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Bradley Arthurs

0 · 1,218 views · located in California

a character in “Beverly Hills High School”, as played by Miserable


Full Name
Bradley Robert Arthurs


Preferred Name
Brad or Bradley are fine


English and French

Date of Birth
December 1st, 1997


Zodiac Sign

Sexual Orientation

Relationship History
He was in a relationship once, but he was only thirteen so he doesn't count it as a real relationship.

Current Relationship Status


Image Image

Skin Tone
White - pale


175 lbs

Body Shape
Bradley is slender, a body fit for a model. He's toned with a physically fit form, but he doesn't necessarily look athletic or muscular.

Body Type

Brown hair cut to this length

Shape of Face


Distinguishing Marks
No distinguishing marks but people like to point out that his ears are on the bigger side

Physical Disabilities

Tattoos and Piercings

Fashion Sense
Bradley's a prep, so there's no discrepancy in the fact that he dresses well. His favorite brand is J. Crew.

Overall Attractiveness
Bradley is definitely a good looking guy. He went through his awkward stage just like everyone else, where his large ears were weird looking, but he's grown into his appearance now and doesn't struggle to find girls who are into him. His personality isn't quite as attractive, but physically, he does well for himself.


Good Personality Traits
Energetic, quick-witted, expressive

Bad Personality Traits
Obnoxious, cocky, disrespectful, reckless

There are a lot of people who can't stand Bradley, and with good reason. He's got an ego that can be seen (and heard) from miles away, and narcissism might as well be his middle name. To some degree, you'd expect a trust fund kid like him to think that the world revolves around him, because in his little world, it really does. However, Bradley takes selfishness and arrogance to a whole new level. He isn't disrespectful to teachers or adults, and is actually quite the opposite. He knows how to make a good name for himself in front of the people that matter; it's a trait he inherited from his father. However, to people around him, he can be degrading and condescending. He sees most females as nothing more than ways for him to get laid, and tends to be very sexual around all girls until he's completely positive that there's no chance that he's going to sleep with him. His good traits are less obvious, but they do exist. He's energetic and is the guy you can turn to if you're looking to go on a food-run at three in the morning, or spend a weekend in France with. He's always interested in being out and about, doing things and making memories. He's quick-witted and is good with making comebacks, a trait that allows him to seem humorous even when he's saying something in poor taste. For good or for bad, he's also expressive. If he doesn't like something, he's not afraid to voice his opinion, and if he likes something or someone, you can bet that he's going to be whistling at them from down the block.

Bradley is good with words, so he finds it easy to talk his way out of situations, even if it requires a few white lies.

He has a big ego; hurt that, and you can bet he'll be coming at you (so long as he knows he can win the fight). Aside from that, his biggest (and most obvious) weakness is girls. He's a teenage boy, so being into sex is expected, but Bradley has a reputation for wanting to sleep with every girl that he sees. He can't except the idea that some girls aren't into them, and he'd be lying to say that he find drunk girls to be easy targets.

Mental or Behavioral Disabilities

Life Philosophy
"You can never be overdressed."


Short Term Goals
Land another major modeling contract, preferably for a high-end designer, graduate high school, not end the year with any STD's

Long Term Goals
He wants to get a degree from a college, but he doesn't think that he wants to go straight to college after high school. He wants to have at least one child, preferably a boy, and possibly move back to New York permanently.

Right now, the only dream he really has is to become bigger in the fashion world. He's not thinking that far ahead into the future.


He lived in Manhattan, NY from birth to age six, and Beverly Hills since then.

