John M. Bradley

"Yeah, I build things. It's what I do."

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a character in “Betrayal of Fate”, as played by Smiley


CS: Iron Monger
Name: John M. Bradley
Age: 22
Rank- Corporal
Military- He recalls no previous services.
Skill: Construction/Defense/Siege
Weapons- He constructs his own weapons, varying from small handheld weapons, to power armors, which can often rival power of just about anything.

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Appearance: John stands at 6 feet even with grey camoflouge cargo pants, Grey work boots, a grey camoflouge tank top, grey work gloves, grey ballistic goggles, and grey-dyed spiked hair. He has a strong build, so he can easily lift heavy things, which makes construction much easier.
Personality: John has a very casual attitude, and enjoys going at his own pace. He is well-known for going against superiors. Sometimes.

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