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Rue Furutsu

"We all have our reasons. Have you found yours?"

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a character in “Beverage Wars”, originally authored by HereMeNow, as played by RolePlayGateway



✰ Ruepai Furutsu ✰
✰ Rue ✰


Age: 15
Gender: Female

Height: 5'1/2"
Weight: 103lbs

Love Interest: TBA

Role: Lemonade

Personality: Rue has, what most people would call it, a split personality. She has both a sweet side, which is what you'd see most of the time, and a sour side, which is rarely seen unless he's fighting.

<< Sweet >>

This is the side of Rue that we see about 80% of the time. When Rue is Sweet, she is very energetic, caring, and a wonderful person to be around. In this state she's very bouncy and always looking on the positive side. She tries her best to keep everyone smiling and is the kind of girl who anyone can come to with their problems and know that she won't judge them in any way. She is open-minded with an extremely colorful imagination that just bubbles all over the place and can't be stopped. You'd be amazed at some of the crazy things her mind can come up with when she's 'Sweet', as many call this side of her personality. It's pretty much impossible to get her angry in a serious way, though she'll still defend herself. In this state she has a very innocent and weak aura about her that often makes people want to take care of her and at the same time her enemies underestimate her. Though she is particularly weak and clumsy in her Sweet state, underestimating her can be a grave mistake when her Sour side shows up.

<< Sour >>

This is the side of Rue that we only see about 20% of the time and it only kicks in when it is fully necessary. This is when Rue starts to surprise people when they notice how different her Sour side is from her Sweet side. When she's in her 'Sour' state, Rue's unfocused mind becomes completely logical and her attitude changes from bouncy to clear-headed and calm. This is when her mature and genius side kicks in and her clumsiness practically vanishes. One would say it is as if Rue's body has been totally taken over and she looks like a completely different person. The few words she speaks in this state can even be a little scarey and very out of line from the way she talks when she's Sweet. Still, her protective and her determination to protect her friends doesn't doesn't waver at all. Of course, in the end when Rue is sure it is safe to let her guard down, she instantly snaps back to her Sweet side as if absolutely nothing happened.

**Side Note**
Rue is always seen eating some sort of snack. Mostly being pretzels, skittles, mini cookies, and her personal favorite, chocolate Pocky.


✔ Food(Mostly Pocky)
✔ Taking Naps(You'll find her in the most random places)
✔ The Moonlight
✔ The Rain
✔ Soft Music
✔ Her Friends

✘ Swimming(she never learned)
✘ Getting up Early
✘ Being Called Short
✘ Being Criticized
✘ Loud Music
✘ Seeing People get Hurt

✖ Fire
✖ Being Unable to Protect those Dear to Her
✖ Failing, Loosing
✖ Poisonous Bugs(Spiders, centipedes, scorpions)

♡ Napping
♡ Writing Poems
♡ Drawing
♡ Karaoke


Rue uses kicks more often than she uses anything else. She is always wearing her favorite, black leather boots and is rarely seen with them off. The sides, heel, and toe of each boot is made of extremely hard steel. The bottom of the boot is coated in very tiny steel spikes as well, though they won't draw blood unless Rue applies enough pressure. The boots are actually rather heavy, but because Rue is so used to wearing them all the time as well as using them in battle, they are seemingly light to her.


Other than her boots, Rue also carries with her a retractable staff. It's only about 1ft long when it is in it's retracted form, so it's easy for her to carry with her. She keeps it in a strap attached to a little black belt around her right thigh when in it's retracted form. The handle is equipped with sensors that can tell when Rue wishes to release the staff and the staff will retract itself again after it senses that Rue does not need it. (It is about 5ft long when it is is open)


:Special Moves:
1. Blinding Sugar :: This is when Rue forces the large amounts of sugar in her body to pumps at an intense speed through her veins and the rest of her body, practically giving herself a crazy sugar high. When she does this her speed increases at an exceedingly fast rate and she is able to build up enough energy to move extremely fast, making it a most impossible to see her moves. Though she can only use this move for a short moment, it help her gain an opening to use her kicks on the surprised enemy. After Rue uses this move, she can become very tired (the crash after the sugar high) and it takes her a couple of minutes to regain her energy.