Bradley was spoiled rotten by his mother, and it's probably where his narcissistic, "the world revolves around me" attitude comes from. For most of his life, he really felt like the world did revolve around him. All it took was a few crocodile tears for his mother to fly home from a movie set on the other side of the country to come see him, or some yelling and screaming for him to get court side seats to the Lakers game instead of box seats. He was spoiled rotten by his mother, but it wasn't like that with his father. The man didn't hate him, but he tended to give his love to Bradley's older sister, Emily. For the most part, it was just because Bernard was a man's man, the kind of guy who didn't shed a tear, even at his mother's funeral, and hated getting personal or mushy. He felt that Bradley needed to be raised in a way where he knew how men were supposed to act, so he was never expressively loving towards Brad. In fact, once he was old enough that his mother no longer kept him under her protective wing, Bernard became pretty strict with Brad. "Pretty strict" is used relatively, compared to how much leniency he had as a child, though. Strict for Brad meant that his father cracked down on him, started voicing his expectations for Brad's future, how he needed to do well enough in school to get into his alma mater, Harvard, and how he wanted him to go into business.

While his father isn't obviously nice to him, Bradley knows that he cares somewhere underneath his hard exterior, and he genuinely wants to do well to give his father something to be proud of. He just gets distracted with things he really wants along the way. Like modeling. It's something his mother got him into at a young age, and he's grown to not only love being behind the camera, but the fashion world too. He's become fairly successful as a model, but his father would probably have a heart attack if he learned that Brad wanted to pursue modeling or something in the fashion world as a real career. His father would probably call him some derogatory word for a homosexual, kick him out of the house, burn any family photo with him in it, and he'd be exiled. Family and friends would be told that he was off in Rome living in a monastery or something. It just wouldn't end well, so Brad has spent most of his time avoiding conversations about the future, messing around when his father isn't watching, and trying to do well when his father gets on his back.

Childhood Idol/Hero
The red Power Ranger

Dream Job
Model, maybe reality TV star


The Collegiate School - Grades K to 1
Hawthorne School - Grades 2 to 8
Beverly Hills High School - Grades 9 to 12

Social Class
Upper Class

Bradley resides with his father and mother. He has an older sister, age 22, who officially moved out of the house in May.

His older sister has a Yorkie that's frequently at their house, but he has no pets.


901 N. Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
"An estate of incomparable grandeur and palatial elegance, this gated residence sits on over 1.5 flat acres on one of the most coveted streets in Beverly Hills. Magnificent in scale and unstinting in luxury, the property is created for living and entertaining on a grand scale. The property includes 11 bedrooms: six in the upstairs living quarters, two in the maid's quarters, and three in the gorgeous guesthouse. Additional amenities include a screening room and game room, an indoor Greek gym and with pool and spa, and a commercial elevator. The library is hand-constructed of oak, mahogany and redwood. Brass railings, marble slab floors, and smart technology add to the home's beauty and livability. The detached guard house includes a kitchen and bathroom. "

Brad drives a navy blue Mercedes G-Wagon.

Bernard Arthurs is Bradley's father. He's fifty-three years old and is a movie producer and CEO of Hasbro toys. Bradley and his father don't get along very well, but Bradley does his best to live up to his expectations.

Jodi Foster-Arthurs is his mother, and an actress, producer and director. Bradley is a bit of a momma's boy, and definitely gets along well with his mother.

Emily Arthurs is Bradley's older sister. She's 24 years old and works as a model and actress. Emily and Bradley aren't especially close, because she's been out of the house a lot over the past six years as she furthers her career. They get along well when they are together though, so Bradley was sad to see her officially move out of the family's house this past spring as she got her first real apartment.

Bradley spends a lot of time travelling. He's been to every continent aside from Antarctica, and is constantly taking weekend trips to the east coast or Europe. His other hobbies include spending time on his dad's yacht, going to concerts, walking in shows, and going to parties.

Musical Instruments
He can play the viola.

Brad doesn't play any sports. He played baseball up until age thirteen, but no longer plays that or anything else. He enjoys swimming and will surf and skateboard occasionally, but it's not something that he's really committed to outside of leisure.

Spending Habits
If he wasn't so wealthy, his spending habits would be considered dangerously reckless. In fact, his dad still accuses him of spending too much, but Bradley just brushes it off as his dad being cheap.


Yes, marijuana. He's smoked cigarettes before but he doesn't enjoy it or do it regularly.

