Bea Prinsloo

"Flower child with a rock & roll heart."

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"She loved mysterious so much that she became one."
-John Green; Paper Towns









Full Name
Behati Leann Prinsloo
"I wouldn't be surprised if you don't know me, but I'm sure mostly everyone knows me as 'Rhiannon's little sister'. To everyone, it seems I'm just her walking shadow; a younger and quirkier version of her."

Bea (common; liked), Baby "B", Lay-Lay (used by her sister), Rhiannon's little sister (always; eh), flower child (sometimes; likes), Behati (often; neutral), Lola (rarely-to-never; accepted), Prinsloo 2 (again because of her sister)
"I have nicknames; other than the one's I was branded with because I'm Rhiannon's baby sister. Few of my nicknames of random shit, like flower-child and tree huger. I don't know if I should be offended or not.."

Date of Birth
March 20, 1998
"Yes, I was born on Easter and i'm a hipster. Weird, am i right? I guess irony does hit you faster than a speeding bullet."

Zodiac Sign
"One Pisces tactic is to go around and fill in the blanks, sort of like a test to see if you care enough to figure out what's on their mind."

45% Namibian //18% Welsh // 20% Dutch // English 17%
"I'm nationally world-wide if you ask me."

Heterosexual; demisexual
"I'm not like those girls who are just waiting to get swooped off their feet by 'Prince Charming'. I don't care for all that crap. I just want to hurry and graduate."

Sexually Active?
"I'm far too young for all that bang-bang stuff. I don't know. I never was really interested, nor am I. I'd like to at least keep my virginity until I'm married or something."

Relationship Status
"As funny as it sounds, i've never been in a relationship. Not that I can't get a boyfriend, I just choose not to at this point. This is where me and Rhiannon usually differ from each other; she's hot, i'm not. she's had sex [multiple times], there's cobwebs growing in my vagina. she's a ball of energy, I'd rather sleep all day. Get what I'm saying?"



How old does he/she appear
Her age, if not a year older.
"I look my age, at least I think so. Others have often mistaken me for being seventeen because of how mature I tend to be. I guess I take that as a compliment."

"I'm not that young. Okay, so I am. Rhiannon always treats me like the baby sister I am and sadly, it's annoying as hell. I'm not even that young..honesty. I hang out with people that's older than me, and they don't think so."

5 ft 6 in or 168 cm
"I'm not that tall, trust me. I'm like a midget to most people. I remember back in sixth grade I'd used to always be the target for monkey in the middle."

54 kg or 119 pounds
"I've been told numerous times that I need to grow some meat on my bones whilst others think that I have an eating disorder or something. Ridiculous, am I right?"

34-25-35 in or 87-63.5-89 cm

Bra Size
"I've been suck in the same bra size since I was what[???], fourteen years old? Puberty came slow for me during my young teenage years."

Dress Size
4 (US) or 34 (EU)
"Me and Rhiannon are practically the same size when it comes to clothes. I sometimes wear her clothes from time-to-time.

Body Build
Ectomorphic; straight, slim build w/ small waist
"To put it simply, I'm a scrawny fella' with absolutely no physical abilities. Okay, so I play softball. Doesn't necessarily I'm any good."

Shoe Size
8 (US) or 38.5 (EU) or 5.5 (UK)

Shape of Face
"I have a round-ish looking face. That's a good thing, right? I suppose it would be. Not really a trick question."

Distinguishable Marks-Tattoos?
Tattoos[???]-None;Distinguishable Marks[???]- two beauty marks
"I'm hella afraid of needles. The closest i'd ever do to getting piercing is if it's for my ears-that's it. Nose piercing are gross and tongue piercing are just plain foul, like why the hell would you get a tongue piercing if it means you'd just have to take it out after every meal? I don't understand people sometimes. Anyhow, distinguishable marks? Sure, I have those. I have two birth marks on my right cheek that're literally two inches apart."

Physical Disabilities
Dyslexia; A learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading.
"I remember when I started first grade. Right a way, it was awful because I couldn't read as well as the other kids. My brain mixed up letters like, 'b' and 'd' and 'm' and 'w'. Dyslexia is different for everyone who has it. For me it just makes it harder to read or write. I started working really hard on how to read better. My family helps me by making me read everything from menus to cereal boxes too road signs. Today, I grade three years above my grade level, and I learned to face problems, not run away from them. Dyslexia makes things hard for me, but not impossible."