2. Haretsu Heart(Haretsu - bursting - 破裂) :: This attack requires Rue's blood to be used. When Rue uses this move she usually uses a blade(in her case her staff). She gathers the acid in her body in her fingers(usually her thumbs) and slices her finger tip on the blade, allowing the acid to spread across the blades surface. Because the blades on Rue's staff contain a chemical that helps dissolve acid, the acid from Rue's body does not do any damage to the blade and will stay on the blade for hours before it falls off or is removed for any reason. If someone is cut by the blade, the acid will enter the victims body and attack their esophagus, causing an intense, burning feeling in the victims heart and chest, even in between the ribs. Though it does take about five minutes for the acid to travel through the victims body, it can make it difficult for the victim to breath or concentrate.

3. Aspartame Byoki(Byoki - disease - 病気) :: This is Rue's strongest attack and most dangerous. She will only use this when it is absolutely the only option. When Rue uses this attack, she releases Aspartame into the air around her, reaching about 20 to 30 feet. When the enemy breaths in this dangerous artificial sweetener, the side effects hit them almost instantly. The Aspartame will cause much pain throughout the victims body, such as nausea, headaches, dizziness, cramps, fatigue, numbness in the legs, blurry vision, unexplainable depression, and sometimes even panic attacks. It all depends really on how much of the Aspartame the victim breathes in, but all the same the effects are dangerous. This, of course, takes a lot of energy out of Rue and she may even suffer some of the slight symptoms herself for a short amount of time, though nothing she can't usually ignore. She doesn't use this attack if her friends are in range because she cannot pinpoint a certain target when she releases the Aspartame from her body.

*Playing Guitar*
*Thinks Outside the Box*
*Light on her Feet*
*Quick Eye coordination*

- "I don't eat too much!!"
- "Only when it's completely black can you really see the light."
- "I'm going to go take a nap now."
- "Nothing is ever truly over.."

(((WIP WIP)))


✰Theme Song✰
Innocence - Avril Lavigne

So begins...

Rue Furutsu's Story


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Shinko stood straight and poised with her head held high as the lights flashed at the Soda group. She donned a dress with an exotic green print displaying paisley and ombre going around the entire dress which is then overlaid with delicate emerald tulle. At the waistline, a lime green sash holds tight to her body and under it, a cute skirt that gave her easy access to move around in. Her hair was in a high ponytail with her infamous twin braids framing her face.

“The first group we have here is……. The Soda group!” Shinko was usually able to tolerate C.C. Lemon-tan but she was starting to put her in a bad mood for some reason today (she didn’t let the annoyance show- that’d be unprofessional of her). She didn’t know if it was her being extremely loud right now or if her heels were just making her uncomfortable. She highly doubt it was the latter, though, since her ears are a bit sensitive much to her liking.

The first to be introduced in the group was Coke. He cockily waved at the crowd with a smirk plastered on his face. So conceited… she thought to herself as chrome green orbs scanned the other groups before landing on Green Tea. Her eyes narrowed a bit as she skeptically looked back at Coke. She knew of his relationships with some of the female members of the Teas and she was starting to think that it’d be a hindrance in the future. We better not lose just ‘cause he has a soft spot for them, her eyes shifted towards June Tsugami. And I’ll just have to get along with this one, too, she almost cringed at the thought of working together with her rival but she knew that team work would have to be important if she wanted to win.

“Next of the Soda group, give it up for Sierra Mist, Shinko Misuto!” She then averted her gaze back to the crowd and waved with a small, polite grin as the spotlight shined upon on her. "Aww! Such cool beauty, ne?" After C.C Lemon-tan gave a high pitched giggle and moved on to the next group, her game face was suddenly on, intsantly going into her competitive mode. If any drinks are going to win, It'll be utter bullpiss if it isn't us Sodas.


