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Jodi Collins

"I'm more scared of the dark, than what's at the end of the tunnel." UC

0 · 279 views · located in The Shire Oregon

a character in “Beneath The Flowerbeds”, as played by xRoo



My name is nothing but my own...
Jodi Layne Collins.
My birthday, without humor...
April First.
My Age, though I question it myself...
Twenty Two.

"I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us "No"
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming"

Jodi's personality, as most would call it, is quite a surprise. She's kinder and sweeter than most, caring to those younger than her, and to those who are in need of some Tender, Love, and Care. She's a reader, filling her head with much needed knowlege, and quite useless information. It's a form of an escape, though reading so much has helped her gain a smart, intelligent personality. Jodi is funny, humorous in odd situations. She jokes as well as being completely serious when the situation calls for it. Jodi is sweet, gentle, and yet she's a free spirited. Shes more daring than what most would want her to be. Dangerous situations give her a sense of thrill that is unexplainable to her nature, however, it's when she is more fully cautious, that it is time to pay attention. For someone so used to taking risks, a true caution is something to consider. She works well with her mind, gut and her soul.

Jodi has a spunky attitude and a witty tongue. Sure, she can hold beautiful intellectual conversations but she's handy with sarcasm and quick comebacks. Her personality fits all around. To children, she's found motherly. To adults, she's quite mature, and to those her own age. It depends. She is an outgoing young woman, not so shy. However, she does get pretty quiet for she observes and thinks deeply.

These are a few of my favorite things...

  • Books; the smell of old, dusty books is the only true link to the outside world, or so, she believes.
  • Children; she loves the idea of children, but bringing them into this dark world of hers, it wasn't an option.
  • Risks; dangerous situations can be fun, if done correctly, without doubts.
  • Meadows; the very first fresh scent, flowers, beautiful and sweet.
  • Chocolate; or at least the smell. Her chocolate was never enjoyed by herself, she'd always give it to the younger and smaller parties.
  • Music; oh how beautiful music can be.

...these, the world can just live without.

  • The Riches; having so much and yet, not having to work for it, just didn't make sense to her and her mother.
  • The Dark; yes, her eyes are used to the dark but with as much reading as she had done, she realized there was something scary about it.
  • Never finding love; she's read so many love stories, she'd wonder if she would ever feel that sort of passion.
  • Nuts; Severe allergies.
  • The Scouts; Rude, rude, rude.
  • The Unknown; Where do they bury those who pass on? Surely not in the Tunnels... The Scouts take them out, but never gives out the secret.

Rank:: :: :: Born Upper, Chosen Middle :: :: :: Status :: :: :: Not yet :: :: :: Quota :: :: :: Escaped :: :: ::


Before Jodi was born, her mother had married into wealth, which was quite different from her life before meeting her father. Her mother was usually against the whole idea of having anything, without having to work for it. She was more involved with earning something, than having it right at the tip of her fingers. As soon as Jodi was born, her mother made a promise to raise her daughter the way she was raised. Working and Giving. After three years after the birth, Jodi's mother left her father and went to the Middle class. She gave up the rich life, but at times would use those rights to give to another. Jodi's father still showered her with gifts, money, foods, special things. However, Jodi chose to work for what she gained, and whatever was handed to her, she'd give more than half of it to those who were desperately in need.

As soon as Jodi was able to pick up a book, she was learning to read, spell, write, count. She was learning to be a smart little girl with a book always in her hand. As she got older, Jodi was becoming a young mother figure to those in poverty, always giving them delicious foods such as mashed potatoes and hot gravy, chocolate, cake. Jodi had a life savings, though it remained untouched. Those of wealth still see her as part of the Rich and never understood why she followed in her mother's footsteps. At the age of fourteen, Jodi had some trouble with the Scouts. They had returned from one of their runs and a child was caught trying to steal bread. He was beaten and Jodi stepped in, having been struck against the face. It was a bit of an ordeal, before one of the Riches stepped in and defended her as well as the child. He later died of something unknown.

As Jodi got older, she grew more wise. Her father was somewhere on the other side of the Shire, living his life of wealth as he so chose. Jodi knew he'd talk to her if she wanted him to. In her eyes, he was just someone who gave her money, nothing more. Her mother was all she needed and those that needed her. Jodi never regretted living a smaller life than what she was born into. She preferred it that way. It had less annoyances, or so she figured. But she still wanted something more that even money couldn't buy.

She wanted that new world. The world outside of the tunnels, the one that people talked about in secrecy. The one Scouts were allowed to travel to whenever they so desired. She knew there was more and she wanted it. Jodi was the first to take that step through the Tunnels. The ones that were prohibited to most, but not to some. She spent most of her nights when it was time for bed traveling that tunnel, until she heard something overhead. A way out. A well. It was dry, above her, and it lead to soft dirt.

She'd travel out of the well from time to time, returning home till she had enough courage to stay out. She met a boy once, but she never thought she'd see him again. To him, she was just a girl wandering the woods as he was getting firewood. To her, he was something special. He had the life she wanted.

It'd been a week since she last saw him. Give or take a few days. Jodi was on her fourth day of being outside. She still had yet to venture away from the well. Most of her time was just spent, sitting there. Taking in the air and the new sounds. Soon, she knew she would venture away.

So begins...

Jodi Collins's Story