Eye Color
Hazel-ish brown, green
"My eyes are so vivid like, I don't even what their original color are. They're a mixture of green and brown, hazel? I've asked my parents, but they don't know either."

Glasses or Contacts
Yes; glasses
"I have glasses, but I have a bad habit for never wearing them. They get annoying after a while."

Fair; winter
"I'm a snowflake to most."

Hair Color
Platinum blonde
"Though my hair is naturally blonde, I do tend to dye it a lot. From blue to pink to black. I always find time to dye my hair. My hair has it's own personality I guess."


"I usually don't style my hair in any specific way. I leave it as it is, or toss it back in a messy ponytail unless on special occasions, that's when I'll fancy things up. I've recently trimmed my hair a little [x], but here are a few styles I'd used to do when I had long hair. They aren't much."

"My clothes are usually a mixture between dark and indie. I like comfortable clothes such as big, over-sized shirts -sweaters preferably], and boyfriend jeans. I also like the mysterious vibe that the indie style tend to bring on. That's what the indie style is, it lets you express yourself in so many ways that goes without saying. Indie has a way of telling a story without necessarily using words. It's pretty neat."

Accessories or Jewelry
Depends on the outfit
"When it comes to jewelry, it all depends on what the outfit i'm wearing. Sometimes I add jewelry's to my outfits, and sometimes I don't. It all varies. Though I must almost always have to have a beanie hat and I never -when I say never I mean it- leave my house without my aviators. An outfit without outfit is an outfit not worth wearing. Aviators are life."

Standard Outfit/s

"My clothes are usually a mixture between dark and indie. I like comfortable clothes, and the mysterious vibe they tend to bring on. That's what the indie style is, it lets you express yourself in so many ways that goes without saying. Indie has a way of telling a story without necessarily without using words. It's rad."

Overall Attractiveness
Depends; usually rated as an 8 or 7
"I see myself as a 7 and I'll be honest, I'm not drop dead gorgeous either. I'm just there for the most part."



Grade Point Average
three point five [3.5]
"My grade point average usually stands at a three point five, sometimes higher than that. I'm not exceedingly smart, but I guess it's better than anything lower."

Drives & Motivations
Dyslexia; her disability
"Despite my dyslexia, that has never stopped me from doing the things I love whilst achieving my dreams. I remember my parents always telling me to not let my dyslexia get in the way of all the things I love, and I haven't, infact dyslexia has brought me to see the world in a different way I have yet to have seen before. I think having dyslexia was the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Immediate Goals
"As of right now, I tend to focus on school and maintaining a good grade point average hence staying involved in after school activities, and sports. To be honest, I have a long way to go before I head to college and I'll do that by staying focus and hanging out with all my friends. Afterwards, I want to go to University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. I want to become a veterinarian and it has always been like that since.. forever. I tend to have a soft spot for animals. Every time a stray would come to the house, iโ€™d feed it, and you know what happens when you start feeding one. . they usually stuck around. This really annoyed my parents, especially when they started finding hurt rabbits in my room that I always claim to be โ€œhelping feel better.โ€ Animals of all kinds; toads, and lizards; I was - and still - am fearless when it comes to things other girls were squeamish of."

Long Term
.."After I graduate, I'm thinking of moving to San Francisco and fulfilling my dream as a veterinarian. I'll also be a traveler. I wouldn't just want to be stuck in the same old place for long. I want to travel the world from Europe to Africa to Asia. I'd like to travel and write books on my experiences. And of course I'll have to marry maybe even have a kid, and live happily ever after."

How the character plans to accomplish these goals
"I plan to stay in school, maintain a sustainable gpa, and record community service hours of course. I'll already doing this by joining key club, robotics, and outing club. Afterwards, get a full scholarship to University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, save up my money throughout my years studying to become a vet, then after I graduate I'll move to San Francisco, meet the man of my dreams, and together we'll travel the world. The sky's the limit, y'know?"

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?
"I see myself traveling and inspiring pupils that the rode ahead is not too far away; all you gotta do is put your best foot forward and go for it. I'll also be a vet, helping animals in need. But most importantly, I see myself dying a happy woman. To die would be an awfully big adventure."