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Kotone Ryokucha

Koto twitched slightly as one of her curly waves of hair was poking her neck, which bothered her quite a lot, as it would most people. She quickly flicked it off in a split second, hoping that no one was watching her, and then felt a certain pair of eyes on her. She carefully redirected her vision to Coke, who was staring at her, and then suddenly looked away. He scoffed from afar, running his hand through his hair. The kimono-clad girl questioned his actions, since he had been acting like he'd known her for a long time since she had returned from the extreme training, oh well, she can just ask Rose. She stood silently, and slipped her hands into her kimono sleeves, at first groping for the tiny, fluffy, yet slightly worn, rabbit plushie. She fiddled around with it to pass the time and to warm her lukewarm fingers. Agh! How long will this take?! This stadium scares me since it speeds up your lukewarming rate by ten..! I wanna go play with the animals in the Nomi forest...

After the introductions, C.C. Lemon-tan took a swig of her drink, and then winked to the crowd, as attention-grabbing as ever, isn't she?

"Okay~! Now, everyone, I announce the Nomimono 137th Beverage Wars, official! It will be on TV and live here, at the stadium, Every Friday, and the times will the announced two days prior to the tournament! Thank you all for coming and watching the opening ceremony! Now we shall mark this with the traditional...." C.C. Lemon-tan paused, raising her arms in suspense, "Celebratory Nomimono Exclusive Party! Now will all V.I.P.s please go through the gold doors on the south wing and flash your ID!" she gestured towards the golden double doors packed with beefy men who have a scanning device in one hand, a tazer in the other. I bet if they didn't have those tazers, then they couldn't stand a chance against me, or nee-chan! Now, all I have to do is sneak out during the the whole chaos with people leaving and all and then I can go play! she thought optimistically to herself, smiling ever so slightly.

"Okay, now will all beverage contestants please leave and get dressed for the party?" C.C. Lemon-tan for once, stood still and smiled like she should have in the first place. Koto silently stepped down the stairs of the platform and quickly went to her dressing room, sprinting through the last few halls and then quickly slamming the door shut behind her back and sliding down in relief.

"AHH! This kimono is so freaking stuffy!" she recklessly threw off the endless layers of clothing and tossed it onto a chair, her tone of voice was childish and a more higher pitch. She was just about to slip on her shorts until she heard some rustle. Koto quickly slipped on the lavender shorts and white tee, grabbing a dagger in case. She put on her elegant mask once again, changing her tone of voice completely.

"Who is there? It is quite rude to interrupt the Ryokucha heir in her dressing room." She ran her finger across the shiny, scrubbed blade as she corrected her posture immediately. A familiar figure emerged from the wardrobe.

"Ah, Koto-sama, you are as sharp as usual." her clothing attendant chuckled, holding a blue kimono to change into. Koto grimaced, and then held the blade towards the woman's neck. She held a glass bottle in front of the woman's face, and sprayed a secret memory-erasing concoction in her face which erases the victim's memories of the past five minutes. Koto swiftly pushed the woman back into the wardrobe and sat on the chair, discreetly hiding away the blade as the woman snapped out of the ten second trance that followed afterwards. Ha, as long as the family secret medicine is in my hands, I can be myself easily, just as long as no one remembers, which can only be achieved by drinking the 'blood' of the Ryokucha... I don't think anyone will be getting to my blood at least. But sadly, it's immune to the Ryokucha themselves.

"Come on out, Asami-san, I know you're there." The same woman emerged from the wardrobe, chuckling, and then held the same kimono in her hand.

"As sharp as usual, Koto-sama, but unfortunately for you, the family has already predicted you escaping, so they sent me. Now be obedient and put it on." the woman removed Koto's clothing and and slipped on the first piece of robing.