Other Drugs
None, though he wouldn't be opposed to trying some of the party drugs

Themed parties, modeling, comedies, cartoons, slushies, Italian food, new clothes, Christmas scents, weed, looking nice

Seafood, light beer, watching tennis and other boring sports, cats (he's allergic), the smell of gasoline, winter, comments about his ears, being rejected

Favorite Color

Least Favorite Color

Favorite Music Genre
He listens to most mainstream music

Favorite Food
Italian food


How do you feel about returning back to B.H.H.S?
Leaving the summer behind is something that Bradley isn't ready to do. Without school, he has so much freedom to live. He can book shoots whenever he wants, travel the world on a whim, and just live. The only benefit that anyone can give about school is that they get to see friends, but Bradley was able to do that over the summer too, so he doesn't see any reason to be excited about the school year starting again. There isn't much that he's looking forward to this year. Maybe prom and some of the monumental senior events, but aside from that, not much. Outside of school, he plans on spending a lot of time partying. The only perk of going into senior year, over any other year, is that he's a top dog at the school now. And what does that mean? There's one more grade below him of girls who want to look cool by hooking up with a cool senior. No matter where they fall on the social ladder, Brad's willing to help them out with that wish, whether they know it's what they want, or not.


Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?
Bradley is content with his place on the ladder, and if he wasn't, he believes he could have changed it years ago. He's at the top of the pyramid, so it's not like he wants to be any lower. As a prep, he's popular and can associate with the jocks and the royals on the regular, and get what he wants from the people lower than him on the ladder when he needs it too.

If you could be in any other group/clique which would it be and why?
Royals: They're the closest group to him, aside from the jocks. He doesn't play sports, so jocks wouldn't work out, and everyone wants to be a royal anyway.

Average Grades
B's in most classes, C's in science classes

Study Habits
Bradley studies, but he isn't great at school in general, so he'd need to study day and night to get an A on a paper. He puts in an average amount of work and gets average grades in return.

Do you plan on trying out or rejoining any sports?

Do you plan on joining or rejoining any clubs?
Yes, BHHS Ambassadors and FIDM Fashion Club.

What classes have you taken?
He has taken all of the freshman, sophomore and junior year core classes. He always takes physical education, and took French and first level ceramics during his freshman year. During sophomore year, he took ceramics advanced, French and photo art, and during junior year, he took French and fashion technology.

What did you get in those classes?
He's maintained B's in every French course, got B+ in both ceramics classes, a B- in photo art, and an A in fashion technology.

Your current GPA

1. Art Foundation 2. French 7-8 3. English 4. American Government & Economics 5. Physiology 6. AP Art History 7. Probability/Statistics 8. Physical Education 9. Lunch




How Often Do You Post
I will be able to post regularly.

So begins...

Bradley Arthurs's Story


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#, as written by Rivers
Timothy & Kayleen Cargill
Image Image
"Perfect! Now remember, be nice, Tim. Mary said that she's still adjusting to the idea of moving to California," Austen said in a hushed... and was it a nervous?!... tone as they approached the baggage claim area.

"Come on, dad, you know I'm going to be nice. Mia... maybe not... but I always try with Kayleen. Why do you think I'm here?"

"I know, you're right. I just want this to be easy on everyone, ya know?" Timothy didn't have time to agree with his father and reassure him that everything would be fine, because they were soon in too close of a vicinity to Kayleen, and his father was talking again. "Kayleen, over here!" Austen said, waving to catch her attention as the father-son pair approached. "How was your flight?" Timothy considered adding in a tidbit of his own, maybe something about how Mia and his mother wanted to be there but had big commitments, but he remembered how uninterested his half-sister had seemed in making conversation and just smiled.

