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Dominique Norwood

"Hearts are the shape of life, and people can either use it or tear it apart."

0 · 369 views · located in Canada

a character in “Beneath our Skins”, as played by Jaybt9


♡Dominique Norwood♡



Full Name:
“Dominique Elise Norwood. Has a nice ring to it.”

“I have plenty of nicknames: Dee, Divine, and whenever I’m away from people, Lioness…the list goes on. I kind of like the name Lioness though. Another nickname I had was Blondie, but I refuse to let anyone call me that. There’s a reason for it.”

“Just turned 17 in February. “

“The round eyes, plump lips, petite frame, breasts….yeah, they’re all natural.”


“African-Canadian, just to say it plain and simple. People say I’m mixed, but I don’t see it. Knowing my French first name I might have some Caucasian ancestry.”

Head, Hair:
“My hair was naturally dark Brown, until I was 14 when one of my friends thought it was a good idea to dye my hair blonde. At first I didn’t like that at all, but I was like “How about a middle ground”, so I decided to dye only the top half of my hair, and leave the rest. My hair went through hell when I did it, but thank god it was taken care off. I still have to take care of it now. A big impact it made to my hair as well, since it grew from my collarbone down to my chest area. As far as the hairstyles…nothing in particular. Sometimes I like it straight, sometimes I like it curly, sometimes I like it in a ponytail.”

Face, Body:
“Well, I’m 5 feet 7 inches, which is a little taller than usual chicks, but it’s short enough for most guys to crowd around me. My weight? You really want to know? Too bad I can’t tell you, cuz I haven’t stood on a scale for months. I’ll just say that I’m skinny and you’ll figure it out for me, how about that?

“My skin color is caramel, but that’s only in the winter. Spring is already ahead, so once I come back in a few months you’ll notice that my skin got darker. I have the tendency to put on more moisturizer than the average person, so you won’t see a sign of dry skin anywhere on my body. However, walking outside in the cold weather can suck all of the moisture out of my skin, so I keep a bottle of Shea Butter lotion in my purse.”

“My face? Well, I hate boosting my ego, but people do tell me that I do look attractive. Can’t really make a response to it, but I do appreciate it, since not very many girls take the time to look at themselves in the mirror and say that they are beautiful. My eyes….eyes like a lunar eclipse, as one person described, whatever that means. All I can say is that they’re deep brown, but far away they appear black. With so much pain I had to suffer with braces, you better believe that my teeth would be as straight as a road in Texas.”

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings, etc.:
“Unfortunately, I don’t have any tattoos on my body. Being a dancer, tattoos can be extremely distracting. Closest thing to a scar I have is a small birthmark on my….Iliac Crest? Let’s just say it’s on my left hip. You wanna see it? (laughs) Sike. I’m not the sporty type to have legs and arms full of cuts and bruises though…..okay I’m lying. I’m a jazz dancer, so time to time I may have bruises on my toes. Yeah…I don’t show my toes to very many people.

I have only three piercings: my ears and my navel. It had to take some convincing to my parents that I was capable enough to have a navel piercing. You all know how parents can get about those things.”

“Any girl likes to dress cute and sassy. I’m no exception. My favorite color is blue, so typically you’ll see me in a blue dress, or so many blue jeans. Shoes I have a unique collection of, from boots to stilettos. Obviously, no open-toed shoes.”



“My personality in three words. How about “Heart”, “Colorful” and “Young”? Sounds like those could describe me perfectly.

I get the feeling you want to ask me why I chose those words. Easy. “Heart” means that I’m pretty friendly towards people. Anyone really. The Heart of Gold. My parents have always told me to be optimistic about everyone in the world, but be smart about the people you trust.”

But the biggest problem is that some take my kindness as weakness, and after so much I’ve gone through, I had to repair my heart, and lock it tightly in a bolted box so no one would ever try to open it. Now I’m very guarded about who I can, and cannot, open myself up to. Trusting people can be a hard thing to do nowadays.

“Colorful” meaning I’m can be talkative, and imaginative. Just throw the paint on the canvas and do whatever you want to do with it. Not saying that I live life to the fullest, but I’ve always dreams of venturing outside the Canada line. Go to Puerto Rico, or to Europe. I learned that even around the corner, there’s many things you’ve never seen before and it might add more to those episodes that you daydream about.”

“Young” is my last word, because…I’m still young and learning the ropes in life. Even if this comes off as me being naïve, but it’s not my fault. It’s a common thing that people go through. You have to discover about things somehow. Even if it hurts you.”

“Of course, I am attracted to guys. They are protectors, so of course I want to be around them, so they can protect me. I’m too much of a scrawny chick. (laughs)”

“I’ll start off with my favorite hobby of them all. Art. Any kind of art I have a liking of, but since I can’t sing, I don’t know how to play an instrument, except some tambourines, and all I know how to draw is a stick figure, I stick to what I do best: Jazz dancing, which I’ve been doing since I was 9 years old. It’s the perfect way to express my feelings and thoughts going on in my life. One of my dance instructors said it in the perfect manner: “Imagine yourself in a blank white room and you had three colors to paint the room with: Red, symbolizing your heart, blue symbolizing your soul, and yellow, symbolizing your mind. You’re doing nothing if the room stays white, you’re bringing too much if you cover the room in colors with no sign of white.” Didn’t know what she meant by that, but it did make some sense.

Favorite Color:
“(laughs) Maybe I answered that too soon.”

Favorite Food, Drink:
”I like many fruits that tastes sweet like sugar, and they’re good for you: strawberries, red apples, bananas, oranges, passion fruit, etc. Unfortunately, some fruits can also be sour and bitter. I keep away from those.

My favorite drink? Grape Juice is good. I have the tendency to crave on Capri Suns whenever I’m thirsty. Geez, they need to start making those drinks in a gallon.”

Favorite Music:
“I like R&B and Neo Soul. No denying that. My favorite artists are Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Melanie Fiona, Maxwell, Quadron, Brand New Heavies, and much more. I can be optimistic, so I like plenty of Soul Artists.”

Favorite Places to Go:
“Thanks to Love, I’ve been visiting art museums whenever anyone has an exhibit, especially his, but besides that, I like to go to the movies. Anything with dancing in it I’ll go and see automatically.“

Favorite Person in the World:
“My favorite people have to be my family. Whenever I have something on my mind, I have no problem telling them, and they’ll give it to me with wisdom and support. Sure they can embarrass the crap out of me, but that’s their job. (laughs) I thank my dad for forcing that comment down my throat so many times.”

Least Favorite Color:
“Don’t really have a least favorite color. I just find some colors ugly. Muddy green, especially.”

Least Favorite Food, Drink:
“Anything bitter like grapefruit, lemons, and cantaloupe can leave an undesirable taste. Also why I keep away from hard liquor.”

Least Favorite Music:
“Don’t have a least favorite genre of music. Just some things I don’t listen to like country and metal, but I can understand that they have some talented musicians.”

Least Favorite Places to Go:
“Everybody hates going to funerals, so I’ll say that’s my least favorite place to go. Hospitals, too. The smells in there. (shivers)”

Least Favorite Person in the World:
”Let’s not get into that one right now.”


“Where do I begin? Well, I was born in a snowy day on February….Okay that’s a little too dramatic. I was born in Ontario by a Nurse mother and a computer engineer father. How did two people with totally different career backgrounds manage to hook up and stay married for so long? I don't know. Anyways, I also have an older brother in college named Jamal, also studying in computer engineer just to please Dad, but Jamal also plays Basketball in NYU.

My younger days were safe. A little too safe. I was always stuck in the house with my cousins while my parents went to work. At least until I could go to school. Even then, I was around them in classes and after school.

Around age 9 or 10 was when I discovered jazz dancing. I remember watching Debbie Allen on a television show. I had my eyes glued to the TV. I told my mom that I wanted to do jazz dancing, and she took me straight to ballet. Hated ballet when I was little, because it was so painful to endure, but the instructor taught me well.

Middle school was when I began to lessons. Relationships, especially. My cousins all had boyfriends and girlfriends, and I was stuck as the single one, or the third wheel on dates. I wasn't too much concerned, but then I started feeling like I was never going to get a boyfriend. Stupid of me to think of that at 14.

My first "boyfriend" boyfriend at age 15 was...(sighs) an interesting experience. I thought he was pretty cool, and laid-back when I first met him. He always had these street clothes on, but his accent was the opposite of that. What a weird combination.

Our relationship was good though. We'd always went to the local Starbucks just to talk about whatever. Throughout time, layers started to peel off, and I realized that his laid-back personality was beginning to be overshadowed by his true outgoing personality, and I would be sucked right into it, going to so many parties. It was ridiculous.

One thing he kept asking me though was to make out with him, which I was hesitant at first, because this was my first time having sex. A few months later I was like "Well, since our relationship has evolved, I figured I'd give it a try. You only live once right?" Well, that turned out to be a huge mistake, because after we.....did it, he broke up with me the next day in school, as if he was scoring me. Then, I heard that I wasn't the only girl he did this to. I was pretty naive to not know his true intentions, but you know how guys are treated in society. No need to even repeat it.

I spent the rest of Freshmen and Sophomore year focusing on education and dance, reevaluating my life, then everything changed when my Junior year began. What was responsible? Well, his name is Mordicai, or Love, which is what I like to call him. Our relationship started off small. While I wasn’t paying attention, Mordicai was always drawing pictures of me in classes we had together. It wasn’t until weeks that he confessed that he had a crush on me, and asked me out on a date. I’ll admit that I was hesitant at first because of my pasts I’ve had with having no strings attached, but I was willing to just let all of the grudges go and give it a try.