"No, I refuse, unless I get to wear western clothes, I will not go and will be going outside." the girl slapped away the attendant's hand and tossed away the robe. The woman smirked and took out her attendant's earpiece, calling one of the elders. Koto sat there, grinning in victory, and poked at her plushie.

"Yes. Yes 'mam. I'll tell her that. Okay, have a great evening." the woman clicked the earpiece, followed by a thud at the delivery chute. She walked over to there and opened it, taking out and opening a box.

"Here you go, o-jou-sa-ma." she said, passing the box over, her tone of voice had a slight mix of irritation in it, well, who wouldn't? It's either get fired of follow the brat's every beck and call. Koto bitterly put on the outfit, even though it was western style, she just hated parties that were formal. She looked at herself in the mirror and waved at the attendant.

"You can leave now, after all, I do keep my promises." the attendant quickly left, and Koto grinned at the stylish and cute outfit she wore in the mirror. She grabbed the leg strap and strapped it under the skirt, equipping a few blades. She stared at her faithful katana from her sister and then regretfully left it in her kimono for the attendants to put away. She threw on a soft black scarf to drape around her arms and then set off to the party, heading to the sleek two-seated Benz that her family had prepared, just to show off. She looked around and sighed after the coast was clear.

"My family, showing off to the max, especially to the Ishikawa family. The elders are so competitive with them.. Oh well, I'm just their puppet anyways. I'll be fighting for you, nee-chan! And then afterwards, I can play with the animals! Yay!" she did a little spin as she happily held the white bunny plush in her right palm.


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Rue Furutsu

Rue stood as still as she could on the platform for the juices as C.C. Lemon-tan began the introductions. She really didn't pay all that much attention to anything that was going on, as she was never all that could at paying attention. She had such a short attention span it was almost hard to believe. Her mocha eyes moved from the flickering lights, then to the audience, then the floor, then they darted back up to C.C. Lemon-tan. This repeated so many times it would probably be impossible to count. Her toes twitched in her closed-toed heels and every now and then she would gently pull on the bottom of her dress or twiddle her thumbs. She couldn't handle standing so still, she was too excited. This was her very first time ever getting the chance to do something like this and she just wanted to scream. She felt strange without her orange jacket and cap too, a little empty actually. But her mother had practically forced her to leave them back in the dressing room sine it would look unprofessional on the platform. Her usually choppy hair was also pulled back away from her face and curled behind her head, pinned with a few diamond clips that matched the crystals on her high heels.

The idol girl finally reached the Juices platform and the little smile on Rue's face slightly widened as she waited for the spotlight to fall on her. She tried to calm down a little as her heart started to race. She was excited but a little concerned at the same time, after all she wasn't the true heir to the Furutsu family, but since her older sister was too weak to participate in the tournament and her brother was too young, she practically became the stand in. The brown-haired girl giggles a little as Takashi puffed out his cheeks to the crowd and they went crazy, well at least most of the girls. The spotlight finally shone itself onto her presence and all of her concerns disappeared.

"And freshly picked from the lemon tree, we have Ruepai Furutsu!" C.C. Lemon exclaimed into the microphone as Rue slightly turned herself to face the crowd with a giant smile on her face. She raised both of her hands up and waived excitedly, ignoring the disappointed expressions from a few of her family members as the crowd went wild. She didn't really care if they were simply cheering because they could or if they were doing it for her, but she liked the attention, even if it was a little loud. She then turned back to face the original direction she'd been facing before with her hands behind her back and a little, innocent smile on her face as C.C. Lemon-tan continued introducing her group before finally they were dismissed back to the dressing rooms to change for the party.