Surfing the web; playing tennis w/ her father
"When I'm not at school, I usually spend most of my time on social media, playing tennis with my dad on our tennis, or just chilling at home after a long day at school. I don't do much. Ha! I'm your typical teen that just wants to sleep all day, and believe me if I could I would."

Plays a musical instrument?
Banjo; vocals
"As weird as it sound, I play the banjo. I've been playing the banji for five years now, and I enjoy singing along with it."

Plays a sport?
Girl's Varsity SB team; pitcher
"I'm a pitcher for the girls' varsity softball team, but necessarily doesn't mean I'm any good. I am good, but not crazy good. Infact, the only thing I can do is throw."

Spending habits
"I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter."
Bea has seemed to always taken the "shop til' you drop" phrase seriously. She probably has the worst spending habits in the human history because if she can't seem to stop thinking about it, she buys it. Most of her money goes to snack food like, potato chips [x], krispy kreme doughnuts [x], payday candy bars [x] basically if it's sweet and edible, she has to buy it. She has a sweet tooth the size of a walrus. However, if she's not buying sweets she's making her way to Starbucks to buy her usual thai frappuccino coconut milk with and extra caramel and whip creme. Like, your stereotypical white girl, Starbucks is life for Bea. She needs it every morning to get through the day while still sane. Though Bea doesn't always spend her money on food, she loves shopping for clothes. Her favorite stores are Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie, and the common Thrift Store.

Eh; tried once
"I've tried smoking one blunt with Rhiannon and her friend Caspian, but it was more like a failed attempt to smoke. Once I smoked that first blunt. It was horrid! I was in spasms non stop. After that, I took a swore to never smoke ever again."

"I'm not an excessive drinker like, most teenagers my age. I only drink every New Years' Eve and during parties. Not anything heavy, just a sip or two of beer or wine."


Greatest Joys In Life
Her parents
"My family has been very supportive of me throughout the years they always seem to keep me smiling, and I'm not just saying that because they're my family. It's true. Especially my parents. It's not easy raising five children, two of which are soon to be college graduates. It's a hard thing to do, but all-in-all they manage to keep things running smoothly in the house and I respect that."

Greatest Fears
"No parent wants to see their own child failing and I most definitely know that my parents don't like to see me fail more so than myself. I'm a hard worker, as I've been told before and I'd hate to see myself stumble under the success ladder. Getting bad grades, not being accepted into med school, not living life to the fullest.. it's my worst nightmare. I only have one chance to make it right. What is the point of being alive if you don't do something remarkable?"


Life Philosophy
"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

"Behati Leann Prinsloo knows what she wants out of life. Since she was old enough to understand just what her father did, she knew that she wanted to follow in his footsteps. Dedicated, determined, and with no small amount of ambition and talent, Bea knows it's only a matter of time before she accomplishes her goal. She has always had a firm belief in herself and her skills. It isn't arrogance, but rather pride and confidence in her abilities. She doesn't brag or unnecessarily show off, but when challenged to prove herself she has no problem doing just that. She's known for her competitive streak, and seems to have problems saying no to challenges.

A confident, headstrong girl with one hell of a stubborn streak, Bea isn't used to backing down. She'll stick to her guns no matter the pressure, often stubbornly refusing to admit when she's actually wrong too. She may actually realize when she's wrong, but a mixture of pride and disliking being proven wrong usually results in her refusing to admit as much. It usually takes a push from a friend and sucking up her pride for her to verbally admit as much.

Confidence has never been an issue for Bea, and neither has finding someone to talk with. She's a complete extrovert who surrounds herself with people whenever possible. She's a fun person to be around, and enjoys seeing her friends happy too. She isn't particularly concerned with being the center of attention, she'll happily take a back seat when it's a friend's time to shine. She can be rather flirtatious too, usually playfully with friends, although she's been known to teasingly wink at a passing, shy student merely to see them blush.