I remember our date too. Instead of some five star restaurants, he took me to his studio. He had on this black vest with dark blue jeans, converse sneakers, and glasses. I couldn’t help but laugh since I was a bit too overdressed. The date actually turned out great since we were so relaxed, and his sweet personality was really soothing. He also painted a portrait of me that day that's still in his studio.

After that we’ve been inseparable. Too bad we aren’t so lovey-dovey in school. Rather outside of school. He was nothing like my first boyfriend. More genuine and soulful. It’s something about him though. I feel like after months of dating, he’s hiding something.”

So begins...

Dominique Norwood's Story


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#, as written by Jaybt9
A two-story plain white painted house was at view during the Saturday afternoon. Pedestrians were passing through the neighborhood, taking their delighted strolls. The heat couldn’t be this glorious to them. After months of suffering from the cool winters, and spring beginnings, the warm fronts were winning the war against its icy counterpart.

Through the glass window, any neighbor could see a woman in short curly locks, sitting on the dining room table with papers and envelopes disorganized around her. Her mood seemed serene, but her long sighing songs exemplified how much weight she was carrying in her life. An occupation may have strained her, but nothing like TV to clear your mind, and spirit.

The sound of footsteps fell increasingly clear behind the woman. The woman was not alone in this two story house. Appearing into the living room was a medium height, and skin tinted, girl with her mixture of hair flowing behind her. Her facial structures heavily resembling the woman.

“Hey mom….”, the blonde highlighted girl uttered as she passed the woman by.

“Hey Dee.”

Dee was the girl’s name. Short for the eloquent, but unisex “Dominique”. She had many nicknames, but Dee was the easiest and most recognizable to her family and friends. Probably for the lack of knowing how to spell her full name correctly.

Whether she went by Dee or Dominique, she didn’t care about the inaccuracies that people threw on her name. It was the weekend, and Dee felt thankful that chapters and math problems weren’t as dominating as usual weekends. Her mother was also relieved that she didn’t have to work, so watching television could entertain her. “Law and Order” in particular. Crime shows were always a favorite of hers, whether reruns were aired or not. Stories that may seem relatable, yet scandalous. The mystery of these shows had any viewer guessing who killed who, and who assaulted who. Dee often speculated the reasons for her mother’s keenness of crime shows. She could spend an entire day watching marathons if she had the free time.

But enough about her mother. This story was now about Dee herself. Strolling to the kitchen, Dee immediately seized a glass cup from one of the dark cherry-stained cabinets nearest to the refrigerator, but before she could go into a food journey to locate the carton of orange juice, her cell phone chimed in her right pocket, causing her hand to curl like a shovel and plow her way into her pocket to confiscate it. The ring tone contented her widely, because this ring tone and the word “Love” displayed in bold white letters symbolized the one man that could create a rainbow to start her day. That’s if he had the gift to do so.

Dee had her schedule cleared to spend the weekend with her boyfriend, named Love by many. A night in the park, or just relaxing on the sky-stained carpet in his bedroom/studio. Even Love might surprise her with a location for the free-spirited. Love had a proficient skill of reaching outside of the box to pick out something spontaneous, yet exciting.

“Hello…” Dee greeted with more excitement than the shimmering ball of blaze outside of their house.

A romantic vibe was what Dee expected during the phone call. However, the outcome would be different.

a female voice whimpered onto the phone.

“Hey Mrs. Love…..”

It wasn’t her boyfriend. Instead, it was his mother. Dee always showed etiquette in front of her and identified her as “Ms. Love”. Quite a catchy name.

Dee’s speech, however, took a pause after greeting her with satisfaction. Her relaxed, positive expression gradually altering to concern. Why was Dee concerned? The sounds of weeping erupted loud and clear through her ear from the other line. Something was wrong, and Dee had to know what the situation was. Was this news so big that it affected the Love household like a tornado? If so, why did she call Dee? It must affect her as well.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Dee proceeded to ask. Maybe Dee could be given clues, but Ms. Love would jump the gun and head straight to the point, no matter how much her feelings would conquer her.

“I have to tell you this. …It’s about Mordi……”

His name was articulated in such a haunting tone, meaning something was wrong with the love of Dee’s life.

“Is he okay? What’s going on?”


As Ms. Love completed her sentence, she didn’t need to give details on how and when. Dee’s emotions had already taken a drastic turn for the worst. An inhale would cause her pulse to take a sudden halt. Thanks to such painful information shared to her. Her very core plummeting deep into an abyss, while her varnished lips alienated from each other. The cell phone and small glass cup of juice polluted with orange citrus loosened from her grip, crashing on the ivory tiled flooring on impact. The cell phone still on the hook, as the voice on the other line grew worried about Dee’s state as well.

The loud noises caused Dee’s mother to twist her body on the back of the chair towards her daughter, wondering why she was dropping objects. At first she was going to scold her for breaking things she bought, but saw the shocked expression on her face.

“Dee, what’s going on?”
her mother questioned in curiosity. The sound of fast paced stomping from a staircase meter away brought attention as well. Not soon after, a medium toned middle-aged man, dressed in a casual tranquil blue, long sleeved shirt and blue jeans entered the kitchen.

“Dee?” the man, who Dee called Dad, would shout out to her in a deep voice. which was typical for old

Dee couldn’t seem to hold herself together. Drops wildly escaping her eyes, smearing her eyeliner down to her cheeks. A chilling wind crept behind Dee like a ghost, causing her body to shiver without her own consent. Her mind as blank as a canvas.

“Dee?” her mother called out in a louder tone. As her scared mother stood up to her feet, Dee’s vision began to blacken to the point that the presence of her parents, and the entire household, all disappeared. Her body shutting down as she made a thunderous thump onto the floor. Her mother shouting in the background was the last thing she heard, before it was swiftly silenced.

(sorry it took so long. Didn't think my intro would be 1000+ words. Phew!)


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#, as written by Jynxii
Lizzie finally heard her speak, but it wasn't at all what she was expecting. "You'll always be my Kitten" Summer was saying. But that didn't-- the drugs. Realization dawned on Lizzie and she sighed and looked over to her lost friend. "Im a virgin" Summer added, after what appeared to be some internal war going on in her mind. As big of a surprise as that was, Lizzie immediately knew it was not what had been bothering her moments before the Glass had taken over her system. Resisting the urge to pressure her into telling her what was really wrong, Lizzie accepted her secret and responded with, "I go to church."

In a sudden flash Kite was up and off the bed, grabbing the nearest trashcan and heaving into it. Kitten looked on sadly as her friend's stomach violently protested the contents of her blood. She slowly made her way off the bed, and pulled her cellphone from her bra.

To: Everyone (but Summer)
Message: I'm back, bitches!! <3 Summer has started without us, as usual. Anyone got plans for tonight? Welcome home party? I'm at Kite's house ATM ~ L

She slipped her phone back into her bra and walked over to Summer, gently kneeling beside her and holding Kite's hair for her. She gently rubbed Summer's back in soothing circular motions. "Make them stop...Make them stop Kitten!" "Summer, don't pick... Don't pick, Kite! You'll make yourself bleed! Stop!" Lizzie tried to sound gentle, but her grip on Summer's hands to keep her from ripping up her skin was firm. Liz looked into her allies eyes and felt her heart begin to sink a little. If you weren't fucking all those girls... was this what you were doing when you snuck off all those times? Oh, Kite.. I should have been there.. I should have known... Please come back to us.. she thought to herself, miserably looking at the girl she loved so much.

She watched in dismay as Summer twitched and tried to pick at herself. A part of her was actually scared. Her friends that she missed so much might not be what she needed after all. She glanced to her stomach for a moment and then back to Summer. She gently let go of her hands and stood up. There wasn't really a point in talking to her while she is this high; nothing would get through. "I'm going to get you some water," she announced. Lizzie made her way back down the stairs and to the kitchen and rummaged through the cabinets for a plastic cup.

When she found one, she added ice to it, and then tap water. Pausing for a moment, she placed the cup on the counter and pulled out her cell again.

To: Tristan
Message: ... hey, I'm sorry about not saying goodbye... ~ L

She shoved the iPhone back into her bra and grabbed the drink, heading back up stairs. She found Summer and held out the cold glass. "Here babes. Drink some."


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#, as written by Jaybt9

That’s all Dee could see. The moon not being there to protect her. This sight was horrifying, abandoning, and traumatizing. The fall of a nightmare that she couldn’t escape. A claustrophobic would have handled this condition worse than Dee.

However, she could see the light beginning to expand, reaching for freedom and safety. Her mother and father could be heard mumbling in the background. Dee was not assembling too many of their words, except the one she hoped wouldn’t be uttered: “Mordicai”. Dee’s upper eyelids slowly relinquished to the visual orbs below it. With her vision clear, her mother was kneeling on the carpet next to her while her father sat on the recliner. His elbows reclined instead of his spine.

“Hey Dee….”
her father pronounced as he witnessed her eyes fully exposed to the real world.

“What happened?” his daughter began to question.

“You fainted.” her father added into the conversation, “I’m surprised you didn’t crack your skull.”

