Kinley Anna Swift

"Theres a lot that I regret...Killing my best friend....Killing that woman at the police station...Hell, I regret being born to be honest."

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a character in “Better Left Unknown: Corpse City”, as played by UnderSavageEternity



Kinley Anna Swift

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Brief Written Description: Besides the picture Kinley has several tattoos, two on her hips in the shapes of stars and four on her shoulder in the form of the elements. She has a various scars from her life on the road and dresses in heavy baggy clothes to hide most of her showing skin. She still wears her old medical mask from when the plague first started and it is very dirty with a sharpie drawing of a tongue on it.

Talents: A natural Leaders skills, Lock picking, Singing, and Evasion talents. As well as her aiming and close combat skills are honed from years out in the wastes. She generally has a way with kids and can be a shoulder to cry on when needed. Unfortunately that doesn't mean she isn't rude at times with a tendency to snap when under pressure.

Brief History: Born and raised in Western Kansas alongside her best friend since birth Jenna Roman. They grew up on the bad side of town where lots of kids either dropped out and joined gangs or ended up dead before they hit fifteen. Many times Kinley was subject to her best friends antics and has been in jail more times then she would like. She was young when the plague hit and they had to escape. Kinley formed a band of travelers with Jenna and several other survivors of whom she led until Jenna fell ill from the half life virus and Kinley was forced to kill her. Later she found the mock military and joined up with them in an effort to protect the remainder of the survivors in the world. She is part of the military group that helped to revive the city.

She has been in the city for quite a while now, living in the military quarters since she has no place else to go. For a while she ran an orphanage but when all the kids orphaned by the plague were given families she decided to stop and help out on the defenses. She never imagined that something like the plague would ever happen again and finds herself once more in a compromising position as she tries to fight her way out of the city.

Personality: A tough woman with a heart of steel and a natural talent for helping out when needed. Since Jenna got infected and died she's been through a lot but its been proven she can be trusted. However she does not trust easy and is often suspicious of others. She doesn't take kindly to others and has an insecurities about herself. Many of which lead her to be extremely cautious and fearful of anyone she doesn't know. Kinley will not take orders from anybody, its just simply not a part of her genetic make up to be a follower. Though she is good with kids her social skills with adults are more than rusty. Often she lapses into concentrated silence and often cant dredge up feelings of pity for many people. She is a welcoming shoulder to cry on but if you want any other consolation then shes not the one you should be seeing.

Other: Knows survival in the wastes better than most.


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