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"Don't you, fuckin', dare."

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Yeah, I headbutted that giant during the last siege, hurt him more than me

Dwarfs, quite the stout fellows they are, aren't they? Image

Undoubtedly, they were the race which held the strongest during the appearance of the legion. As it goes with many races, heroes rose. Khogrin was one of them, having newly arrived back to the mainland after a adventure on one of the far off islands he returned to absolute chaos. The legions was upon the mountain dwellers, and their mountains wouldn't hold against such forces. Khogrin had always been a warrior, through and through. He rallied his people, roaring at the top of his lungs that they would "Throw these giant fuckers directly back into whatever hell they crawled out of!" Such attitude was always welcomed by their kin. And they fought bravely, yet the tide of unending filth could not be steemed, much to his own dismay they were soon forced back into the ancient dwarven forts.

Soon enough the rest of the world joined them, again, much to Khogrins dismay. Seemed it was not much shame in their loss, since it was very much the same for the others combatants. Yet, it was such an unbearable shame to be pushed up into their castles, the beasts outside laughing their asses off from our weakness.

There was nothing noble in the blood of Kraghammer, yet Khogrin had proved himself to seemingly remain completely unphased by the terrible slaughter that had descended upon the realm. The dwarves, had slowly, unkowingly started looking more to the warrior rather than the lords and kings who had called back their guards to secure their assets. This would not last, the leaders would undoubtedly soon realize the power this singular warrior held, and done him in. Yet soon the "Victory of Civilisation" took place. The humongous siege upon all their remaining forces. Yet again, Khogrin took the lead, rallying the warriors of rock. Their leaders attempted to form their lines, yet the dwarves were ravenous. Spurred by Khogrin and fueled by an undying lust for revenge, they broke their lines, launching themself while swinging wildy at their enemies.

Soon, the very first victory was secured. Just like the sudden leadership of Khogrin Kraghammer.

But he was not satisfied, they had not won anything, only kept themself away from their own inevitably demise. Soon, he rallied their forces yet again, his rumour had spread like a wildfire among the forces of civilisation, there was noone who didn't know of "Ironvoice Khogrin". So when he rallied for yet another fight, the humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and lizardmen joined in under his banner. A banner who he had not himself created. He never meant to become a grand leader, only fueled by unsettling willpower to reclaim what was theirs. Soon, he ventured out on the very first "Ewerim Expedition" his force rushing out into the mountains they had been holed up into. With the combined fury of these races they fought suprisinly far. Yet, as it was predicted by the rest of their kin who considered Khogrin and his forces to be immensely foolish, they fell. The front broke, ravaged and broken the war-party returned to the citadels, yet strangely enough, all carrying a smile. It couldn't be doubted, along the way they had won numerable victories, slaves had been freed, families had been avenged and enemies had been slaughtered, revenge had been taken. It was not a success, but it was a valiant struggle.

A struggle, which even to this day Khogrin remains to fulfill

So begins...

Khogrin Kraghammer's Story

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It was a usual day, very usual in fact. The commonality came from the one fact that blood was being shed

In one of the far off, less important part of the sprawling dwarven citadels yet another battle raged. Sieges was usual, it was a way to starve out the covering populace, it was never quiet, one attack was quickly followed by another, one with the only purpose of destruction and murder. Yet this was different, very different in fact. The Legions forces had one singly adjective to describe them, absolutely overwhelming. Unless you were completely new to a battlefield, which was a rare commodity nowadays, would be able to tell that this attack held a goal. An end to terrible stalemate the world had been brought to, atleast for this part of the world.

It was simple really, a push was being made, either the Legion would field terrible losses, or completely conquer this small quadrant of what remained of civilisation, they had starved the poor garrison enough, and now saw it time to attack. Unfortunately, but very fortunate for the Legion, this specific part of the Citadels had been used for agricultural purposes. Large farms sprawling out across the mountainsides, by the time the garrison had formed, none of the farms remained.

It was a common thing to see, most invasion armies would attempt to sieze the farms as they were planning on occupying the Stronghold, but not the legion, part of what made them such a terrifying force, they were no regular army, the word to descibe them would simply be: Inhuman. The now turned battlefield was rather simple in it's layout. A large ravine, it's one end leading out onto the Wastelands while it's other end consisted of one large, spiralling castle made out of metal, two walls blocked the way, the one closest to the castle being considerable higher than the one closer to the middle, the only difference being that the latter one possesed a grand gate. Out from that laid a field of destruction, hamlets and crops alight with an army of darkened figures marching through, devilish grins lit up by the flames, a hellish scene to be sure.

The farms which had been the closest to the Dwarven fort had been emptied the moment the attack started, the grand gate had been flung open to allow the civilians to get through, the hamlets further back, the ones already being knocked down by giants and broken into by demons, nothing could be done for them. Yet there was an outcry amongst the soldiers atop the second battlements, sergeants and other, low-tiered commanders shoving their way through the multi-raced infantry, all the while yelling at the top of their lungs: "Why is the gate opened!?" "Who authorized this!?"