“I just had the worst dream……that Ms. Love was….telling me that Mordicai had killed himself.”,

Arms that felt too weak to lift a box of books could push Dee’s back from the cushion, realizing that she was on the synthetic leather sofa in the living room with onyx coloring. Her body pressed into the “pleather mattress” showed that she was eased on the couch for minutes. Maybe even hours. The sun had shifted noticeably. Deep orange light scurrying through the glass windows. The 32 inch Television played stalker and gaped intensely at her, subjecting her to subliminal messages. This time in the form of a sultry Latin actress urging her to drink Diet Pepsi.

Dee’s mother, after shifting downwards from her daughter’s last statement, had her eyes darted on Dee instead of some intentionally comedic commercial ad. Dee’s nails beginning to comb through her hair, straightening out the unkemptness she had gone through after fainting.

Once Dee’s hands rested on her thighs, her mother grabbed a hold of them, feeling cool and firm as a refrigerated apple. Dee locked her eyes on the gesture, suddenly sensing bewilderment in her brain.

“I hate to break this to you”, her mother commented, trying to be diligent, “but that wasn’t a dream. Patricia called me, and told me everything.”

Patricia. That was Ms. Love’s given name. Dee’s nightmare…it couldn’t be a reality.

“So…..” Dee continued interrogating. What was her mother trying to say? It wasn’t what she hoped had happened.

“Patricia found Mordicai lying on the floor, and had suffocated on his own vomit. She tried to call the ambulance, but Mordicai was already pronounced dead when they tried to check his pulse. It’s assumed that he committed suicide. She had called you two hours after.”

While Dee fully regained consciousness, she was still quivering in her bones. Not even the environmental beams could soothe how cold she felt internally. So much sadness and utter shock that her speech began to skip like the result of a scratched record player.

“W-w-why would he… this?”, Dee further interviewed to her parents.

“Police arrived to the scene and found….”

Her mother held her speech, which was a bad idea to do, since Dee would quickly anticipate what the police had found that killed her beau, but what her mother would reveal even surprised herself. Of all men her daughter ties her heart to, it’s this boy.

“ …..cocaine…. They found a bag of cocaine on his bed side. They believe that he had overdosed.

In her eyes, more white began to surround the brown irises. Surprised once more that on top of discovering that the only love that could warm her heart was taken away from her, but he had killed himself after overdosing on Cocaine? Why this drug? Why any drug? Was this the secret that Dee was so curious of finding out about her boyfriend? Why did he hide this from her after many weeks of dating?

All of a sudden, Dee felt guilt. She could have aided Love in battling his addiction. Rehabilitation, Anonymous meetings. Her mother being a nurse, she could have helped him as well. Anything to steer clear from such a terrible outcome like drug overindulging.

Dee was sure that her mother was going to throw in the “parent’s ultimatum” during the conversation. In other words, “I told you so”, or she would have moved the family to another location to prevent her from having that same fate as her boyfriend, or meeting anyone else who used drugs. Her mother could have done that to her to prove how naïve Dee was about relationships, but witnessing her daughter suffering from one of the most traumatic experiences in her life, all a mother could do was console her while Dee’s tears were too dried out to continue sobbing, but she was still heartbroken and mournful. Her mother had enough wisdom to know that death was something fresh in the minds of kids and teenagers, especially when those close to them are the deceased.


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#, as written by Jaybt9
The day Dee found out about the death of Love, she spent a sundown and sunrise on her queen sized mattress, letting her tears control her entirely. All she wanted to do was lay there in silence. The rose sheets distorted from her forceful grip. Since she had no strength to walk and trigger her lamp, the sun and the moon spread their light energies through her ivory blinds. The air conditioner was constant for days, but every hour felt like the temperature was declining to below zero. Enough for chilling bumps to emerge on Dee’s caramel skin.

From time to time, her cellular phone on her desk would vibrate in such a violent tone. It demanded attention from Dee, but Dee refused to look at her messages. Sympathy being thrown into her face could make her sadder than she already was. She already read the first two text messages from her older brother, and one of her friends at school.

To: Dominique
From: Bro Bro
Heard about Mordi’s suicide. If you need anything, be sure to call me. I’m praying for you sis.

To: Dominique
From: Erica
Hey girl, I hope you are feeling okay. Haven’t heard from you in a while. I also heard what happened to Love.

But Dee was astonished that Dee not responding to the texts could have been a signal for Erica to sprint her way to Dee’s house, just to give a Dee a lean on her shoulder. Anything a friend could do whenever the one they cared about was down and out. Dominique hoped that she could arrive to do so.

Everyone else was speculatively friends, acquaintances, and relatives ready to interrogate her on the news that birds fluttered around and sang to them about an artist who died of an overdose. Dee didn’t want poor judgment from others engraved into her brain. It’s bad enough that she couldn’t even bear him using drugs. Mordicai’s passionate, caring, and motivating auras could be a qualification for someone drug free, but it seemed that Dee’s assumption was inaccurate this time.

Her parents would enter her room to console her after every few hours, hoping that she wouldn’t share the same fate as her boyfriend . They would bring her food, but Dee ate very little. Her father spent so much of his lifetime bringing positivity to his friends, that he figured he could use that same ability on his own daughter, but girls are fragile, sensitive, and emotional creatures.

Unfortunately, school was creeping ahead after “God’s Day”, and texts messages not being read and replied to will lead to consequences once she joins the school. Either that or hugs and prayers.


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Kaleb Dean Sivaj

As late morning shifted into noon, Kaleb let himself look into the sky and try to imagine himself two years ago. It wasn't until the last year and a half Kaleb had been infested with the parasitic shadows of his mind. When had things gone wrong? What did go wrong? Everything he answered, tilting his head back to rest against the concrete of the stairs. Kaleb thought of his friends, the ones who were there for him when he needed their companionship most.

Within their circle, Kaleb often saw himself as one who sat on the fringe of most issues. Sure he was known to pester and push, tease and dare, flirt and horse around.....but did anyone really know him for him?


Of course she did. It was difficult at first when Kaleb had moved to Canada, many of his current friends already knew each other and had been stand offish to the brown skinned boy- though not due to his complexion. Even Jaylene took some time to warm up to him, but Summer had taken him in without so much as flinching. She had seemed so interested in his previous life in New York, and before that his childhood spent mostly in India. The two had fit together from the start, and in the beginning Kaleb hadn't known Summer's preference for her own gender. Summer would never so much as hesitate to express her affections to him, and as a 14 year old boy it was easy for him to confuse her sentiments for romance.

Jaylene and him had grown to know each other, both the true fuck ups of the group. Sure the others also has problems, but Kaleb and Jay both were the ones devoured with such angst and inner disdain that their souls were compatible with each other, finding comfort in another's proximity. A sigh passed his lips, swearing he could still taste Soda on his fleshy pink pout. He wished he hadn't left Jaylene, perhaps they had some things to still hash out. But Kaleb struggled with expressing his own feeling, the one who used humor as a defensive shield for anyone to get to close. Even Summer didn't know who he had become, Jaylene had seen a glimpse last night.

But could he trust his other friends with the monsters within? Would they still want to associate with a pyromaniac? Kaleb couldn't believe that they would, already they struggled dragging him away from fights or attempting to hush him as he drunkenly yells out insults to police that may pass them as they walk to their car after a party or the club. He remembered once when Jay had managed to talk a police officer out of arresting him by claiming Kaleb had accidentally taken a drink that had been intentionally roophied for Jaylene to consume, to explain his belligerent behavior. It was one hell of a lie, but it worked. Already he put his friends through enough shit, despite making up for it by baby sitting them because they couldn't hang or saving their asses physically. His naturally aggressive nature made Kaleb prone to conflict.

He and Mordi would constantly joke about how stereotypes put Mordi as the criminal and Kaleb as the talented one, instead it was the other way around. Kaleb sat up sharply, eyes widening. Mordi was dead.

Groaning, Kaleb buried his face into his hands, fingers tugging at fibers of his hairline. It was as if his demons had known, the fire foreshadowing Mordi's death. Oh god, where would Mordi be buried? Where would the wake be held? Should he do something? Hadn't he had a girlfriend?

Distracting himself, Kaleb attending to his phone, seeing that Madeline had responded to his texts. Madeline was another broken piece in the puzzle of their friendships. Adopted into a wealthy lifestyle was beneficial, but the gnawing notion inside knowing no one can quite love you like the ones who made you was enough to drive anyone up the wall. The girl's partying habits collided with Kaleb's, but if that was the case did that mean that she too was partying to cover something much deeper?
Kaleb shook his head, once again he was over analyzing. He wrote out a text, rereading it several times to make sure she would be able to comprehend it.

i just saw Kite, she's good. Tonight we're meeting at the cave...4 Mordi.

Although the text wasn't much, it took him forever to type the phrase into his iPhone. Although Kaleb wanted to call each of his friends and talk about Mordi, he knew it was best if they all waited until they saw each other tonight.

Suddenly Kaleb remembered a time that Mordi had texted his girl off of Kaleb's phone, scrolling through his threads until he came across the dated conversation. He was sure it was Mordi by the gooey sentiments that Kaleb would never say to a girl he was trying to sleep with, although according to Mordi what he had with Dee was more than that. Kaleb had laughed it off, teasing Mordi that he was acting like a female - but in a way he was envious of the relationship he had. Finally he wrote out a text to his deceased friends significant other:

Hey this is Kaleb, Mordi's friend...I don't know if ur interested but some of us are going to lakeside, probably tell some stories about him and party for him u kno. Ur more than welcome to come. he was sure he had met the girl once, but honestly Kaleb always struggled with names and faces. He knew the girl had to be hurting right now, maybe she could be comforted in the company of others who also mourned the loss of Mordecai Love.

