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a character in “Bestia Agri”, as played by TinkTank



{{ Name }}
Dione Bittenbinder

{{ Age }}
26 years old

{{ Physical Description }}
Dione is a 5’3” Satyr, weighing 110 lbs. with a lean but toned build. He has medium grey fur on his legs and some of his arms and dark grey hair on his head and as his beard. His ears are slightly pointed at the tips, while their lobes are almost nonexistent. His teeth are crooked and very goat-like, and his lips are quite thin. His skin is a tan colour with a slight yellowish tint to it. His legs are thin and toned with thicker thighs and small ankles. His hooves are a dark brownish black colour and his chest is almost bare. Though the lower half of his body is covered in hair, his upper half, besides his forearms and head, are almost completely lacking in hair. His face is made up of fairly high and pronounced cheek bones and a strong jawline, with soft, light brown eyes and nearly black, thick eyebrows above them. He has a fairly normal sized forehead that is almost completely covered by his shaggy, dark grey hair and has slightly sunken cheeks. His horns are medium sized and are located just above his ears on the sides of his head. His hands are calloused and rough from the many years working under the Centaurs in their fields.

{{ Personality }}
Dione is light-hearted and free-spirited by nature. He has an affinity for creating, and drinking, wine. He has a slightly deeper voice than most Satyrs, and his laugh tended to be contagious. He was considered a "fool" by many, but he honestly just enjoyed bringing happiness to those who were around him. He is generally seen as having a good sense of humour and is happy most of the time. He finds happiness is bringing happiness to others, whether through making a fool of himself or through providing a sort of "comic relief" to daily life.

{{ Likes }}
Dione very much enjoys working under the Centaurs in the fields as an agriculturist of sorts, though his favourite thing to do is cultivate grapes and ferment them for wine. As a natural jokester, he also enjoys jokes and comedy and most entertainment that made him or others laugh. He considers laughter to be one of the most important things for anyone that is alive, as he believes it is the key to living a long and healthy life.

{{ History }}
Dione was the first, and only, born to his parents, Pippen and Abrianna. Pippen had been a farmhand for 25 years before he met Abrianna at the age of 41. She was originally from another Centaur-ruled plain land but was traded to his masters for some crops that they were unable to grow in their area. The moment he had laid eyes on her, he fell head over hooves. He begged his masters to let him teach her the ropes of working on their farm, and to his surprise, they agreed. For two months, he taught her everything there was to know, from top to bottom, about working there, and after working together for eight months, he finally asked Abrianna to become his wife. She gratefully accepted, knowing her heart had belonged to him from the very start. About a year passed before Dione was born to them, and due to motherhood, Abrianna began to stay home to care for their household and child while Pippen continued working.

For the first 16 years of Dione's life, he played with the other Satyr children and helped his mother around the household, making sure everything was in place and that she was happy. When he came of age, his father began to teach him how to wok and farm. Dione immediately was interested in appeasing the masters of the land and knew full well how much they enjoyed wine. Therefore, he asked his father to focus on teaching him how to grow grapes and ferment them into wine. Though Pippen wasn't entirely sure of Dione's motives, he agreed to teach him.

Before long, Dione was growing the best grapes and fermenting the finest wines in the land. By the time he was 20, he was favoured by the masters and he and his parents were given better housing to live in and more pay for their work. When Dione was in his 24th year of life, Abrianna became very sick and passed away. Ridden by heartbreak, Pippen became very withered for his age and became sick when Dione was 25. Dione did everything that he could in an attempt to get his father his health back, but to no avail. His father passed away a few days before Dione's 26th name day. And that is where his story begins....

So begins...

Dione's Story