The answer was rather simple if not terribly infuriating, standing on the battlements of the inner wall they were answered by the grin of a singular, heavily armed Dwarven folk-hero. Khogrin Ironvoice Kraghammer had ordered the massive gate leading into the square between the two walls to be opened, and not many could deny an order of his. His reasoning was simple, sure, they would lose most of the tactical advantages of having a fort when allowing the enemy to simply waltz in, but the terrible loss of morale among the soldiers while watching the thousands of farmers pile up against the steel gate while hordes of monsters slaughter and kidnap them might've been even worse, and let's not get into the ethics about it.

The one thing that was shining hope upon this situation, was the fact that the Ironvoice, together with several ragtag groups of warriors and travelers had arrived into his part of the expansive Dwarven citadels after hearing of the amazing harvest they were about to make, which would've undoubtedly caused a festival to spring up, it was too late for the harvest, but not too late to repel the hordes marching upon us.

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Ash always seeks to become cinder. Cinder always seeks to become fire. Fire always seeks to burn. When the fire burns, it shall spread and consume all within it's wake. When the fire dies, there shall only be ash.

No matter where Ash went now, there was always something going on. It was just how the world was now. It had, in a literal sense, all gone to hell. Ash couldn't recall, but he knew that he had once lived in a time and a place where he was once happy. 'Happy?' What did it mean to be happy anymore? What did it mean to feel anymore? What could he feel now, other than heat? Could a sword make him feel something? No. Could a knife make him feel something? No. Could poison make him feel something? No. Not even the cool touch of a human hand could work anymore, this was his life now. This was who he had become.

But reflecting upon something that wasn't there could lead one to being open. That wasn't going to happen, not for Ash. He had to focus on what was before him now. Those creatures, The Legion people called them, were the ones behind the attack he saw now. Terrible, simply awful! Though Ash was no longer human himself, he could never associate himself with such foul creatures. It looked as though trouble was about to head his way, that was fine. He was used to it by now, really. Encountering trouble or danger. Little could be done about it, someone had to be there to help the people. Somewhere within Ash's body, a small little thing cried out for him to still keep trying. He would try, no matter how long it would take him.

His left hand reached over to his back where his shield rested, taking hold of it and slipping it off to place it over his left hand. He had to remind himself now to be careful with this shield, it wasn't like he had a problem with it's weight or anything, it was more that it wasn't bound to him like his armor was. If the shield broke, his newfound body would be unable to repair it. He would feel bad if he had to keep going through shields like a reckless novice, but for now, the shield had it's job to do and he would use it as well as the person who finely crafted it!

His right hand reached over to his back as well, but grabbed a different part of it. With the shield within his left hand now, his grip became firm on the handle of his sword and drew out the rather large blade from it's rest. Besides his armor, it was the only thing that had become bound to him. Though a rather large sword to hold within one hand, Ash had grown used to using it with one hand rather than always relying on both to do the job. This wasn't the time nor the place to be reckless, it would take careful consideration on his end. He had something to prove, after all. To himself, to others and to the world itself.

It was time for Ash to make his mark!

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Walking through the rush of farmers, practically lost amidst the crowd, a man dressed in ragged attire, little different from the civilians, made his way towards the battlements. Upon his back rode a smaller figure, arms wrapped around his neck, dressed in a ragged brown robe, her face hung down buried into his back. Aside from her oddities, she appeared little more than a scared young girl.

With outstretched hands, the man channeled a subtle blue glow from his hands, brushing his hands against some of the farmers who were being dragged and hobbling. In shock their wounds began to heal, their bones no longer broken, and bleeding stopping. Looking back at the man as he simply passed by them with no words, just a grin.

The man was no civilian, nor was the girl simple. The girl was Gabrielle, who's blood held an unique gift, one that her mount, Mercy, was personal witness to. Though, so far, he was the first and only to be graced with this gift.

"Your reputation precedes you, Ironvoice," Mercy says as he he walks upon the battlements, some of the soldiers questioning why such a filthy looking civilian has pressed his way up here. He simply ignored them, as he approaches the great dwarven hero, to look out upon the vast army of savages that bear down upon them. "And by that, I mean in the most admirable way! A fine choice but... hm... certainly a lot of them, aren't there?"

Looking up and out, Gabrielle's heterochromic eyes widen in terror as she sees the ravages of the approaching legion. Merciless, relentless, a variety of monsters and nightmares. With a shrill gasp she grips hard upon Mercy's cloak, looking away in an effort to hide her eyes from the horrors. Feeling her distress, Mercy reaches up and holds his hand over one of hers in an effort to give comfort.

"I'm your shield, remember," he says softly, looking back to her. His tone was like that of a doting father, giving words of encouragement to his daughter, and in fact, their relationship could easily be regarded as such. "Nothing will touch without your consent. Nothing."

"Th-they are many," she nervously squeaks, her eyes twitching as she tries not to see the approaching army again. She clearly wanted to run, but she clearly didn't want to do so without Mercy either. "They a-are strong."

"As are we," he responds reassuringly, gripping her hand. "Gabrielle, you can stay behind the walls if you desire."

"N-nuh!" she exclaims, frantically driving her face against his back. He simply responds with a grin, a chuckle and a shrug.

