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Heidi Katherine Ballentyne

"Don't look at me like that..."

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a character in “Beverage Wars”, as played by iCyanide



Name: Heidi Katherine Ballentyne

Nickname: Peppy [Although she completely hates being called by it.]

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Love Interest: "I-I don't like anyone! B-Baka..." [Most likely Sprite]

Role: Pepsi

Appearance: Heidi is about average height, standing at 5'5" and weighing in at about 120lbs. The girl is somewhat skinny, but she's not simply skin and bones, her body is rather athletic, actually. Long, blue locks falls well past her waist, stopping around her thighs. Despite length, her hair is very thin and easily manageable, although she hates it when people touch, or pull at it. Like her hair, ocean blue orbs stare out, usually emitting a glare at the nearest person available. Usually, she wears the logo for her soda, Pepsi, in the form of hair clips that cling to her azure hair, and tomboy like clothing, which means shorts, jeans, and lots of T-shirts. Occasionally, she may wear something lacy and girly, but that's usually for a certain reason.
Height: 5'5"

Personality: The blue haired girl may or may not be a complete tsundere. She tends to come of as cold and undeniably hostile at first, but once she gets to know somebody, she may come of as more loving, however, she is very stubborn. Heidi will deny anything that she doesn't believe is true, and she will also deny any words spoken about her signs of affection or changes in attitude, as well as being a tsundere. Some may call her arrogant, and they are...probably right. Heidi carries herself highly, and always believes believes she is right, even when she knows she's not.

-Cold Weather

-Hot things
-Hot weather
-Being called a Tsundere
-Being injured
-Being sick

-Being lied to
-Being betrayed by someone she trusts

Heidi collects bottle caps, among other things, and sketches things very often. As much as she loves her sketchbook, along with every sketch contained within it, she never lets anyone see it.

More often than not, Heidi prefers to use her fists in combat, but she is also pretty efficient in using knifes and other bladed weapons. When using hand to hand combat, she is very well skilled in all types of flips and tricks to avoid injury.

Special Moves:
1. Carbonate Blast!
-Blasts bubbles at the enemy, which explode on impact and expel acidic liquids that are capable of burning enemies.

2. Dehydro Slash!
Usually, she uses this move in accompaniment with a weapon, but a simple strike will work as well, the move in question dehydrates the specific spot targeted, either rendering it useless or harder to move.

3. Flavor Infusion!
-A move that requires the utmost concentration, Heidi attempts to regenerate lost blood/soda. However, if she is hit, the move will fail. Usage of this move only refreshes about 1/3 of her life force and usually requires the help of another for protection purposes.

Specialty: Speed and Agility as well as hand-to-hand combat.

-"Live for now!"
-"Change the game!"

Purely annoying, as she would call it, Heidi always had a large family. She's used to being bombarded by siblings and aunts who over-shower her with attention and annoy her to every extent. However, when she was younger, her life was not always sugar and rainbows. As a younger child, she witnessed the abuse of her mother by her father, who was of the Alcohol group. This may or may not be a reason she is so reluctant to show her true feelings for people, and one of the reasons she is so afraid of being betrayed by someone she trusts. Due to her longing urge to escape her house, the girl took up parkour and began practicing with some of the local boys in her neighborhood, equating for her tomboyish attitude and means of dressing. She believes it is harder to fight your own battles in a skirt. Her reasoning for joining the competition among drinks is to be powerful and, most of all, revered.

So begins...

Heidi Katherine Ballentyne's Story


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Kotone Ryokucha

The chattering of the crowd was loud and jumbled up in the dome-shaped newly remodeled stadium, the Nomimono Stadium. There were four platforms, each were empty and had four squares on them each. Meanwhile, underneath the stadium were a network of dressing rooms and rehearsal rooms. And under each platform was a group of four, and in the middle was the infamous idol, C.C. Lemon-tan, peppy and ready to go. Then suddenly, all the lights were turned off in the main stadium, silencing the chattering audience.