Bea has a lively sense of humor and possesses a sharp tongue and quick wit, which only helps her with amusing jokes. Of course, a quick wit also helps with insults. Bea has her rivals, those that have insulted her or wronged her in some way over the years. Grudges are rarely forgotten, and, while Bea would never waste her time by going out of her way to antagonize another student, she will treat them with a disdainful glare and a snide comment in passing. She can be particularly cold to those that have deceived her. "



Favorite color/s
All pastel colors
"I don't really have a favorite color least to say. All colors would be acceptable to me; however, I do have a certain shade group that a like, and that would be pastel. I enjoy the pastel looking colors."

Least color/s
"If you were to ask me what my least favorite color is I'd have to say purple. I really don't like purple, It's not really an interesting color at all. I loath the color purple."

Indie/ folk style: Vampire Weekend-[x], Imagine Dragons-[x], Lumineers-[x], Beatles-[x, The Strokes-[x], Calvin Harris-[x], Ed Sheeran-[x], Ellie Goulding-[x]
"Music is my life! I can never live without music. I'm always wearing my earplugs. The only song I'd ever listen to is Indie, Indie-rock, Indie-pop. Indie in general is my favorite genre though I like folk just a tad bit. My favorite bands are Vampire Weekend, Imagine Dragons, Lumineers, the Beatles and the Strokes. My favorite solo artists would have to be Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, and Ellie Goulding. I absolutely, positively love them!"

Dutch cuisines; Erwtensoep-[x], Poffertjes-[x]
"Considering I'm a vegetarian, there aren't many options of food that I can eat. I stick with my traditional dutch cuisine, mostly their vegetable soup like, Erwtensoep. It may sound foul;however, it's an amazing dish. It's basically pea soup. I also like Poffertjes as well. It's like, a tiny fully pancake, but way better. ."

Old, historical novels: 'Lord of the Flies'- [x], 'Catcher in the Rye'-[x], and Jane Eyre-[x]. Authors: Stephen King-[x], RL.Stine-[x], Shakespeare-[x], John Green- [x], Nicholas Sparks-[x
"I'm a huge fan of the old, historical novel for example, 'Lord of The Flies', 'Catcher in the Rye', and 'Jane Eyre'. But if I was ever asked what my favorite authors are I'd have to say Stephen King, RL.Stine, Shakespeare.. I'm a huge fan of the mysterious, horror books. My favorite modern authors are John Green and Nicholas Sparks"

Forms/s of entertainment
Watching cartoons; 'We Bare Bears'-[x], 'Regular Show'-[x] and Social Media; Vine-[x], Twitter-[x], Tumblr-[x], Instagram-[x], Youtube-[x]
"I don't do much to stay entertained though I somehow seem to spend most my time watching Vine videos or posting on twitter, or even just plain surfing the web. When I'm not on the internet, I'm watching cartoons like, We Bare Bears and Regular Show."

Most prized possession/s
Beatles collections of record cds, vintage record player, and her phone-[x]
"My grandma had first started the Beatles record collection when she was in her teenage years and she decided to pass them down to me considering I'm a fan, that and her record player. And ever since then it's been a reminder of her. I also cherish my cell phone, but what teenager doesn't?"




What was your Childhood Like?
Normal; supportive
"Like any other teenager, my childhood was practically normal. I have two loving parents, two older brothers, an older sister, and a young sister. With a family of seven, life couldn't get any better for us. My parents often supported us. My siblings often annoyed me. We were indeed the average 'American family'."

Childhood Hero or Idol
Minnie Mouse

Dream Job
Veterinarian and Traveler

Schools Attended
Pre-K - Little Red SchoolHouse NYC [x], Elementary (K-5) - Trinity School [x], Middle & Freshman (6-9) - Horace Mann School [x], High School (9-12) -Hollywood High School [x]
"My parents had sent me to some of the most elite schools in the United States though I never understood why. Hollywood High is probably the first and only diversity I've ever went to."

Currently Living With?
Both parents and four siblings
"I am currently living with family."

Destiny's Golden Retriever (Maximus "Maxx") boy gender, alive- [x]; Siberian Husky German Shepard mix (Lucky, prior to his luckiness) boy gender, alive -[x]; Siberian Husy (Maisie) girl gender, alive- [x]; Russian Blue Cat (LuLu) female gender- [x]; Beagle (Belle) girl gender, alive- [x]; Texel guinea pig (Professor Smittenwell) boy gender, alive- [x]; Palomino Quarter Horse (Aladdin), boy gender, alive- [x]; American Saddle back (Chestnut), boy gender, alive- [x]

Lifeguard, full-time student at HHS
"When I'm not at school. I work as a Lifeguard making $9.25 per hour, but that's only year round. When I'm not working, I'm just a regular student attending Hollywood High."