Looking over he sees Ash getting ready for battle. He considered what appropriate way there was to greet a cursed man as him. He stood opposite of him and his own change, Ash losing everything of his mortal self, his blood forever turned to cinder, mortality a distant memory. He couldn't begin to fathom what it was like to undergo such a change, or to live like this. Regardless, there was no reason to just stare and treat him as though he was something inhuman.

"Well met, brother!" he exclaims, holding out a hand to Ash. "May victory be with us this day."

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"Ma'm, the gates have been opened up. What are your orders?" A man, a knights of some order spoke as he watched the massive gate leading into the fort was opened up. A wave of farmers, humble civilians poured through the open gate. Whoever had ordered the gate to open was definitely someone of note. To risk a hole in such a fort was daring, but it appeared that they would need some assistance to block off that hole...to which one woman was more than willing to do.

Without a word, a single woman holding a standard with the image of a Templar symbol surrounded by dragons stood up after prayer. She motioned for the group of nineteen knights to follow her. Such a small group of men and women fighting againt no doubt thousands of demons, giants and hordes of the Legion. These twenty human knights knew the odds were stacked...stacked against the enemy that was.

They had no fear with their leader in front, their saint leading them into battle once more. They would defend this fort with every ounce of sweat and every drop of blood. They would defend against the Legion no matter the odds, no matter how long, no matter how grim. As long as they stood, they would let none pass.

Arriving in front of the gates, the farmers rushing past them. The woman raised her standard into the air as they marched slowly forward. "Brothers! Sisters! Hear my voice this day! Once again the Legion appears once more to bring the end to all of us! Indeed they bring the end...the end of their lives that is! They think us weak and defensless! They prey on those that cannot defend themselves! But this time they face those who give their all to push them back! Let their demons march with unholy purpose! Let their giants lumber and stomp their way to us! They may outnumber us all hundreds of times over but fear not! We shall stand our ground! They shall come and there we shall slay all that comes! My fellow knights! My allies! Today we shall hold againt the tide of darkness and see victory this day!" She shouted into the air causing the knights to sound off with a roar of their own.

This team of twenty knights soon stood in front of the gates. They would have had an easier time if the faught them inside the gate...but if the enemy placed one foot inside the walls then that would endanger just one more person. Once more, the Dragon Templars march into battle. Rallied under their Sacred Standard.

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Caedmon Carpathia.

The witch blinked. He had no idea what was going on as screams of men sounded loudly. He had been gathering the materials and ingredients for a potion of health, Soon enough, Caedmon had encountered three heavily built men, who where going to kill him. The blonde adolescent cocked his head to the side, smiling lightly: "Excuse me, but would you kindly be of service and get out of the way? Someone really needs this concoction of health." Caedom asked, getting agitated.

The men tried to attack him, however Caedmon had created three large spikes that pierced them. "Serves you right for getting in my way..." He sniggered, dissembling the spikes so that the men fell to the floor, pools of blood forming around them. A purring came from the shadows as Pheonix, the white cat, stepped out with a bundle roses within its mouth. The witch knelt down taking the roses from its mouth. Pheinix motioned to the dead men. "Are they dead? Oh no... I went to far again...." He spoke, rubbing the back of his head. Caedmon had knelt down, turning the men over; placing a rose with each out of small respect.

The pink eyed boy sighed, "Well, what do I need now... Purified water? No, that's not it... Oh well, I'll remember it soon." His cat jumped on his shoulder as he fixed the positioning of his hat. "Pheonix, why do men fight? It's pointless really...Other than death, what do they achieve?" Caedmon asked. The cat shrugged and settled in his shoulder. He fixed his waist coat and continued to skip. The fifteen year old yawned softly.

Caedmon sighed, using transmutation to create a small wall around him as he walked. Better safe than sorry. Anyway, he needed to get the ingredients to a water source, he could create around fifty potions of health and wigh the remains, some poison. He was unconsciously miving closer and closer to the main battlefield.

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#, as written by sifsand
He stood there atop the gate among his comrades, Gabriel kept his eyes solely on the battlefield before him. His sword made from the bones of dragons reinforced with the finest steel in hand he stabbed it into the metal ground beneath him much like a walking stick to an old man. "The time for battle draws near my friends, may this bring us a glorious victory." He said in his confident tone.

Right beside him a much smaller woman came into the picture dressed in a surprisingly high class outfit for a warrior. "You may want to battle, but all I care for is the bloodshed that follows." With this she drew a dual pair of oversized jagged daggers, the greatest bloodlust present in her eyes.

Gabriel barely paid any attention to her, his mind set only on the battle before him. Were this any other case this little bloodsucker would greatly get on his nerves. The time however is not to be annoyed by your own comrades, it was time to throw oneself into the only thing that mattered: holding the line.

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The battle was starting, wether each side liked it or not. The farms which was stretching out across the good half of the valley had all been set ablaze, large pillars of smoke covered most of ones vision but it was easy to see the newly acquired slaves be escorted out from the valley out onto the terrifying wastelands, devoid of the safety offered by the mountains by their soon to be masters. It was an additional insult to the defenders, showing just how little the Legion cared about their pitiful defence by sparing soldiers to escort the prime subjects found in the farms away. Most of the initial captives had been moved out of the valley, but behind the main host prisoner trains could still be spotted slowly being removed.