"Good morning everyoneee!" an obviously excited voice echoed throughout the stadium, most people recognizing it instantly. It was C.C. Lemon-tan's voice, and her platform was being raised up to the main stadium in the darkness. Handfuls of citzens shouted and clapped as the spotlight focused on the girl, and meanwhile, all of the other beverage groups were being raised into the stadium through the platforms in the darkness.

"Welcome to the once-a-decade Nomimono Beverage Wars! Let's begin by stating the rules!" she hopped in the air, and then pointed to the screens that hung above her, which flashed the rules as she read them aloud.

A girl, whose appearance is of a mature late teenager stood in the upper left square, her posture elegant and poised. Her hair was a reddish-brown, which was put in a taut bun, topped off by an oriental kanzashi. She wore a kimono that was a jade green, with a lotus pattern, and though her appearance is that of a mature young woman, her thoughts and personality were far different.

"This kimono is so uncomfortable! I want to go play at the pet store with the animals!" she whined under her breath. I wonder how Rose-chan is doing back there.. Koto turned around, peering at the slightly taller girl behind her, with the rose in her hair as usual.

"Psst! Rose-chan! Can we go to the Nomi Forest later?" she poked Subarashi Habuti's arm, hiding her face from the rest of the teas as usual. She then quickly returned to her elegant mode as the lights flashed on the Soda group, C.C. Lemon-tan introducing them to the audience. She glanced over at Coke, and recalled a few childhood memories, then pinched herself before nodding her head, her lotus kanzashi silently jingling. All the groups were expected to dress how they were viewed, the Teas had to wear kimonos, Alcohols were to be wearing their formal western clothing, Juices were to wear something fancy, yet nature-related, and the Sodas had to wear something fancy, but related to their company. How come we're the only ones who have to wear stuffy kimonos?! Koto pouted slightly, but was once again surprised by the spotlights flashing on the Alcohol group, C.C. Lemon-tan doing the introductions, but it's not as if Kotone actually paid attention this whole time. (Which means that whoever's in the Alcohol and Soda group, you can put your group's introduction in more detail.)

"Ah, we're next." she quietly muttered, peering up at Koucha Ishikawa, who was about a head taller than her. She stood, poised and refined, as usual and expected, and soon enough, the spotlights flashed upon her group.

"Next is the Tea group! The members being: the Green Tea, Kotone Ryokucha!" The square she stood on lit up, and she waved, then with the flick of her wrist, she pulled out her lotus kanzashi and tossed it into the audience behind. Her hair was released from the bun and was let out into maroon shiny waves. The crowd cheered as they did with the other groups, Kotone watching the shocked reactions of the elders in her clan in victory. How's that, you uptight geezers! C.C. Lemon-tan continued on, the next person to be introduced being Subarashi Habuti.


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Shinko stood straight and poised with her head held high as the lights flashed at the Soda group. She donned a dress with an exotic green print displaying paisley and ombre going around the entire dress which is then overlaid with delicate emerald tulle. At the waistline, a lime green sash holds tight to her body and under it, a cute skirt that gave her easy access to move around in. Her hair was in a high ponytail with her infamous twin braids framing her face.

“The first group we have here is……. The Soda group!” Shinko was usually able to tolerate C.C. Lemon-tan but she was starting to put her in a bad mood for some reason today (she didn’t let the annoyance show- that’d be unprofessional of her). She didn’t know if it was her being extremely loud right now or if her heels were just making her uncomfortable. She highly doubt it was the latter, though, since her ears are a bit sensitive much to her liking.

The first to be introduced in the group was Coke. He cockily waved at the crowd with a smirk plastered on his face. So conceited… she thought to herself as chrome green orbs scanned the other groups before landing on Green Tea. Her eyes narrowed a bit as she skeptically looked back at Coke. She knew of his relationships with some of the female members of the Teas and she was starting to think that it’d be a hindrance in the future. We better not lose just ‘cause he has a soft spot for them, her eyes shifted towards June Tsugami. And I’ll just have to get along with this one, too, she almost cringed at the thought of working together with her rival but she knew that team work would have to be important if she wanted to win.