It was then that Tristan finally showed up, smoking a trippy stick and greeting Kaleb nonchalantly. Bloodshot eyes peered from behind browned fingers that shielded his face, Kaleb's head shaking in confusion. "Mordi's dead," it sounded final, saying it out loud, "Mordi's dead and I fucked Jaylene last night." The secret slipped out like a foul word, intentional and undetected. It wasnt until he watched Tristan's face twist in surprise that Kaleb realized he had been bursting with the secret within the hours already and blurted it out the second Tristan greeted him.

Who knew when the burden of the fires would grow to be too much?


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#, as written by Jaybt9

The day that Dee had to attend school with stress and grief in her brain. Her mind was telling her not to come to school and lay in her bed, and let her tears soak through the mattress. This heartbreaking news felt too fresh for her to recover with a smile and focus on her own life. This was the one she loved. The second she had arrived in school, people were giving her hugs and consoling down the hallway.

But Dee understood that many were as heartbroken as she was, and everyone had to bear with this grief for nearly three class periods. In Dee’s case, English had begun, and Dee was wandering off the points of whatever novel her teacher was analyzing alongside the class of 25, even when she did the assignment that he handed out to the class on Friday.

She began to drift into her own world even more with another distraction. Her cellular phone began to vibrate on her desk. Sighs could never be as repetitive as her’s, but she had to read them or her phone would be piled with them. Maybe even important things. She had to secretly read them away from her teacher, hiding it under her text books.

"Hey this is Kaleb, Mordi's friend...I don't know if ur interested but some of us are going to lakeside, probably tell some stories about him and party for him u kno. Ur more than welcome to come."

A trip to the mountains to talk about Love. That was a pleasant idea, but Dee’s attention was weighed towards a question. Kaleb? The name was unfamiliar to her “collection” of people she knew in her life. Those that she would know by any unique traits Dee doesn’t even remember talking to a Kaleb, but this Kaleb was well aware of her.

By first intuition, Dee was immediately cautious. A trip to the mountains with some strangers? Did they really know Mordicai? She would probably be kidnapped, beaten, and thrown in the river if she participated, but this was only the worst case scenario. In order to solve this mystery, she had to scroll up to the history of messages sent to the number. Apparently, Dee’s messages on this number were rather…tender. The compliments and positive smileys thrown into the mix.

Dee chuckled to herself after remembering the texts, and the exact day and time these were sent. It was two weeks after that “first date in his studio”. She was having a sleepover with Erica and a few of her other female friends. Her texting and continuous giggling away from her friend’s conversations would be noticed by Erica, who’d pick on her for how submissive she was being over this man. Of course, Erica was the “female empowerment” type of person. The type that organized field days after Beyonce made a few songs celebrating it. Dee was amazed that Erica wasn’t a lesbian by now. With so much hate towards boys, it’s bound to happen. For how much of a feminist Erica was, she hated when her best friend was in a terrible mood for any reason. Even if it was for a man. Of all people who consoled her at school, Erica did the most.

Dee, however, was different and it was evident in the texts she sent to Love that day. She was too much of a hopeless romantic. Even if she wanted to lock her heart in a box and throw away the key, it seems to release somehow.

But that was the pasts and the present was meant to reflect on it, as illustrated in this event at the mountains. Dee had no idea how this event would turn out, or who was going to be there, except students from school. It would be nice to hear of these stories from friends that Mordi felt close to just as much as the lovebirds themselves. Mordi was such a kind-hearted person, yet secretive. Maybe these stories could peel the layers of his skin and reveal nothing but flesh and soul.

She let that intuition fly away like paper and let her fingers do the talking on her communication device.

To: Kaleb
From: Dee
Thank you for the invite. What time will you all be there?


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#, as written by Jaybt9
We meet about three miles past the camp ground, you’ll probably hear us once you park

Dee read the last message before taking a long sigh in tenseness in her classroom. The camp ground. Deep into the wilderness was what Dee assumed the location would be. Even though she asked Kaleb about the time rather than the place, she guessed that it was enough to know. Only one cave in Belleville that she knew about. She remembers passing it riding around the town with her feminist best friend, Erica.

Hours before school finally ended, and Dee’s tension was diminishing, but her drive from school straight to the camp site was nothing but her best friend digging in her ear like a large q-tip through her cellular phone. Dee told Erica in the school cafeteria about her going to attend the celebration for Love. Big mistake, as Erica immediately became skeptical, complaining to her friend that she’s going to wander around in the natural landscape with unfamiliar people. Erica ranted on the cafeteria table, and now, she’s continuing to rant on Dee’s cellular phone, but Dee chose to stick to her guns and attend for her peacefully departed Love. How did the conversation end?

“Alright Dee, but I better not see your ass on the news tomorrow morning, because you got killed or raped.”

Why Erica puts the worst case scenarios on the top of her list to talk about, Dee doesn’t know.

Dee wouldn’t know what else Love’s friends would do besides reminiscing about him. Maybe this site was a place where Love could relax with his closest links and shed those layers of stress from his bronze skin. Maybe to let his worries wither and breathe its last breath by jumping from a ledge into the river. Maybe shout to the world in profane language. Love was certainly a nonconformist, and Dee was recognizing it. Unfortunately, Love did not have the chance to influence Dee on experiencing life as free as a single bird. Maybe his friends could finish the job.

After Dee and Erica said their quick good-byes, and hung up their conversation, Dee's drive to the local lakeside remained in silence, on the outside. On the inside, Dee gathered many thoughts and questions about this event. The tension was raising from the dirt and beginning to build inside of her. What was going to happen at this place?

(Okay, this was pretty short, but I had to keep it sweet)


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Oliver Hamilton
Oli got comfortable in the passenger seat of Brik's car as the car road through town, he wasn't even sure why he was coming with Brik. He was never good with groups of people but maybe it was be different here, maybe he could make some friends and not have to worry about being bullied at the new school. Looking down at his lap he fumbled with the camera in his hands, maybe he could get some good pictures at the lake. He reached over, turning the radio on low, the silence was kind of awkward for him. He knew Brik wasn't much of a talker so he respected that but a little music never hurt anyone.

When Brik parked the car, he looked out the window and couldn't believe how peaceful it looked out there. He already knew he was going to love it here. Brik started to speak as he was about to open the door, smiling a little at Brik's words "yeah a little nervous but if they are your friends then they must not be that bad" he laughed then opened the door, stepping out of the car he put the strap of his camera around his neck. "Its beautiful out here" he said out loud as he walked closer to the edge of the lake.

To the left he noticed a girl [maddi] sitting by the lake, probably was one of Brik's friend. Should he go say hi or wait till Brik introduces him? He looked back out the lake, raising his camera up he took a few pictures then snapped one of the girl when she wasn't looking. Just as the picture snapped he saw her look up, he blushed and scratched the back of his neck before taking a few steps closer.

"Sorry...uh hope you don't mind" he motioned to his camera "just thought it was a perfect moment to snap one, the light portrayed you nicely". Motioning to the ground beside the girl "do you mind if I sit down, im Oli. Brik's cousin". Hearing another vehicle arrive he looked over to see a truck with a guy and a girl getting out. "You are one of Brik's friends right?" he laughed nervously hoping he just didn't make a fool of himself by assuming the girl was a friend of Brik's. Who knows maybe she just was another girl visiting the lake.

Summer Vorhees
Looking into Kaleb's eyes, feeling his fingers tracing her skin she couldn't help but smile. Ever since they met Kaleb has always been there for her, now she knew why . "I do love you, so much Summer...I think I might love you most, I would be nothing without you." Hearing what Kaleb said made her sigh "Kaleb, I would be nothing without you, your always there for me when I need to be held. I seriously love you" she leaned in, kissing his cheek. "Know that I will always be here for you.".

Summer let Kaleb move her, resting herself against him as he pulled up his pant leg "holy shit Kaleb" she murmered, listening to him as he confessed about the fires. She turned slightly putting her hand against his cheek "I understand Kaleb, I do and I promise not to say anything", she did understand in her own way. Kaleb can't help himself when it came to the fires and she couldn't help herself when it came to the drugs. "Just promise to be careful".

Kaleb then mentioned that they should go, nodding her head in agreement she stood up "you can stay here tonight if you want" she ffered before going over to her closet. She grabbed one of her beanies and put on her converse, then looked around her room. A laugh escaped her lips "wow, I know how to destroy a room" she said as she grabbed her small bag of drugs and headed out from her room with Kaleb, she was glad Bella agreed to clean up what she could of her room. Before she left the house she stopped into the bathroom and wrapped her hand up with gauze, last thing she needed was an infection. Grabbing a couple bottles of drinks from a cabinet in the kitchen she headed out.

After that she got in her truck, Kaleb driving. Sitting in the middle she leaned her head against Kaleb's shoulder, trying to just focus on the now instead of what happened over the past couple days. Kaleb then brought up the drugs, saying she should cut back on them. Just the thought of cutting back made her feel sick "Not sure if I can Kaleb" she whispered but not saying anything more about it. She knew that if she kept up with the drugs that she will dig herself deep, but the drugs make her feel or sometimes when she needs to it helps her feel nothing, numb. They are what keeps her alive at least thats what she thought.