He's worth billions of dollars, and he can't even pay for a chauffeur to pick me up? I have to get right off the plane and deal with them? Can someone please kill me now? Kayleen mustered up a smile that she hoped looked authentic enough to hide her real feelings. She didn't want to be in California, at all. It used to be a nice vacation destination for her, because it rarely ever involved seeing her father. Despite what her father's new family might believe, Kayleen didn't have a say in moving to California. Her mother was leaving for England in a few days, and it wasn't possible for her to remain in Montana alone. She begged and begged to be allowed to move to England with her mother, but her pleas fell to deaf ears. Her mother used the excuse that she wanted Kayleen to finish her high school degree in the states, where things would be less complicated, but Kayleen was convinced that her mother just wanted to "live" again and start a life with her fiancΓ© on her own. It was likely a mix of the two, and a lot less of a personal attack as Kayleen wanted to believe it to be, but it didn't change the fact that she was stuck in the last place she wanted to be for the next year.

"It was okay. You guys didn't have to come out to pick me up, though. I'm sure you are busy, I would have been fine with a car." She wouldn't have been fine with a hired driver being here instead. She would have been relieved, thrilled, happy. She allowed her father to take her two pieces of luggage from her hands, and forced a smile of appreciation. The rest of her things had been shipped from Montana a few days ago, and Kayleen hoped that being reunited with her things would be a step towards putting her into a good mood.

"Nonsense! We can always make time for family. Amelia and Jackie spent the day getting the house ready, but everyone's been so excited for you to arrive." Timothy prayed that Kayleen really knew their father so poorly that she wouldn't sense how scripted what he was saying sounded. Tim knew that his father really wanted this to work, and what he was saying wasn't so much of a lie as it was a wish, but come on! His mother wasn't against the idea of Kayleen moving in, because there really wasn't any reason for her to feel that way. Had it been Timothy moving in with Kayleen's mom, that would have been awkward, but Jacqueline was the one who had come out on top in the entire affair ordeal. If anything, Jackie seemed more willing than usual to accommodate Kayleen, because it was clear to everyone how badly Austen wanted this to work. He still wouldn't call his mother "excited" for Kayleen to move in, but she was content with the situation by now, and willing to do what it took to help Austen. Amelia, on the other hand, was the definition of the opposite of excited.

"Mmm... great," Kayleen muttered, still trying to seem positive. She didn't want to be here, but she also wasn't going to be nasty right now. This wasn't like a Christmas vacation where she would be in California for five days, two of which she spent with a friend from home who was vacationing in Los Angeles at the same time. She was going to be stuck in the same home as these people for months. The Cargill estate was big, but not big enough where she wanted to maintain a cold and bitchy front for months. That wasn't to say that she was going to be warm and peachy, but Kayleen's plan was just to do her own thing. She would interact with her father, his slut-of-a-wife and her half-siblings when necessary, but nothing beyond that. She would go to school, go shopping on her own, go to the beach on her own, and try to make the best of this without allowing herself to fall into this new life. This new life wasn't her life, and she was stubborn enough to wish that it never would be. She had enough friends who loved her at home to want to make any new ones here. Besides, it would be easier to leave at the end of the year if she hadn't actually found anyone to make staying worthwhile.

Austen was a people person and doing his best to compensate for the seventeen years that he missed of his daughter's life, so conversation was rampant on his part throughout the ride home. Tim would do his best to chime in here or there, agreeing with his father that Kayleen was going to love Beverly Hills High, and that his friends were all excited to meet her too. A lot of the things he was saying were just as fabricated, or at least exaggerated, as his father's words, but it seemed like the only thing to do. Kayleen would respond with single words and phrases, but she didn't seem as stone-faced as she had during her Christmas visit. She was being nice enough, and he decided to brush off the borderline curtness as her just being tired from her travels.

Two of the housemaids came out to greet the trio as they stopped at the end of the long, private driveway, and Timothy was ready to hop out and get on with his day when his father addressed the staff. "No, no, don't worry about this. Timothy will help Kayleen bring these up to her room. Just make sure my lunch is hot in fifteen minutes," Austen requested. His non-business streak was nice while it lasted, because almost immediately after he finished speaking, he sunk further into his seat in the car and pressed his phone to his ear. As the woman scurried away from his window, he turned back to his children. "I'll be right in, I just have to take this."