“Next of the Soda group, give it up for Sierra Mist, Shinko Misuto!” She then averted her gaze back to the crowd and waved with a small, polite grin as the spotlight shined upon on her. "Aww! Such cool beauty, ne?" After C.C Lemon-tan gave a high pitched giggle and moved on to the next group, her game face was suddenly on, intsantly going into her competitive mode. If any drinks are going to win, It'll be utter bullpiss if it isn't us Sodas.


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Koucha Ishikawa

Koucha's inner war with his visible irritation raged on as he fought the clawing urge to narrow his eyes at the ridiculously hyperactive voice of C.C. Lemon-tan. He forced his agitation into a heavy sigh while she read off the rules the groups were briefed on at an earlier time. Standing on one of the high platforms with his fellow Teas, the pride-driven young man stood poised at and gazed out at the roaring crowd. Koucha was rather accustomed to performing in front of a crowd, being one of a rather large family, so this was nothing more than another event for him. The violet haired male turned his head slightly at the barely-audible sound of Ryokucha's voice whining about the fairly unnecessary, formal clothing.

Looking down at himself, Koucha couldn't help but agree with the fellow Tea, though he was familiar with the feeling of a Kimono, he still agreed that it was rather uncomfortable when on a platform with a crowd boring holes through you like hawks. He currently had a loosely tied pure violet Kimono wrapped around him, with a kenseikan headpiece pulling his long hair back from his face. The Kimono was tied together with a pure white sash and he had a pair of Eastern style sandals on his feet.

Hearing Kotone whisper to Subarashi, Koucha slightly turned his head until snapping back when a beam of light engulfed the Soda group with C.C. Lemon's voice not too far behind. The Ishikawa simply narrowed his eyes at the overconfident Coke who was currently waving at the crowd, while practically radiating cockiness. He shifted his dark orbs over to the silver haired female of their group, Sierra Mist, as the girl gave the male a grave expression before turning to the other male who had a head of green and basically wincing. He watched as the girl then proceeded to give the crowd a polite smile as she was introduced. Afterwards, he blankly stared at Tsugami as the male advertised his beverage with everything on him, from clothes to the actual product. Not long after, Heidi, or 'Peppy' as they call her, was introduced. Koucha chuckled at the glare sent across the stage at C.C. Lemon before observing them as a full group. His mouth curved into a small smile of amusement at the fickle state of the Soda group before sighing when he realized that his was no better, other than the fact that his best friend, Kiyoshi was also in his group.

Glancing at his friend, Koucha raised an eyebrow at the male's seemingly worried or frightened expression to say the least. Then he remembered how his friend never had a great history with anything to do with crowds. As he was about to whisper a few words of encouragement to Kiyoshi, a beam of light showered down on Ryokucha. The girl plucked her kanzashi from her hair, which was pulled into a bun, and flicked it into the crowd behind her, releasing her auburn hair in luscious waves. As expected the crowd roared, while Koucha allowed a small smirk to form on his face at the reaction of the elders in her clan. Don't get him wrong, Ishikawa respects Elders with everything in his being, his most beloved Grandfather formerly being one of them, but there was just that enticing sense of satisfaction when you get under their skin once in a while.

The spotlight then traveled from Subarashi to Kiyoshi who exploited his 'adorableness' to rile up the crowd. He gave the male a sympathizing expression before quickly molding his face into one of seriousness when the light beam slowly traveled to him.

"And finally, here we have our very own Black Tea, Koucha Ishikawa!" Shifting himself to give the crowd a small, mischievous smirk before said audience burst out in rambunctious applause and animalistic roaring. As the beam of light shifted away, and C.C. Lemon continued introducing the other groups, Koucha made sure to take notes of each person. Even with his calm persona, Ishikawa couldn't suppress the bubbling competitiveness in him. May the best Beverage win.