ImageKhogrin still stod upon the middle portion of the first wall, observing their enemies, as well as the newly acquired allies, being the small squadron of knights protecting the gate. The Legion had finished their initial pillage, and now formed up to begin the main attack. The entire host was consisted only of fiery demons, beings from worlds other than our own, beings which only live for the bloodshed.

The unruly horde was slowly forming up just outside of the range of any archer, filling up the entire valley where they stod almost mockingly eyeing the wall. Forming the very front of the army stod a line of massive Demon Linebreakers, two and a half meter tall demons who's purpose was honestly rather obvious, to break the line >

Behind them stod a variety of different low tier savage and cloven demons, all hungrily licking their lips with twin-tailed tongues, their cruel weaponry was clearly designed not for skillful combat, but rather to spill as much blod and cause as much pain as a weapon could do, devious spike protruding from every angle

Yet what undeniable made up the bulk of the army was the mass of winged demons circling above them, winged vampiric creatures which had developed a terrible taste for blood, Vargheists. The Vargheists alone held about as many creatures as the demons below, and a single Vargheist was by far a more terrifying opponent than a demon.

By now the desperate defenders had gained at the very least some time to organize themselves, a mass of footmen rushing down the second wall and attempting their best to push through the fleeing civilizian across the courtyard which separated the two walls. The archers were the fastest ones to react, Dwarven Gunners and Crossbowmen mixed into Human Longbowmen and Elven Quickdraws, backed up by only a few hundred spearmen atop the first wall. They all took aim at the flying horrors but were quickly stunned by an ear piercing roar, one which came from a Dwarf "NO!" Almost synchronized the archers sheepishly turned to the stunty commander. "Y'all will only have the lot of them descend on us, we need to use this time we're being given" The tension in the air was high, all there seemed to be was the Dwarf's stern voice, firing an arrow would be like personally challenging the folkhero, and noone had the heart to do that.

Rather abruptly he swung his head to the right, raising a fuzzy eyebrow to Mercy which had approached him, although that was rather hard to spot with the solid iron mask "I can't say the same for you lad! But aye, there's plenty a head to crack down there." He turned back just for a second attempting to gaze through the thick smoke but to no avail, he addressed the man much shorter, but still he did. "Farmers like ya-self should fall back to those wimps pretending to be leaders, gotta keep that lass safe!" He jerked his head back towards the second wall with his first words, yet his tone turned surprisingly warm by the end of it.

Yet this wasn't the time for that! He spun around to observe the soldiers still barely having managed to elbow their way through half the courtyard, most warriors being stopped by weeping women or comforting children desperatly screaming about their loved ones. Addressing everyone again, as his voice could even reach down to the Knights underneath the twenty five meter tall wall "As for our battle plan! Time to line u-" Ironvoice was suddenly interrupted as the demonic lins abruptly shifted, the many creatures hissing as they dove to each side of the valley, creating an alleyway through the middle of the army.

Only a second passed before the sudden loud stomping of huge hooves could be heard, with a roar a Zamorak Siegebeast thundered inbetween the lines towards the Fortress, certainly the creature which had been brought along to knock down the gate, now without a gate to target it instead madly charged towards them, towards Adelin and her Knights. The beast clearly had no intention to stop when reaching the knights, content to instead trample them on it's way inside the courtyard, and the civilians, as the beast charged, so did the Demons, although not nearly as fast as the massive Siegebeast they would soon be upon them too.

An incredibly crude dwarvish swear slipped out from Ironvoice as he suddenly got a spring to his step, his powerful voice again easily overpowering the alarms which had erupted "Bloody-o! There's no use shooting the beast, the bloodsuckers! Shoot down the winged hellspawn! Spearmen, qui-" The dwarf was yet again cut off, this time by a giant ball of flame hitting his portion of the wall, a shot having been fired by the Siegebeast, a bomb made out of pure hellfire which had struck true right atop the middle portion of the wall, exploding right by Khogrin, Mercy Gabrielle, Wendelin, Gabriel and Ash, and with a sudden flash of fire sending Khogrin, the people hit and a few Archers careening off the wall to fall the height from the top of the wall down to the courtyard behind them.

The battle was finally starting

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Adelin gripped her flag as the demonic assault was beginning. The first thing charging them was of course the massive siege beast intent on bashing down the gates. If that gate fell then it would be catastrophic to their defenses. They could easily plug in a gap in the gate but with the gate missing from the picture then the demon horde could easily pass right by them for the civilians.

With fearless bravery, along with rage with the demons taking prisoners. One person charged fourth giving her Order. "Knights! Defend the gate with your lives! I shall focus that dreaded demonic creature before it brings down the gate! For the light! For the defenseless! For victory Dragon Templars!"