Filthy Rich
"As a surgeon and a part-time realtor, I would say that my mom makes around 800,000 per year plus that of 500,000 in investment. My dad; however, makes around 37-80 thousand a year just as a traveling agent, but as a lawyer he make about an average salary of over 400,000 per year. Both of my parents are exceedingly wealthy pupils. They both had recently been nominated as one of the few top billionaires in the United States. "

Address:3331 Clerendon Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Nestled serenely in the private Mulholland Estates, this elegant 6-bedroom, 6-bath tennis court estate is a perfect California lifestyle home with a luxurious indoor/out living flow for entertaining. Grand formal foyer and living room with soaring high ceilings and double height windows. Gourmet kitchen opens up to cozy family room, wood paneled office/library, formal dining room. All French doors open up to unique patios/fountains surrounding the home. Secluded backyard luxuriates in a resort-style setting. Beautiful views from the balconies, veranda, heated pool/spa. Gym located adjacent to the N/S tennis court. Impeccable attention to detail throughout. This home is truly a must see. Owner holds California real estate license.

Front view, Front Door
Sitting Room
Living Area
Dining Area
Breakfast Area
Office Area
Laundry Room
Master bedroom (Parents' bedroom) w/ master bathroom and closet
Destiny's bedroom w/ closet and bathroom
Thomas' OLD bedroom w/ closet and bathroom
Matt's OLD bedroom w/closet and bathroom
Rhiannon's bedroom w/closet and bathroom
Behati's bedroom w/closet and bathroom
Home gym
Home Theatre
Tennis Court
Pool w/ hot tub & spa


Catherine's black 2015 lexus ls
George's 2016 acura rdx and silver 2015 lamborghini aventador
Matt's white 2015 ferrari f12 berlinetta
Thomas' black 2016 porsche 911
Rhiannon's silver 2014 vanquish Aston Martin and Ducati Diavel
Behati's baby blue 2016 fiat 500

New York City, NY


Father || George Prinsloo || 43 || Lawyer and Traveling Agent || Currently Alive

Mother|| Catherine Prinsloo || 38 || Surgeon and Realtor|| Currently Alive
Relationship: "Momma Cathy is the big dog of the family. She's often a tough-nut

Brother || Thomas Prinsloo|| 24 || Stanford college student || Currently Alive
Relationship: Thomas is my favorite sibling of them all. He was always so nice and courteous. Whenever Matt or Rhiannon teased me, he'd made sure that he'd gotten revenge on them both. He's a great brother. Perks of being the oldest in the family, you always had to make sure that everything was running smoothly. He was good sport; rarely got mad at everyone. When he first left for college, I cried and cried for weeks, Destiny and me both. Rhiannon just wanted his room. He comes back every so often to check up on things."

Brother || Matt Prinsloo|| 20 || UCLA college student || Currently Alive
Relationship: "Me and Matt never really gotten along. He'd always seemed to find a way to annoy me any way he can. He's more, like a pest to me than a brother. I remember when I was little he'd used to tell me these stories of how monsters hid in my closet just waiting to eat me whole. Afterwards, I couldn't even step foot in that room. It took a month for my parents to send me off in my bed in my own room. Back then Matt was the troublemaker of the family, now that he's off to college majoring in who knows what, Rhiannon is next in line. Those two together were a handful for my parents."

Sister || Jacqueline "Rhiannon" Prinsloo || 17 || HHS Student || Currently Alive
Relationship: "Everyone knows my sister Jacqueline. She's well-known around our school, even outside of school people still somehow make time to get to know her, but who wouldn't want to know Jacqueline Rhiannon Prinsloo? As her little sister, it's hard because hardly does anyone notice me. Rhiannon has her moments mainly her devious one's. People think she's irresistible, I think she's just plain childish. Everything to her is a game. I remember when I was little, she'd constantly ran away, leaving me small clues to decipher where ever she ran off to. Rhiannon is a complete mess, my parents are sometimes at edge with her wild behavior, but me... I find myself admiring her."