"Alright, no problem!" Tim put on his best happy and willing act as he stepped out of the car and headed towards its trunk. "Let me just grab your bags, and then I'll show you where your room is," he said as he pulled the two large bags out of the SUV. "Wow, did you pack the entire state of Montana in here?" he asked with a chuckle. If Tim let it, he knew that the situation could get awkward since he didn't know Kayleen and from every past interaction, had been shown that she didn't want to get to know him. He didn't want that to happen though. If not for his own comfort, but to help his dad out in this situation that he wanted to work out so badly.

Oh. My. God. Fuck my life. I seriously should have had everything shipped here. Now I have to deal with more small talk. Okay, it's fine. You'll just let him bring your bags up, tell him you're tired and are going to take a quick nap. You can get through this. Kayleen's thoughts would suggest that she was dealing with something a lot more detrimental than moving into one of the nicest estates in Beverly Hills, but right now, she was entering crisis-mode in her head. She meant to laugh at the joke that she didn't find to be an ounce funny, but couldn't force herself to do more than exhale from her nose. "Just clothes. I can take them, really. It's not a big deal, just let me know how to get to my room."

"Nah, it's cool. They're not that heavy. Besides, I don't think he's going to get off our back unless he sees me going in with you," he followed up with, as he nodded his head back towards the car. Timothy thought he noticed Kayleen's smile softening a bit, but as he lugged the two suitcases into the house, he couldn't be positive. One of the housekeepers that wasn't working on Austen's lunch informed Timothy that his mother and Amelia were both out, and he was able to breathe a sigh of relief over just that. Unknowingly, Kayleen was doing the same thing, but mostly because it meant that she didn't have to deal with any welcomes or awkward re-introductions. A con of having such a large home meant that it took nearly ten minutes for them to reach Kayleen's room. On the way there, Timothy did his best to mirror his father and fill the time with conversation, but it was easier now that he could just act as a tour guide, pointing out where everything was. It didn't require much of a response from Kayleen which was helpful too. "... And last but not least, here's your room," Tim said, resting the luggage bags against the wall as he opened up the bedroom door in front of him. "I'm sure you want to get settled in, but in case you're bored later on, a friend of mine is hosting a big party. Everyone from school is going, and it should be pretty fun. You're more than welc-"

"I'm really tired, so I don't think I'll be up for any partying tonight. Thanks anyway," Kayleen didn't mean to cut him off rudely, but she was desperate for some solitude right now, and didn't even bother to drag in her luggage before closing the door in his face.

Timothy, while not oblivious of just having a door shut in his face, was just as relieved to be off of host duty that he didn't think much of it. He tried to remain sympathetic, and decided that if he were in her shoes, he would probably not want to go out on his first night in a new home and city. Still, he was unsure if his father would be content with the idea of him and Amelia leaving for a party without Kayleen. He supposed that it wasn't his problem yet, and for now, he could just relax. On his way down to the kitchen, he responded to a few texts he had gotten while at the airport, and sent one to Aaliyah, Amelia and Bradley as well.

To: Tristan
In ur fucking dreams. I wanna come over there and kick ur ass just so you never even think that again, but my sister just got in and idk if my dad will be cool with me leaving. Give me 10 and I'll let you know

To: Aaliyah
How was ur shoot? If you've got any pictures that weren't PG-13 enough to make it to the magazine, you know my snapchat is always open ;)

To: Amelia
Heads up that Kayleen is here. Ik you want to act like a brat and throw a tantrum, but try to be nice for dad's sake.

To: Bradley
Pregaming at ur place tonight? Might be bringing Kayleen. Idk


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F A B I A N__A S H D O W N

August 1st, and instead of basking in the glory of the Los Angeles sun, Fabian instead found himself in bleak and bleary Scotland, ankle deep in mud and grass and hunting fucking grouse. His father stood somewhere at his back, having a chat with Prince Charles and the Duke of Norfolk, while packs of hunting hounds sniffed about at their feet.

Once in a while, a bird would be spotted, and there would be a scramble for triggers and the cracking of guns. Normally, he'd be right in the middle of the fray, rifle aimed and finger hovering over the trigger, but today, he decided to stand back and watch.