The knights in her command formed around the gate and readied greatswords. Their breathing was calm despite the mass of demons, the horrid Vargheists, and the massive siege engine. Their bravery was inspired by Adelin. Who alone was rushing to the massive horde of demons and abominations. For many a move like this was considered a foolish suicide. But for Adelin, she wanted to meet the enemy halfway to attract plenty of attention. And for the knights, they had no doubt she would be fine.

With such a crazy action. This Saint was already feeling her power manifest in herself. The Heart of the Maytr. A light began to manifest as an aura around herself as she charged forward. The closer she came to the massive creature the more pronounced it became. The only mark to distinguish herself from the landscape was the flag which fluttered in her hand as she charged.

She was furious. And she was ready to kill some demons. Of course right now she was now charging a creature that was meant for taking down castle walls with nothing more than a flag and sword in her hands. For her this was more than enough. The battle was just starting, and she was ready to show the demons a reason to fear her.

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"It is said that everything began with fire. The world was on fire, but what happened when the fire was gone? Only the ashes left behind to create a new world were left behind. So it shall be once again when a new world is needed."

Well, he certainly saw someone being nice among the lot. That was something to take note of at the least, but little time could be spent on interaction with the sudden response from the Legion hordes. What he saw happening left him with a feeling resembling that of anger. He could only imagine a world where this sort of thing wouldn't happen anymore, Ash would see to that himself if he had to. Regardless of dreams or hopes, the Legion were preparing to make the first move and it wasn't like they didn't certainly leave themselves an advantage to do so. But Ash felt no worry in his fiery body, for now was not the time to worry, but to prepare for action!

He saw the Demon Linebreakers, he could figure out in his head exactly what was going to happen if all went as they had hope to execute. He watched the Vargheists moving about in the air, most of them having people in their clutches. This only fueled to further motivate Ash to try to prepare for the first attack. That's when the biggest one yet came stomping it's way out, a bloody Zamorak Siege Beast! Well, today was just full of demonic creatures! As Ash got a good grip with his sword, that's when reality came striking in!

Some kind of bomb made of hellfire had come rushing in towards them and it was certainly a shock to Ash, but more importantly, he realized he had little time to prepare. Rushing forward as he saw the bomb coming in, he knew he had to get in close before the worst could come through. Leaping himself over the edge, he put his shield on his back as he now used the free arm he had to outstretch it towards the bomb as it came in close. This was going to be rough! As Ash took in as much of the hellfire he could to reduce the explosion and the damage it would do not just to the wall, but to his comrades, he felt something rushing through his body unlike anything beforehand. Such wicked hellfire, yet Ash somehow knew by instinct how to properly burn it all out of his system. That was going to help him as his eyes locked onto the Zamorak Siege Beast making it's way over towards them!

Channeling the hellfire throughout his body wasn't as hard as Ash thought it was going to be, and what fun he was about to have as a shock to those accursed Legion soldiers! The hellfire he had consumed burst out throughout his body, engulfing it and making it into a human sized fireball of hellfire as it blasted forth at increasing speeds, keeping him from immediately falling to the ground. He kept the initial burst to a minimal, not allowing even the heat to do any damage towards the wall or his allies. His eyes were only on the Legion for damage, and as he sped through the air, he could feel himself lowering the more distance he traveled. That was fine by him, it allowed him to burn more of that wicked hellfire out of his body as he approached the Zamorak Siege Beast!

Well, he had steered from his original destination on the beast, as he saw the beast's left front foot getting closer within range. Fine by him, he was almost out anyway and he didn't know how much longer he could of kept the burst going anyway. This was all purely instinct right now for him, no real control, and he could see his left shoulder right now had opened up and become some kind of blazing hole. Oh geez, was this meant to represent damage? What would of happened had he gone full force?! Would his entire body of com-busted on the spot or something? Wow, he would certainly make a note of this for future reference.

BAM! Ash made a pretty loud and strong impact, a brief explosion of fire erupting before Ash found himself being flown back. Shoot, this wasn't good! If he got flown too far from the beast, his objective wouldn't be met! That's when Ash felt familiar heat being produced off of the beast's body itself! Could it be, this thing was a hotspot for fire?! It wasn't as much as the hellfire bomb had, but it was steadily building, and he quickly took as much as he could needed before turning his feet into fires that burst and using them to burn up both of his legs into fire as he shot himself upward! He could see a new fiery hole having opened up on the left side of his chest, so this was some kind of damage represented outwardly. Huh, you learn something new every day I guess!

As Ash's fire ran out and he grabbed up with his free hand to grab hold of the left chain supporting the thing on it's back, his eyes darted over towards the archers now opening fire at his position! Well, shoot! He quickly raised up his sword and sliced it through the chain, hanging on for dear life as he felt himself swinging closer towards that front horn of it's! Hello, my dear, we finally meet at last! Seeing the arrows whooshing past, Ash couldn't take the risk of them hitting, especially if they would have an unforeseen incident now that he had two open holes in his body that he would have to try to remedy once he had the time! Once he was within range of the horn, he leaped off of the chain and made a rough landing on his feet, gripping his sword with both hands as he had no time to waste!