As they arrived at lakeside she saw Brik and Maddie's car, she looked out to the lake as Kaleb said they should just tell the others Jay went off to rehab. She nodded her head in agreement, she didn't want to go into detail of what happened earlier again, what happened at Jay's was something she hoped to never speak of again. Her best friend was gone, the girl that she always went to with everything. Jay was like her other half, had so much in common sometimes it was scary, the blonde always knew what to do to bring Summer up. She hoped wherever Jay was now that she was safe and putting her mark on the world. "Ill always love you my Popsey" she thought to herself.

Image Hearing her door open she smiled to Kaleb who helped her out "well then lets get this party started" she grinned, wiping her face from any tears that escaped. She looked up to Kaleb, leaning up she gave him a peck "always will be my wild man." Handing one of the bottles of alcohol to Kaleb, she grabbed her bag and the other bottle then closed the door of the truck. Heading over to the lake she saw a guy sitting next to Maddi and Brik in his car, she went and knocked on the hood of Brik's car "hey you come on lets go to the cove" she yelled then ran over behind Maddi and wrapped her in a hug "hey Maddi girl, whose your friend" she grinned giving the girl a peck on the cheek. "Brought the goods like always" she shaked her bag then stood up looking at everyone "last one to the cove gets thrown in the lake naked!"

Laughing she ran up the path towards the cove, once she was there she collapsed to the ground looking out towards the lake. The sun was setting beyond the trees, sitting here reminded her why she loved it at the Lakeside. So many memories were made her with her groupd of friends, this would always be their place no matter where they were in the world. She opened the bottle of vodka, taking a drink she passed it on to the person that arrived after her. Putting her hand up over her eyes she looked over towards where the cars were parked, seeing an unfamiliar car pulling up she wondered who that couls be. Shrugging her shoulders, she would find out soon but now she needed a little something to pick her up. Not wanting to do any of the monster in front or her friends she took out a couple mollys and poped them in her mouth.

One thing she has noticed was that Bones wasn't here and also has been very quiet the last couple days which made her a little bit worried. She took out her phone and sent Avy a text Hey babes, where are you? Party starting at lakeside now and your not here :[ Ill be waiting for you Mousey!. Hopeing she could make it she put her phone away. Tonight they would celebrate Mordi's life just like he would want them to.

((OOC: sorry for taking so long to post XD))


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#, as written by Torex
Avery Campbell

Avery rolled over in her bed as her phone chimed out Kite's melody, the sound resounding loudly in her head. She was feeling weaker than ever, and after that night at Roxxie's, and seeing Summer tripping so hard, she was in need of some solitude, some relaxation......and her bed. Grabbing her phone she opened the message, wanting to be sure the girl who held everyone in the palm of her hand had made it through the morning alright.

From: Kite<3

Hey babes, where are you? Party starting at lakeside now and your not here :[ Ill be waiting for you Mousey!

The small girl sat up on her bed and smiled a bit. This was always how they made everything better, the Lakeside was their fortress, impenetrable and sacred. Her fingers blurred out a message.

To: Kite<3

Be there soon sweets.

Hitting send she went to her closet and rummaged around for something to throw on. After she'd gotten home that morning she threw on her favorite pajamas, an over sized shirt and some fluffy blue pants, but the day had been warm. Avery found a nice pair of blue jeans and a spaghetti string shirt, glancing in the mirror she pulled a brush through her chestnut hair and threw on her shoes. Going down the stairs she found her vitamins and took them, grabbed her keys, locked the door and hopped in her truck. Just as she was about to start the old thing her phone chimed again.....but it wasn't a familiar tone, wasn't one she had heard in a long time.

Avery knew a girl from school named Jessica....they weren't exactly the best friends, but Jessica had been her partner for a few projects here and there, and she was nice enough. They'd exchanged numbers for the project's they'd worked on, and considering they'd paired up often enough, Avery didn't delete her number.

Opening the text, Avery had almost skimmed over the words, expecting another project assignment, but the first few words had almost made her drop her phone completely....

Im so sry 2 hear about Mordi......

Avery rested her forehead against the steering wheel as her heart almost stopped beating......"Mordi.....oh" Her voice cracked, and anyone who would have been around to hear it would have thought the nickname Mouse was due to the squeaky whisper that embodied her voice as she struggled to breathe.....tears hit the screen as she re-read what couldn't have been true....

Im so sry 2 hear about Mordi. They just broke the news 2 the skool 2day. he oded @ his place a few days ago....that y u and ur crew has ben skippin? Crzy shyt. preyin 4 u dol. luvz

Avery read the message until she couldn't see any more and then she screamed as sobs broke through her small frame, it couldn't have been real.......Jessica had to be playing some sort of joke, she couldn't imagine a life without one of her friends.....she couldn't fathom never seeing Mordi again.....never flipping through his art book again, never seeing his couldn't have been real.....

Sitting there she cried until she couldn't any more......She needed Brik, she needed Kaleb, she needed Kite........she didn't want to mourn someone who shouldn't have died.......reaching over to the glove box she pulled it open and searched for her secret stash. Avery had hid some drugs in her glove compartment when she found a secret compartment inside some time around december. Kite had given her a small bag of Xanex that she had hid there, and now was the perfect time for one.

Popping one, she waited until the high took hold before wiping her eyes and pulling out of her driveway, she didn't have far to go so she figured she would be alright, but she had swerved most of the way there and knocked over an empty trash can, she was hardly able to park when she had arrived.

Stumbling out she had just seen Kite dash to the cove, she had seen Brik, Kaleb, and Madi, but no Jay? There was a guy she didn't know there too, and a car she wasn't familiar with was parked a few spots away....Madi took off after Kite, and joining them sounded like a great idea, so she ambled off toward the cove. When she made it she found herself plopped down on Summer's lap and her arms around her neck, her eyes were blood shot and red, and they hurt. Closing them she put her head on Kites shoulder, she murmured something about Jessica being a lair before silencing herself.


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#, as written by Jaybt9
Still driving down the road, obviously slower to keep her navigational skills active, Dee was still asking to herself “Where is this place?” until Dee finally noticed the answer down the road. A dirt road with cars parked further in the distance. She smiled in relief, turning onto the bumpy pathway before stopping next to a truck, which was dirty, but Dee’s was no better. The many automobiles meant that people were already in attendance, and must be celebrating early with the amounts of laughter and yelling piercing through her ears. They were noisy enough for a deaf person in India to hear.

After Dee turned off the ignition, she took some time to recollect herself. Her hands gripped onto the steering wheel with her eyes dead ahead to a lake. A rave club pounding inside of her chest. The many thoughts that swarmed around her head earlier were resurfacing again: uncertainty, curiosity, mystery. Why did she bother trying to not stand on her friend’s side of the fence? She somehow ends up sneaking her way to it anyways. She was the only one Dee could trust and have history with, so it was understandable that Dee could take her side over any other peers. Two others, besides her family, she made herself vulnerable to. Mordi was one of them.

ImageShe continued to communicate mentally.

Okay, you can do this…

She repeated those words of encouragement, until at last some guts were making themselves known. She was ready to tackle her worries and meet these friends that Mordi was most dear to.

The next step was exiting her car, which was easy, yet she couldn’t protect herself from Mother Nature trying to peek under her ivory top, not knowing that she had shorts that could blind in with the night, but this was daytime where black was as hidden as fireworks on the Fourth of July.

She gave her blonde twists a lift behind her, staring down at the dirt and rocks below with a forceful blow from her chest. She took her stroll to the dirt path, looking around her as birds sang like a choir of percussion. An average person would think that this walk was hard work on one’s legs, but she was a dancer. She was used to putting her entire body to work in such a painstaking manner every dance and practice.

But this was about Dee’s walk right? Thankfully enough that she was reaching closer to the destination. Voices increasing in volume. Mordi’s friends? What a joy this was going to be meeting them.


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As soon as Summer was taking his hand, like the social butterfly she was the brunette fluttered off. Kaleb would never guess anything was wrong, flawlessly she glided across the grounds greeting Madeline and the foriegn face that sat beside Madeline. Summer ran off screaming something about getting naked, but Kaleb hanged back to wait for the others.

As much as he wanted to let free as Kite did, Kaleb still had the weight of the world on his shoulders. His mind seemed to hop from one thing to the next. It was unreal that he would never see Mordi again, hell he might never see Jaylene again either.

It pained him more to think of never seeing Soda again more than Mordi's death - strange because she wasn't even really gone. But she had deserted them. Damnit, why couldn't she be a normal kid and just run away until they agree not to admit her. Then he had to deal with his father when he got home.

Running his hand through his hair, Kaleb turned around as he heard another car down the road. He recognized Avery's car before she parked. The girl ran past Kaleb straight to the lake where Summer was. Kaleb couldn't bring himself to be his usually bright self. Normally Kaleb would be running with his friends, horsing around with others, and throwing Kite into the lake.

However as Kaleb began to think of what waited for him at home, he felt himself slump. Tonight he had to make it worth it, because when Kaleb went home tonight he would be on lock down. Making a mental note to buy a pack of cigarettes on his way home, Kaleb sparked a cigarette and inhaled the harsh smoke with mild satisfaction.

As he stood on top of the hill, looking through the trees to his friends down below, Kaleb forced a smile. These were the ones who had stuck around for now and always for him. Taking his time down the hill, Kaleb made sure to asorb every moment entirely, not wanting to waste a single second of his day.

Leaves rustling behind him, Kaleb snapped his head back, ciggarette hanging from his lips. A silhouette of a shapely female was framed by the sun shining down on them. A tree obstructed his view on her, but Kaleb safely assumed it was Mordi's girl.