And if he had a scowl on his face the entire time, well, nobody cared to point it out.

He wasn't sulking. He's too dignified for that (or at least that's what he believes). He just wasn't in the mood for killing fat, defenceless animals just because his esteemed father thought it would be a wonderful idea to go hunting eleven fucking days before the start of grouse season, andβ€”coincidentallyβ€”on the very day of his flight back to Los Angeles. Tristan Elliot's party was also that night, which irked him even more because he'd already picked out the perfect outfit a week before.

That's one flight canceled and one perfectly good outfit wasted. Thank you, father, for your magnificent timing.
════════════════ ╝╝
Sighing, Fab took his phone out of his pocket, pulled up Snapchat, and snapped a few quick pics:

There he was, looking dapper in a bespoke charcoal grey hunting coat, his rifle nestled at the crook of his arm and a mop of curls sticking out of a beagling cap that he quickly coloured purple.

'purple for pride right? ;)'

Then another with Prince Charles laughing in the background with a hand on his father's shoulder.

'sorry can't go, hunting w/ royalty x'

And lastly, the vast emptiness of the Scottish moors. Andβ€”to his surprise and amusementβ€”Prince Harry at the very right, making kissy faces at the camera. Oh yeah, the girls are definitely going to love that one. He thought as he typed out a quick caption. He then hit 'add to stories' and sent it to the Royals and whoever else he considered relevant.

'harry sends his love xxx'


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"Well, well, well, if it isn't my boy Timothy," Bradley mused aloud upon seeing his friend's name pop up on his phone. He had seen Timothy just a few days before when the boys took Bradley's family's new yacht out on the water, but the two days since then felt longer than it actually was. Between then and now, Bradley had flown to New York and back to visit his sister Emily at her new apartment, and spending so much time with both his sister and parents all at once made it feel like time had completely stopped. It wasn't fair to be that dramatic, considering that he got along well with his mother, enough with his sister, and his father not so much, but he spent most of his time on the phone or checking emails. There was no real animosity in the Arthurs family; his mother wouldn't allow it, but still, Bradley had spent the trip composing a list of a million other places that he would have rather been.

He set his phone down on the table next to his reclined lounge chair as he reached over and took a sip of the Cuba Libre that had been set there moments before. "How many fucking times do I have to tell them to give me two limes?" he growled, speaking aloud, despite the area being vacant outside of his own presence. Whoever had made the drink hadn't added enough lime juice for his tastes, but the bit of juice he was able to squeeze out of the served slice would have to do for him. He shook his head as if someone had just sinned against him, as he once again picked up his phone, now taking the time to answer Tim.

To: Timothy Cargill
Eh, not in the pregaming mood. I'll pick you up on my way there.

Basking in the sun all day had somehow managed to wear Bradley out, and he was feeling unusually lazy at the moment. Beverly Hills was hot today, and if he wasn't planning on getting wet later on, he would have hopped into the crystal blue pool in front of him now. He didn't want to get his hair wet now, though, considering that he had deemed today a good hair day. Messing that up now, before he had a chick unzipping his pants, wasn't going to suffice. As he finished off his drink, he considered texting Tim back and offering to pregame at his place, but decided against it. If Kayleen might be coming, that wouldn't be a good idea. Bradley wasn't respectful towards girls, and he would be the first one to admit that. It wasn't something that he was ashamed of, and in fact, he was quite proud of how he could be such an ass and still get nearly any girl he wanted. However, he knew that he wouldn't be able to resist acting that way towards Timothy's sister: a hot blonde who wasn't younger like Amelia, or emotionally close to Timothy like Amelia. She seemed like fair game, and once they were at the party and he had a few drinks in him, the bro code would probably fly out the window, but for now, he decided he should lay off. Besides, there were bound to be tons of other hot girls he could get. It was a party hosted by an Animal, after all. The girls of that group always seemed to be up for anything, and Bradley had already added a few of them to his "tapped that" list.