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Heidi Ballentyne

Ocean hues scanned the crowd for a moment as the pedestals were lifted, an eyebrow raised in response to the amount of people who had come out to see this thing. Was it really that important? Hiedi sighed and shuffled in her new outfit, her left hand on her waist as she twirled a parasol that rested on her shoulder with her right. This clothes were so gaudy and...why did she have to wear a skirt or all things?! Her fist clenched a bit on the handle of the parasol, the pepsi logo on the top of it shimmering in the over-powered lights above her head. She swore she probably looked like a pepsi logo what with the combination of the shimmering red skirt, sequined blue top and white sash that rose above her shirt a bit on the left. Not to mention the shoes. Ugh, they weren't even close to comfortable, the blue haired girl couldn't even comprehend how women were even meant to walk in heels. They weren't all that high, only a few inches, but still...she just hoped she wouldn't fall over on stage. A sigh escaped her lips, and she twirled the parasol a bit more.

As the lights finally moved to the Soda group, azure eyes blinked shut a bit as C.C. Lemon-Tan's voice screeched out the name of the group she belonged to. The spotlight was shone on Coke first, of course, he just waved like the idiot he was. How were they ever supposed to win if she was expected to work with him? Ugh. After him was Sierra Mist, better known as Shinko Misuto, who was looking rather calm and collected as usual, however she wasn't on very good terms with June, also known as Sprite, who actually wasn't...that intolerable. It wasn't as if she liked him or anything though...! After June had made his debut, the spotlight was shown on Hiedi, sequins shimmering as the panel below her feet light up and she sighed a bit and twirled her parasol a bit more. It only got worse when Lemon-tan opened her mouth and announced, "And here we have our very own Peppy Pepsi girl, Hiedi Ballentyne!"

Hiedi shot the woman a two second glare before giving a slight smile and waving toward the crowd with another sigh. This was so...annoying. And did she really have to call her by her nickname? God, have mercy. Although, she supposed it would be a good thing that the crowd knew her name, that way they would be sure to know who the real victor was. She hoped nobody could tell how arrogant she was being. Might as well give it up now, we're going to win anyways...


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Takashi Kuran

A pair of pale scarlet orbs scanned the area as the platforms were raised, humming a playful tune under his breath. Being one of the most hyper-active and party-loving people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting, Takashi's been the one who attracts the attention of almost any crowd. As he's always said, "The more the merrier,". The redhead quietly whistled to himself while he stumbled along the platform, softly nudging his fellow Juices along the way just for the heck of it. He then stopped as C.C. Lemon-tan's voice rang out and introduced the first group.

Giving a hearty laugh at Coke's usual naive cocky attitude, as the introductions took place, Takashi had a bright smile on his face, that is until his gaze fell on none other than his so called 'twin', Wine. The baby-faced Kuran's face dropped faster than a heartbeat, but quickly composed himself when he felt the eyes of the massive audience burn holes through his body. Tearing his eyes away from the look-alike, Takashi fidgeted with the tie that seemed to tighten around his neck. The redhead never actually hated Wine, in fact the two used to be the best of friends, until one day Wine just turned his back on him and fell into the world of players and popularity. It didn't help that every time someone saw his back, they automatically assumed he was the Alcohol. Shaking himself from the reverie, Kuran suddenly felt a new pair of eyes fall on him, and not just another one of the hundreds of the audience either, this pair felt... different. Turning to face the Alcohol group completely, he found the eyes of none other than the 'Champ' herself, Takara. A beam of light suddenly fell upon the girl and Takashi just as quickly snapped back to face the other way.

Wearing a red, flower-printed tux vest, with a plain white collared shirt underneath, while a bright, heat-packed spot light occasionally shining down on you, really turned up your body temperature. Takashi also had a pair of freshly polished dress shoes and black slacks to match. Finally, the spot light froze on the four members of the Juice group.

