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Beneath The Flowerbeds

Beneath The Flowerbeds


An original role play of human beings witnessing their very first sunrise. A life of solidarity to a life of new found creations. More Inside.

892 readers have visited Beneath The Flowerbeds since xRoo created it.



ImageClose your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself standing in a sandy beach without shoes, and the salty yet fresh air is blowing across your face as you feels the grains of sand between your toes. Imagine the sounds of seagulls flying overhead. Imagine staring out at the sea, as the waves crash against one another. Can you imagine a forest now? Imagine the nature sounds, such as birds, wolves, the sound of the breeze rustling through the trees, imagine the distant sound of crickets during the night and the echoing of the hoots from nearby owls. Can you imagine a life without such luxuries? Can you imagine a life without the brightness and warmth from the sun overhead? Can you imagine a life without the worry of time, worrying if its too early to make noise, or too late for sugary sweets and alcoholic drinks?

Well, there are human beings that can tell you that they don't know any different. There is a whole economy, an entire society that live beneath the flower beds of the Shire, a large garden that seemed to spread and grow into a meadow and into a jungle of flowers surrounding one single well next to an abandoned green house.

This has been a life for a few decades, perhaps a few centuries though the meaning of time was long lost. It started out when a town heard rumors of a horde of dark creatures were to take over the neighbor hood and destroy every living thing, so they built tunnels downward, beneath the ground for safety. It was likable, an escape from the worries that the outside world would push these individuals to endure. It wasn't long before that became the next life, and the life after that. Many generations of ages built homes beneath the ground, far under that the rest of the outside world was forgotten.

Old fashioned times grew into modern times, and no one questioned the meaning of life (Or at least, not out loud). Now, I know that this raises questions... what about food, water, clothes, the necessities. This city had invented what they called Scouts, people who had created a passageway to venture out of the underground city, steal and find ways of survival such as food, water and ect. The others never questioned it, for this was a life they only knew. The Outside was just a dangerous place, a dark story that frightened young ones to not venture the Tunnels, for they would be snatched and made for dinner. The Officials were that of a mayor, of leaders, the Wise men who keep peace and harmony together.

However, curious minds lead to questions. What else was there? There was no sunlight, no echoing sounds of cars or neighborhood dogs. Many people have discussed entering the tunnels, few actually did.

One by one they gained the courage to venture, finding a way up a well, through a flowerbed which grew over the lid, for the well was inside the ground, not above. Water had dried out, leaving the mud moist and messy. Pale beings with tiresome eyes who've never seen the light of day, had found themselves witnessing a whole new world.

Young adults, ranging from the ages eighteen to twenty four had unknowingly started an adventure, traveling the Tunnels which had been a sacred, old and strong rule to avoid, and witnessing their first light of day, their first breath of fresh air, with no knowlege of technology, except for the simplicity, such as foods, candied goods, and beverages. Some more than others.

How would they take to the Outside? Are they for it or completely against it? Would they return back home? Would the Officials and the Scouts hunt them down and bring them back away from society? Would they get punished? Oh, it's up to us, the writers, to figure that out ourselves.



Those underground are pale skinned, somewhat fragile unless they've excersized on their own, some malnutured due to their class. The upperclass to lower class ranges are...

The Wise men, those with much knowledge.
The Leaders, those who control their class. Three to each class.
The Scouts, those who venture out to the real world for food, clothes, items, anything valuable, and those who punish those out of line.

2. Upper Class, those who are rich, who were born with a wealthy bloodline, those with better clothing, better homes, better lifestyle. Those who have others
work for them.

3. Middle Class, those who work for Upperclass, or those who do work hard for themselves and live a fulfilling life, those who are satisfied. Those who do not ask for more. Those who learn to be doctors, nurses, cooks, ect.

4. Lower Class, those who have nothing, hardly anything or a little more than they should. Those who are willing to do anything to live. Those who work for both Middle Class and Upper Class, those who are more daring, but more careful as well.



1. This is a literate role play. Three to four paragraphs (Or More), small paragraphs are okay if there is not much to work with.

2. Be nice to all role players, any issues, message me please.

3. First come, first serve, reservations last five days unless circumstances are discussed with me, only because I know the real world outside the computer life like to make it difficult. Along with your reservations, please refer to next rule.

4. Post at least once every two to three. I understand, as stated above, real world. Three days. If no one is posting, I will message a reminder. Two days after said reminder, then another may take your place. Along with your reservations, tell me what your favorite ice cream is...

5. Take some time on your profiles, be descriptive, and please use all the required information on said profile sheet. Please and thank you. I will provide the basic, it's up to you to make it your own. You may add more if you so please, but you must not take any off.

6. I may change these rules as I see fit.

7. Cursing, romance, drama, horror, fights are all welcomed, but keep in mind the website's rules. No cursing every other word, if it gets too much, then I will ask you to stop. ... Along with your favorite ice scream, tell me what your favorite color is please. Thank you.

8. No one will get left behind. However, I will warn you all if a time skip is coming along so you will have a certain amount of time to get your characters to a safe zone, where it would be alright.

9. Again, literacy is a must. Cannot stress this enough. No text speak. Full sentences please.

10. Any ideas, concerns or random questions, feel free to ask in the OOC, and I will answer as soon as possible. AND, when you are talking out of character, you may return to the OOC or use (( )), but keep this minimal please, as to not distract those who are reading your post.

11. PLEASE, if you are using colored text with your posts, no yellow hues. It's very hard to read, use darker colors if you can as to make it easier for us all to read the story. :)

12. I really want this to be a long term roleplay. So, if you join, be in it for the long run. Don't drop out please, unless you absolutely have to, and please give me a notice. Don't disappear!

13. Lucky Thirteen, this is a three part because three is my favorite number. First, I want you all to know you must not god mod, control another's character unless it's very minimal, and no killing off characters unless permitted by owner and myself. Second, I do want you all to have fun and I really think this is an awesome role play, if not, I'll try better next time. If anyone has any ideas at all, do tell me, because, I want this to grow and be awesome. And LASTLY, do have fun. Role playing helps us all to write. And it should always be fun.

These are required...
Appearance (Real Face Claims please) Any Specifics?
Rank: Are you rich, satisfied, or looking for something more?
Likes: At least Five
Dislikes: At least Five
Status: Are you interested in a significant other, who?
Quota: Are you one of the five that escaped through the tunnel, or are you one of the five already living above ground? Escaped, Outsider.
Biography: Background, everything, fine details, everything. Four paragraphs minimum.
At least two to three photos are required.
LASTLY, Who is your faceclaim?



1. Female One: Taken, First to find the tunnel, meets Male Three On the outside...

2. Male One: Open

3. Female Two: Open

4. Male Two: Open

5. Open: Any Gender...


6. Male Three, Open

7. Female Three, Open

8. Male Four Open

9. Female Four, Open

10. Open... Any Gender.

Toggle Rules

Refer To Intro.

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Character Portrait: Jodi Collins


Character Portrait: Jodi Collins
Jodi Collins

"I'm more scared of the dark, than what's at the end of the tunnel." UC


Character Portrait: Jodi Collins
Jodi Collins

"I'm more scared of the dark, than what's at the end of the tunnel." UC

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Character Portrait: Jodi Collins
Jodi Collins

"I'm more scared of the dark, than what's at the end of the tunnel." UC

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