Gathering a smaller amount of fire that wouldn't cause a hole to open within his body, he quickly transferred it from his body and over to his blade, feeling the warm heat embracing him as he positioned his feet so he wouldn't immediately fall off while raising his sword. Then came the furry of strikes upon one spot on the beast's horn, using the fire to help burn through further with every strike as Ash could feel the strain beginning to pump through his body with every strike he unleashed. He had to hurry, he wasn't going to last much longer in enemy territory, especially if those archers found a new position to shoot at him with! Oh, please hurry up sword, get to cutting before old Ash finds himself out of the battle just when it had begun!

CRACK! Finally, he thought to himself as he saw the part of the horn he had been hacking at finally come off! Of course, that meant it was also time to leave! But how would he move the horn? Oh, gosh dangit, more fire time? Ugh, this was becoming a strain on his body to keep using, but it would have to do for now! No time to worry about himself when he had countless people to save today! Gathering as much fire as he could within his body, with a hole opening up where his left knee would be, he latched himself onto the horn and shot out fire from all over his body, launching himself and the cut off horn away from the beast and the enemies as he had to keep it going just long enough! Hoo, this was more than Ash had been willing to put on, but nonetheless was willing to do in order to make any sort of opening within the enemy forces for his comrades to use!

Once he was far away from the beast and it's damned archers, he had the fire calm down as he approached ground level, trying to slow himself as much as possible before his feet grinding across the ground, he had to really put his A game on right now not to crash into anyone while trying to keep his leg from breaking off from this while also holding the accursed horn in his possession now! No matter, Ash narrowly managed to succeed as he took his sword out of the horn and put it safely back into it's sheath, that was one way to not worry about his sword getting out of his possession, even if the situation had been quick and little time had been involved! Yet there he now stood, three holes in various parts of his body but with both hands he firmly gripped the horn and aimed it at some of those wicked Demon Linebreakers he saw at the front of the army! With all of the strength he could muster in those damned arms, even though it would of been impossible were he still human, he threw the horn with all of his might at the Linebreakers he could see! As they say... WHOOSH!

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Caedmon Carpathia

The boy sighed, below him only bloodshed remained. He sat on a scorched branch that hardly remained stuck to the leafless tree at the edge of the battlefield. War cries and monstrous roars reached his ears as he let a soft smile creep onto his face. "Honestly, why do men fight, why do they join in alliance with each other? Why not join the creatures they are fighting as well to remake the world? " he muttered, yawning.

Upon watching the monsters movement and body shape, he chuckled to himself. "Ah, I see, Vargheists, they only fight till they die..." He patted Phoenix's white fur and jumped down from his position in the tree. He grabbed a small dagger from inside his waistcoat and cut open his wrist. The blood trickled onto the floor, creating a pentagram of sorts. The white cat jumped into the circle and sat down. "Draquim." He muttered, a soft light enveloped the cat and began to expand. After the dim light left, a white chimera was all that was left. The white lion hybrid yawned, showing its large fangs. Caedmon sucked lightly on his split wrist and nodded at what was once Phoenix. The ex-cat began running at one of the beasts, jumping up and ripping the Vargheist's throat out.

The adolescent smiled, "Don't go overboard, just kill it...." Caedmon moved his blonde hair out of the way and made his way to the now dead creature. Once he had reached the demonic being, he took out a small vial and took some of the blood. "Hmm, this would make a very effective health remedy..." he muttered, placing the vail in his waistcoat's inner pocket. He looked around and smirked softly, "Well, might as well help out a little...." The chimera pounced next to him. Stroking the mane, he climbed on, holding his own dagger in his left hand.

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"Fair enough," Mercy responds, putting his hand away. It wasn't like he expected a warm welcome, they didn't even know him at all, really, but it felt only right to try being cordial anyways. He did not break his grin until looking back over the fields, a pensive glare at what now surrounds them.

The battle had quickly come upon them, twisted forms both on the ground and in the air, crude and cruel weapons of war stomp through the once lush farmlands. There was visible pain in his eyes, seeing those that were not killed, were instead taken away as slaves, it felt too... familiar, too close, being an Exalted now didn't change that one bit. Gabrielle simply hid her face upon his shoulder, clearly emotionally unable to handle it.

What followed next became a bit of a blur, the ground shaking as a Siegebeast came charging through and, before most could react, from its back came flying a large ball of fire. A figure moves ahead of it, the silhouette of armor... the Ashen one, but even there, the blast sent Mercy flying back from the impact, his ears ringing as everything became muffled.

Heh... falling again, I didn't really think this through, he thinks, staring up at the sky. Small flames had erupted onto his ragged robes. He looks over his shoulder... Gabrielle says something but he cannot make out the words so he tries to focus on it. Then everything else faded out, not a sound of the battlefield, nor the air rustling against his cloak, only her words punched through.

"Make it stop."

With a twist and kick he flips himself in the air, making a hard landing on his hands and feet, the flames on his robes turning a light blue shortly before blowing out, the holes burnt into his robes revealed ornate boney white plating running across his shoulders, a design to them akin to feathers. He looks up, a sudden intense expession upon his face, his eyes ablaze with a blue light. In only a split moment would he stay here before taking off at high speed towards the nearest demon, dust blown into the air from the sprint.