"And here we have the group of never-ending enthusiasm, the Juices!" C.C. Lemon's voice instantly grappled Takashi's attention. The spotlight raining down on their Leader-figure, Orange. After the man's self action to grant himself some attention, the light stuck itself onto Takashi. "And here we have the twin of Wine himself," That brought down Takashi's ego more than he let show on his face, but forced a bitter smile on before it could be caught by more people than he would want. "Takashi Kuran!" The red head puffed out his cheeks and made a peace sign towards the audience. He would usually be against exploiting his 'baby-face', but this was a special occasion and they needed to rile up the crowd to be on their side. The action sent a rippling wave of shrieks through the females in the crowd while the males simply chuckled at the childish motion. After we win this, I don't want anybody to mistake me for him.


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Kotone Ryokucha

Koto twitched slightly as one of her curly waves of hair was poking her neck, which bothered her quite a lot, as it would most people. She quickly flicked it off in a split second, hoping that no one was watching her, and then felt a certain pair of eyes on her. She carefully redirected her vision to Coke, who was staring at her, and then suddenly looked away. He scoffed from afar, running his hand through his hair. The kimono-clad girl questioned his actions, since he had been acting like he'd known her for a long time since she had returned from the extreme training, oh well, she can just ask Rose. She stood silently, and slipped her hands into her kimono sleeves, at first groping for the tiny, fluffy, yet slightly worn, rabbit plushie. She fiddled around with it to pass the time and to warm her lukewarm fingers. Agh! How long will this take?! This stadium scares me since it speeds up your lukewarming rate by ten..! I wanna go play with the animals in the Nomi forest...

After the introductions, C.C. Lemon-tan took a swig of her drink, and then winked to the crowd, as attention-grabbing as ever, isn't she?

"Okay~! Now, everyone, I announce the Nomimono 137th Beverage Wars, official! It will be on TV and live here, at the stadium, Every Friday, and the times will the announced two days prior to the tournament! Thank you all for coming and watching the opening ceremony! Now we shall mark this with the traditional...." C.C. Lemon-tan paused, raising her arms in suspense, "Celebratory Nomimono Exclusive Party! Now will all V.I.P.s please go through the gold doors on the south wing and flash your ID!" she gestured towards the golden double doors packed with beefy men who have a scanning device in one hand, a tazer in the other. I bet if they didn't have those tazers, then they couldn't stand a chance against me, or nee-chan! Now, all I have to do is sneak out during the the whole chaos with people leaving and all and then I can go play! she thought optimistically to herself, smiling ever so slightly.

"Okay, now will all beverage contestants please leave and get dressed for the party?" C.C. Lemon-tan for once, stood still and smiled like she should have in the first place. Koto silently stepped down the stairs of the platform and quickly went to her dressing room, sprinting through the last few halls and then quickly slamming the door shut behind her back and sliding down in relief.

"AHH! This kimono is so freaking stuffy!" she recklessly threw off the endless layers of clothing and tossed it onto a chair, her tone of voice was childish and a more higher pitch. She was just about to slip on her shorts until she heard some rustle. Koto quickly slipped on the lavender shorts and white tee, grabbing a dagger in case. She put on her elegant mask once again, changing her tone of voice completely.

"Who is there? It is quite rude to interrupt the Ryokucha heir in her dressing room." She ran her finger across the shiny, scrubbed blade as she corrected her posture immediately. A familiar figure emerged from the wardrobe.

"Ah, Koto-sama, you are as sharp as usual." her clothing attendant chuckled, holding a blue kimono to change into. Koto grimaced, and then held the blade towards the woman's neck. She held a glass bottle in front of the woman's face, and sprayed a secret memory-erasing concoction in her face which erases the victim's memories of the past five minutes. Koto swiftly pushed the woman back into the wardrobe and sat on the chair, discreetly hiding away the blade as the woman snapped out of the ten second trance that followed afterwards. Ha, as long as the family secret medicine is in my hands, I can be myself easily, just as long as no one remembers, which can only be achieved by drinking the 'blood' of the Ryokucha... I don't think anyone will be getting to my blood at least. But sadly, it's immune to the Ryokucha themselves.