Once she came closer, Kaleb got a better look at her face. The caramel skinned beauty was entirely Divine, Kaleb could understand why Mordi was all gaga for the girl. From her dark eyes to her plump lips to the compact figure with all the right curves in the right places.

A smile tugged at Kaleb's lips, a predatory like mentality briefly flashing through his grief. It would be wrong for Kaleb to swoop in on Mordi's girlfriend while she was griefing, but as a straight male Kaleb had to entertain the idea - if only for a moment. Coming from behind the tree, Kaleb blew the tobacco smoke above and made himself know to the female.

"You made it!" Kaleb enthused, attempting to appear friendly. Although Kaleb didn't recognize the young lady, that didn't mean she wouldn't recognize him. Infamous in their high school for fighting or causing scenes, most people in their school was afraid of Kaleb. Hopefully that wouldn't be the case.

Glancing back to his friends, Kaleb realized how the group might be intimidating. Offering a hand out to the beauty, Kaleb locked eyes with her "I'm Kaleb, the one that texted you...we're just going to paddle out to a cave to set a fire, play some music, drink a little - we might have some snacks." He said, trying to ease her into the situation. Kaleb knew women pretty well, and if he was right the young woman before him was going through all sorts of feelings much like his own. Grief, confusion, loss, despair. It all knotted up in his gut, making him empathize for the girl that he hoped to help.


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#, as written by Jaybt9
Her destination was near, and it was evident by the laughter increasing in volume and pint-sized people in her view, but she something was near. Smoke peeked from behind a pair of trees close to her path. As she walked down the hill closer to the crowd, a boy taller than her that was hiding behind the environment appeared like a wood nymph to her.

His hands must have a habit of manipulating his brown hair, as the majority was pushed back, with a layer brushed slightly over his right eye. He had no problem fixing that. The sun from behind the hill beamed directly to his face. His cigarette at hand and white wall expression proved that he was laidback from head to toe, or he was in the Mafia. He seemed like the type that would cause ruckus and sling papers in the hallway after a minute or two in his own little action scene. To Dee’s surprise, these assumptions began to adjust after the boy noticed Dee and struck a harmless grin after blowing smoke into the air, just to avoid hitting her face with it.

“You made it!”

His joyful attitude may have surprised her a bit, but he had no time in wanting to make her comfortable at the first few seconds. Scary at first, but he had introduced himself after Dee was wondering who this person was.

“I’m Kaleb, the one that texted you...we're just going to paddle out to a cave to set a fire, play some music, drink a little - we might have some snacks”

At that moment, Dee began to beam so serenely, but still puzzled over Kaleb’s lucky guess of knowing who Love’s girlfriend would look like in person. The last anxious breath releasing from her lungs out into the breezy atmosphere. Meeting one of Mordi’s closest friends face-to-face. She proved her skeptical best friend incorrect this time. No attempted rape in the woods. No axe murderer out to get people. Just being relaxed and celebrating in joyful noise. Something that Love would encourage, instead of becoming stressful and grieving till death. Unfortunately, Dee was still at that stage where she couldn’t bear the thought of her boyfriend being dead. It was still a distorted sight that Dee was having a hard time clearing.

Nonetheless, she needed to continue in clearing that sight. After the man introduced himself as "Kaleb", Dee placed a hand out to him in greeting, introducing herself in return.

“I’m Dominique, or you could call me Dee.”

Dee wouldn’t let anyone she hardly knew call her “Dee”, but Dee and Kaleb were mutual friends. A friend to Love was a friend to her. Kaleb was well informed of Dee being Love’s girlfriend so there was no point in repeating that announcement to him. She couldn’t say the same about the others present though. Love may have mentioned it to them, since Love was more than cordial to his friends. At least this was what Dee had gathered from Love talking more about his free-spirited friends and the sparkling activities they do than himself or his art. He spoke of their moments at the river, letting the pain drown in the deep abyss, and coming out soaked, yet purified. Something Dee would love to experience.

And the day would be that day to experience it. After Dee introduced herself to her new-found friend, she continued to speak.

“Thank you for inviting me.”

Her eyes began to travel behind the male teenager and watched as a group of guys and girls began splashing around at the edge of the river, where it was safe and water wouldn’t slice you from the chest below. A wooden canoe was at ease next to the crowd with the cave at a distance. Dee remembered Kaleb mentioning that before in the text, but he reminded her again in case the thought would even try to slip her mind. The visual caused her to chuckle.

“Seems like everyone is already having a blast out there and we haven’t reached the cave yet.”


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Brik simply watched in silence as his cousin interacted with Maddie. He was glad that Oliver was making himself comfortable. As Summer and the gang ran off to the cove, Brik took his time. Not only was it not safe for him to run, but he also just wasn't that excited. He got out of his car, and at a leisurely pace, followed his friends. His hands were stuffed into the pockets of his swim trunks and his gym back was looped around his shoulder. He was already feeling more and more tired with each step, feeling the need to sit down and regroup.

As of late, he was feeling sicker and sicker, and it truly worried him, so he was going to pace himself tonight and refrain from doing too much. During his silent walk, Brik debated whether or not he should take his X and simply indulge, but he was aware that if he got high then he might do something too reckless to be considered healthy. Maybe he'd just stay sober, and be the kill-joy that he was born to be. He made it to the cove, feeling the urge to take a moment to catch his breath. Brik placed his bag in the cave and sat, leaning his head against the stone wall. His breathing was labored and he was already feeling lightheaded. With his hands on temples, Brik took this moment to gather up the energy that he was going to need. Tonight was about Mordi, and he wasn't gong to allow his illness to overshadow the reason he was here. He watched from his perch as more people arrived. He waved weakly at Kaleb and the stranger that was with him then gave Avery a small nod of acknowledgment. Closing his eyes, Brik just listened to the sounds that surrounded him from Summer cheerful voice to the droll of the lake.


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“I’m Dominique, or you could call me Dee.”

Names of French descent weren't uncommon in Canada, and Dominique's name suited her Kaleb thought. He shook her hand gently but firmly, grinning as he came face to face to her. Kaleb had to give Mordi his props, the boy had somehow managed to cuff a girl who was so out of his league.

Which was unfair to say, but Kaleb was always hard on his guy friends, that's just how boys ran things. Retracting his hand, Kaleb spoke "You have a beautiful name." He complimented.

Dominique thanked him for the invite, but Kaleb was distracted by the noise at lakeside. The shouts from his friends echoed behind Kaleb, he could hear Summer threaten to throw him into the lake naked. His face briefly flushed with color, chuckling at his crews antics. Reaching to scratch the back of his neck, Kaleb used his free hand to gesture behind him. "I have to warn you, things tend to get a bit wild." A glint of humor in his dark eyes, "Everyone's friendly though, so don't worry."

If Jaylene had been there he would have to say differently. She was bitchy enough to those in their circle, let alone people outside of it. But damn it all if Kaleb didn't love that about her. Sodapop could never have done wrong in his eyes...except leaving him.

Shaking his head so a few stray strands fell over his forehead, Kaleb glanced behind him as Dominique mentioned how the group already began to have fun before even reaching the cave. With Summer around it was hard not to have a good time, Kaleb thought, watching her and Avery paddle to the other side. "The crazy one, that's Summer, and the little thing next to her is Mousey - or Avery."

Music could be heard playing from the cave, and as they neared the shallow edge of the water by the cave. More faces could be seen, and pointing out his friends Kaleb would identify them to Dominique. "The Latina is Madeline, and white boy is Brik....I don't know the other white kids name , he must be new." Kaleb thought he had seen the face before.

Finally reaching the cave, Kaleb hopped out of the canoe and dragged it into the sand to anchor. Offering a hand to help Dominique out, Kaleb then turned to his groups. "I know rules are rules, but I think we can cut our guest some slack and just give her a warning this time instead of throwing her in the lake." His ornery tone was accompanied by a brief chuckle, glancing back to Dominique as if to say 'your welcome' for getting her out of throwing her into the lake naked. "Everyone this is Dominique...she was the girl Mordi kept ditching us for."

Kaleb always relied on humor as a tension breaker, smiling at all his friends as he then walked to the fire pit. He began to work on building a fire before he started to take anything, arranging the twigs and branches accordingly. Now it was time to really enjoy the night, light a fire, drink a little and tell stories - maybe swim in the lake. It would be so much better than being alone.


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Oliver smiled over to Maddie as the girl told her who was who, he watched as the girl named Summer and the thin looking one Avery was dancing together. They look good together he thought as he took a few pictures of the two before looking to Maddie and took a quick picture. He watched her for a moment, hearing her phone buzz but she quickly turned it off. "Someone you don't want to talk to" he motioned to the phone.

Maddie then asked if he smoke or drank, he nodded his head as he spoke "I do drink but I only smoke the greeen, not one to dabble into harder things". He then turned to see that Brik decided to join them, he watched as his cousin sat down against the cave. "Excuse me for a moment Maddie" he got up and walked over to his cousin, sitting down beside him "you okay?" he asked Brik.

Just then two others showed up, another guy and a girl. He watched as the guy introduced the girl as Dee, then started on a fire. "Hi im Oliver, Oli. Im Brik's cousin. He invited me, hope you all don't mind. Ill be living with him now" he said a bit shyly. He started to then take pictures of them all, he would give them to the group once he developed them all.