The demon grins as he thinks the man a fool for charging straight into death, swinging a crude barbed mace down upon the man. Mercy in turn swing his arm up into it, the dense bone proving to be more substance as the mace splinters apart, shards of it spraying into the air, the grin fading from the demon's face as it has only started to sink in that this was no ordinary man. It was already too late, giving the demon no time to respond, Mercy follows up with a swing with his right fist, connecting straight into the side of the hell spawn's jaw, effectively dislocating it... surprisingly, however, the demon wouldn't quite feel it as his entire face had gone numb, the shock soon traveling down through his body. The creature's eyes darting in horror as his entire body quickly goes limp. A bright blue force had discharged from the impact, Mercy's exalted power had taken effect.

At entire mercy to Mercy, he finds himself being held by the shoulder plates, as he is swung around into his own comrades like some table in a bar brawl. The creatures grunt and yell as they are sent toppling over, several caught off guard by this strange whirlwind of pain. Finally the demon-turned-flail was sent flying towards the incoming hordes, his heavily slurred babbling being the only thing to escape his lips as they proceed to tear through him like nothing more than an obstacle, spraying his insides into a fine mist. Gabrielle gasps in horror, continuing to hold tight upon Mercy.

Even barbarians would care for their own, they really are monsters after all, Mercy ponders as he looks around for his next target. It was then he noticed that Adelin and her forces have charged forward straight at the Siegebeast and the demonic army. He glances over noticing the chain dangling, and a sudden horror comes to his mind. With no hesitation, he rushes forward as well, "Adelin, the mortar is falling! he screams, lunging forward while Ash distracts the giant beast and plunges himself at the side of the mortar, attempting to change its falling trajectory. Even with his superhuman strength, it was incredibly heavy. At the least he could buy them time to clear out before they are crushed.

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#, as written by sifsand
"Son of a-!" This was the only thing Gabriel could shout before the fire bomb hit, sending him careening off the wall. He used his sword and stabbed it into the wall to keep from falling further. From there he leaped off the wall after freeing his sword heading straight for the siegebeast, coming down intending to slash at its back mounted weapon to cut it off.

Wendelin on the other hand was luckier and managed to avoid the fire blast, sliding down the wall with her daggers to slow her fall until it was safe to land on the ground below. Her only interest was the various demons attacking, with this in mind she slashed around wildly intending to spill as much blood as possible.

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The battle was heating up, literally! The deadly march of the Zamorak Siegebeast had been interuppted, the elite archers attempted their damnable best to stop the sudden attack of the madman swinging his absolutely enormous sword, yet through luck, or perhaps pure willpower Ash managed to niftly move around the beast which was too occupied by it's charge to in any way attempt to shake the warrior, with a loud roar it shook it's head as it's horn finally gave up, releasing a mean crack before it was finally severed, Ash made a daring escape, bouncing a few meters along the ground but effectively saving himself from getting stomped by the now enraged beast by landing his back towards the massive Dwarven wall, if it wished to attack him there it would need to headbutt the wall, which even a behemoth like itself was unable to do, as Ash luckily shot off it's head it shook a second time, a sudden burst of fire pouring out through the's severed horn, it staggered, clearly having grown off balance, even making the mortar ontop sway, yet it continued it's course.

Lowering it's massive head another burst of hellfire suddenly shielded it's entire front, like a flamethrower the broken tusk aiding this as the intense heat was enough to force even the steelhearted Adelin back. The defenisve manouver did prove that the beast recognized the Knight commander as an opponent which could make it fail it's mission, with the gate swung open it would simply need to rush inside and begin slaughtering the fleeing civilians. It would've run the woman through if it weren't for two, very timely acts, the ragged Mercy and falling Ash both impacting the unbalanced mortar. With a rumble the beast staggered yet again, as the mortar simply flew off it's back, the massive hell forged plates giving it an intimidating weight as it dug into the rubble.

There was a moment of strange tranquility as the mortar crashed and the beast fell forward, allowing its one remaining horn to scrape against the ground, but within a second, the silence was broken as another savage roar was let loose, the same powerful flames sprouting from its body as it straightened and continued to charge, dragging the mortar alongside it by the one remaining chain. The fearsome flames forced the Knights aside as it rushed into the gate, the mortar being too far to the right, skidding across the ground and slammed straight into the Dwarven wall, by chance on the exact same spot Ash had thrown his final attack, crushing the ashen knight between Dwarven and Demonic steel, the last chain shattered, momentarily slowing the beast down, yet as it picked up speed, a most heavy object made a crash landing straight upon its now unprotected head, that object being Khogrin.

The dwarf which had been rudely thrown off the wall, backwards towards the courtyard would have seemingly aligned himself nicely to deal a devastating plunging attack straight into the beast, in reality, it was mostly luck and his own terrible weight which had contributed to the damage, ramming the Siegebeasts head downwards it went headfirst into the ground, it's own horn slowing it down until it came to a standstill just by the courtyard, the soldiers which descended the second wall were to quick to form a half circle around it, yet the beasts still threatening form kept them from joining the battle outside the first gate, which was going, considerably worse.