"Come on out, Asami-san, I know you're there." The same woman emerged from the wardrobe, chuckling, and then held the same kimono in her hand.

"As sharp as usual, Koto-sama, but unfortunately for you, the family has already predicted you escaping, so they sent me. Now be obedient and put it on." the woman removed Koto's clothing and and slipped on the first piece of robing.

"No, I refuse, unless I get to wear western clothes, I will not go and will be going outside." the girl slapped away the attendant's hand and tossed away the robe. The woman smirked and took out her attendant's earpiece, calling one of the elders. Koto sat there, grinning in victory, and poked at her plushie.

"Yes. Yes 'mam. I'll tell her that. Okay, have a great evening." the woman clicked the earpiece, followed by a thud at the delivery chute. She walked over to there and opened it, taking out and opening a box.

"Here you go, o-jou-sa-ma." she said, passing the box over, her tone of voice had a slight mix of irritation in it, well, who wouldn't? It's either get fired of follow the brat's every beck and call. Koto bitterly put on the outfit, even though it was western style, she just hated parties that were formal. She looked at herself in the mirror and waved at the attendant.

"You can leave now, after all, I do keep my promises." the attendant quickly left, and Koto grinned at the stylish and cute outfit she wore in the mirror. She grabbed the leg strap and strapped it under the skirt, equipping a few blades. She stared at her faithful katana from her sister and then regretfully left it in her kimono for the attendants to put away. She threw on a soft black scarf to drape around her arms and then set off to the party, heading to the sleek two-seated Benz that her family had prepared, just to show off. She looked around and sighed after the coast was clear.

"My family, showing off to the max, especially to the Ishikawa family. The elders are so competitive with them.. Oh well, I'm just their puppet anyways. I'll be fighting for you, nee-chan! And then afterwards, I can play with the animals! Yay!" she did a little spin as she happily held the white bunny plush in her right palm.


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June Tsugami

June had been desperately suppressing the violent urge to reach out and tell the others to relax throughout the entire introductions. As the limelight finally changed to another group, June exhaled a dismal sigh and looked back at Pepsi and Sierra Mist with raised eyebrows. Coke was fine being his usual self, his outgoing personality matching the celebrity life perfectly like a key in a lock hole. As for the others, Pepsi was practically bristling in irritation at the whole ceremony, so much so he felt restless just by looking at her. He spotted the briefest of glares directed at C.C. Lemon Tan as she introduced the woman with a twirling parasol and sighed again.

The opening ceremony proceeded as planned before coming to fruition as C.C. Lemon Tan declared they should prepare for the party. The thought left June inexplicably hungry as he imagined tables of specially catered finger foods.

“Mmm, looks like a lot of the others are just as eager to get off stage also” June chuckled amusedly as his observant eye caught several frustrated figures heading for the exits. Much to his style, his lips curled into a slight smirk as he turned his back and strode of with a nonchalant attitude. “Well, see you all at the party. Dress up well seeing as this is our first chance to meet everyone”

His hurried footfalls echoed through the hallways before stopping by the entrance to his dressing room. June’s tall frame filled the doorway as he shut the door behind him and practically threw down the heavy sponsor suit before leaning backwards. “Pheww” he exhaled in relief, releasing his built up tension. He stood there for a second longer before striding over to his closet. After several short moments June emerged outside the unassuming wooden door of his dressing room once more. His black attire gave him a slightly imposing appearance as the white light was sucked into the darkness of his black suit jacket and trousers. Pale fingers traced the soft edges of his signature fedora hat in circles as he summoned the courage necessary for the approaching party. It was weird how he felt completely comfortably when backed up in an alleyway surrounded by gangsters, and yet the glamorous mobs of modern society still intimidated him.