She let out a relaxed sigh as she entered her dressing room and slipped off her high heels. They had started hurting her ankles while up on the platform, not to mention she'd started to feel really warm because off all the lights. Her head was starting to bother her from all the screaming and cheering from the crowd too. "I don't wanna go to some V.I.P party.." She pouted to no one in particular. She smirked mischievously to herself as she picked up her orange jacket and pulled a little red box of chocolate pocky from its pocket and popped it open. She pulled out of of the stick and stuck it into her mouth, for once thankful to the fact that her parents most likely wouldn't come down to congratulate her or anything like that. She said on the floor Indian style for a moment as she munched on her favorite snack, spacing out a little as she tried to think of someway to get out of going to the party. It was night time already and it was supposed to be a full moon tonight. There was no way she was about to miss it for some party that only the old people would enjoy.

She closed the Pocky box and pulled off her dress to quickly get changed in the second dress that she'd brought with, this one a little more comfortable than the first. Next she slipped on a pair of white flats that were much more comfortable than the high heels she'd been wearing earlier. She brushed out her hair, which fell out of place and back to its choppy old self much to easily, then pulled on her cap and threw her jacket over her shoulders before peeking out the door and down the hallway to make sure the coast was clear with the end of the Pocky snack sticking out of her mouth.


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Takara Chardonnay

Takara beamed at the thought of a party. "Knew it~" She chirped knowingly, before jumping off the plate form with ease and grace. But before she left, she glanced at Takashi, and then the others such as lemonade wondering something. While doing so, her eyes flashed with an uncertain emotion. But as soon as she realized it herself, she shook it off and glomped a nearby Wine. "Winnnnee~ Lets go to the party together ne?" Wine merely glanced at her, and nods with a scoff, slipping away from the girls grasp forcefully. And as soon as he was free, he just walked off, attending to his pack of ladies. But Takara could only watch, a sad smile replacing her bright one. She loved Wine..or did she? "I-I'm confused.." she whines, holding her head, but she noticed where she was at. Not wanting anyone to see her like this, she started to skip off casually yet "cheerfully" to the dressing rooms. "Come On Nikola~" Takara called out, knowing she will enjoy the thought of less attention.
"Oh you arrived Ms.Chardonnay." Takara giggles, and did a little curtsy, which only made the dresser giggle. "As energetic as ever... now what do you want to wear? Any preferences?"
Takara simply blinks and beams once more. "Something bright, oh and something loose!" This made the dresser raise a brow at her. "Loose..? What in the heavens name for..?"
"You know for fights and such!" "Oh...." The dresser sighed in relief, blushing at her dirty thoughts. "Well alright, I think I got something for you Ms.Chardonnay." Within minutes, a simple white, strapless dress, which reached her knee, was placed in front of her. The ends of this dress were slightly ruffled up, and a diamond-encrusted chain was loosely fixed onto the waist, dangling from its sides. It was simple,yet exactly what she was looking for. Slipping it on, she twirled around to display the wonderful dress. "As always, you pick the most wonderful dresses Ms.Tamaka~!"
"on the contrary my dear, your the one who makes the dress dazzle, but nevertheless, thank you.." The dresser now introduced as Ms.Tamaka replied softly. "Oh and here are some accessories which were worn by your mother..." Takara's smile tightened at the word "mother" but her smile was still there. The dresser peers up at her, and brought out a glass container. Opening it, it revealed a necklace, a couple actually. One caught her eye though. It was a Diamond necklace, and it was awfully pretty... "I want to wear... this one~!" She took out the necklace of choice carefully, and placed it on. "Ah here are the matching earrings.." The earrings appear to be tear drops, and they were followed by smaller ones. She thanks the dresser, and placed on the earrings with ease. "You look beautiful, just like your mother...yes your mother was a beauty..." Takara stares into the mirror and nods slowly. "Yeah..."
Noticing her change of mood, Ms. Tamaka quickly changed the subject. "O-oh yes make-up!"
"Make it simple okay~?" Ms.Tamaka nodded, and like a ninja, she swiftly applied the simple and basic types of makeup which were on hand. A little blush there, mascara, eyeshadow and lip stick. "Finished, now here have a look." Takara peers into the mirror and nods with a bright smile. "Thank you~"