In a fell swoop the Vargheists descended down onto the wall, no one other than the low amount of spearman able to fight them. The first wall quickly distorted into nothing but a red mist as the winged vampires happily feasted upon the relatively undefended archers. Blood ran down the side of the walls, speaking just a little about the horrifying act that was taking place atop it.

Meanwhile the demonic horde kept charging, not affected by any ranged fire as the archers was more than busy. The right flank suffered minor losses as the ashen Knights final attack sent a terrifying spike of demonic metal towards them, simply annihilating the Linebreaker which had attempted to catch it, then further skid, disrupting some of the lesser demons behind it.

Wendelin was a proved fighter, charging headlong into the massive fiery demons was certainly one way for her to be useful. Yet it proved rather ineffective as the first swipes of the massive demonic front guard made it clear that it'd be impossible to wreak havoc among the weaker ones without first having dealt with them.

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As Adelin charged forward she witness a peculiar sight, and that sight was an armoured man soaring through the air and at the massive siege beast. With fire and explosions, the figure assaulted the creature and managed with some effort to hack away the creatures horn before the figure hefted the massive mass of bone and threw it at the demonic horde. Such a sight as she ran was a grand sight indeed. If they can take out such a beast then they had nothing to fear! Not even a demon lord could scare them!

Of course in her thoughts, another voice snapped her back to reality as a man's voice warned her about the falling mass of metal. Thanks to the mans efforts she quickly ran ahead just in time as both the mortar and the creature fell to the ground. Sadly the creature did not remain down for very long as it got back up and charged to the gates, her knights smartly avoiding the charge but another figure fell onto the creatures head stopping its charge and crashed right between the gates which plugged it up...Well, it was something...The beast was alive however but if they could a literal meat shield would help.

Of course, now was not the time to be focused on the matters of the gate, her knights would have to help back there. For now she had to focus one one important thing: reduce the enemy numbers at all costs. Continuing her charge into the Center of the demonic forces all alone.

She soon held her ground, a mere mile away from the so called Linebreakers and their demonic counterparts. She raised her flag high as a symbol of faith and fearless devotion. She stood stalwart against the oncoming horde. "By by Sacred Standard! Die hellspawn!" She roared as she soon held her flag like a spear. Moving her arms back, she took aim at the first Linebreaker. A action as bold as this was rewarded by the aura of light to get stronger.

Once her sights were set, her flag poised and in position. She threw her spear with all her might at the linebreaker which was mere feet away from her. The flag impaled itself into the beasts chest before a blast of energy exploded outwards creating a massive hole in the creatures chest. Safe to say, it let out a roar of pain and anger before Adelin herself retrieved her spear after Charing forward and let out her own roar of anger before finishing the creature off by cutting the remaining flesh which held the creatures body from falling in half.

Once her first foe had fell she wasted no time in engaging anything and everything around her. One side with sword which cut apart not just one demon but cut multiple demons near it. On her other flank, her flag now used as a spear skewered anythingbthat dared attack her. It was safe to say outnumbered as she was, she should by all accounts be dead...but no...She held on, armor covered in the blood of her demonic foes, of course her wounds would slowly mount up surrounded as she was. But each injury seemed to fuel her holy rampage.

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Mercy nearly lost his balance as the beast shook and charged, holding onto it and continuously pounding it's back with fist a ghostly blue glow. It had proven too big to simply stun, however, and he watches as it rams into the wall headfirst, flinging him forwards towards the wall, catching himself against it with his arms. Fleeting concern went through him about the Ashen knight, temporarily forgetting the man's immortality. Regardless, he presses his feet against the creature, an effort to release Ash, but is broken from it by the shadow of something falling. Before his eyes he watches as something crashed down upon the beast, driving its head down into the ground... a show of sheer strength, no less, from Khogrin!

It was best to leave this beast in Ironvoice's hands for now, the soldiers require support. Dropping back into the battlefield, outstretching his hands once more, he walked among the wounded and dying, a the ghostly blue glow filling the air all around the area. Those allies that were not dead began to feel vitality being restored to their bodies, the dying feeling something warm pull them back from the precipice of death.

"Brethren, we must not falter, though numberous as they are, strong as they may be, they use mostly just creatures of brute strength, beasts that would be aimless without order! Are we not more than that!?" Mercy cries out, an effort to raise the morale of the soldiers gathered here. They needed hope, someone to try to crack through the cries of the fallen.

Reaching down and grabbing one of the great broken chains that once anchored the Siegebeast's mortar in place. With both hands he starts to spin it, channeling the blue light through it as he faces the linebreakers and hordes ahead. He stares at them, the same tranquility on his face, no anger or bead of sweat on his brow, even though he knew he alone could not win against them, he had to try to inspire them. With mighty swings, a loud whoosh with each, he began to strike into the hordes, the weight alone of the chain doing damage, but the accompanying energy could cause paralysis to those that tried to stop it.

Gabrielle silently held onto him, no longer whimpering. She did not want to see the bloodshed, the brutality, the monsters, yet she did not want to leave Mercy's side, either. She surrendered to the fact that this was the only way to find safety, the peace she desired. She could keep running, but then she would always be alone, and that was worse than this.