Summer saw Maddie blow Avy and her a kiss, she pretended to catch it and put it in her pocket before sending one back to the girl. Her attention went back to the girl she was dancing with, a grin onnher face as she twirled Avy around. "I love ya Bonesy!" she laughed and pulled the girl in close. Brik finally decided to join him, he looked somewhat down and she shook her head. She stopped dancing, kissing Avy on the nose before she grabbed the bottle of vodka and walked over to Brik. Oli was now sitting next to her friend, she gave them both a smile before shoving the bottle of alcohol into Brik's hands "relax Briky and have a drink".

Her attention was soon deverted as Kaleb spoke, she saw another girl with him. She went over to them, grinning at Kaleb "well we can give her a pass this time but since you were the last of our group to come in I think you should be the one to" she put her hand on Kaleb's chest "anyways you haven't had the opportunity in a long time".

She then walked over to Dee, taking a once over look before reaching out and giving her a hug "Im Summer but everyone usually calls me Kite because usually im high as a kite. Mordi was a lucky guy to have you" she said as she let go of Dee "welcome to our home away from home, glad to finally meet you hun. Want anything? We have alcohol and different drugs, im going to light up a blunt. Make yourself comfortable". She gave a girl a kiss on the cheek before going over to Avy, taking her hand then walking over to where Kaleb was making the fire.

She sat down near the fire pulling Avy down on her lap as she opened her bag and searched for her premade blunts, once she found one she out it between her lips and lit it up. After taking a few drags she passed the blunt to Avy before laying back against the ground. "Just so y'all know we won't be seeing Jay for awhile, she was taking to a recovery place for drug addicts" she hated lying to her friends but she couldn't tell everyone what really went down. Her body started to relax as the drugs in her system started to kick in.

"I remember one time Mordi and I were walking downtown near the old bridge, he had a spray paint can and he started to paint the bridge. It was amazing just watching him, the colors all were so bright but I think thats because of the drugs" she laughed shaking her head a little "he also wrote "forever together, and that seemed to be our group motto since". She sighed as she started to think of the different memories she had of Mordi.


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"Someone you don't want to talk to" Maddie shook her head. Stephan was the last person she wanted to think about while she was here in memory of Mordi. Mordi would have been proud of her for not picking up the phone. She smiled to herself and pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She missed Mordi, but so did the entire group. It was sad that he was gone. Oliver excused himself and she nodded.

Brik was close by, but not close enough. She wanted to call out to him, but she didn't. Brik will come down when he wants to, but until then she would just enjoy the view she used to share with her best friend."Everyone this is Dominique...she was the girl Mordi kept ditching us for." Maddie stood up and tried to get to Dominique before everyone else did, but she lost to Summer. Maddie just laughed at Summer. She looked crazy. Once Summer and Oliver were done Madeline made her move.

"I'm Maddie. It's nice to finally meet you," Maddie said honestly. She gave Dominique a hug and then let go. Oliver was taking more pictures and it made Maddie smile. It was almost as if the group was perfectly okay. Anyone on the outside looking in couldn't see they were trouble and carried a lot of baggage. Summer was babbling which meant that she had taken drugs. "Guess it's time to get high," she said pulling out a bag of weed from her pocket.

Although Stephan was a pain in her ass, he provided top of the line drugs. The weed was already rolled up and ready for smoking. The lighter clicked a few times before coming on. Maddie inhaled and then exhaled a puff of smoke. she put the lighter back into her pocket and then walked away from the new girl. Not to be rude, but Maddie was never one to smoke in someones face. "I'm willing to share," she called out.

She inhaled some more weed, but she let it sit in her system for a while before she exhaled. The weed seemed to be fast acting. Maddie sat down on the floor trying to keep herself in a fit of giggles. She held out the weed and closed her eyes. "For Mordi," she said before inhaling some more. Madeline said she was willing to share, but she realized how much she needed to weed.


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#, as written by Jaybt9
“Hi”, Dee threw under her sighing breath after Kaleb introduced her to the group. A simple smile and wave with her wrist given after. From her tranquil introduction, she felt really uncomfortable meeting Mordi’s friends. She had never seen them before, or at least those that were not in school as often. Mordi’s friends must have sensed it, as they began to huddle around her, sharing hugs and handshakes as if they had known Dee for years. She even received a kiss on the cheek from the first girl to introduce herself to Dee. She was probably the first besides Dee’s mother and grandmothers to kiss her. This girl's name was Summer. “Kite” being her casual name. A rather unusual nickname, but was Love any different? In fact, it actually meant something to Dee to call Mordicai “Love”, rather than the usual Mordi. “Kite” also had an explanation behind it. Her drug usage and the side effects from it. Dee couldn’t quite comprehend it until Kite gave a visual tour of what the group had in front of them.

Dee’s bright smile began to fade once she witnessed what the girl was referring to. Dee’s conscience crunching at her aggressively like a lion to a gazelle. Dee could tolerate alcohol usage like the next teenager, but drugs? Drugs are a huge deal. Few from the group were using them, but the rest seemed content to the activity, especially the tall man who escorted her here. They may use them as well here in the cave. Dee’s nerves were getting shot with sensitivity, but Dee was trying her best to hide it by not showing any concern on her face. Drugs were the alleged source that Love overused and killed him. Dee would think that this could affect their tolerance of it as well, but she figured that it was too soon for that impact to happen.

But even then, she drove, and alcohol wasn’t the best beverage to consume behind the wheel, especially during a school day. Alcohol must be their way of coping over the death of Love, while drugs were meant to ease the pain, or avert their sadness and grief into pleasure and happiness.

But lucky for Dee they at least had food so they wouldn’t starve throughout the day.

Everyone else stood up from the dirt to greet Dee, before continuing on with what they were doing, or might be doing. Kite, positive in expression, would already sit down on the ground and pamper herself in what looked like marijuana. Dee watched as she took her first taste of it, before sharing her personal story with Mordi. Something that Dee intended on hearing during this meet. Dee rested her buttocks on her ground to listen to these stories, and eventually share her own.


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The night didn't start out to smoothly, but as people began to open up and share their goodies, gradually the crowd shifted into a certain type of reverence and all those present went around sharing fond memories of their deceased friend. Kaleb couldn't let Summer get far, without Jaylene around he felt like a fragment of himself was missing. Avery was so small under his arm, at one point while their other friends were distracted he leaned into her, pulling her so that her silken hair brushed the skin along his jawline. Using one finger, he delicately pushed the hair behind her ear and whispered "Avie, every time I see you a little more of you disappears."

Kissing the side of her head, Kaleb turned to face her as she tilted her head feigning confusion. This wasn't a time to stage an intervention, but Kaleb couldn't just pretend like there wasn't a problem. When some people had reverted to a solemn silence, Kaleb withdrew his phone to see that his dad had been texting and calling him the whole time he'd been gone. To avoid making his father call the police, he texted; I'm coming home tonight, we can talk then and turned off his phone, setting it aside momentarily.

Getting up to tend to the fire as Summer spoke, with a glint of amusement in his eye he looked to Madeline as she offered her hit to Mordi as a tribute. Watching as the girl continued to smoke the cannabis, Kaleb smirked, taking a seat next to her and draping his arm over her shoulder as he plucked the burning joint from her fingers. "Can tell you had a hard day already." He teased, inhaling the smoke.

Eventually they all began to loosen up, some of the girls crying, and Kaleb hugged Madeline close as she began to tear up. They all had a lot on their plate, it seemed like the shit storm had only just begun. Eventually people began to jump from the bluff above, screeching with excitement from the combination of drugs and fun. Even Brik had turned to Lyfe, twirling Summer around. Before they knew it, it was time for everyone to go home. Massaging the temples of his forehead, he led Summer to her truck, waving goodbye to Avie and Madeline.

Slumping into her seat, Summer was going to crash any moment now, he was sure of it. Smiling with affection, he shook his head in slight disbelief in his friend. Dee came from the wooded area into the clearing, approaching her car. Rounding to the front of the truck, he watched her out of the corner of his eye. Before she got into her car he called out, "Are you good to drive?"

In some weird way now that Mordi was gone it felt like he had a responsibility to look after his girl now. But she said she was okay, so Kaleb nodded slowly, unable to tear his eyes off of her. Drugs and alcohol left him inebriated, and if it wasn't for him having some experience under his belt Kaleb shouldn't be choosing to drive either, but he and Summer had to get home somehow. So before Dee drove off, he added, "Text me when your home so I know your safe."

It was a typical Kaleb sentiment, a luxury normally his girls were only privy to. But he had taken a shine to Dee already, he could see what had Mordi so gaga. She wasn't like the rest of them, but in a good way. The trepidation she had shown when drugs had been brought to the table was endearing, and for some reason he had felt the urge to discourage her from doing the drugs- then realizing it wasn't in his place.

But for now the only girl he had to worry about was Summer in her drug induced state. Walking back to the driver side of the truck, he heard a snap of a twig breaking under the weight of a foot. Whipping his head to look into the dark edge of the forest, Kaleb got an eerie feeling that someone was watching him. Glancing around him, he confirmed that the others had left already, and there weren't many animals they'd encounter in these parts besides deer.

Inching forward, throwing an occasional glance to where Summer remained, Kaleb peered past the shrubbery. Squinting, the movement of leaves caught his eye, making Kaleb stare into the forest with the penetrating force of a superhuman. He hadn't taken any hallucinogenics, although marijuana did make him paranoid from time to time. But something was unsettling...