Sister || Destiny Prinsloo || 6 || Elementary Student || Currently Alive
Relationship: "Destiny is such a little goof-ball. I absolutely love her, not only is she the baby of the family, but she always seem to make me smile on even the most depressing days. Though she can be annoying at times, but it's hard to stay mad at her once she gives you googly-eyes with those big, brown eyes of hers. She's such a cutie. A mischievous on at that. She gets most of her tactics from Rhiannon for example, stealing a cookie from the cookie jar, and planing pranks around the house. Whenever she's quiet, you know something is up."



Spent the summer how?
"I recently had spent my summer traveling with my family. When Matt and Thomas came home from summer break, we all decided to take a 4-week trip traveling on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship [x]. We traveled everywhere! From the Caribbean [x] to the Bahamas [x], New Zealand [x] to Australia [x]. I'd never forget the time Rhiannon had gotten sea sick. Ha! She was a horrid shade a green, she nearly threw up on Destiny. When we got back from the cruise, we visited my grandparents in Cardiff, Wales and even gotten to watch a rugby game at the Millennium Stadium [x] where Wales were playing up against Italy. Considering I know nothing about rugby, it was a great experience already to be at the stadium itself. Though the worst part was having to leave Wales. Our last trip of the summer, we went to Paris, France [x] and saw the Notre Dame cathedral [x]. We would've went to see the Eiffel Tower [x]; however, my parents forgotten to make reservations, so we went to Disneyland Paris [x] instead which had brought Destiny frantic. My best part of the Paris trip was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel [x]. I didn't want to leave."

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Junior [11th]
"Senior year seems just around the corner and I cannot wait. It seems most of the excited and fun happens during Senior year."

"These are my people, It's where I belong, and It's where I intend to stay until graduation comes around."

Place on the Social Ladder
The Free Spirits
"I wouldn't say that we're so called, 'free spirits'. We're trying to change the world for the better. We're trying to let others see the world as a beautiful gift to cherish."

Are you happy?
Most Definitely
"I love it where I am. The hipsters are like family to me when my real family aren't present and I wouldn't change it for the world."

If you could be apart of any other clique which would it be? Why?
"I wouldn't be apart of any given clique at Hollywood High. I am preferably happy where I stand. I believe that there is no such thing as a better clique than the Hipsters."


Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year?
Yes; pitcher for the Girl's Varsity SB team, treasurer for the Key Club and member of the Outing and Robotics club
"One of my goals this year is to try to stay involved as best as I can."

Best Subject

Worst Subject

01. United States History
02. English Learner Program (EL)
03. French 7
05. Teacher's Aide
06. Physical Education (Softball 1st Semester) (Yoga 2nd Semester)
07. English 5
08. Lunch
09. Environmental Science


โ€ข Username - uniquest
โ€ข Timezone - Pacific Time (PT)
โ€ข How Often Do You Post - I am mostly always here; however, considering that I have school and all, I'd try to at least do a quick log in and out just to read up on the posts and post whenever I'm able to. :)
โ€ข Excreta- I'm an Honer student, so most of the time I won't be able to post exceedingly.

So begins...

Bea Prinsloo's Story


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Character Portrait: Karina Montalvo Character Portrait: Lateefah Walker Character Portrait: Marcel Walker Character Portrait: Bea Prinsloo

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L A T E E F A H ~ W A L K E R
"New motto: Idgaf. Get with it."


M A R C E L ~ W A L K E R

His Outfit|| Complete with a hat
Location|| Walker Family Residence
iPod|| I Don't F*ck With You by Big Sean ft. E-40
Mood|| Annoyed


Lateefah had just captioned her "ootd" pic on Instagram when her phone her ringtone for her brother blared loudly on her phone. Her Wannabe sisters, Bella, Chanel, and Tori all cringed at the sound and Lateefah rolled her pretty brown eyes. She could ignore it. It wasn't like Marcel was going to do anything other than whine about how she was supposed to have done this, that and the third, and she honestly didn't have time. At the same time, she'd just hear about it at the party later and he wasn't going to fuck with her turn up.

