 0.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes shiny things because they don't freeze over as easily, usually. He likes any type of cold food, ice cream, and any drink as long as it is cold. He also likes the girl in the cell next to him. She seemed to be like him, taunting the guards and angering them. He greatly dislikes annoying people, especially those who ask alot of questions and don't leave him alone when he thinks it can easily be seen that he doesn't want them around.

Alliance: Hero

Background Story: Connor had a pretty normal childhood. His parents weren't the richest, nor were they the poorest. He got whatever he wanted aslong as he worked for it and earned it. One holiday season, his whole family got together to celebrate and spend time with one another. He was the youngest out of all his cousins and the older children, like most, liked to play tricks on the younger ones. Well it was Conner's turn this time around. All the adults had gone to bed and the children were aloud to stay up so they could tell scary stories. One of the older kids turnned to Conner, who by now was shaking in his seat, with his blanket wrapped firmly around himself. They told him that the next story would be better with ice cream and told him to go get it from the freezer in hte kitchen. He got up and headed down to the kitchen. What he didn't know was the the three older kids had fallowed him down, waiting to play their little prank. When he opened the freezer they shoved him inside and held the door firmly closed. He was kept in there for a few hours. Luckily he didn't freeze to death, instead his body adapted to the cold quickly and meshed with it. The adults found him and rushed him to the hospital, the doctors were baffled that he didn't not have any frostbite, or seem to effected by the cold. That's when his hair started to slowly turn white from his natural dark brown. He became a colder person, wanting revenge on the boys who pushed him in the freezer. He didn't care about the others, they didn't have anything to do with what happened so he had no reason to harm them. Years passed and his parents pulled away from him. He became a harsh and mean person, always starting fights and taunting those larger than he was. One day, another holiday, he got his chance to get revenge on his cousins. It was winter and they were all outside in the snow. He was remembering what had happened to him and grew very, very, very angry. His body became covered in ice and he stalked towards the boys. They saw him and quickly tried running away, but their feet had frozen to the ground. He froze them slowly, from the tips of their bodies towards the center. They died slowly from the cold and became ice statues under his glare. He shattered them to pieces. After that he colapsed on the ground and fell into unconsciousness. When he came to he was here, in Area 0.

So begins...

Conner Gudallie's Story