“It’s just a party though” He reassured himself, stepping forwards as if to reinforce statement. He walked outside until he reached his own ride for the night, courtesy of his powerful family. Despise showed on his face as he glanced at the Audi R8, not that he hated the car, but it was instead the blatant show boating of money which aggravated him. He couldn't even drive such a thing by law at his age. Momentarily he wished he was back in the simple confines of his humble apartment before his driver unlocked the silver vehicle with a sharp click. “At least the food will be good, right?” And at the very least he'd get to enjoy a peaceful evening before things began heating up.


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Heidi Ballentyne

Blue orbs widened considerably as a party was mentioned. A party. Was it really necessary? Heidi just wanted to get the ball rolling, punch some people in the face, and take her prize. Why did there have to be so many pit stops? She let a soft sigh slip, her eyes traveling over the guards the lingered beside the doors to the stadium. There was no backing out now, and definitely no dodging the after party. Sizing them up, it appeared to Heidi that she would be captured and brought back within minutes. Not that she wanted to run away, but parties, well, they just weren't her thing. It was annoying to have to interact with so many strangers, possibly making friends with the very people, er...drinks, that you were going to have to smash into the ground. She was compelled to simply bolt the second she'd hopped off her pedestal, watching June as he gave a wave in her and the other's soda's direction. She wanted to run up to the green haired man and punch him in the arm for good luck...

He's such an idiot he'll probably need it, the girl thought, giving a slight smile, which vanished the instant she laid eyes on Coke, This imbecile could use a good knock to the face too. Not that it'll help him.

Heidi gave Shinko a glance as well, she was still looking to be the calmest of the bunch. Did nothing about this faze her? The woman gave a soft sigh, as she started in the direction of her dressing room, muttering something of a "good luck" toward the other girl. After that, she vanished into the confines of the hallways, wandering into the dressing room she had been assigned to. It was...very elegant and she almost felt as if she were to low class to be somewhere as nice as this. The walls were painted a vibrant blue, mirrors laced with sliver and intricate thorns and branches carved into the sides of most of the furniture; the mirrors, the wardrobe, and the chairs were among the pieces in the set. After a moment alone, she wished her mother could have made it...or even one of her siblings at that, but she simply shook those thoughts off.

Delicate ivory hands pulled open the wardrobe only to find one her worst nightmares awaiting her. A deep blue dress with a band of a darker blue shade and rhinestones embedded in the top. She grimaced at the thought of wearing yet another dress as she took the entrails that fell toward the back. However, she knew her mother would kill her if she even thought of dressing otherwise. And, so, reluctantly, she pulled the dress from the wardrobe and placed it against her skin. With an eyebrow raised, she glanced in the mirror, jumping when there was a knock at the door. She threw the detestable dress over a nearby chair and approached the door, yanking it open with a scowl.

"Are you ready to paaaarty little sister?!" A fairly tall and older blue haired woman stood in the door way, a wide spread grin painted itself across her face.

"Eh, Rita, what are you doing here?" Heidi asked, leaving the door open as she strolled back into her room, sitting in the chair opposite her blue mess of a dress. She glared at it, wishing she could set it on fire with her eyes. Then again, she wished she could set every dress she saw on fire, this one wasn't all that bad, considering. "Well, a little birdie told me you wouldn't know how to do your make up, "The woman smiled, closing the door to the dressing room as she allowed herself inside, "now put on your dress, we don't have much time."

"Ugh," she groaned, reluctantly rising to her feet and peeling off her previous outfit to step into her newest party outfit. When she was done with that, her sister pulled a pair from her bag? Were those really the shoes she was expected to wear? There's no way... However, one look from her sister said that she was not going to have it any other way. As soon as the shoes were strapped to her feet, her sister had pushed her into a nearby makeup chair.

"I don't wanna do this anymore...!"