"What?" She could hear Marcel's attitude before he even spoke a word. "You do know Ma is pissed right? She didn't even say you could go out today." Lateefah exhaled dramatically and her girls giggled. "Is there a point to this phone call?" Marcel paused in the middle of making his leftover sandwich from the succulent baked chicken dinner Lateefah had made the night before. "Yeah, you took my truck." Lateefah rolled her eyes before stating, "You mean the truck that belongs, technically, to Dad since he paid for it and the Camry. The same truck he told me last night I could use since I'm driving my friends around. Again, what is the point of this convo?" Marcel sighed in frustration. Lateefah had been nothing but attitude-ridden since her return from Atlanta two days ago, and part of it was his mom's fault, Marcel could admit. Marissa Walker had thrown the biggest of fits at seeing Lateefah's hair and even threatened to cut it, which prompted a quick call to their father at the army base. Luckily, he was able to pick up, but the tension in the house was still present even with both females not even there.

"You know what, I don't know what the fuck your attitude is about. I'm not the one who did shit to you. As I recall, it's a bit vice versa." Marcel countered after a few moments of silence on both ends and Lateefah deadpanned. She did feel a bit guilty about telling her mother about Marcel's boyfriend, especially considering how against homosexuality Marissa was and how much she knew Marcel liked Tyler. At the same time, she didn't care. That wasn't her problem anymore. Besides, it was hypocritical of him to think that his shit should be kept secret when he knew damn well teasing Lateefah about even being something as simple as bicurious would get her in trouble. It was his fault. "And as I recall, this conversation is over. Don't forget to put gas in my car." Marcel didn't even get a chance to say another word because there was a click and then he was pretty sure his sister was gone. Another sigh of exasperation later and he bit into his sandwich. He still hadn't gotten around to breaking things off with Tyler. Hell, he wasn't even sure he could. He barely could stomach facing him without wanting to forget all about Marissa's bigotry. So, he text someone he could actually hang with.

To: Bea
Sister's driving me crazy. Got any plans til the party?

"I'm still mad Marcel's actually off the market," Bella finally said when it felt safe enough and Tori quietly handed Lateefah her grande iced green tea latte and ham & Swiss panini. The quartet were at the Starbucks six minutes from the Walker residence and Lateefah was more than glad that she had planned on staying at Chanel's house for the night. She didn't feel like dealing with her mother expecting her to be home by eight or even Marcel still being mad at her about one little thing when she had a lifetime of resentments. "My brother was off the market for you the second you declared yourself my bestie," she reminded the brunette icily, shimmying her left shoulder so that she could move her newly-dyed blonde hair over it. Bella frowned, but hurried to erase the look from her face. Chanel smirked. "Well, since that's out the way, are we headed to the mall? I need a new bikini before this party." Lateefah nodded, placing her wrapped sandwich on the table in front of them as the girls started to get their things in order to leave. They had a few hours to kill and Lateefah had saved up a good chunk of her summer money since her Grams was adamant that she not spend anything while in Atlanta. Even though she had worked for any of her summer expenses while there, her Grams had still told her to simply save it. So, she had time and money to spend.

What's up, Tee? You ready?" Tori inquired since they were ready and Lateefah was still seated. While all of the girls were Wannabes, there was a definite structure in their group, one that basically made Lateefah the Queen of the Wannabes. Which also made it that the girls followed whenever she moved. And whenever she didn't move, it meant something was wrong. This time, it wasn't. She just felt like including her bestie in her plans for the day, despite how much the others seemed to be against fraternizing with someone beneath their statuses. "Karina's coming with us. I'm seeing what she wants before we pick her up." She said, staring at her phone as she sent the text out to her best friend. Above the girls, despite their seeming loyalty, Lateefah only trusted Karina and only favored said girl. Which was why she levelled the three standing before her with a hardened gaze. "Be nice." They all nodded, though Tori seemed to quietly disagree and Bella made a face of disapproval. Chanel was usually the chillest one of the trio, but it was whatever. The quartet were rarely seen without one another and since none of them wanted to ever appear not as a unit, adding a fifth person shouldn't be that much of a difference. And again, in Lateefah's mind, it was whatever. Her best friend trumped these bitches any day of the week.

To: Rina
Hey, babe <3 <3 I'm kidnapping u. Already asked ur mom last nite. Omw in a few. Wat do u want from Starbucks?