He pushed aside a branch to get a better view, only to lock eyes from a set of unfamiliar eyes. Startled, Kaleb stumbled back, the sound of footsteps sprinting away caused him to call out, "Hey," but make no motion to follow the stranger. The liquor made him on edge, making him rush to the truck and throw it into drive as fast as possible, swerving along the edge of the forest as he peeled out of their parking spot.

It sounded as if Summer had asked something, but he couldn't hear it over the song that was playing over the radio. His fingers jumped along the steering wheel, eyes darting from the road to the read view window. It wasn't until they were on a Main Street that he slowed, clearing his throat. "There was someone watching us, Kite. I don't know who the hell he is, but he was just squating in the woods...watching us!" Once again he was running his hands through his hair, drugs intensifying his fear. He could feel the weight of everything pressing down on him, Mordi's death, sleeping with Jaylene and then her running off the next day, getting over Summer, trying to help Summer, his dad at home waiting to blow up.

Next to him Summer had fallen asleep, probably without intending to. She probably felt the same pressure weighing down on her. He remembered her room being left in shambles, and having to cradle her as she sobbed into the carpet of her room. She didn't need his problems right now, the only person he could talk to was on the run for shooting a police officer in the foot. For the first time the whole night Kaleb laughed, imagining Jaylene wildly waving around a gun as she toyed with the adults who tried to put her away much like a cat would play with a mouse. It was only a moment until his face fell again, remembering that she was gone now.

Bella opened the door of the Vorhees household as the truck pulled into the driveway. Scooping Summer up like his long lost bride, he gently walked past Bella and up stairs to Summer's room. As promised Bella had cleaned up the mess, so Kaleb was able to lay Summer across her bed with ease. Pulling up the covers to her midriff, he affectionately kissed the top of her head before mumbling a good night and turning to walk out her room.

He let himself out, locking the door behind him and taking a steadying breath before braving the night air. The walk to his house was the longest one yet, even though it was only three houses down. All the lights were on, as if his father was sending a message to say I'm waiting. Kaleb thought of his sister, Ria, who was in America for college. She would know how to diffuse their father, Kaleb could only egg him further. In no way could tonight turn out well.

To prove so, as soon as Kaleb closed the door behind himself, the baritone notes of his fathers voice carried through the house from his study at the end of the hall. "Come," the authoritative tone leaving no choice but for Kaleb to oblige. Dragging his feet across the hall, he took his time, which would only anger his father further. His study was grand, with expensive books lining the shelves and a cigar bar next to the clear glass bottle of whiskey. And there Mr. Sivaj sat, behind his desk looking down onto some documents he had been working on. As he heard Kaleb shuffle in, the man pointed one spindly finger at the chair before him as if indicating Kaleb to sit, which he obliged. They were both quiet for a while as Poppa Sivaj finished up final touches on his document, then setting it aside to look to his son with a lifetime of disappointments settling behind his eyes.

"Kaleb, what am I going to do with you? I ground go out. I sell your car, you steal mine. I lessen your allowance, you steal money from my're never home-"

"You aren't either." Kaleb grumbled under his breath.

Rounding the desk, Kaji slapped Kaleb lightly on the side of his head. "Do not interrupt me! Respect your elders, damnit!" Still faced, Kaleb stared ahead, unable to force himself to look at his dad. Kaji continued, "I can't do this anymore, you're out of control Kaleb. I know your doing drugs, you skip school, you don't listen to me that's for damn sure."

"What are you trying to get at?"

Kaji removed his glasses, using his thumb and forefinger to massage the bridge of his nose as he leaned into his desk behind him. The past ten years had not been kind to him, and he began to age rapidly. At 40 years old lines had already etched across his face, a defeated look in his eyes showing he had already given up. Looking to his son, Kaji sighed. "I'm filing the paperwork now to have you enrolled in military school for the rest of the school year."

Feeling the wind knocked out of him, Kaleb kept his deadpan expression, forgetting to breath. There was nothing to be said, his father had made up his mind. But Kaleb couldn't go, he wouldn't go. Once again he thought of Jaylene who had ran off just because she thought she might have to go to a thirty day rehab, Kaji Sivaj was explaining a full on break you down bootcamp. Taking his seat once more and returning to his paperwork, Kaji dismissed Kaleb. "Your friends funeral is in the afternoon, so I expect you at school tomorrow."

With that, Kaleb returned to his room, to tired to do anything else but submit to Mr. Sandman.

Morning came quick, Kaji shaking his son awake to get ready for school, explaining that he would be giving him a ride. It had been years since Kaji had taken Kaleb to school when it didn't include a meeting with a teacher or principle. Showering and dressing, he allowed himself to be treated like a child as he was taken to school, then watched as he went up the stairs and into the prison. None of his friends had the same classes, most of them were much smarter than him and in advanced classes. The only class Kaleb had that he excelled in was mechanics.

After school he went to the church where Mordi's wake was held, but couldn't even bring himself to go in. It was all too much for him to handle, even if his friends were inside. Instead Kaleb went home, buying a pack of squares on his way back. Kaji was still at the hospital, leaving the palace all to Kaleb. He wished Ria was there to talk their father out of his crazy solutions, but he had never seemed so serious before.

He turned off his phone and logged offline chat, turning off the light in his room, the burning end of the cigarette the only source of light in the room. The crooning voice of some grunge indie band softly played from his laptop on his desk, his dark eyes staring ahead with desperation to see an answer to all his problems just materialize before him. He ran out of smokes before that could happen. His throat felt scratchy, and his stomach rumbled in harmony with the music. Glancing at his watch, it proved to be three in the morning and he had been sitting around his room for roughly ten hours. People were probably wondering where he was, but he didn't feel like talking to anyone still.

Dragging his feet as he shuffled into the kitchen, Kaleb sleepily rubbed his eyes. He pulled milk from the fridge and a box of cereal from a cabinet, serving himself a heart helping of lucky charms - his sisters favorite cereal. Settling comfortably at the island in the center of the kitchen, sloppily Kaleb dug into his cereal. He almost didn't notice the papers his dad had left behind on the island, almost.

Curious, Kaleb pulled the papers toward himself, freezing once he realized what exactly it was. Culver Military school, a behaviour modification facility for troubled teens, also assisting in rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol. "What the..." He whispered, grabbing the papers in both hands and staring down in disbelief. It all seemed so real now, with his fathers signature neatly scrawled across the bottom of the page.

A familiar twist in his gut made Kaleb double over, and just like that it went black.

Consciousness didn't settle back in until maybe hours or minutes later, Kaleb couldn't be sure. All he knew was that something was wrong, and that he was running from someone or something. It was much like the other night, the burned out feeling within and soot marking his browned skin. Breathing heavily, Kaleb ran up the hill where he and most of his friends homes where, refusing to look back. It wasn't long until curiosity bested him. Glancing over his shoulder, clouds of smoke confirmed his fear, he had done it again.

He found himself bangin on Summer's door. He had to leave, he had to go. His father was sending him away, and Kaleb felt himself fall deeper and deeper into the darkness every day. "Summer!" He yelled, desperation evident in his voice, unable to care about waking the neighbors this early in the morning. He had lost track of time, but the color of the sky he guessed roughly five, there was no telling when the cops would be after him, he had to go NOW.


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#, as written by Torex

Sitting in his secluded spot in the woods, he continued to watch the group of friends from a her more importantly. It wasn't their usual get together at first, but after the drugs got passed, things went just like he would have expected them to.......and there was someone different there......a lovely milk-chocolate colored female he would assume was their dearly departed's love interest, and my.....wasn't she lovely indeed.

He sat back and lit up a cigarette as he took in their interactions, it was getting quite dark, so the smoke from his cigarette wouldn't bring him any attention......and even if it had been mid-day, they were so wrapped up in each other they would have never noticed.

The hours passed like minutes as he sat there, just watching......their highs growing as their memories came pouring out, and eventually it came to that time of the night where they went back to their vehicles. He decided to move to get a closer look.....maybe she was high enough........maybe he could.....

When his foot hit the earth, he heard a loud snap and swore under his breath........and as Kaleb approached, he quietly began to retreat, screaming obscenities at himself in his head. Kaleb was protective of all of the females in their little group, and Hadrian knew he wouldn't leave until he either found what he was looking for or nothing. As he came closer, Hadrian turned and locked eyes with Kaleb, underneath his black hoodie, his muscles tensed as he stared him down, letting him know that he's not the only one keeping an eye on "his girls" as he has heard Kaleb referring to them.......and that he doesn't plan on stopping.

Sometime between Kaleb's stumbling back and Hadrian's crazy stare down, Adrian pushed himself back inside his own head, looking around, he realized where he was, he looked back at Kaleb, and with one word, ran in the opposite direction....Damn!

He heard Kaleb calling after him, but he didn't stop and didn't plan on explaining. He didn't stop until he saw his house in the distance, his parents car sat in the drive, but it didn't matter. Its not the first time Adrian had disappeared for hours, and its not the first time he'd came home late. Opening the door he heard his mother call to him, only to get the response "Yeah, its me!"

Adrian made his way into his room and found Kesa curled up on his pillow. He stripped off the hoodie and sat on his bed as he thought about everything that happened tonight. He plugged his phone into its charger, turning the volume up to the max, just in case anything happened, and laid back in his bed.

Hours later he was woken by a loud series of tones, Summer was up to something.

A message saying that they had to leave town, and asking who would like to go. He saw the destination and a smile creeped across his face. He packed up all of his essentials, grabbed Kesa and made his way out to his baby, a sleek black 1965 Mustang Fastback Cammer that he gave his college education to obtain and headed south.